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This chapter inform the readers about the most amazing ways to celebrate Lohri.

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    Lohri Celebration In Different Ways

    Lohri is an annual festival encompassing the Northern States of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. This festival basically marks the harvest festival of the land of Punjab and is  celebrated with much gusto and fervour by all the people. It marks the end of cold winters and welcomes Spring with it''s abode and bounty with a good harvest and season for new beginnings. People send India gifts to those of their relatives and friends in India  whom they cannot meet and this online shopping portal provides you with many ideal lohri gift ideas. Significance Of Lohri : There are many beliefs as to the tradition and origin of lohri. It is dated back to the time of the famous poet, Sant Kabir’s wife, Loi. Lohri was also the sister of Holika, who perished in fire while trying to kill Prahlad, while Lohri survived due to her piety. Others believe that Lohri got it''s name from Loh which is used in turning and pressing Chapatis.   Lohri Celebration : Lohri is a community festival celebrated with friends, family and relatives. A beautiful community bond is celebrated as the whole community comes together to celebrate the festival. Although it is a celebration of harvest primarily, the celebration is not restricted to farmers only but also celebrated by all individuals. The main attraction of the celebrations is the huge bonfire which is created in an open field. People beat drums, sing and dance, dress in colourful clothes. Jaggery, sugarcane sticks, rewaris are thrown into the fire as a ritual.   Lohri Celebration Of New Bride : Lohri becomes even more special for the newly wedded wife. On this occasion, she wears new and brightly coloured, dresses up in colourful bangles and jewellery, wears mehendi on hands. Her husband also wears new clothes, wears a bright coloured turban on head. The new wife is gifted with new clothes and jewellery from her in laws and husband and others friends and relatives.   Lohri Celebration of New Born Child : Lohri is also a very special occasion for the newborn child as it''s their 1st Lohri. The parents especially the mother dresses up in new and gorgeous clothes and jewellery and applies mehendi in her palms. She is asked to sit with her new born baby in her arms and many gifts are presented to them from family, relatives and friends. The gifts usually include sweets, chocolates, dry fruits , mithai hamper, flowers etc. Send gift to India on Lohri to your new bride in the family or any friend in India you know who has just got a new born child. Spread happiness on this festival of harvest and merriment and wish a happy Lohri to all of your friends.    

  • Lohri of New Bride

    First Lohri Gifts for the new bride

    Being an Indian or may be just known to Indian culture, you know the fun and frolic surrounding Lohri. Like most Punjabi festivals, this one is full of colors, warmth, and sweets. This festival becomes increasingly festive when there is a new member in the family a lovely girl who joins your family through the promises and rituals of marriage. The first Lohri of a bride is really special. If you are missing out on the fun back home and want to share your blessings and wishes with your family back home, send gifts to India from US that are from your heart and convey what you feel.   Typically, to celebrate the presence and entry of a new bride in the family, Lohri is celebrated with extra pomp and show. The family members of both the bride and the husband gather around the fire in the evening. Everybody dresses up all nice in traditional attires adorned with Punjabi embroidery in gold and silk threads. The newly-wed wear their best, sometimes wedding clothes. The girl wears the traditional bangles called ‘Chuda’ and applies Henna on their palms. The husband also wears nice clothes and fashions a great ‘Pagdi.’ The bride gets showered with lots of gifts and love. She is welcomed into the family again and made felt loved all over again. Feel included in the festive spirit and send gift to India.   So Lohri turns out to be an important gift-giving occasion and here are some great Lohri gift ideas for the newly-wed. Flowers. Every occasion can be made special with flowers. You can choose from a variety of selections to show your affections and welcome the newly-wed into the family. If it’s your own wife you are away from, you can use some bright colored roses to show how much you miss being in India. If you are a daughter-in-law, you can choose some soothing colors to shower your blessings. Picture Frames. Since a newly-wed is starting a great new phase of life, pictures frames make a great gift to capture this moment and the ones to come. Clothing Items. While clothes seem like a simple choice, there is     such a wide variety of them available to suit all personality and body-types. Choose what works for your requirement. A word of caution though. If you do not know the new bride well, this gift option might just get tricky. Bags and Purses. Typically new brides get to deck up a lot to visit friends and family, so stylish purses make a gift choice. Add to her style quotient by sending a funky or classy handbag. She will be     very happy and feel special by your gesture. Perfumes and cosmetics. For the same reason that new brides love to dress up and find many occasions to do so as well, perfumes and cosmetics also make a good gift option. They will help her in     looking her best for all occasions and all the fun! You may also club these special gifts for her with other traditional Lohri Gifts of sweets and dry fruits to make a complete Lohri hamper.    

  • First Lohri

    Lohri Celebrations for New Born Baby

    It is an amazing feeling when you have a new tiny member in your family. Why wait to share your blessings with the tiny tot? Why not say welcome and show your affection with a thoughtful gift to India. The birth of a child is a massive reason for celebration, even more so when you’re coming close to a festival like Lohri. Each Lohri is special, especially the first one of a newborn. All the family members join in the celebration and shower the baby with lots of gifts and a lot of love. The family, the guest, the friends, and the relatives all bring gifts for the baby and, often, also for the new mother. The mother usually dresses up in beautiful embroidered outfits and adorns jewels. She puts on Mehndi on her palms to celebrate the coming of a new child. The family prays for the mother-baby duo and performs the Lohri Ceremony. You can join all the fun by sending gifts to India.   Here are some great Lohri gift ideas for babies just for you! Baby sets come in a lot of variety such as bed sets, towel sets, woolen sets, feeding sets, and cosmetic sets. You may select one according to your budget and your choice. Silver feeding sets are a common traditional choice. Toys and games are a very apparent and favorite gift option for the little ones. You can choose from a wide variety of soft toys available on this online gift store to send your love to the tiny tots. You can choose from a range of toys that are made up of good material that are not harmful to the infant in any way. A birth of a child means that the shutterbugs at home will go crazy clicking each moment filled with cuteness. Everyone will try to capture, store, and cherish these adorable moments, including the parents. For this very reason, photo frames become another advisable gift option. With this you can show that your value the baby’s growing days and the daily cute poses, even when you are not really around.   If you are far away from your home and want to share your love and blessings with the newborn, send gift to India in a way that depicts the vibrant colors of Lohri and also express warm wishes for the baby. To make your gift speak volumes about your love and yearning to be with your family, you can add some sweets, dry fruits, or chocolates to your gift. You may also select special gift-packaging.    

  • Lohri Significance

    Traditional Significance of Lohri

    India is a land of many languages, dialects, colors, customs, festivals, rituals, and people. We take pride in celebrating such a plethora of festivities from all religions and sects. Sometimes, you see similar festivals celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. The passing of winter is celebrated by various festivals such as Pongal, Lohri, and Makar Sankranti. Lohri is celebrated in the Punjabi regions of North India. With gifts to India, you can feel included and involved in the celebrations. Lohri celebrates winter passing and harvest of season’s first Rabi crops. The bonfire and the food items that are put in it are all from the harvest that happens at this time if the year. Farmers especially observe this ritual and pray for better harvest. People roast the freshly harvested green peas and enjoy these as first fruits of labor.   Similar trend is followed in the dinner preparation. Products direct from the field are used to create mouth-watering dishes. Great food is an integral part of any celebration. Another important aspect of celebration is dressing-up. People dress in bright color clothes and ladies wear jewelry. The colors are a welcome to the Spring season after the hardships of Winter.   There are some interesting folklores connected with Lohri. One such story is about a Robin-Hood-like –figure, Dulla Bhatti. He would rob the rich and help poor Punjabis. He also rescued girls who were taken to be sold in the slave market. He would not only rescue these girls but arranged for their marriage with Hindu boys of their choice and also provided their dowry from the money looted from the rich. Which is why, though a bandit, he became a Punjabi legend. Lohri celebrations also include commemorating this legend’s efforts and showing the gratitude of the Punjabi community.   Another activity associated with Lohri is akin to Halloween. In the first week of January, boys would gather in small groups and go around houses chanting Lohri songs related to the legend of Dhulla. Instead of candies and canes, kids are given popcorn, peanuts, crystal sugar, sesame seeds, and jaggery. Turning them back empty-handed is regarded inauspicious. You can send gifts to India of similar food items to let your loved ones know that you want to be part of the festivities. Some also believe that Lohri derives its name from Loi, the alleged wife of Kabir. Another belief is that Lohri comes from the word ‘Loh’ meaning Iron depicting the thick Iron sheet that is used to make chapatti, the traditional Indian flat bread. Yet another, legend is that Lohri was the sister of the ill-famed Holika who tried to burn prince Prahlad.   No matter which line of belief you follow, the festival of Lohri is a celebration of life and human efforts. Be part of this amazing event with our Lohri gift ideas and send your love and a little something special your family’s way to show how much you miss being a part of the festivities.    

  • Lohri Celebration

    How is Lohri celebrated in India?

    Lohri is the festival of love, life, light, and sweets. Typically, Punjabis celebrate this festival with family, friends and relatives. The celebrations generate great community bonds and warmth. People come together to have fun around the bonfire and exchange sweets as a sign of mutual respect for each other and their community. If you are far away from home, you can also send sweets with this gift store whereby you can send your gifts to India online. Since this is a harvest festival it is primarily meant to be observed by the farmers, but since Punjab is an agricultural land, almost everyone becomes a participant in the festival. A strong community bond can still be maintained even if you are not physically close to your family, relatives, and other loved ones. People gather around a bonfire to share and cultivate warmth for each other and the community. It is a great occasion when people come together to celebrate being together. They dress sparkly, sing, and dance. It is super joyous. People dance to the tunes of drums and dhols. They perform the traditional bhangra around fire, which is considered one of the most energetic and exuberant form of dance. Ritualistically, sesame seeds, jiggery, sugarcane sticks, rewaris, and popcorns are offered to the fire. You can also participate in the fun by sending online gifts to India to your loved ones.   To help you select an amazing gift for your family members, here are some unique Lohri Gift Ideas. If you want to buy something that would be fitting as a gift for the whole family, you can opt for a handicraft or artistic showpiece item. You may pick from among vases, photo frames, and wall hangings. Artistic paintings are a great gift idea too. Pick paintings that reflect religious or godly depictions.   You may have many women family members in your family as well such as aunts and sisters. You can think on the lines of trendy handbags and jewelry items. You can choose from beaded bags, satin embellishments, or classy leather styles. You can also complement the handbag with smaller money pouches or wallets. Jewelry is a forever appropriate gift item for women. Though gold and diamond jewelry is considered more appropriate for the occasion, one can easily go in for the artificial jewelry that comes in artistic and innovative designs these days. You can select from traditional or contemporary styles to suit the wardrobe of your gift recipients. You can complement jewelry with an exquisite jewelry box. These boxes not just help to protect jewelry but also to conserve beautiful memories hence these are considered to an extremely thoughtful gift idea for Lohri festival. You can choose from wooden, metal, or other handcrafted material. On the other hand, if you are selecting a gift for the male members of the family, you can pick a cool clothes or a toiletry hamper. Clothes are an appropriate gift item for all ages. Depending on the age of your recipients and your per head budget, you can also consider electronic items as well. You may couple any gift with the traditional choices of sweets and dry fruits and voila! You have the perfect gift hamper.