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Navratri Gift Ideas

Navratri Gift Ideas

Navratri is a popular Hindu festival celebrated for a period of nine nights. As, Navaratri holds a special significance in Gujarat and West Bengal it is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm, vigor and merrymaking by the people in general. You can gratify your dear ones in this auspicious festival by sending them heart-felt gifts. Pamper your mother, wife, sister or daughter by sending them gifts from ‘Gifts for Her’ section. Excite your male counterparts by sending them gifts from ‘Gifts for Him’ section. At the same time, you can also amaze your lovable kids in India with gifts from ‘Gifts for Kids’ section of the site. Besides this, you can also send mouth-watering chocolates, sumptuous sweets along with spiritual gifts or home decor gifts. The articles in this chapter discusses about the various gifting ideas.

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    Top Five Gift Ideas For Navrartri

    The Hindu festival Navratri is a nine days long joyful time to devote oneself to Goddess Durga and her nine avatars alongwith rejoicing in the music and dance. Goddess Durga is the embodiment of power and shakti and word Navratri means nine nights. People celebrate the festival by worshiping the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. Navratri is an enthusiastic event which is awaited by many people. In occasions like Navratri friends and family love exchanging gifts among each other which make the festival more fun. If you are wondering what gifts can be given to your near and dear ones on Navratri we have come up with some great ideas to make the joyful festival of Navratri more enjoyable for you.   Top 5 Gift Ideas on Navratri   Silver Coins and other gifts made of Silver - On the auspicious occasion of Navratri giving the gift of silver coins and gifts has been an tradition and so on this day you can give gifts like - Silver Coins, Silver Idols of Gods, Silver Puja Thali, Accessories and Jewelleries and Silverware. It is said that the element silver brings pleasure and good luck and so it is the most demanding metal in India. Dandiya Sticks - The festival of Navratri is also about the merriment, the garba and dandiya and so on this occasion giving stylish and different dandiya sticks will also be a good idea. You can choose from many designs of dandiya which can be traditional, designer and colourful. Your near and dear ones weather elder or young will love this gifts of dandiya sticks. Food Items Hampers - Giving your family and friends the gift of food items hampers like an assortment of Chocolates, Sweets and Dry Fruits in an another idea we think you can go with. Navratri is a festival where people have a lot of fun and food is definitely a part of it and on Hindu festival exchanging of detectables goods is somewhere essential. So you can choose the best of sweets, chocolates and dry fruits and give it to your dear ones. Designer Rangoli - If you want to give a nice home decor on this festival of Navratri, designer rangoli can be a very good options. This designer rangoli will be very easy and also beautiful for your loved ones to decor their house with. On Navratri people decorate their house with beautiful lights and rangoli and so the designer rangoli will surely be a good gifting idea. Home Decor Gifts - On Navratri another great idea to gift your loved ones is Home Decor items. People on this festival decorate their home with beautiful idols, statues and lights. So you can opt of decorative lights, wall hangings and showpieces which will make the interior of your loved ones house look more beautiful.   Navratri is a festival of devotion meet recreation time and by exchanging gifts with your dear ones you can make it a memorable day. The above mentioned gifts will hopely give you an idea what to send to your dear ones on this Navratri and celebrate the occasion with more enthusiasm, fun and devotion. A time to enjoy the festival and spend a whole lot of good time with your family and friends.

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    Top Ten Gift Ideas For Navaratri

    Devoted to Goddess Durga, this famous hindu festival of Navaratri is celebrated with great reverence and faith all across the country. Goddess Durga, the epitome of power or shakti is worshipped during this rejoiceful festival of Navaratri. The word “Navaratri” literally means “nine lights” which symbolically signifies the nine forms of Goddess Durga who is the sole worshipper of this gala event. Navaratri is one of the most celebrated Hindu festival. Goddess "Durga” is referred to as the "Shakti" (energy or power) who removes the miseries of our life. Exchanging Gifts have become a common trend among us which brings an enchanting atmosphere into our life filling our heart with immense joy and glee. Navratri is a grand festival of the Hindus which is celebrated with huge gusto and joy for about nine days. Gifts play a significant role in this bubbly festival. has brought for you an huge array of wondrous gifts from which you can browse to get one appealing gift for your dear and near ones. Top Ten Delightful Gift Ideas For Navratri 1. Spiritual Gifts Celebrate this joyful occasion of Navratri by bringing immense happiness and pleasure into your loved one’s life. Send beautiful spiritual gifts attached with your love and blessings making them feel their preciousness in your life. Navratri honours the nine powers of Goddess Durga who comes to terminate all the evils from our life. Spiritual gifts will bring peace and fortune into your lovables life on this divine festival of Navratri. 2. Gift Hamper This year celebrate Navratri with your loved ones sending them a wonderful gift hamper stuffed with several useful essentials. Gift Hampers are popular gift ideas which will surely charm your loved ones with the varieties of beneficial commodities assorted neatly in beautifully decorated baskets or vessels. A plentiful dry fruit hamper will serve as a healthy gift basket whereas other gift hampers of chocolates, flowers, apparel vouchers etc will work marvellously with their combined charm beguiling our dear one’s with enormous happiness. 3. Silver Gifts Gifting silver has been an age old tradition for any such occasion like Navratri. Silver gifts are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity into our life. Silver coins and showpieces are ideal gifts which comes in several designs and structures. Silver holy idols are even quite popular which works wonderfully as an elegant gift idea. Silver possesses the wise and feminine energy of the moon. You can even send silver jewellery, silver puja thalis, puja accessories etc for your lovables in this feverous event of Navratri. 4. Home Decor Discover the beauty of your loved one’s rooms by sending them some charming housewarming home decor items. Navratri is that quintessential festival of the hindus when we clean and decorate our homes. Delight the dearest affectionates of your life by sending some bewitching home decor items like show pieces, wall hangings, lamp shades, flower vases, wall pictures etc. 5. Flowers Flowers are those blooming beauties of our nature which bring a fragrance of love and happiness with it when gifted in a wonderful assortment. This Navratri surprise your loved ones by sending a beguiling bouquet of colourful flowers lending them another reason to celebrate this joyful festival. Flowers carry several significances which speak our heart before our loved ones. So, select a wise bouquet of charming flowers on this pious occasion of Navratri making it special and memorable for ever and ever. 6. Sweets Sweets are the most traditional mode of gifting without which any festival remains incomplete. Sweets bring with them an element of happiness and glory with their delicious taste. Let your lovables feel the luscious flavour of the delicious sweets on this pious occasion of Navratri. Coconut laddoos, kheer, payesh, bundi sweets etc are the special preparations of this festivity. 7. Jewellery Jewellery holds huge importance in our life due to their utmost significance of bringing prosperity into our life. Every woman possesses a special affinity for jewellery. A few men even love to sport in some trendy jewelleries. This Navratri enthrall your lovables by sending one classy jewellery set which they will be able to treasure for ever as a token of love from you. A set of beautiful jewellery will not only add a feather to their glamour but will also bring happiness and pleasure into their life. 8. Apparels Every year before the advent of this long nine day festival of Navratri, men and women get excited for shopping. Wearing new clothings have been followed as a tradition since ages. Therefore apparels are one the most popular mode of gifting on this joyful event of Navratri. We exchange fashionable apparels among our loved ones celebrating this love filled festival of Navratri. 9. Food Items If you are having a perfect foodie among your lovable acquaintances, these would be the best gift ideas for them. Assortments of foods in several beautiful packages are easily available nowadays. A decorated basket of dry fruits or a combined box of namkeens and sweets are the most commonly packed food items for gifting. Wrap one such delicious basket of food items which will serve as an impressive gift for your endearing foodie relatives and friends on this favourable occasion of Navratri. 10. Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers are one of the most convenient ways of gifting which allows one to select gifts of his own choice. Startle your endearing loved ones by sending them one advantageous gift voucher which they can redeem to earn things of their own need and preference. You can even send one stunning dining voucher using which they can go for a memorable dinner with their loved ones. The composite festival of Navratri is highly ceremonious and is celebrated all over India. This rejoiceful event of navratri combines several religious, devotional, cultural and recreational activities making this gala a famous and joyous event. Navaratri  is known as the Festival of Nights which is famous for celebrating the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Gifts have always brought happiness into our life. This Navratri send heartwarming gifts among your lovely acquaintances making this festival special and memorable for them.  

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    How to make Navratri celebration grand with amazing gift ideas?

    Navratri is a festival that celebrates the Goddess Amba or Durga and it is usually celebrated in the western part of India. However, Navratri is celebrated all over India in different other names like Durga Puja and Dussehra. There are various rituals and customs of this festival like the folk dance Garba that encompass the festival of Navratri. There are various gifts to India available on this online gift store that you can send for your friends and family. Here we enlist the most popular gifting options for the festival of Navratri that can be easily acquired from this online gifting portal. These Navratri gift ideas can surely make this coming Navratri a very special occasion for you and your loved ones. Navratri Chocolates The chocolaty treats are loved by most and as such they are great gifts to be shared on Navratri. Navratri is a time when friends and families gather together and celebrate the festival jointly and hence gifts of chocolates can be easily enjoyed by them. This gifting site deals with a variety of chocolates for the festival of Navratri that you can send for your dear ones. The Tasty Bournville Hamper contains a variety of branded chocolates arranged on a golden square hamper. The chocolates here are from the house of Cadbury and come as Dairy Milks, Perks, Five Stars and Bournevilles.   Navratri Dry Fruits Dry fruits are tasty as well as healthy and that is why these delectables are being preferred by many people. Thus, dry fruits can make very wholesome and fulfilling gifts for your loved ones on the occasion of Navratri. You can get a variety of dry fruits like almonds, raisins, pistachios, walnuts and cashew nuts here. The Masala Kaju and Walnut Combo contains three varieties of these delectable dry fruits. These treats come in the forms of walnuts and also two types of masala cashew nuts, namely, masala kaju and chilli masala kaju.   Navratri Hampers Sending gift hampers on the occasion of Navratri is also a good way of showering your love on your friends and family. There are a number of hampers for Navratri showcased on this online gift store to be sent to India. These hampers contain gifts like flowers, fruits, chocolates, sweets, dry fruits and much more. The Excellent Celebration Time hamper comes as a collection of three wonderful gifts for your loved ones. This gift hamper is composed of a bunch of a dozen pink roses, a variety of chocolates from Cadbury and also assorted soft drinks.   Navratri Sweets You can also send a treat of delicious sweets for your dear ones in India on the occasion of Navratri. Sweets are a part of all Indian celebrations and such events are quite incomplete without them. This online gifting portal presents many types of mithais like kaju barfi, kaju roll, bhaskar roll and many more. The Delectables in a Decorated Tray sweets hamper has a number of sweets decorated in a rectangular designer tray. You can find two types of sweets here like yummy motichoor laddu as well as sumptuous kaju roll.   Sending these as well as other gifts for your family and friends in India can make this Navratri memorable. You can easily send gifts to India from USA and also other countries through this gifting site. There are many gifting options for different other festivals and events here as well that you can look into.  

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    Send Apparel Gifts to your Dear Wife on Navratri

    Navratri is a popular Hindu festival observed in India normally in the month of October and there are attractive apparel gifts that grace the Indian women observing the rituals related to this festival. The festivity is accompanied by rituals observed by Hindu women. An interesting feature of this festival is that it lasts for nine nights and hence it gets its name. It is truly a 9 day and night long gala event where beautifully dressed Indian women devote themselves to the worship of the deity Durga. Then the tenth day is observed as Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami and it marks the end of the festival. There are folklores associated with the festivity and it is said that this worship dates back to the Vedic age. The Navratri gift ideas are many. They are provided in the web for the interested individuals to view. Choosing a gift for your wife on this occasion requires an understanding of her taste and preferences. If you are about to make a selection and you are unaware of the likings of your better half then we are always there to help you. In this context, gift items like Kurtis, Lehengas, Sarees and Salwars are immensely popular. These gift items along with other women’s apparels are available online in our website. Kurtis The kurtis are very much popular among modern women as they provide a perfect blend of style and comfort to the wearer. A variety of kurtis are available in different styles, fabrics, cuts, sizes and designs. This online gift portal offers a collection of such items to potential customers. The customer needs to browse through the collection and make a selection of the dress. The Black Kurti and the Red Kurti are very suited for the modern woman as they look quite stylish as well as elegant.   Lehengas The Navratri gift ideas can include gifting a lehenga by a husband to his beloved wife. The lehengas are made from excellent dress materials. They are worn mostly during times of celebrations or occasions like the Navaratri. These items are categorized according to the designs, prices, sizes etc. in online commercial websites. The Pale Tomato Net Lehenga Choli and the Beige Net Lehenga Choli will be perfect to be worn during the festivities which have become synonymous with the celebration of Navratri.   Sarees In such occasions, the saree is also a preferred option among many men to give as gifts to their beloved. There are different types of this dress material and it depends on the mode of shopping. The customer can shop by fabric and choose silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe and many other types. They can shop by occasion and then designer, traditional, cocktail and business are the types. The Red Faux Georgette, Jacquard Embroidered Saree and the Brown & Red Faux Georgette, Satin Embroidered Saree have a regal charm to them and will look great to be worn to parties and other such occasions.   Salwar Kameez & Churidar Suits If you are abroad and are desirous in sending anniversary gifts to India along with Navratri gifts then you can also consider the salwar kameez & churidar suit items as gifts. These are quite attractive and colourful items and enhance the beauty and glamour quotient of the wife. There are a variety of such items like cotton, embroidered, polyester, georgette, cotton printed anarkali suit and Patiala churidar suits that make beautiful women look even more attractive. The Deep Pink Viscose Georgette Salwar Kameez and the Cream & Saddle Brown Viscose Georgette Anarkali are perfectly suited to be worn to religious functions and family gatherings.   It may happen that you are relocated somewhere else in a different country which makes you stay far away from your partner on such occasions as Navratri and then you need the best site to send gifts to India. Sending gifts to India online is the most preferred option. Instead of going to the market and engaging in lengthy transactions, you are able to perform the transactions online from your comfort zone and there lies its speciality.  

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    Make Navratri Special with 5 Wonderful Gift Ideas

    Navratri is a time of joy and merriment and it is celebrated with a lot of zeal in India and abroad. The festival takes place for a period of 9 days and nights and hence the name. It is customary for friends and relatives to exchange gifts during this festive season. If you are unable to be with your family on this Navratri, you need not worry about missing out on everything. You can make this nine nights of enjoyment extra special for them by sending attractive gifts. Through our online gifting portal, you can send cheap gifts to India which are attractive and will easily fit into your budget. To make the job more easy for you, we have selected 5 meaningful Navratri gift ideas that will be loved by your friends and family in India.   1. Clothing: Women love wearing new clothes, especially during special occasions and festivals. During Navratri, they have a busy time shopping and choosing dresses for so many days of festivities. Thus, if you gift your mother, wife or daughter with a beautiful sari or salwar then they will thank you profusely for it. Apart from sarees and salwar kameez, you can also get beautiful lehengas on our website. The Plushy Beige Viscose Georgette Anarkali is perfect for the occasion. This beige salwar kameez has beautiful red stitchwork all over it along with beautiful stone work. Your wife or sister in India will definitely love this dress and think about you whenever they wear it.   2. Chocolates: Children like chocolates a lot and hence it is gaining popularity as an apt gift for any occasion. There is wide selection of chocolates on our website for you to choose from. You will also get handmade chocolates here which give you a different and authentic chocolaty experience. A gift of chocolates will definitely be loved by the kids, as well as adults, in your family in India. You can choose Sweet Red Teddy with Chocolates chocolate hampers for your young ones in India. Apart from containing yummy Cadbury chocolates, there is also a cuddly red teddy bear which the child will never let go. 3. Dry Fruits: Dry fruits make a great gift on any religious festival and they are loved by people from all age groups. Their crunchy salty sweety taste makes them a much longed for delicacy not only in India but also abroad. There are a lot of different kinds of dry fruits available on our website like almonds, kaju, pista, raisins, walnuts and mango pulp candies. These are also coupled with delicious chocolates. The Delectable Cashew Treat looks very pretty and is full of crunchy sweet cashew nuts. The box itself is a wooden designer one and has a beautiful lace flower arrangement on it.   4. Navratri Hampers: You can send hampers to your friends and family in India. A hamper contains a collection of gifts which are admired by all. The hampers available on our website are filled with tasty goodies and lots of other things. Navratri hampers are filled with cakes, flowers, fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, sweets, cookies, wall hangings, teddies, soft drinks, bhujia and a lot more. These items, available in combos, will surely be loved by the family you send it to. You can choose the Kesaria Boondi Ladoo Combo which looks like a riot in yellow. There is the delicious kesaria boondi laddoo which is yellow in colour. The beautiful flower bouquet that is the other part of this combo contains mainly yellow along with a few red carnations, roses and gerberas.   5. Sweets: No Indian festival is complete without sweets and therefore they make one of the best gift ideas. Gifting sumptuous sweets to your friends and family is a great idea. There are a lot of delicious sweets available on our online gifting portal. Some of them are motichoor laddoo, kaju pista barfi, kesar peda, rasgulla, gulab jamun, rajbhog, sohan papdi, kheer kadam, kaju pista roll, chocolate barfi and a lot more. The Tempting Mawa Bati Thali is a yummy treat that will definitely be loved by each and every one of those who are near you. This delectable mawa sweet is decorated with edible silver foil, edible orange colour and chopped pistas.   This Navratri send online gifts to India for your near and dear ones. You can send these and many other gift items for your friends and family from our website. You can also send personalised gifts to India from our personalised gifts section where you will find many interesting options.