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Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

Gift is the perfect way to thank mothers for all their love and support. Hence, on the special occasion children convey love and affection to their mother by sending wonderful gifts such as flowers, jewellery, beauty products, gift hampers and so on. Apart from sending gifts, children celebrate this grand occasion by cooking special dishes for mothers, taking them to their favourite places and so on. The articles in this chapter will give an insight about the different gifts that can be sent to Mothers on Mother’s Day  and also about various other gift ideas related with Mother’s day celebration.

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  • Flower Gifts

    Make Your Loving Mom Smile with Beautiful Flowers

    Flowers can really make you happy. It’s not just a feeling, but a proven fact. Why not use flowers for your gifts to India to make your mom happy and make her feel special on this Mother’s Day. Most women, and hence mothers, are soft-hearted or at least have a soft corner for their kids and loved ones. Imagine your mom opening door to find a beautiful bouquet of cheerful pretty flowers; followed by a loving call from you. While any gift that you may send to your mom will be cherished no matter what, flowers have been proven to be beneficial to a person’s emotions and feelings. They have a long term positive effect on the mood of a person and add to their feeling of contentment. Which is why flowers, their aroma and their colors, brighten up and add zing to the day of the recipients and alleviate their spirits. This is a great way to break the melancholy and boredom of day-to-day mundane life of an adult woman.   We all know that the nexus between nature and things that are natural have a soothing effect on our mind and soul. This effect is especially apparent if your mum has a likely interest in gardening. When sending gifts to India, you may keep this in mind and choose a flower assortment that has, in addition to bright and beautiful flowers, a lively green feel to it. It may have a selection of green bamboo shoots or other such evergreen plants that will add more feelings to your gift. While flowers are an appropriate gift for all possible occasions in human life from a person’s birth to death, they never lose their touch and ability to make a happy occasion happier. Flowers are used in social environments not only because they are pretty and enhance the view but they also form a warm, welcoming environ for participants. So all good points go in favor of gifting flowers.   Flowers make a great standalone gift and provide a great range of choice. For your mother, you can pick from big bunches in pastels, to intense collections of bright or deep shades. Roses are good, but gladioli are great. Artificial green is ok, but natural bonsais are great. Do consider your mum’s choices and likes in choosing the perfect flower collection for her. Keep in mind that the goal is to make the gift look happy and radiate happiness.   To create great Mother's Day gift ideas, complement flowers with some amazing items such as cards, cake, clothes, junk jewelry, handmade cards, handwritten notes and, best of all, your love. This online gift store has a great selection of items to choose from. You can also arrange for getting your gift delivered at a desired time, including a before-time or end-of-day surprise as well as an early morning one. She won’t forget your surprise ever.  

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers: The Best Way to Cherish Your Loving Mom

    No matter how much heart and effort you put into buying the perfect gift, there is always scope of you buying something that your recipients might have just bought recently. What would be the point of gifting your mom a bottle of her favorite perfume if she has recently bought one for herself. This is where gift vouchers come in handy. They are a very useful gifting option which will allow the recipient to buy a gift of their choice. While they may seem a little impersonal and lack as much effort on the part of the person buying the gifts, they have a good thing going for them as well. While your recipients can buy and pick stuff of their choice, you can always contribute to the gift by selecting the store or product type when picking up the voucher to gift. You can in this way guide your recipients to a new brand of clothing or a cuisine they might not have tried. Since our childhood, our mom taught us to appreciate new things. We have been urged to try new things and learn to like at least some of them. It’s the other way now. We can introduce our parents to all the new that is good. Try the amazing gift vouchers this time when you send gifts to India online. Mother’s Day is just such a day to revere your mom and present an appropriate gift to express your profound and everlasting love and care. There is a wide variety of enticing vouchers available at this online store that you can consider for your India gifts. Gift vouchers for fashion shopping at retail chain stores will be loved by her as all women like clothing gifts. But this gift option comes with an added challenge of size and fitting. Wouldn’t it be great if your mom could actually try and feel comfortable in the dress you want to gift her. Gift vouchers solve this type of problem only. This online gift store offers vouchers in different denominations for Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons, Big Bazar, Wills Lifestyle, etc.   Gift vouchers for dining out are also great. Mother’s rarely get to eat out, chill, and decompress. Free your mom from kitchen and let her take some time away to relish good food with no effort spent. This online gift store offers vouchers for Dominos Pizza and Taj Hotels among others.   Gift vouchers for watches and accessory items can also be thought of. Watches and accessory make a great gift item anyways and what better than if your mom can actually pick something she likes. This online gift store has vouchers available for Titan, which is a reliable and prominent brand.   When you give someone a gift card, you're essentially putting down the cash to let them buy whatever present they want. It's definitely one of the easiest gifts you can give. The gift cards can be teamed with other delightful Mother’s Day gift ideas like cakes and chocolates which will make her feel ecstatic like never before.  

  • Super Moms of Bollywood

    Check Out How These Bollywood Superstars Are Playing Super Moms In Real Lives

    From reel to real lives, the superstar actresses of yesterday sure know how to carry out their roles as super moms in their real life and how. These beautiful actresses maintain and balance their roles as a mother, their careers and their stardom with equal aplomb. Just as they are proud to share photos of their mothers, they equally love posing with their kids. Let’s check out some of these adorable celeb mothers we completely love on the on the countdown before 8th May, 2016. Let us all join together for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations. Madhuri Dixit Nene : She took a long break from her career post marriage and then went out to have two adorable kids with her doctor husband. Now she juggles her life between reality shows, events and sometimes movies while taking care of her family and kids very well. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan : She was a superstar like no other. Her rise to stardom has been phenomenal from conquering the Miss World pageant to acting to being the ‘bahu’ of the Bachchan household, she was unstoppable. But then she slowed down and had her daughter ‘Aaradhya’. She is a doting and beautiful mom. Ayesha Takia : She was the bubbly girl of bollywood but now she has taken a break to raise her sweet and adorable son. And boy! How she glows! Karishma Kapoor : She was a rule-breaker. In a family where the women usually didn’t choose acting as a career, she went on to become a successful actress of her times. Admitted, her marriage went a bit astray, but it didn’t stop her from bring her two kids up on all her own with such grace. Konkona Sen Sharma : She is the bold girl. Known for her offbeat roles and superb acting skills, these bong actress was bold enough to reveal her pre marriage pregnancy with actor Ranvir Shorey before tying the knot. She also did a photoshoot showing her baby bump. Hats off girl! Shilpa Shetty : When she married beau Raj Kundra, she decided to bid goodbye to her acting skills for good and concentrate on her family. Only now when her adorable son has grown a bit is she taking part in events and promotions and handling all of them very well. Malaika Arora : She was a supermodel, the face of MTV, a superb dancer and having a long lasting relationship with Arbaaz Khan. She has two cute kids and she juggles her career and family very well. Sushmita Sen : She is one woman who needs to be applauded way too much. The first woman to win the title for Miss Universe from India and then an actress, she chose to adopt two daughters to become a single unmarried mother. She adores her daughter to bits and doesn’t care at all what the world says.   Raveena Tandon : She is another amazing woman. While at the peak of her successful acting career, she adopted two daughters way before getting married and was a single mother in the early 90s. Post marriage she again had two children of her own. Managing 4 kids and balancing career is no mean feat and we salute her for that. Sridevi : She took a long break from movies, married Boney Kapoor and had two beautiful daughters. They have grown up to be as beautiful as the diva herself and she definitely is a proud mother. So make this Mother’s Day special for your mother by sending her gifts to India from USA. Sending online gifts to India has been made completely affordable, easy and hassle free with this reputed and trustworthy online shopping and gifting portal to India. You don’t have to worry anymore about choosing the perfect gift for your Mother with the help of this reliable online shopping portal which boasts of high quality with first class service.  

  • Celebrities with Moms

    Guess How These Bollywood Celebrities Convey Love To Their Mothers

    Everyone is bit by the Bollywood bug and it really excites all to know about the tiny tidbit of their lives. So if you really thought that the Bollywood biggies aren’t all about showing off their love and hate, then think twice. They do love showcasing, but this time it’s for something truly they love. The B-town celebs took to Twitter - the social media platform to convey their love for their mothers. With Mother’s Day - 8th May, 2016, Sunday approaching fast, we bring to you some exclusive celeb-mother duo which won everyone’s hearts. 1. Karan Johar : When it comes to Karan Johar, he always believes in larger than life. He posted loads of photos with his mom tweeting that “My Mother,My Strength, My Belief…. The only God I know. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” 2. Hrithik Roshan : His Greek-God looks are inherited from his beautiful mom. At least that’s what he says! 3. Shahid Kapoor - Neelima Azeem : Shahid Kapoor’s mother in her own rights is a brilliant actress herself. Neelima Azeem and her son share a special bond and love which can’t be missed. 4. Priyanka Chopra : Piggy Chops is always upbeat about every aspect of her life and even so while conveying her love to her Mom. She tweets, “Happy Mother''s Day mom.. You are all the strength I need. Thank you for tirelessly handling everything.” 5. Deepika Padukone : The beautiful Deepika Padukone goes one step more to show her love for her beautiful mom. She created a heart-warming video with her mom which conveys that no matter what she becomes, she will always be her Mom’s li’l girl. 6. Abhishek Bachchan - Jaya Bachchan : They need no introduction, they are big names in B-Town. But the love and bond the two share is nothing filmy. Its an endearing sight to the eyes. AB junior posted this photo on Twitter. Absolute love. 7. Soha Ali Khan - Sharmila Tagore : The nawab wife-daughter duo posed for the camera for a photo shoot on mother’s day. Soha tweeted, “Happy Mother''s Day  to my beautiful and wise mother who has always loved and nurtured me, guided and protected me" 8. Bipasha Basu : She walked the ramp with her gorgeous mother and posted the picture of herself with her gorgeous mother tweeting “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Ma. The most amazing mother in the world.” 9. Alia Bhatt - Soni Razdan : Alia Bhatt is as adorable as her yester year actress mother, Soni Razdan. Posting this cute picture of theirs together, she tweets “One day is not enough to celebrate your worth.. Could take me more than a lifetime ;) I love you. #HappyMothersDay 10. Kangana Ranaut : She has been always the suave kind. Yet she posted this happy picture with her mother at a fundraiser for underprivileged mothers. 11. Sonakshi Sinha - Poonam Sinha : Another celebrity mother-daughter duo, Sonakshi dotes on her mom. She tweets, “Happy Mother’s Day! The one person who keeps me at peace amidst all the chaos. Love you Maa.” So make this Mother’s Day special for your mother by sending her Mother’s Day gifts to India from USA. Sending online gifts to India has been made completely affordable, easy and hassle free with this reputed and trustworthy online shopping and gifting portal to India. You don’t have to worry anymore about choosing the perfect gift for your Mother and send them as gifts to India with the help of this reliable online shopping portal which boasts of high quality with first class service.  

  • Mothering Sunday

    Ways to create the perfect Mothering Sunday

    Mother’s Day is just round the corner and falls on the 8th of May which is a Sunday. One might be of any age but it does not matter when it comes to celebrating this wonderful Day with the most special person in your life. There are many ways in which you can make this day a perfect mothering sunday for your Mom. Let us give you some tips to create the perfect Mother’s Day. Also we would take this opportunity to suggest some Mother’s Day gift ideas. Have Breakfast In Bed : Surprise your mom early morning by preparing breakfast for her and having it in the bed itself. You can prepare a simple meal or a sumptuous breakfast depending upon your capability but whatever you do is sure to delight your mom. Add a flower and a Mother’s Day wish alongwith the tray, and you are good to go. A Day Together : Keep all your plans aside, and keep this day completely dedicated for your mother. Have meals together, plan a party or get-together, visit some good places. Make her feel as the Queen of your life. Generations Unite : Mother’s Day is special for not only your mom but also your grandmom. They also should rejoice in the spirit of this day. So when you are planning for your own mother, bring in your grandmother and closest aunt who is a mother figure for your mom and celebrate this day with unifying all the generations together - new and old Give Mom The Day Off : This is the best gift you could give to your mother. Pitch in all the help you could get, from your family or father and do all the household chores that day. Irrespective of whether our mother is working or a housewife she does all the chores and works all day to keep our lives smooth. So we could reward her with a day off and appreciate her efforts. Simple Celebration : Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t always need to be grand. You can make it a personal affair by simply planning a meal together, little decorations and some unique gifts. You can also take her to the movies or a restaurant out to make her happy. Unique Gifts : Alongwith all these plannings, small gifts as token of love will highly be appreciated. This reliable and reputed online shopping website gives one plentiful options to choose from for mother’s day. Give her a trendy bag, or a unique personalized mug or what more even mother’s day pendants. You can also send birthday gifts to India with the help of this online shopping website. For People Far away : It might not be always possible to be present with your mother on this day. But instead of being disheartened, you could send flowers to India to your mother. You could also send delicious chocolates and cakes to your mother especially on this day. Let your mother know that you are thinking about her on this day. So make this Mother’s day a special and unique one by doing these simple things. Small actions make big differences. Make that difference on this Mother’s Day. Also send anniversary gifts to India to your parents and other loved ones through this trustworthy online shopping website.