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Holi, popularly called ‘the festival of colours’ is a festival that is celebrated all across with lots of enthusiasm and vigor. Keeping in mind the intensity of Holi celebrations in India that make exchanging gifts an integral part, GiftstoIndia24x7.com has come up with a wide plethora of gifts. Kids are considered the centre of attraction in the family. Thus you can send gifts like cuddly soft toys, delectable chocolates, alluring gift hampers to your loving kids. However, you can also send personalized gifts that are exciting gifts for kids. The site also gives you an option of sending other gifts that you can avail by browsing through ‘Gifts for Kids’ section of the ‘Holi Gifts’ festival category. Thus earn a sweet smile from your dear kids face by sending Holi gifts. The articles assigned in this chapter discusses about the probable gifts that you can send this Holi to make your kids jump with wonder. The articles assigned in this chapter will give you more information about Holi gifts for kids that you can send to your dear ones on this festival.

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    Win the heart of kids with these amazing Gift Ideas for Kids on Holi

    Holi is a festival of colours, fun, enjoyment, for almost all alike especially for kids. Holi is knocking at the door, so time for you to know the best possible ways to make this festival of colours more vibrant. It is true that both adults and children eagerly waits for this festival and celebrate it with pomp and glory. At the same time it is hard to deny that children enjoy Holi the most. If you want to lure the kid on this Holi, then it is crucial for you to know these popular yet exclusive Gift Ideas for Kids on Holi. Send exclusive gifts to India on this Holi and let your loved ones feel your presence, if you cannot be a part of this year Holi celebration. Top five gift Ideas for Kids on Holi: The festival of colours is yet to come. Time to celebrate Holi with your loved ones! Usually more than the adults, it is the kids who anticipate dearly receiving gifts from their elders. So this time, let’s bring forward some amazing Gift Ideas for Kids on Holi so that they can cherish this festival. Herbal colour packets Gifting your loved ones packets of different colours or “Gulal” can make this festival more auspicious. Eco-friendly Holi can keep your children safe. So, no other option is better than gifting your kid a bunch of herbal colour packets on this Holi. This way they are encouraged to be away from harsh and dangerous chemical colours which are sold loosely in the markets. These artificial colours not only damage your skin, eyes and hair but can do permanent damage as well. Hence gifting herbal colors is a delightful option. Pichkaris/Water Guns The best option to make a kid smile is gifting varieties of pichkaris. Due to the popularity of this colourful festival, manufacturers have come up with innovative and exclusive types of pichkaris or water guns. They now are available in numerous shapes of animals, vegetables, fruits, birds and even their favorite cartoon characters. These types of pichkaris are hip as well as prolific. Chocolates Gifting chocolates is another all time favorite option to bring smile on the face of a kid. This is the only gift that nobody can ignore. Now with different shapes and flavors available in the market for chocolates, you can gift your kid any of these kinds. It is a wonderful way of showing bliss to your kids this Holi. Soft toys Gifting soft toys is also an incredible option. You can make your kid feel special by gifting them amazing soft toys on this festival of colours. These days, they prefer the soft toy of their favorite cartoon character. And seeing the popularity of this trend, there are almost all the television and magazine cartoon characters readily available.   Apparel Vouchers As this is the era of online shopping and if you as an adult want to send gifts to India just because you cannot be with your kid this time, you can always use the option of Apparel Vouchers. This way you can even give them the personal touch by your parental thoughtfulness. The genuineness and the personal thought behind the gifts and the contented smile that you have brought on their faces while gifting is what really counts. Thus, using aforementioned gifts ideas for kids on Holi, you can endow blessedness and merriness on them. Make your children feel special by gifting them amazing gift items on this Holi.  

  • Spread joy on Holi by sending Gifts to Kids in India

    Holi commonly known as ‘Festival of Colors’  is an important Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalgun. The festival is also known in different names in various parts of India such as ‘Dol Jatra’ or ‘Basanto utsav’ and Phagwah. Though it is a Hindu festival, people of all castes and creed celebrate this festival with lots of joy and verve. This year Holi is on 27th March, if you are thinking when is Holi in 2013. On the day of the festival, everyone remains in zestful spirit. People enjoy the festival by singing, dancing, applying abeera and splashing colorful waters with pichkaris. Feasting also goes side by side. Mouth-watering sweets such as peda, kaju barfi, kaju suraj etc are served with thandai at homes. The festival is made remarkable by exchanging gifts. People share gifts with their dear ones to convey love and warm wishes. Hence, if you are thinking to send something special to your dear ones on Holi 2013 then you can take the help of GiftstoIndia24x7.com, a reliable e-gifting portal. This online portal displays wide plethora of Holi gifts. You will avail gifts for your parents, brothers, sisters as well as kids. Therefore, if you are searching attractive gifts for your kids, you can avail them in this website. Some of the popular gift items that you can send to your kids as gifts to India are as follows:- Pichkaris - In this section you will avail different types of pichkaris such as Water Gun, Anokha Pichkari,  Unique Gun Pichkari and so on. These pichkaris come in different colors. Your dear one will definitely enjoy splashing colorful waters on others with these pichkaris. Kids Hamper - You can delight your kid by sending an attractive gift hampers. Various types of gift items such as soft toys, chocolates, indoor games, toys etc come in these hampers. Your dear one will be overwhelmed to receive these gift items on this special day. Chocolates - Chocolates are loved by every kid. Therefore, you can surprise your dear one by sending palatable chocolate hampers as Holi gifts to India. Valor, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and Cadbury are some of the well known chocolate brands that are available in this online portal.  If you know your dear one’s taste you can send chocolate hamper accordingly. If he loves to eat Ferrero Rocher chocolate you can delight him by sending Ferrero Rocher hamper. Indoor Games - In this online store, you will avail interesting indoor games such as  video games, board games and educational games. Most of the educational games available in this online portal are from Funskool and Dr. Woods. They will enjoy playing these games with their friends. You can even send toy cars, remote controlled cars and Hot Wheel cars to your kid who fond of cars. He will be delighted to receive these indoor games as Holi gifts. Personalized Kids Mug - These mugs are the special gift items in this section. You can customize these mugs by your kid’s photo. The handles of these mugs come in cute animal figures such as fox, zebra and rabbit. This makes the mugs look attractive. Your dear one will be amazed to receive these mugs on Holi. Apart from these, you can send other Holi gifts to India online such as gift vouchers, school going accessories, Barbie dolls and so on. Send these gifts and make the festival joyous.

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    Gifts for Kids on Holi

    Kids enjoy the most during the time of festivals and occasions.  Whether it is Diwali, Rakhi or Holi, kids enjoy to the fullest.  With the festival of colors few weeks away, you can make the little ones of your family happy by sending gifts to India with the help of our site, GiftstoIndia24x7.com. Now if you are wondering as to when is Holi in 2012, note that it has fallen on 8th March in 2012. GiftstoIndia24x7.com. is a leading e-gifting portal that help Indians living in the different parts of the world to send gifts to India.  Our website offers gifts and products for almost all the festivals and occasions.  Holi being one of the most important festivals of India, our website offers a wide gamut of products which you can send as Holi gifts to India.  Our holi gifts range from Chocolates to Holi Pichkaris, Dry Fruits, Puja Items, Personalized Gifts, Sweets and Holi Gift Hampers.  In addition to all these, GiftstoIndia24x7.com has categorized Holi gifts to India into ‘Gifts for Her’, ‘Gifts for Him’ and ‘Gifts for Kids’. During the festival of Holi, pichkaris as gifts are a must. You can send gifts to India on Holi to the kids in form of Holi pichakaris.  We are offering to you a dozen of stylish looking pichakaris which you send to your kids back in India on Holi.  The combination of different colors coupled with modern technique of splashing the colors make our range of pichkaris a best buy on Holi. You can choose Air Pressure or Water Gun, Heroic Fun Gun, Action Begins, Anokha Pichkari and Happy Holi. All the pichkaris are offered at a reasonable price range. Other than sending pichakris on Holi, you can scan through the section ‘Gifts for Kids’.  This section of Holi gifts are categorized into Back to School, Boardgames, Dr. Woods, Barbie Dolls, Exclusive Toys, Hotwheels Cars, Educational Games, Funskool, Electronic Toys, Kids Bicycle, Slam Books, Kids Hampers, Soft Toys, Personalized Kids Mug,Video Games, Photo Album, Johnson & Johnson, Gift Voucher and Chocolates. For your little princess, send her Barbie Dolls as gifts to India on Holi from our website.  You can choose from Doctor for the New Born, Cute Doll, Indian Barbie, Barbie & Ken, Sweet Doll, Princess Rosella, Cute Barbie, Fashionista Barbie and Trendy Barbie Doll.  You can also gift  soft toys to your kid daughter, which includes teddies, bunnies, puppies, caterpillars and more. You can send various educational games to your kids on Holi, which will help them when they grow up. Some of the most popular educational games that are stocked in our website include Medical Kit Restage, Scrabble, Shapes and Colors, Learning is Fun, Color Match, Zoo, Learning ABC, First Memory and many more. For your champ, you can send gift to India on Holi from products of Funskool, Hotwheels, video games and electronic toys. However, the best gift for you son on this holi would be, kids bicycle or kids scooty. If you are looking for some smart school products then you can browse through the section of ‘Make School Fun’. This section is stocked with school bags, tiffin set, water bottle, pencil box and pen stand. School bags are also stocked in the category, Kids Hamper, which also has hampers of chocolates and barbies, teddies and more. You can get an impressive range of branded products which you can send as gift to India to your kids on Holi in the category, Gift Voucher for Kids. Gift vouchers from Adidas, Reebok, Wills Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Baskin and Robbins, Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. Other than these, you can send gift to India on Holi from other categories like Exclusive Toys, Slam Book, Photo Album and Board Games. Whatever you send to your kids on Holi 2012, do not forget to add a pack of mouthwatering chocolates from our website.