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This article discusses about various gifting ideas on ugadi and gudi padwa.

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  • Celebrate Gudi Padwa

    Say 'NO' To Distance For Celebrating Gudi Padwa

    Sending India Gifts to your loved ones now becomes a reality as people are sending ‘Gudis’ to their loved ones in USA, UK and other foreign countries from India. As they have been sending gifts to India from their far away lands it also becomes your responsibility to make them feel loved and special. This reliable and trusted online shopping portal has many Ugadi and Gudi Padwa gift ideas which you can buy and then send them. We have here told you about a few of such such stories who send Ugadi gifts to their loved ones abroad. My son and his wife are working professionals settled in San Francisco. Since Gudi Padwa is an important festival for us,they celebrate it with great enthusiasm. We send them readymade gudis from here,says Vinayak M Joshi of Bibwewadi,who has been sending readymade gudis to his software engineer son for the last two years.   Like Joshi,67,there are many families who spread cheer of the Maharashtrian New Year that coincides with the first day of the month of Chaitra on the Hindu calendar,among friends and relatives settled in different parts of the world by sending them gudis,believed to carry good tidings. Nitin Lawates sister lives in Ottawa in Canada, and his brother in Paris, France, but the distance does not stop the Lawates from celebrating Gudi Padwa with them. Every year, I send gudis to both my brother and sister. Earlier, I used to send the bamboo shoot and the lota and cloth pieces, but now I send readymade gudis. They are easier to pack and parcel as well as cheaper too, says Lawate, a city-based businessman.   Ashish Palande of Palande Courier Service has observed a 15-20 per cent hike in his clients every year who send gudis to other cities in India. He notices that places of delivery are mostly metropolitan cities like Kolkata,Bangalore,Mumbai,Delhi and Chennai. This year,his friends from abroad requested him to send them gudis as well. The trend of sending gudis is picking up year after year. This year,my friends from Singapore and Tokyo wanted me to send them a gudi. I purchased some readymade ones and sent them to them, he says. Nilesh Mate,who owns a shop that sells puja items,often tends to engage in chit-chat with customers. Some customers even asked him to pack the readymade gudis they bought from his shop with extra care as they had to send them to various places. The smaller gudis,which can be hung from rearview mirrors of cars,sell the most. It is about six inches high and can be easily packed. I also have a bigger version that costs Rs 120 each and is about 18 inches tall. It is a little difficult to pack. I advise customers to buy the smaller version if they intend to send it abroad or to other cities through courier, says Mate,who has been told by his customers that they intend to send gudis to places like Australia and the US.   Like these loyal family persons, you must also not fall behind and send gifts to your loving ones staying in US, Uk etc. Also people staying outside must gear up and do their bit towards their family and send gifts to India from US    

  • Ugadi Gifts

    Sweets: The Best Way to Elate your Dear Ones Ugadi and Gudi Padwa

    Sweets are a very essential element for most Indian festivals as they are used during religious ceremonies and also while celebrating. Thus, celebrating with sweets is a must for an annual festival like Ugadi and Gudi Padwa which actually heralds the beginning of a new year. These can also act as good gifts for this occasion if you are unable to stay with your friends and family during this happy occasion. Sending online gifts is easier than the traditional mode as it ensures that your gifts will reach on time. This online gift store hosts a variety of Ugadi and Gudi Padwa gift ideas that will be loved by everyone. You can also find delectable and sumptuous sweets here for this merry event which have been divided into three categories. Indian Sweets This category presents a variety of sweets or mithais that are available on this online gifting portal. There are delicacies like motichoor laddoos, kaju pista barfis, kesar pedas, rasgullas, gulab jamuns, rajbhogs, sohan papris, kheer kadams, kaju pista rolls, chocolate barfis, kesar barfis and many more. The Delicious Rimzim Milk Cake is actually a mawa fruit cake that has been cut into rectangular small pieces. These pieces have been topped with chopped pistas and wrapped in wax papers that are round in shape. The Mouthwatering Palak Barfi are diamond shaped sweets that have three distinct colours. This is due to the three different layers of ingredients that have been used for making these sweets.   Mithai Hampers This section consists of hampers that contain sweets as well as many other kinds of gift items. These gifts include dry fruits, chocolates and namkeen sometimes in beautifully decorated handmade and designer trays. The Festive Sweets and Dry Fruits Hamper consists motichoor laddoos as well as a pack of assorted dry fruits. The dry fruits include a number of goodies like cashew nuts, groundnuts, pistachios, almonds and many others. The Sweet and Salt Treat hamper includes masala cashew nuts along with delicious mithais. The sweets are in the form of mewa tikki and these treats have been placed in a beautiful red designer box.   Mithai Thalis This set consists of the wonderful and pretty thalis that have been used to contain various inviting combos of sweets. The sweets found here include kesaria pedas, kaju barfis, badam barfis, mewa tikkis, sohan papris, kaju gujiyas, kaju apples, kaju pista phools, mawa shankhs, kaju suraj, kaju pista rolls and many others. The Mithai Thali consists of kesar barfis, mewa batis, kaju pista rolls, chocolate pedas and kheer kadams. These sweets come in a pretty designer cream coloured rectangular thali with decorations using lace. The Mixed Sweets Tray contains square standard barfis, lichi sweets, bhaskar barfis and pista barfis. The sweets come in a gorgeous blue handmade thali which is square in shape and has silver decorations.   You can also send flowers to India to make this year’s Ugadi and Gudi Padwa celebrations extra special. This reliable gifting site is also used by many people to send anniversary gifts to India. You can even send birthday gifts to India from this online gift store where you find many gifting options.  

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    Spiritual Gifts which can Cherish your Dear Ones on Ugadi and Gudi Padwa

    Ugadi and Gudi Padwa celebrate the New Year in South India and Maharashtra respectively. Thus there are a number of gifting options for this festive occasion that you can gift to your loved ones. This best online gift store offers a number of Ugadi and Gudi Padwa gift ideas that you can send to India. These gifts to India can be easily sent through us online as that is the most reliable way of sending gifts. They include gifts like gift hampers, gift vouchers and sweets that are perfect for this festival. There are also attractive spiritual gifts here that include a number of interesting gift items for your friends and family. Spiritual CDs and DVDs This is a very unique gifting option for that devout family member or friend of yours on this occasion. These CDs and DVDs contain holy chants and devotional songs here that they will obviously love. Thus it will be a good way of starting the new year by taking the name of God and this will also brighten everyone’s day. The audios that are available here on this online gifting portal include prayers based on many deities like Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Sherawali Mata, Mahisashur Mardini and Lord Ram. You can also find special mantras here like Mahamrityunjay Mantra and Gayatri Mantra that will surely help them during troubled times.   Holy Idols Idols of different Gods and Goddesses can also make a great gift for this occasion as your loved ones will surely love this gift. They can decorate these deities on special occasions and spend some lovely spiritual moments with them. Various idols of many Gods and Goddesses are available on this gifting site that your near ones will surely cherish. They include idols of Krishna, Ganesh, Shiv, Sai Baba, Yasoda, Saraswati, cow and calf, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Radha, Parvati, Kartikeya, Kali, Ram, Sita and Laxman. These colourful statuettes have been made from various types of materials like metal, marble and fine stone dust.   Sagun Coins You can gift sagun coins especially to your friends and family if you want to show your love, respect and affection towards them. Such coins are considered to be very lucky and thus they are a good gift for this day which actually signifies a new beginning. These sagun coins are easily available on this online gift store that you can choose for those who really matter to you. Coins of gold and silver materials featuring images of different deities are available here online. The Gods and Goddesses whose images are found on these coins are Laxmi, Ganesh and Saraswati.   Spiritual Hamper Gift hampers can be easily sent as gifts on various occasions and especially the spiritual ones are apt for this occasion. These spiritual hampers contain a number of items that are useful for performing a prayer ceremony, which is actually a must for an event like Ugadi. The Beautiful Puja Hamper that is available on this online gifting portal contains a number of such items. This hamper contains an idol of Ganesh, two dibbis, a mangal kalash and two diyas made out of terracotta. These gifts come in a beautiful handmade thali covered with orange glossy paper and red zari designs.   You can also send cakes to India along with these gifts on the occasion of Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. Gifts for other occasions are available here and you can easily send Mother’s Day gifts to India. If you avail of the gifts to India coupon code then you will get the best deals available here on this online gift store.  

  • Ugadi Gifts

    Make Ugadi and Gudi Padwa Celebration Grand with Amazing Holy Idols

    Ugadi is the celebration of the New Year for the people in the Deccan region while Gudi Padwa does the same for the people of Maharashtra. Hence, this is a very important day which is celebrated with a lot of merriment and festivities. However, if you are away from your friends and family then you must be missing them on this special day. But you can still celebrate the day with your loved ones by sending exclusive gifts for them on this day. There are a number of interesting and unique Ugadi and Gudi Padwa gift ideas available on this online gift store. Among the many gifts that have been showcased here, the spiritual gifts collection is quite vast. You can find attractive and mesmerising holy idols here that will make perfect gifts for this occasion. The Bajrangbali idol is a very awe inspiring one and it is completely made from marble stone. This totally white coloured idol is shown as wearing gold and stone studded jewellery and a white golden laced dhoti. The deity is shown in a kneeling posture with one hand outstretched in the form of giving a blessing. The Yasoda and Gopal idol is a true depiction of motherly love and it has been made using China clay. Yasoda is seen as sitting on a green cloth covered stool wearing a red saree and golden jewellery. Gopal is sitting on Yasoda’s lap wearing a golden dhoti and golden jewellery while holding a golden stone studded flute.   The Amazing Lord Krishna Showpiece has a very reverent look and thus this will be a good gift for this festival. The statuette depicts Krishna standing beside a peacock while playing his flute and the whole image is white in colour. There is a peacock standing beside Krishna with red stones on its white tail features and Krishna’s attire and jewellery are attached with red, gold and violet stones. The Golden Cow Calf Showpiece has a very spiritual look and has been made from metal. The whole image is golden in colour with a very broad base on which the cow and calf have been placed. The cow is standing and looking at her calf while the little one is drinking milk and the cow has a beautifully embroidered golden cloth on her back.   The Rustic Radha Krishna Idol has a very serene look and it has been made from a metallic substance. The image depicts Radha and Krishna standing in front of a cow with Krishna playing the flute. The idol is silver coloured standing on a broad base which is silver and red in colour and the halos behind them are of the same colour. The Shiv Parivar idol looks very devout and it is made from fine stone dust which will be loved by your dear ones. The idol shows the images of Shiv, Parvati and Ganesha who are sitting on a stone seat with a Shiv Linga near them. The deities have been placed on a broad black stone base and you will this to be a very colourful gift.   The Sai Baba idol exudes a very peaceful aura having been made from fine stone dust that your friends and family will like. The idol of this great religious teacher depicts him as sitting on a large stone in his familiar posture. His entire dress is white in colour and the stone he is sitting on is grey with a broad black base. The Bal Gopal idol perfectly demonstrates his naughty yet charming appearance and it is also made from fine stone dust. This child form of Krishna is shown here in a sitting posture with a cute smile on his face and one hand is resting on his knee. Bal Gopal is holding a flute with his other hand and wearing a green shawl with a lot of golden ornaments.   These as well as many other gifts can be sent as gifts to India to your loved ones in India on this event. You can also send flowers to India along with these gifts on this and many other occasions. There is also the option of sending gifts to India same day delivery which you can use to send gifts if you are running late.