Lohri Celebrations

This chapter inform the readers about the most amazing ways to celebrate Lohri.

Lohri Significance

Traditional Significance of Lohri

India is a land of many languages, dialects, colors, customs, festivals, rituals, and people. We take pride in celebrating such a plethora of festivities from all religions and sects. Sometimes, you see similar festivals celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. The passing of winter is celebrated by various festivals such as Pongal, Lohri, and Makar Sankranti. Lohri is celebrated in the Punjabi regions of North India. With gifts to India, you can feel included and involved in the celebrations. Lohri celebrates winter passing and harvest of season’s first Rabi crops. The bonfire and the food items

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Lohri of New Bride

First Lohri Gifts for the new bride

Being an Indian or may be just known to Indian culture, you know the fun and frolic surrounding Lohri. Like most Punjabi festivals, this one is full of colors, warmth, and sweets. This festival becomes increasingly festive when there is a new member in the family a lovely girl who joins your family through the promises and rituals of marriage. The first Lohri of a bride is really special. If you are missing out on the fun back home and want to share your blessings and wishes with your family back home, send gifts to India from US that are from your heart and convey what you feel.   Typically, to celebrate the pres

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First Lohri

Lohri Celebrations for New Born Baby

It is an amazing feeling when you have a new tiny member in your family. Why wait to share your blessings with the tiny tot? Why not say welcome and show your affection with a thoughtful gift to India. The birth of a child is a massive reason for celebration, even more so when you’re coming close to a festival like Lohri. Each Lohri is special, especially the first one of a newborn. All the family members join in the celebration and shower the baby with lots of gifts and a lot of love. The family, the guest, the friends, and the relatives all bring gifts for the baby and, often, also for the new mother. The mother usua

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Lohri Celebration

How is Lohri celebrated in India?

Lohri is the festival of love, life, light, and sweets. Typically, Punjabis celebrate this festival with family, friends and relatives. The celebrations generate great community bonds and warmth. People come together to have fun around the bonfire and exchange sweets as a sign of mutual respect for each other and their community. If you are far away from home, you can also send sweets with this gift store whereby you can send your gifts to India online. Since this is a harvest festival it is primarily meant to be observed by the farmers, but since Punjab is an agricultural land, almost everyone becomes a participant in the fest

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Lohri Celebration In Different Ways

Lohri is an annual festival encompassing the Northern States of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. This festival basically marks the harvest festival of the land of Punjab and is  celebrated with much gusto and fervour by all the people. It marks the end of cold winters and welcomes Spring with it''s abode and bounty with a good harvest and season for new beginnings. People send India gifts to those of their relatives and friends in India  whom they cannot meet and this online shopping portal provides you with many ideal lohri gift ideas. Significance Of Lohri : There are many beliefs as to the tradition and ori

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