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Pongal Gift Ideas

Pongal Gift Ideas

Pongal is a harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. Every Tamils celebrate this grand festival with lots of verve and enthusiasm. On this special festival, people usually offer their prayings to Sun God and thank Him as well as the livestock for helping to make abundant harvest. People celebrate this festival by shopping, visiting temples, sightseeing, exchanging pleasant gifts and having delicious foods. The articles in this chapter will give an idea about the diverse gifts that can be sent to dear ones on the festival of Pongal  and also about  various other gift ideas for the celebration of the same.

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    Gift Something Traditional to Your Family on Pongal

    The popular traditional on Pongal is to exchange wishes with traditional gifts. Indulge in the ritual even when far away from home. This practice helps develop stronger relationships with your loved ones, even across the miles. A big dilemma faced by most people is to select perfect India gifts. With this online gift store, you can send some amazing gifts to India online. To ease that problem a little here are some awesome ideas for online gifts to India. Traditional Sweets: You can gift your loved ones sweet hampers of popular sweets such as gulab jamun, kaju rolls, laddu, kaju apples, lichus. You must consider your recipient's’ choice and inclination when selecting sweets. You should pay special attention to gift packing. For special ones, sweet box should ideally be accompanied by a thoughtful and memorable gift.   Dry Fruits : Dry fruits work as a gift option in India, no matter what the occasion is. This online store has delightful selection of almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, and pistachios. Such a gift is sure to be appreciated by one and all. You can pick a nice packaging to make the gift more special.   Chocolates :  All festivals generate a lot of moments worth sharing. And nothing could be better than sharing chocolates. For old and young people alike chocolates are one of a kind chocolates. You could be a part of these celebrations by sending tasty and delectable chocolates to India on Pongal.   Flowers :  Since the festival marks the beginning of a new year, these form another popular gift choice. You can choose from a wide variety of artistic flowers, flower baskets, bouquets to mark the beginning of new year. You can also select from the wide range of exotic and native flowers as per your choice.       Since on the first day of Pongal people discard old clothes and household items, new and artistic decorative items are an appropriate gift. This is a pretty wide option, since you can choose from the amazing selection of so many home décor items available at this online gift store. They can make your pongal gifting more special.  

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    Beautiful flowers can cherish your loved ones on Pongal

    No festival looks colourful without flowers. And for a festival like Pongal, which is a celebration of nature’s gift to mankind, there is nothing better than the gift of nature to wish your loved ones. Send personalised gifts to India with the most beautiful and fresh flowers to say your greetings. You can now send gifts to India same day delivery. So, no more fretting over whether the gifts reached on time and if it reached correctly! Pongal, celebrated in the middle of January, is a harvest festival thanking the sun god for blessing us with a good harvest. The celebration lasts for four days. On all the four days, flowers take the centre part, be it to adorn the hair of the women or as offering to the Gods or to decorate the cattle. So, use flowers this Pongal, to tell your dear ones how much you love them and how much you miss them. Every flower has a meaning attached to it. We have listed down some for your easy reference. Roses come in a variety of colours and each colour is associated with a different meaning. While red roses are mostly noted for expressing love, white roses are equated with innocence, yellow with friendship and so on. Whoever be the person, you are sure to find a rose that can express your feeling towards them without a doubt. You can either buy a basket of single coloured roses or a basket of multicoloured roses depending on how you like it. Show your love to your family and friends with roses this Pongal! Another widely used option on bouquets is the flower lily. It is said that this flower blooms only in the night when the moon rises. With its slender stems and delicate petals, this flower can go a long way in conveying your thoughts to your loved ones. Do you know that you can even give a potted lily plant as a gift? Get your loved ones a basket of fresh lilies and tell them that you are thinking of them. A very elegant flower in design! Orchids have a royal and elegant stature that gives them the look of something delicate yet strong. In fact, they are considered to be the most evolved of all the flowers in the world. With a variety of colours, you can choose to send a colourful display of orchids to show that you care and you are thinking of your dear ones. Also, given the fact that they are rare in India, that is not available on streets, they become even more special to gift to your loved ones. A flower that is used highly in many flower decorations! They have a sheer look of beauty that helps them to adapt and modify any setting to a beautiful one. Be it a basket or a bouquet, carnations can make a great gift. Again you have them in multiple colours, making them a popular choice among flower lovers. Depending on the colour, carnations can mean anything from love to fascination to admiration. Choose your colour and show what you feel! You are unable to decide which flower to go with? No worries. You can just combine all of them and much more and gift your loved ones with a bunch of assorted flowers. Yes, an assorted flower bouquet with carnations, roses, lilies and other flowers can show all the love and affection you have for your near and dear ones. Also, with their varying colours and shapes, they will make a wonderful display. Earlier though, there was a constraint in gifting when you are away at work or when you are out of station. However, thanks to internet, now you have the option to send personalised gifts to India or wedding gifts to India. With multiple websites offering you freshest flowers and also the option to send gifts to India same day delivery, you can be rest assured that your gift reaches your loved ones on time.

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    Delight your loved ones on Pongal with tasty yet healthy dry fruits

    With the aura of camaraderie and oneness hovering over the festivities of Pongal, sending anniversary gifts to India for our loved ones is definitely something that will be on the minds of many. Historically, the Pongal is a celebration of the “Sun God” for providing the energy for agriculture, so how best can you celebrate Pongal than with healthy dry fruits? Healthy dry fruits are definitely a viable option when considering cheap gifts to India for your loved ones. It is especially a good option because of the history surrounding the festival. I won’t badger you on the details of that, but I’ll take a rundown of some of the best dry fruit options worth considering. Apricots are a very common healthy fruit option among many. They are highly recommended among health practitioners for their nutritious value. Apricots contain over 45% of our daily Vitamin A needs and are also a good source of copper, Vitamin E and potassium. They are definitely an option worth considering. Slightly sweet and crunchy, cashews make a delicious option and are packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants and most important of all, energy. Minerals found in cashew include manganese, copper, selenium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron. What more! Cashews have heart friendly fatty acids, which makes it all the more dear to heart. Walnuts are also an excellent option when considering healthy dry fruits. In fact, some even term walnuts as the king of nuts, simply because of the benefits that they offer to one’s health. Walnuts are found to have properties to fight cancer and are friendly to heart. It also contains some rare and highly powerful anti-oxidants and inclusion of these in your diet can help manage your weight too. Another thing that makes prunes a good option is their effect on diabetes and brain functions. Raisins, the dried grapes, are probably the most popular dry fruit options in India. Unlike their fresh counterpart, raisins are packed with minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and of course energy. However they lack in the levels of folic acid, lutein and vitamin C which are generally found in abundance in fresh grapes. Nevertheless an option to look out for – Raisins! Another popular nut with endless health benefits is almonds. They offer relief to many health issues including coughs, anemia, constipation, respiratory issues, impotency and also diabetes. They are also helpful in maintaining the health of your hair, teeth and skin. They have calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and phosphorous. They are most preferred nut as well and they also pack the most amounts of nutrients among the rest of the family of nuts and they taste good. The benefits of healthy dry fruits make them more than a viable option for your anniversaries and festivals; they can also be a good option when you are looking to send wedding gifts to India. If you want, you can combine all the above nuts and send an assorted or mixed hamper to your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare a gift pack for your loved ones today!

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    Popular yet traditional gift ideas for Pongal

    Greeting relatives, friends, and family with gifts are like a long running tradition of Pongal. Gifts play a crucial part in almost every festival, occasion and celebration, precisely in India. Gifts are known as the token of love that are the emotions in disguise and People in India firmly believe that not a single occasion or celebration is complete without exchanging gifts. With the emergence of plenty of online portals on the internet, buying and sending gifts to India online for the special occasion have become a lot easier. Gifts excite each of us and in a similar manner, but that doesn’t mean that buying any gifts for any occasion will have the same impact. The right gift for the right occasion is always important and especially when it is a festival that gets celebrated across the nation with the same enthusiasm. There are always certain gifts that are made for the certain occasion and same go with the Pongal as well. Sweets Sweets are the best suitable gift for every occasion and in case if you are struggling with the idea of the proper gift item for the festival and not being able to land on the final decision, try opting for sweets. A box of sweets would be an ideal gift for the occasion. Dry Fruits Dry fruits are just the right choice to gift your relatives on this Pongal and it has been running like a tradition in India. The packaging of the dry fruits hamper is done in such an amazing way that it appeals the giver and receiver, both! Flowers Flowers are another option to go for when you are not able to figure out the ideal gift for the occasion. Flowers are not only famous as a traditional gift on Pongal, but are suitable for each occasion equally. Chocolates Another popular and traditional gift for the festival is chocolates. Bring smile on the face of your loved ones by sending him/her delectable chocolates along with other gift items. Many websites to send gifts to India are current on the internet. The website provides its customers with a large variety of option to buy gifts, both expensive and cheap gifts to India and is the best choice for people living abroad and who are wishing to send their love to their loved ones.

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    Wish your dear ones Happy Pongal with delectable sweets

    Presenting gifts to the loved ones on occasions, festivals, and ceremonies are like a long running tradition in India and even to this date, the tradition has been kept alive. But nowadays, people hardly get time to spend on the gift shop to select the gift and this lack of time often makes people end up with buying something ordinary, sometimes not even appropriate for the occasion. This lack of time has given rise to the e commerce websites to a great extent and people rely on these sites largely for buying the gift. With many online sites, now people living abroad can send online gifts to India to reach their family and friends, but still on many occasion sweets are considered as the best option than the gifts. Pongal is definitely one of those occasions where sweets hold a special place as a gift. And among many sweets that get prepared throughout the country, few of them are worthy enough to gift to your loved ones. Kaju Barfi is an all time favorite sweet to exchange or to gift to your loved ones on every occasion and same go with Pongal as well. Motichur Ladoo is another option to go with when you don’t know what exactly to gift your family and friends for the festival.Phirni is another amazing sweet dish to opt for and is tastier enough to relish. You can definitely gift your loved ones this sweet for the festival. Chocolate Brafi would be out of the box yet the suitable option to go for to gift your nearest ones. Chackra Pongal or Chakara Pongal is another sweet to present on the occasion. Those who are not aware of how to cook it can easily avail the recipe online and those wishing to gift it can order it online as well. Sakkarai Pongal is among one of the most popular sweet dishes for the festival and one the most loved as well. It gets cooked in almost every single Tamilian home and makes a good gift too. Now, you can order this sweet online to send your loved ones if you are not able to join them for the festival. And there are many other sweets too that is special for the occasion and now you can order them online to send your loved ones relish your presence even in your absence. Several of online websites to send gifts to India offer an array of gift options to send your loved ones. And now with the rising demand of online websites to buy gift and send from has given this websites another way of pleasing people. Listing various sorts of sweets on websites these days is appealing people more, especially for people residing out of India. However, among many websites present on the internet, you will find the best site to send gifts to India.