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Occasions Occasion means a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration etc. In India occasions give us the chance to celebrate over some significant moments of life. Occasions in India can be social as well as personal. Personal occasions like Mother's day, Father's day, Parent's day, Teacher's day, Children's day, Valentine's day or social occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary are celebrated with equal gaiety and fervor. Fun, frolic and fiesta are the three pivotal components of such ceremonial commemorations. We, GiftstoIndia24x7.com, understand the importance of occasions in your life. So, in this page, we have put our best efforts to provide you with some of the brilliant gifting ideas on such occasions as without gifts any celebration become lifeless. The articles in this page emphasize on exclusive gifting ideas and plans which may help you to surprise your loved ones in India. So, if you are away from your near and dear ones then make gifts your messenger of love. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is always happy to help you.

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  • Teacher's Day

    Teacher's Day

    Teacher is the person with whom we have seen the light of knowledge. They have put in their utmost effort to shape our lives and make a confident soul out of us. On 5th September, we celebrate teachers day as a day dedicated to honoring all our teachers for everything they have done. It is a special day to shower respect, gratitude and love towards that revered person. The articles inthis section deals with the different facets of Teachers day celebration in India. They throw light on different gift ideas and gift that can be sent to our teachers on the occassion of Teachers day.

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  • Parent's Day

    Parent's Day

    Parent's Day is the time to recognize and celebrate the most precious fundamental human institution, Family. The starting point of a tender life, support for lifetime and the school of love and care - Family means world to us. A man and a woman start their journey of parenthood by becoming father and mother and as a whole, Parents. The parent-child relationship is the most powerful human bonding on this earth. Though with the passage of time, the structure of family has gone through a lot of changes, the core value still remains the same. Parent's day gives us the opportunity to salute parenthood. The articles in this chapter emphasize on the ideas of celebrating Parent's Day through gifting which will bring out the pure essence of this special day. The history of Parent's day, various unique as well as exclusive gifting ideas to enthrall your parents are also discussed here. So, celebrate Parent's day with GiftstoIndia24x7.com and make your parents feel proud of you once again.

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  • Friendship Day

    Friendship Day

    Friendship is the name of a beautiful bonding that stands tall among all perils. Irrespective of gender, caste and creed, a true friend is what all we need to guide us through every thick and thin. It is to a friend where we go to in case of any adversaries. They guide us through the course of our respective lives and play a pivotal role in building our character. To acknowledge this, every year the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day --- a special day which honors friends and the concept of friendship as a whole. So why not convey your gratitude to this special occasion of Friendship Day by gifting your friend the best? GiftstoIndia24x7.com, herein is proud to present some unique gifting ideas that you can send for your dear friends in India and let them feel that you care. Herewith you will be provided with some brilliant ideas that you can send as your Friendship Day gifts to India.

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  • Boss Day

    Boss Day

    Worldwide, 15th day of October is celebrated as Boss Day. Predominantly a concept native to the US, today Boss's Day is celebrated in India. Just like any other commemorative observance, Boss Day in India also includes gifting and feasting to its very core.

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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Though primarily is a western concept, celebrating Thanksgiving Day is gaining much popularity among the Indians these days. It is a special day to appreciate and acknowledge our thankfulness and gratitude to friends, family, and above all to the Supreme Being for which all have been blessed of material possessions and cordial relationships. Now, just like any other significant festival, Thanksgiving Day is also deemed to be a perfect time to express all those reverent feelings teamed with an appropriate gesture of gifting. Eying to this, GiftstoIndia24x7.com, the premier online gifting portal of India, has ushered in to offer a wide range of Thanksgiving gifts that are sure to gel with your honest sentiments to the very best. So, take out some time to sift through these wide range of e-gifting ideas that would enable you to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day in India with full gung-ho.

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  • New Year

    New Year

    New Year celebrations mark the end of the receding year while welcoming the new. Though this is primarily a western concept, celebrating the New Year with a full-throttle fun and enthusiasm has found many buyers all throughout the globe. And India too, is not shy on embracing this fun-filled concept. New Year celebrations in India script a gala time with engaging the whole populace of the country to drink the magic potion of happy hues. Eying to the trend of gifting on this momentous event, GiftstoIndia24x7.com, the premier online gifting site of India has ushered in to offer a plethora of e-gifting ideas that is sure to garner a lot of enthusiastic followers. Herein, we will learn about some of the recent gifting trends of New Year celebrations as well as the whole idea of partying on this very day that renders the New Year in India with a festive infusion of happy times.

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  • Jamshedi Noruz

    Jamshedi Noruz

    Jamshedi Noruz is New Year of the Zoroastrian, which is celebrated with pomp and show in across the Indian subcontinent. This New Year of the Parse is dedicated to the element of fire. Similar to any other New Year, this one is also marked by spending quality time with family, grand feasting and exchanging gifts. Since the festival is dedicated to the element of fire, fires are lit in the household and in the modern day, fireworks have become a significant part of Jamshedi Noruz. The articles in this chapter will throw light on the festival of Jamshedi Noruz and also detail about the different gifts that are exchanged during this lively annual festival.

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  • Aunts'' and Uncles'' Day

    Aunts'' and Uncles'' Day

    The next to importance after parents are obviously uncles and aunts. Uncles and aunts whether from mother';s or father';s side are very important persons of one';s life. The relationship that one shares with his or her aunts and uncles is very special. Like the other special relationships that are honored on a particular day, there is a day which celebrates Aunts and Uncles' Day. This special day is celebrated in various parts of the world with much gusto. On this day, everyone who has uncles and aunts make sure that they do something special that will linger in the memory for a long time. The articles assigned in this chapter provide relevant information about Aunts and Uncles' Day in general and also throw a light on the various gifts that can be sent to uncles and aunts on this special day.

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  • Housewarming Gifts

    Housewarming Gifts

    Housewarming occasion is an occasion in which the hosts presents their new home to their relatives. So, amaze your host in this special day with a variety of gifts. A wide profusion of gifts are displayed in the ‘House-warming'; category of the site. You can gift aromatic flowers, sumptuous cakes, spiritual gifts, extra-oridinary home decor items, mouth-watering sweets besides gift hampers and vouchers. The articles in this chapter discuss about the various types of allusive gifts that you can present to your hosts to make their day special.

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  • Children's Day

    Children's Day

    Children's Day is a very special day for the children. Universally, this day commemorates the rights and freedom of Children on 20th November, every year. However in India, it is celebrated on 14th November, the day that marks the birth anniversary of legendary freedom fighter and independent India';s first Prime Minister – Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru or ‘Chacha Nehru'; as is popularly referred by children. Known worldwide for his extreme love and affection for children, this day is highly significant in the World arena. Children celebrate this day with vim and brio and the elders leave no stone unturned in assisting them to make this day a grand and memorable. The articles in this section discusses about Children';s Day celebrations and also the most popular types of gifts that can be exchanged this day to make the kid counterpart feel special. 

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  • Women's Day

    Women's Day

    Women';s Day is an occasion that marks the contribution and empowerment of women in society. Numerous events occur on this day to mark the contribution of women in various strata's of life. Be it political, economic or social arena, the active participation of women to excel in some specific field is commendable. The articles assigned under this section discuss more about Women';s Day and its significance.

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  • International Family Day

    International Family Day

      Family plays a very important role in every individuals life. Without the help and support of the family, it is not possible for an individual to move forward in life and progress. The bond of family is extremely important, we all know that whatever happens in our life, our family will be always there to support us, and we can always rely on them. Therefore the occasion of International Family Day, on May 15; gives us an wonderful opportunity to celebrate this most beautiful bond in the world.

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  • Independence Day

    Independence Day

    15th August is celebrated as the Independence day of India. After struggling for 100 years, India attained her freedom on 15th August, 1947. The great historical event of Partition of India - Pakistan and India, took place on this great day. In various places of India, flag hoisting ceremony takes place. In Delhi, special Flag hoisting ceremony is done by the Prime Minister and the President. This event is followed by various cultural programs. The articles in this chapter provide information on India';s Independence.

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  • Grandparents Day

    Grandparents Day

    This is a special occasion celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, in September. On this day, everyone expresses love and respect to their grandparents. The occasion is marked with celebration and merriment. Favourite dishes of the grandparents are prepared in most of the households. Children as well as elders present wonderful gifts to their grandparents. To know more, read the articles assigned in this chapter.

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  • Best Friend''s Day

    Best Friend''s Day

    This chapter discusses about latest collection of gifts for Best Friend's Day.

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Articles under Occasions
  • Attractive Wedding Gifts to delight them in India

    Wedding happens to be the most awaited occasion in a person’s life. It is the union between two people for a lifetime. This is because two people marry and take pledge to spend their entire life together. In India it is considered that wedding not only takes place between a man and a woman but also between their families. All around the world different communities follow different rituals during marriage. In India itself, due to the existence of various communities like Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indians or Bengalis the rituals of marriage are many and varied. As mentioned earlier marriage is a grand occasion which ushers in a mood of joy and happiness. All the members in the family assemble together and make fun by participating in the function wholeheartedly. Here marriage is a social occasion, where all the relatives and friends are invited to attend the marriage party. It is a grand event and celebrated lavishly by the family of the couples. Everyone witnesses the wedding going on and shower their blessings on the couple. On the day of marriage a couple registers in the papers of court as a legal husband and wife which is  followed by a social marriage. There are some rituals which are common in more or less all communities like Haldi rasam or sindur daan or the Saat phere. It is believed that the primary witness of the event of marriage is the Fire God “Agni”. Therefore “Yagnas” are performed in front of the Fire and the both the bride and groom chant some mantras throughout the ritual of marriage. Gifts are indispensable part of any occasion. Similarly during marriage Gifts occupy an important position. All the invitees shower different type of gifts on the bride and groom which convey their blessing to them. Keeping this in mind GiftstoIndia24x7.com has opened a section which solely deals with Wedding Gifts for the bride and groom. This service can be specially availed by those who stay abroad and are not able to attend a marriage party being held in their homeland. So there are wide collection of gifts that can be send on occasions like wedding. Some of these are : Wedding Gifts - On a joyous occasion such as marriage, gifts would make the event more exuberant. So bringing to you the collection of Wedding Gifts for your dear bride and groom. As the couple would be entering into a new life altogether gifts would truly help them to decorate their interior freshly. Here you will find gifting options like Electronic items, Home decor, gift vouchers or Luxury bed linen. Electronic items like Rice cooker, toaster, kettle or cordless phone would definitely make their life more easy and fast. It would help them to perform their work within no time and find time for each other. Luxury Bed Linens would make their bedroom look elegant and decent. Moreover, it is always intelligent to gift a voucher through which the newly married will be able to buy whatever they require. Home decor items would make their interior decorated and attractive and the guests would be impressed. Beside all these wall pictures and Flower vases as gifts would delight them. All these would make lovely collection of gifts to India to the new couple. Gifts for Couple - Why give gifts only to a bride or a groom, when you can avail gifts for both of them at reasonable prices? You can always send gifts to India to the newly wed couple as a token of your love. It is sensible to send Gifts for Couple and send them your blessings with it. You will find attractive gifts in the section. Combo gifts are available like perfumes for both or flower bouquets that comes with cakes chocolates or gift vouchers. But the most attractive ones are pair of watches for both bride and groom from the leading brands. Wedding cakes may also be send to the couple to enjoy their special day with all. Wedding Gifts for Bride - You may prefer to give a gift only to the bride as she is familiar to you. Then browse through the section Wedding Gifts for Bride. It is a custom that very close relatives of the bride gift her jewelries or items made of gold. But sometimes it may not be affordable so here you will come across gifts like Cosmetics Hampers, Watches, Jewelry or sarees. Cosmetic Hampers include a number of cosmetics from best brands like Lakme, Garnier, Chambor, Lotus or Pond’s. If you send a hamper like this the bride will be glad. Branded watches for women can also be gifted, there are exclusive collections from leading brands like Titan, Timex, Fastrack or Angora. These watches are sleek in design and trendy too. Jewelries made of pearl, gold or silver can be gifted to the bride as jewelries are always loved by women. Costume jewelries are popular in demand so they can also be selected. Make the bride feel special with your gifts. Wedding Gifts for Groom - Convey your best wishes to the man for his new life and prosperity with Wedding Gifts for Groom. Gifts for the men are really handful but here you will find a good number of options. From them you can choose Men’s apparels, Gent’s Watch, Accessories, Men’s Personal Care etc. All these items can be used by men. From the apparels section formal shirts or trousers may be given, gent’s watch are also stylish and within affordable price to be bought as gift. If you know the preference of the groom it would be far more helpful to select gifts for him. Wedding is a special occasion through which a couple enter into a new life. Just like the bride and groom, the entire family is excited about the day of marriage too. So be a part of this exclusive joyous occasion with the offering of right kind of gifts for both the couple.   

  • Gifts

    Send gifts on your dear one's Anniversary in India

    Gifts are the token of love to make the recipient feel special on that very occasion or festival. Anniversary is one such special occasion people send gifts to their loved ones to make the day remarkable. Not only you can send gifts on your dear friends on anniversary, but you can also pick something precious for your spouse or beloved on your anniversary. Are you worried since you are residing far away from your dear wife/husband this anniversary and you can not come home buying something impressive. Gone are those days when people used to send gifts through couriers or send heartwarming messages through letters. Now-a-days, various online gifting portals have mushroomed for your assistance. Through these portals you can send gifts to India and make the day momentous. GiftstoIndia24x7.com, one age old site has been into the discussion for its prompt delivery and dedicated customer support team. Its wide collection of gift items arranged herein also has grabbed many eyeballs. In addition to this, gifting through this portal would definitely not dig a hole into your pocket due its pocket friendly prices. Your gifts to India will reach the recipient on time and in perfect condition. Hence wherever you be settled, you can send Anniversary gifts to your dear ones to make the occasion even more special. If you are planning to be with your dear spouse this time, you can no doubt plan a wonderful weekend trip to a solitary place or country side. Or else going for a long drive would also be a great idea to spend some memorable moments together. If your wife loves to shop, you can take her for good shopping where she can shop to her hearts content. You can finish the day with a grand dinner from her favorite restaurant. The Anniversary gifts will surely be treasured for a long years to come. If you are choosing something for one’s 1st Anniversary, you have a myriad collection of items to pick from. In this section, accessories to apparels to flowers all are arranged herein. Not only for women, the site also has taken care while arranging gifts for men. If he is a working professional you can go away with formal wear or accessories such as executive bag, wallet or leather belt which would make a right choice. Personal care items also can be send as gifts, since men also take a lot of care for their looks. Various brands such as Garnier, Denim, Park Avenue, Gillette and so on have come up with range of personal care items. Cakes and a bunch of roses will give the occasion completeness. Jewelleries would be the best gift for women no matter what her age is. Hence gift her with pearl bangle or ring made of gold and studded with pearl or diamond will make your beloved jump with joy. Rings are considered to be one of the most romantic gift and will be treasured throughout the whole life. On the occasion of 25th Anniversary, a wide collection of gifts are there to make your pick from. Since flowers heighten the charm of any occasion, you can send a bunch exotic flowers to make one celebrate the special occasion. If you are sending gifts to your friend on their anniversary, you can surely go with gift vouchers and let them shop together something of their own choice from Gili, Titan, Shoppers Stop and so on. They also can have a lavish dinner together if you plan to send them with a voucher from Taj. Apart from these, you can also gift them with delicious sweets such as ladoo, kaju roll or barfi which definitely add sweetness to the occasion. Crunchy dry fruits also can be sent alongwith sweets to make the treat even more delicious. Chocolate are taken to be one of the best gifts sent on any occasions, hence chocolate such as Dairy milk, Ferrero rocher, Temptation or Choco pie will definitely be something, one would die for. Make the Anniversary celebration joyous by sending fabulous gifts from GiftstoIndia24x7.com. These gifts will make your loved ones feel your presence despite being far away from them.

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    Send wonderful anniversary gifts through GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Anniversaries are the significant occasions for every couple. Couples exchange gifts to mark their day. Anniversaries are not complete without presenting gifts. Hence GiftstoIndia24x7.com has arranged a wide selection of impressive anniversary gifts to make your pick from. The wide collection of articles have been segregated under different heads which makes your searching process hassle-free. Since this portal has been facilitating the global Indians to send gifts to India to their loved one, you can be sure that your gifts will bring that million dollar smile on his/her face. Not only this portal with its wide collection of gifts has won million of hearts but its prompt delivery also deserves to be mentioned. Moreover your whole gifting process will be so easy that you will just love to shop and gift through this site. If your dear ones first anniversary is round the corner, you can delight the couple by gifting items from the 1st Anniversary Gifts section.  It goes without saying that women love to wear jewellery, hence you can surprise her by gifting a pair of pearl bangle or a pearl set. Cake and a bunch of roses would make the day momentous since we have never heard of any anniversary celebration without these two articles. Coffee mug with beautiful heart warming messages also can make a wonderful gift this time. For the male host you can opt for formal shirt, if he is a working professional. Amongst all, gift hamper or men’s personal care would be a great idea to impress one. Apart from 1st anniversary, 25th anniversary and 50th anniversary gifts are also categorised under different sections such as Anniversary cakes, Anniversary flowers, Anniversary Hampers and so on. In this section, you will avail different flavored cakes such as chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla and so on and that too arranged all from popular bakeries such as Taj and other 5 star bakeries. You can also add a small note on the cake to give it a special touch. Along with this sumptuous cake, a bunch of roses will definitely heighten the mood of the event. In the flower section you can make your choice from flower basket, flower bouquet, life size arrangement, orchids and many more to name a few. Your gifts to India if sent through GiftstoIndia24x7.com will reach the recipient just at the time of the festivity. If you are clueless about what to choose from all these sections, you can definitely go for a gift voucher where the couple will get a chance to choose something of their own choice and can also hang out together. Here we have arranged different vouchers for both men and women. In the Gift voucher for men section, options are there from Pantaloons to Pizza Hut and Titan to Taj. You can surprise her with a voucher from Gili, Shoppers Stop or Baskin Robbins, etc. Alongside these, the store also has showcased gifts in the Gifts for Couple and Gifts for Parents sections. As the name implies, the site has displayed gifts for both in the Gifts for Couple section. You can make your choice from perfumes to flowers, watches to cakes and jewellery to greetings to card. Not only these, in the Wristwatches section too, you will get an array of selections to take your pick from. Hence you can make the day even more special just by sending a wonderful gift to the couple and wish ‘Happy Anniversary’ on their day. This will definitely make them feel special. Send anniversary gifts through this proficient portal and let your dear ones treasure the memories for a long time to come.  

  • gifts

    Celebrated Best Friend’s Day with GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Humans being  are social animals, so  they require friends to share their thoughts, love and emotions. So, if you are not with your best friend on  Best Friend’s day, you can wish “Happy Best Friend’s Day” on 8th June by sending online gifts to India . Since, online shopping is a very common trend, you can take the help from the online store. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a proficient online store, that enables the online shoppers to send gifts on any occasion or festival. The Best Friend’s section comes will various attractive gift articles. Here are list of gift ideas that you can send as Best Friend’s Day gifts. Flowers- Flowers are the traditional gift item. A bunch of lovely flowers manifests deep love and concern. So, you can delight your best friend by sending a bouquet of enchanting flowers. In GiftstoIndia24x7.com, you can avail different types of beautiful flowers such as Rose, Carnation, Lily etc. So, send flowers on Best Friend’s Day and delight your dear best friend. Moreover, before you send flowers, you must know your friend’s preference. If she is fond of roses then send her a bunch of exotic roses and so on. Friendship Bands- Friendship bands play a significant role on such grand occasion. Usually friends tie friendship bands on each other wrist to strengthen their bond of friendship. In this e-gifting store, you will avail various types of attractive friendship bands. Most of the bands are beautifully decorated with beads, glitters etc. This will definitely please your best friend. Chocolates - There is hardly any person who is not fond of chocolates. So, send chocolates as gift to India to your best friend. In GiftstoIndia24x7.com, you will avail diverse types of chocolates such as dark, milk, sweet offered by reputed brands such as Valor, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury etc. You can also avail chocolates of different flavors such as caramel, orange, mint etc. So send chocolate according to your friend’s preference. The awesome taste of the chocolates will definitely bring smile on best friend’s  face. Moreover, chocolates have various health benefits. Thus chocolate will be the perfect Best Friend’s day gift. Gift Vouchers- Gift Vouchers will also be perfect gift for your best friend. In this online store, you will avail gift vouchers from various reputed brands such as SIA Jewellery, Reebok etc. If your best friend is interested in sports, you can send gift vouchers of Adidas or Reebok. If he or she is fond of shopping you can send gift vouchers from Pantaloons, Big Bazaar etc. You can also give a delicious treat to your friend on such grand occasion by sending gift vouchers of Pizza Hut, Dominoos Pizza etc. Your dear ones will definitely enjoy having these tasty foods. Soft Toys - You can also surprise your friend by sending cute soft toys. The soft toys in The “soft toys” section come in large number. Beautiful soft cushions, soft toys, heart  shaped soft toys etc are available in this online store. You can impress your best friend by sending soft big red heart or cute teddy bear. You can also send watches, perfumes, showpieces to your loving friend.   These attractive gifts will definitely make the occasion memorable. So send gifts to India from US and make Best Friends Day memorable and cheerful.  

  • Gifts

    Send Gifts To Your Dear Ones On Various Occasions

    Occasions are wonderful time to catch up with family and friends. Whether it be a wedding in the family or any festival, these events bring the whole family together for that particular one day. Eating delicious food, exchanging news and all in all having a great time is the main highlight of these gatherings. Gifts are also an integral part of these occasions. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or any special celebration, gifts are exchanged to express one’s feelings of love to the recipient. It goes without saying that all people love to receive gifts. Thus, if due to some reason you cannot personally attend your loved one’s special day then you can make him/her feel extra special by sending gifts to India with the help of the online gifting portal, GiftstoIndia24x7.com. Since over a decade, this site has been helping numerous individuals who reside in any corner of the world to keep in touch with their family who reside in India. The plus point about this site is with their 24x7 customer care service, you can place your order as per your convenience. Also, if you have any queries regarding the products or delivery service, you can contact our customer care executives through chat, mail or phone. They will clarify all your doubts and guide you through the entire ordering process. Furthermore, our wide collection of gifts for occasions and festivals are mention worthy. These are some reasons why GiftstoIndia24x7.com is grabbing the attention of NRIs all over the world who want to send gifts to India. For any occasions or festivals, we guarantee that you will find suitable gifts in our site which your loved ones, back home, will surely appreciate. It is a known fact that choosing a gift which the recipient appreciates will literally take you for a ride. Hence, to make your search easier, we have classified our wide gift articles into different categories. If you are searching birthday, anniversary gifts for your dear one or father’s day, mother’s day, best friends day, etc, you can browse through the ‘Occasions’ category. Here, you will come across a plethora of items which will be a perfect gift for every event. For instance, the ‘Birthday gifts’ section is filled with a variety of delicious cakes and gifts. A birthday without cakes is an incomplete celebration. Hence, we bring you cakes of different shapes and flavours which you can send to the birthday boy or girl with the help of this e-gifting portal. Along with these, you can also include a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a gift. If the birthday personnel is a college goer or a teenager then a latest mobile phone or a trendy watch will be the most appropriate birthday gifts. For your mom, elder sister or aunt, a beautiful saree along with a matching jewellery set will be a perfect gift. Jewellery is one thing which every women love to adorn themselves with. Thus, your gift will definitely be appreciated and admired. Besides these, we also offer you a myriad selection of gifts for the gentlemen in your family. From men’s personal care products, apparels, electronics to watches, men’s perfume, etc, you will find these all in our site.  Thus, with the help of this site, you can send gifts to India from US or any corner of the world without facing any type of hassle. Moreover, it has also helped several individuals to strengthen the bond with their loved ones in India even if they are miles away from them.