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Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth is an annual one-day feast observed by the Hindu women in particular. The festival strengthens the loving bond between husband and wife. The wife, keeps a day-long fasting for the well-being of the husband which she breaks only after the moon sets in at night. The husband on the other hand, pamper his wife with stunning gifts. The site has launched a wide plethora of ‘Karwa Chauth gifts’. Thus, bewilder your lady with exclusive gifts like jewellery, sarees, cosmetics, handbags bags, gift hampers etc. The articles in this section discusses about various gift ideas that will surely make your loving wife feel special.

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    Top 5 Gift Items for Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth is a very important festival in India and it is now observed by many women across the globe. This festival is observed by a wife for the safety and well being of her husband that started since the Mughal era. Karwa Chauth is observed on the chaturthi of the krishna paksha in the lunisolar month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. It is customary for the husband to give gifts to his wife on this day and many Karwa Chauth gift ideas are available on this online gift store. The wife fasts for the whole day for her husband and drinks water only after looking at him through a sieve in moonlight. The husbands staying away from their wives resort to sending gifts to India on this occasion. We have enlisted here the top five gift items for this event that can be sent to India by husbands, daughters in law and mothers in law. 1. Exclusive Jewellery - Jewellery is a great gift for this occasion as the woman is supposed to dress up like a newlywed. There are many types of exclusive jewellery available on this reliable online gifting portal. The Delightful Button Pearl Necklace is a set consisting of a necklace and earrings. The necklace is made out of a string of pearls of white colour with red and golden trinkets along with earrings that are white button like pearls.   2. Flowers for Karwa Chauth - You can send wonderful flowers for that special lady on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. This gifting site hosts a variety of flowers like roses, gerberas and carnations in different forms. The 25 Red Roses in a Round Handle Basket is a great gift for this auspicious festival. The flowers here are red roses that are twenty five in number and arranged in a cane basket with a red handle.   3. Fruits for Karwa Chauth - A gift of fruits will also be welcome on this occasion as the woman is supposed to eat these before sunrise to retain her strength. You can get a large variety of fruits here like apples, bananas, guavas and other seasonal fruits. The Pleasing Fruit Basket comes in a cane basket that is round in shape with many fruits. The fruits in this pack are apples, oranges, pomegranates, bananas as well as a pineapple.   4. Pohi for Saas - A pohi is a ritualistic collection of gifts that the daughter in law gives to her mother in law. The pohi can consist of any gift item that the woman prefers and may also contain items like sindoor and mehendi. Many kinds of pohi gifts are present on this online gift store containing attractive and useful gifts. The Blooming Flowers and Fresh Fruits pohi is a collection of fresh and juicy fruits along with pretty fragrant flowers.   5. Sargi for Bahu - Sargi is one of the most famous traditions of the festival of Karwa Chauth that is special to most women. Like the pohi, a sargi is also a collection of gifts and it is sent to the daughter in law by the mother in law. You can get different kinds of sargi gift items on this gifting site that you can send for your bahu. The Karwa Chauth Sargi is a combo of a thali with various puja items, items necessary for makeup and a box of sweets.   Celebrate Karwa Chauth with a very special lady through these gifts even if you are away from them. These India gifts are a very modern and unique way of celebrating Karwa Chauth online with your family. You can also look into the other gifting options that are available here for many festivals and events.  

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    Karwa Chauth Puja Thali: The Most Sacred Gift Item

    The festival of Karwa Chauth is considered very auspicious and propitious and it is also believed that it brings success, health and a long life in the the lives of those husbands whose wives observe the fast with full devotion and faith. The celebrations are dedicated to Goddess Durga and comprises of various rituals. Thus all the materials for the worshipping  arrangement are done a few days before the Puja.   One of the most integral and sacred part of this festival is the Karwa Chauth Puja Thali which every married woman decorates keenly. While decorating the thali, it must be kept in mind that all the materials must be kept in the right proportions. Thali decorations marks an important aspect of the festival. Exclusive decorations of each thali is the highlight of this festival. Thalis may be of pure silver, steel, brass copper etc. Amongst many other Karwa Chauth gift ideas, thali is the most sacred gift item.   The thali for this occasion also known as Baya, consists of vermillion, roli, dry fruits, diyas, sacred water, various types of earthen pots and different types of sweets. The strainer or sieve is the most important item in a Karwa Chauth thali as this is used to see the moon and then the face of your husband. It must be kept on the top. In the thali, the puja materials are kep separately in small katoris. After the puja gets over, the thali is given to the eldest member of the family and he or she blesses the lady.   There is no specific set of rules to decorate a Puja thali. It can be done according to the choice and innovations of the decorator. You can colour the plate with pastel colours. You can add a Swastika symbol to make it spiritual. To the sides of the plate you can add bright satin cloth adorned with stones or sequins to add glamour to the thali. Also you can make the earthen pot by yourself and then add beautiful designs to it. Lastly all that is needed is a piece of red cloth to cover the Thali.   If you like sending gifts to India like a Puja thali on Karwa Chauth to your loved sisters, bhabhis then you can opt for online shopping. This online gifting portal provides you with many gifts options to send to your lovely female friends and relatives on this Karwa Chauth. Along with Puja thalis you can send dry fruits, flowers, fruits, jewellery, perfume etc. as well as many other such gift items.

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    Sargi: The best gift a mother can give to her daughter-in-law

    Sargi is the best Karwa Chauth gift idea which a mother can gift to her daughter in law. The Hindustani culture is vibrant and one can get to see a variety of auspicious occasions celebrated throughout the length and breadth of the country. The Sargis are good Karwa Chauth gift ideas. The gift is offered during the Karwa Chauth festival. In this context, it requires to be said that the Karwa Chauth is a festivity that holds significance for Hindu women. The Karwa Chauth festivity is celebrated by the Hindu ladies for the well being of their husbands. What is Sargi? There are a number of gift items that a mother can give to her daughter-in-law. But out the numerous, the best one is considered the Sargi. It is a sweet dish and contains kaju, badam along with meethi mathri. Sargi is quite popular among the Hindu community, especially during the Chauth festivity. The e-commerce websites display a host of other gift items that are apt for the Chauth. Against each of the gift is displayed the price so that the customers do not have any issue while making decisions regarding purchase and sending quality yet cheap gifts to India. Gifts related to Sargi With reference to the Sargi gift, it is pertinent to say that many other gift items are easily available and offered by many online gifting portals. 1. Chocolate, Sweets Combo Hamper As Sargi The sargi is also given by a mother to her daughter in law. The sweets combo hamper is quite popular and many women prefer to use them as ideal gift items. 2. Flowers, Fresh Fruit Basket as Sargi The gift incorporates kaju, badam, meethi meethi and a whole lot of other auspicious stuffs. The saas to bahu (sargi) gifts in these portals incorporate, mathari and chappan bhog, meenakari channi and karwa along with exotic dry fruits, exquisite meenakari work along with pooja accessories, karwachauth thalis, mithais, sweet salty stuffs, appetizer, dry fruits, and pista rolls, namkeen, bandhani sarees, dry fruits with meenakari work pooja thali, almonds, dry-fruit dates, bandhej chunri, flowers, karwa chauth sargi. 3. Karwa Chauth Sargi Thali This thali includes 1 decorated steel thali, 1 Chunnari, 1 Haldiram’s 500gm Lachcha Semai, Bangle set, Kajal-Pencil, Mehndi, Bindis, Kalash & Nariyal, Roli-Chawal battis one agarbatti, and a red ribbon. The besan ke laddoos with kaju puddings, boondi laddoo are quite popular sweet dishes in this festive season. As the Karwa Chauth festival is approaching, strengthening the saas bahu bond by choosing the most appropriate gifts becomes important on the part of the newly married women as well by mother in laws. There are websites available online that offer a wide variety of gifts for the special occasion. For those living outside the country, delivery of the gifts to India online is done using e-commerce websites that are ideally suited to sell Karwa Chauth related items to potential clients, customers. There are a number of websites to send gifts to India from abroad. However, in the context of the Karwa Chauth, it needs mentioning, that the festivity and the rituals associated with it are complex. Amidst so much of complexities, the Indian women find the Sargis as befitting Karwa Chauth gift ideas, it''s worth mentioning.

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    Pohi: The Best Gift which A Daughter-in-law Can Give to Her Mother

    If you are a newly wedded wife having a dear mother-in-law, then do not forget to gift her with Pohi during the Karwa Chauth festivities. Among the Karwa Chauth gift ideas, Pohi is acclaimed to be one of the most popular ones. It is important to comprehend the nature of the gift. The Pohi gifts include a number of gift items especially meant for the festivity. The customer has the option to make a selection of the gifts according to the budget. What is Pohi? The Pohi is associated with the Karwa Chauth festivity. As a part of the festivity, the daughter-in-law offers gift items to her mother-in-law. In most instances, the Pohi includes a dry fruits box, a bandhani saree, doda barfis, mixed dry fruits, appetizers, pearl earrings, sindoor dibbi, bangles along with jewellery box, a basket of silver spoons, pure desi ghee sweets, rasgulla, dry fruits tray, sweet and salty delightful combos, dry fruit bowls, almonds along with pantaloons gift vouchers, soan papdi etc. 1. Sweet and Nut Hampers as Pohi The sweet and nut hampers are a tasty and healthy gift that can be offered on occasions such as the Pohi. The hamper contains dry fruits, chocolates and sweets. Such gift items contain almonds, cashews as well as other kinds of dry fruits. The delicious fruits come in handmade thalis. Besides the dry fruits, the gift hamper contains nut bars, dairy milks and kaju barfis. If you are living outside the country and contemplating to send personalized gifts to India, then this specific e-commerce website is the solution to the problem. You can search for the gift items in this online gifting portal and get the desired results.   2. Flowers and Fresh Fruits Baskets as Pohi The flowers and fresh fruits are excellent gift items for Pohi. This particular gifting website provides these items for you. The customer can find fruits and cheese boxes, pear gift baskets, fruit baskets and also chocolates. These items are sorted according to the price. For Pohi, you must get the best gift items to make your dear mother-in-law’s Karwa Chauth celebration extra special. This online gift store that sells these Karwa Chauth related gifts also sells birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts. During birthday events, the individuals engage in sending birthday gifts to India. The birthday gifts include a variety of birthday cards as well as other gifts. 3. Sweets And Namkeen Gift Hampers As Pohi The sweets and namkeen gift hampers are yet another interesting Pohi gift item. The hamper comprises of desi ghee soan papdi, panchrattan namkeen and khatta meetha. For people residing outside the country, gifting their near and dear ones requires the services of this best online gift store. To send these as anniversary gifts to India, the users need to browse through the various products and categories available on this gifting site. The customer can then make selection of the items of her choice and make the purchases before sending them online.   4. Almonds along with Pantaloons gift vouchers and a saree as Pohi    If you want to celebrate a budgeted Pohi, then out of the several gift ideas you can choose the dry fruits box and almonds along with pantaloons gift vouchers as well as a saree for your mother-in-law. This gifting portal offers the customers quality items at affordable prices. The Karwa Chauth gift ideas are many and the customers usually make a selection of items for the festivity according to their budget. In this context, it requires mentioning that the ritual requires certain mandatory items and often they are included as part of the gift. These and many other gift items are available here for various occasions.  

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    Add sweetness and happiness to Karwa Chauth with delectable sweets

    The Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated by the Hindustani community and the festival tests the loyalty and faithfulness of Indian women towards their husbands. The Karwa Chauth gift ideas are many. The customer chooses those gifts that are not only within budget but at the same time are of high quality. The festivity is considered as one of the most auspicious and toughest one for Indian women. It tests the care, love and honesty of the wife towards her husband. The Karwa Chauth is celebrated by consuming delectable sweets. There are a variety of sweet dishes that are available to celebrate the occasion. The interested customer can opt to see the items by visiting relevant websites. The shoppers celebrating the Chauth festivity have a range of sweets to buy from appropriate online commercial websites. The good companies ensure that the sweets are packaged properly. They also take great care to ensure that freshness is maintained. The sweet hampers include Kaju, Rasgullas, Laddoos, Gulab Jamuns, and other delicious sweet dishes. The Best Karwa Chauth Gift Items For individuals living abroad, there are websites that offer gift items to be sent to India to their near, dear ones. Along with various sweet delights, other Karwa Chauth gift items include well decorated thalis, dazzling jewellery, fresh flower bouquets, fruit baskets, personalized gifts. Some websites to send gifts to India offer discounts on prices thereby making the deal lucrative for the buyers. The customers can make choices of the items that he wants to send for the Karwa Chauth festivity, add the same to the shopping cart and then make hassle free purchases online from the comfort zone. As discussed earlier, that there are a number of websites that sell gifts to interested people throughout the world. Search the best site to send gifts to India, and after that you find numerous attractive gift items that you can pick, add to the shopping cart, and sell to prospective customers. Nowadays, because of the widespread use of the e-commerce, web, most people do the festivity online. If people stay abroad and want to celebrate the event with other members of the family in India then they can send online gifts to India. It is a simple process, less time consuming. All that is required on the part of the customer is to place the orders, add the selected items to the shopping cart. Later make the payment online. So if you are looking forward to celebrate the Karwa Chauth festivity then you can invest on sweets like motichur laddu, rasgulla, kaju katli, gulab jamun. There are some web portals that offer sweets at cheap prices. There are websites that offer quality sweets but at economical prices. In this competitive marketing environment, the businesses look forward to ensure that they by keeping the selling price low, boost sales, business thereby maintain a healthy profit margin. There are many Karwa Chauth gift ideas but it is absolutely essential to invest in that idea which is effective not only cost effective but at the same time promises quality.