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Lohri Gift Ideas

Lohri Gift Ideas

Lohri is one of the most famous festivals of Punjab. The festival is also known as harvest festival. The festival signifies the end of winter season. On this special festival, people offer prayers to God for giving them food, prosperity and happiness. Every one enjoy this grand festival by having delicious dishes, dancing Bhangra and Giddha around bonfire, singing traditional songs and so on. Apart from these, every Punjabies dress themselves in colorful and vibrant apparels and convey their warm wishes by sharing gifts. The articles assigned in this chapter will give an idea about the diverse gifts that can be sent to dear ones on the bonfire festival of Lohri  and also about  different gift ideas for the celebration of the same.

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  • lohriwife

    Top 10 Lohri Gifts for Wife

    On 13th January Punjabi community celebrates the festival of Lohri, which marks the end of Winter solstice and beginning of a new season and longer days. Though the ceremonies of Lohri is kept traditional but the gift giving is getting modernized now, as giving only cash to loved ones is cliched. Specially when you are giving gift to your loving wife on Lohri, you would want to give her the best gift. If you are getting stuck in selecting the perfect gifts for your wife we are here to help you sort out the best for her with our gifts idea. Flower - Express your love and good wishes on the occasion of Lohri to your wife with a Flower bouquet. Choose different colors of flower Red, Pink, White, Orange and many such flowers. Also select the best bouquet arrangement to impress your wife and make her Lohri celebration exciting. View our entire list of Flowers available Cosmetics -  To enhance your wife’s beauty even more send her Cosmetics Gifts and surprise her. For conducting Lohri ceremonies in the evening your wife can use the cosmetics and get properly ready for the celebrations. In cosmetics section you can send her Eyeliner, Mascara, Makeup Palette, Lipsticks, Kajal & Foundation. Click here to see our range of cosmetics Traditional Punjabi Dress - Lohri is a traditional festival and on such occasion giving your wife a punjabi dress gift will be more than perfect. Salwar kameez and Patiala dress will be a good selection also keep in mind the colour that is most loved by your wife when selecting the dress. Personalised Product - To express your more in a more personal way, this Lohri another great idea to gift your wife can be personalised gifts. You can have your emotions expressed in the personalised item and also put up a beautiful picture of you and your wife which she will surely love to receive. Our personalised gifts catalogue Smartwatch - Smartwatches are computer in form wristwatches, with touchscreen interface, it is very useful in day to day to life. Your wife can keep track of her phone’s notifications, calls & sms, and also keep her fitness on watch. A great technologically advanced gift for your wife. View the complete List of Smartwatches available Jewellery - Another gift idea for your dearest wife on the occasion of Lohri is giving her Jewellery. As women love to wear them specially on occasions such Lohri, it will be a perfect gift. You can choose diamond, gold or fashion jewellery for her also keep her taste on jewellery in mind when selecting the perfect piece for her. Click here to see the best Jewelleries Puja Thali - To conduct the Lohri puja around the bonfire, you wife can use your gift of Puja Thali to her. You can choose colourful designed thali or go for traditional silver thali along with puja samagri. It is an ideal gift for the occasion of Lohri. View our range of Puja Thalis Dry Fruits - To wish your lovely wife a healthy start to the new season, you can send her nutritious dry fruits on the occasion of Lohri. Dry fruits like Walnuts, Pista, Kaju, Almond, Rewari and many more can be selected and send to her in India. She will enjoy the occasion more with the gift of dry fruits. See the variety of dry fruits available Greeting Cards - Also a unique way to convey your good wishes to your wife on the festival of Lohri is sending her a Greeting Card. You can write your own personal wishes on the greeting card and wish her the best on Lohri. Greeting Cards are still the best way to express your love for someone special. Sweets - Indian festivals have a special place for sweets and sending delicious Sweets to your wife on Lohri won’t hurt anybody. Select the sweets which is most loved by your wife and send the delicious box of sweets to her and wish her the best for this Lohri. View the sweets available for lohri This suggestions will surely make up your mind on what to gift your wife and celebrate Lohri with full enthusiasm.

  • couplelohri18

    Top 5 Lohri Gift Ideas for the Newly Weds

    According to Punjabi traditions, the first Lohri of Newly Weds is a very important function and calls for a big celebration. The Newly wedded couple receive a lot of love and good wishes from their near and dear ones for a blessed married life. On this occasion of Lohri, the newly weds are also showered with amazing gifts. If you are also planning to send Lohri gifts for someone newly wed,  we present to you gift ideas that would truly make their Lohri special. Apparels - As newly wedded couple they wear new clothes for the bonfire ceremony in the evening and so giving them Apparels as gift is a perfect idea. You can give them traditional attire that is worn on Lohri to keep up with the spirit of the occasion and wish them all the best for the rest of their married life. Personal Care Products - On Lohri you can give a newly wedded couple Personal Care products. For the new bride you can select items like makeup palette, lipsticks, eyeliner, makeup brush. And for the groom you can choose beard care kit, face scrub, hair gel and many such products. It will be a great gift combo for the couple. Range of personal care products for a couple Couple Watches - For the newlyweds on their first Lohri celebration, if you are planning to give something different then you can go for a couple watch. Apart from analog and digital watches you can send smartwatches as well for the couple. Watches will be a perfect gift idea for the couple on Lohri. List of watches which can be gifted to couples Sweets - Sweets are an all time favourite gift on Indian festivals, so for Lohri celebration of the new wedded couple gifting them a box of sweets will be a good idea. Choose the best sweets, also keeping in mind their taste and along with the sweets wish them a long and sweet married life. Click to see our variety of sweets Wall Painting - For newly weds Lohri is important as it marks fertility for them, and so giving them gift of wall painting that symbolises newness is another great idea. They can decorate their house with your gifted painting and make it look more beautiful. Make it a memorable Lohri celebration for the new couple with your gift. As we know first Lohri is an important day for the newly weds, with addition of your gifts - make it more exciting and fun. The above mentioned gifts suggestion hopefully will make you decide what you can gift them.

  • happylohri18

    Top 10 Lohri Return Gifts

    On 13th January every year, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with a lot of pomp by the Punjabi community. It is an auspicious day when every person looks forward to the new season and good harvest. Bonfire is lit in the evening to seek happiness and prosperity for all. People gather around the bonfire and throw popcorn, jaggery, sesame seeds in it as a mark of auspiciousness. They sing and dance around the bonfire and enjoy the occasion with family and friends. On this day friends and family also exchange gifts to convey best wishes to each other and make the occasion even more special. But at times we get stuck in getting the best present for them, so here are ideas and tips to choose the best Lohri gifts for loved ones. Sweets Thali or Basket - On such occasions like Lohri sweets are mandatory to eat and so giving a thali or basket of sweets would be a great idea. Make sure to include the favourite sweets of your loved ones and send it to India. Sweets will definitely make the occasion more special for all your dear ones. View our entire sweets collection Personal Care Hamper - Whether its for a female or male person you can send them a beautiful basket of personal care products. You can choose between normal branded products or herbal care products, that will suit your loved one. With these personal care hamper their skin will be healthy and glowing. Complete List of personal care hampers Dry Fruits Basket - Lohri is one occasion where dry fruits are a part of the ceremony, everyone eats a lot of dry fruits and also offer it to Lohri goddess in the form of bonfire. Also because it is observed in the winter season having dry fruits will keep your loved ones healthy and active. Click to see our range of dry fruits for Lohri Spiritual Gifts - Since Lohri is an auspicious festival, giving Spiritual Gifts to your near and dear ones will also be a good idea. The spiritual gifts will contain Holy Idols, Puja Samagri and other food items like sweets and dry fruits. It is a perfect idea for giving to elderly person and couples. Click here to see the variety of spiritual gifts Kites - Everyone tries their hand on Kites on the festival of Lohri, kids and adults all get together to have some fun by flying kites. So another Lohri gift idea for dear ones is Kites. You can select nice colourful and designer kites which will make the occasion enjoyable for loved ones. Home Decor Gifts - Another gift idea for Lohri can be beautiful home decor items to decorate your loved ones house interiors. You can choose Lampshades, Wall Paintings, Showpieces and many such items, with which your dear ones can decorate their house and make it look more stunning for Lohri. Home Decor gifts on Lohri Apparel - On this happy occasion of Lohri, another great gifts idea for your family and friends is giving new and fashionable apparels. You can select traditional yet fashionable attire for men and women separately. They can wear your given gifts on the evening bonfire ceremony and enjoy Lohri. Mobile or Laptop - If you want to give something different than giving the gift of mobile or laptop can also be a great idea for Lohri. As Lohri is celebrated to end the winter solstice and welcoming the longer days, your loved ones can enjoy the new start with a new mobile phone or laptop. If you are sure of their requirements and know their favourite brand you can get them the best one. Personalised Gifts - Be more attached with your friends and family with our gifting idea of Personalised Gifts. You can convey your best wishes to your dear ones with a personalised gifts that holds a very personal message. You can send personalised Mugs, Calendars, Photo Frame and many more such items to India. Complete list of Personalised Gifts Flower Bouquets - For Lohri to send all your good wishes to your near and dear ones in India you can also send a bouquet of Flowers. Flowers are the perfect idea when it comes to express your emotions hence, sending a Flower Bouquet can also be a good gift. See this link for the entire range of flower bouquets Celebrate the occasion of Lohri with your family and friends & get the most out of the time with our suggested gift ideas.

  • gblohri

    Top 5 Gift Baskets for Lohri

    The festival of Lohri marks the end of the month of Paush and beginning of the month of Magha, generally falling on 13th January every year. This festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, dancing around the bonfire, savouring great delicacies and having a great time with family and friends. If you are not in India to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones, you can send Gift Baskets to them along with your good wishes. Gift Basket is a perfect gift for Lohri as you can send a lot of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates  and many other combination of gifts. We want you to have a great Lohri celebration with dear ones even being far and we present to you a suggestion on creating the best Gift Basket. Dry Fruits Gift Basket - Lohri is the festival when people have a lot of dry fruits, in fact two or three dry fruits are also tossed in the bonfire to mark the beginning of the new year with God’s blessing, and so Dry Fruits Gift Basket will be a wonderful choice for your loved ones in India. The gift basket can be a traditional thali or a cane basket which is filled with delicious and nutritious dry fruits like almonds, pista, kaju, rewari and many others. Chocolate Gift Basket - This gift basket can be given to any member in the family irrespective of their age. The basket can have the best chocolates like Dairy milk, Kitkat, Ferrero Rocher, Bournville and many more. The Chocolate Gift Basket will be loved by family and friends. Sweets Gift Basket - For the occasion of Lohri, you can also send your dear ones a Gift Basket of sweets. Indian festivals are complete only when you have sweets to savour. When your friends and family will be sitting in front of the bonfire, they can have your given sweets and enjoy the occasion even more. Fruits Gift Basket - Another top gift basket for Lohri is Fruits Gift Basket, as Lohri is a traditional Indian festival fruits are a part of it. You can wish your family and friends a good health with the Fruits gift basket. Specially for the elderly person in your family this will be the perfect gift basket. All in one Gift Basket - If you want to send a big gift basket of goodies you can send your loved ones All in one Gift Basket. As the basket will contain a lot of items like dry fruits, chocolates, sweets, fruits and spiritual products. This gift basket will put up a big smile around your dear ones face when they recieve this all in one gift basket making the occasion of Lohri very special. We hope that with our given suggestions your Lohri celebration will a memorable one with your friends and family in India.

  • lohri18

    Top 5 Lohri Presents which can be sent Online to India

    Lohri is the most important festival for the Punjabis . It is celebrated on January 13th every year, to commemorate the passing of winter solstice and welcoming the longer days. Lohri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, bonfire, song and dance. On this occasion if you are not in India and are unable to spend time with your family and friends, sending them gifts along with good wishes is the perfect way to celebrate Lohri even being far in abroad. Nowadays online shopping is a bliss for everyone who stays in abroad and want to send gifts to India. It is very easy to place an order for a gift sitting at your home comfort and getting the gifts delivered to your loved ones doorstep without any hassle. Top 5 Lohri Presents for Loved Ones Sweets - Just like any Indian festival, Lohri too is an celebration which calls for indulging in delicious Sweets. It is a symbol of happiness and so sweets are popular on occasion like Lohri. You can send some mouth watering sweets to your loved ones in India and make the Lohri more happening for them. Click here to see our entire range of sweets on Lohri Dry Fruits Hampers - As we know Lohri is celebrated during the winter month of January, and on this time having dry fruits is definitely good for health. Sending your family a Dry Fruits Hamper will surely make the occasion more special. The Hamper will contain all kinds of dry fruits like Kaju, Pista, Almond, Walnut, Rewari and many more. Dry fruits will please their taste buds and also keep them healthy. See the variety of Dry fruits hampers here Puja Thali - Since Lohri is a festival where Lohri Goddess is worshipped, you can send a traditional Puja Thali to your loved ones in India on the occasion. The puja thali will have a traditional thali and appropriate Lohri puja samagri so that dear ones can perform puja in the evening. Complete list of Puja Thalis Available Gift Basket - Another great gift on Lohri would be sending a big Gift Basket that contains, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates & fruits. A complete gift hamper which will impress your loved ones. Lohri is a fun festival when everyone is happy and sending them a Gift Basket will make your family and friends more happy. Click the link to see the catalogue of Gift Baskets Flower and Cake Combo - On the occasion of Lohri, you can also send something different like a combo of Fresh cake and flowers. With flower and cake combo you can convey your good wishes on Lohri to your near and dear ones. Flower and cake combo will surely be a unique gift on the occasion whilst surprising your loved ones in India. Click here to see the collection of Flower and Cake Combo The above suggested gifts will hopefully make the Lohri special for you and your family & friends. With these gifts you can always add something and make the gift more special. No matter in which part of the world you are by sending online gifts to India on occasions like Lohri stay and feel close to your friends and family.