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Different occasions deserve different gifts for men. Whether it is his birthday or wedding, Dusshera or Holi or it is his anniversary, getting the appropriate gift is important. Select from a wide variety of gift ideas for men and buy exclusive gifts for him at GiftstoIndia24x7.com. Finding the right gift for a man just got easier now with the help of this online portal. As the site has showcased its wide galore of gifts in different sections, shopping at GiftstoIndia24x7.com is now easier and less time consuming. To get the right gift, you need to browse through the category. Send gifts that make him smile and cherish the gift for a long years to come. The articles assigned in this chapter will give you more information about  Holi gifts for Him you can send to your dear ones on this festival.

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    Make Him Feel Special With 5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Him on Holi

    Holi, the festival of colors welcomes the arrival of the Vasant or Spring season. This Indian festival is celebrated in the season of Vasant, the time when winter ends and summer starts. Like many other Indian festivals, Holi also indicates triumph of good over evil. It is believed that Holi had been started several centuries ago and is therefore considered as one of the oldest Indian festivals. Since many years, Holi is celebrated in all over the world with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm. The festival of colors is knocking at the door. So, time for you to celebrate the excitement and fun of this popular Indian festival. Convey the message of love and feeling of respect that you have for your father, husband and boyfriend through exclusive holi gift ideas. Make the recipient feel special with some amazing gift ideas for him on Holi. Colors and Pichkaris: A whole set of holi colors which includes sprays, magic colors, water colors and gulal are the most appropriate gift for your loved ones on this festival of colors. Celebrate Holi with great joy and excitement with your  near and dear ones by gifting them pichkaris which are uniquely designed on this auspicious festival. Men's Personal Care Products: Personal care products for men can be an ideal gift item for him on this oldest yet popular Indian festival. Make this Holi special and memorable by gifting him a bag of personal care products which includes branded deo, shaving cream, after shave lotion, shaving brush and soap. Sweets: No festival in India is complete without sweets. Show your love, care, respect and affection for your husband, boyfriend and father by gifting them a box of tasty sweets. Sweets can enhance the spirit of festivity and therefore is considered as one of the best Holi gift ideas. Gift Hampers: Gift hampers are the best way to make your loved ones feel happy on this festival of colors. Make him smile on this Holi with an exclusive gift hamper which consists of all products of his choice and requirement like men’s body spray, shaving cream, after shave lotion and raizer. Apparel: Gifting an exclusive off white Kurta Pajama with embroidery work can make him feel special on this auspicious festival. Gifting your husband, boyfriend and father well designed and well finished apparel on this Holi is a fantastic idea.   These amazing Gift ideas for him on Holi strengthens your relations with the special persons of your life. Stay connected with the persons you care about by sending gifts to India, if you cannot be with them on this Indian festival of colors, Holi.  

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    Launch of Gifts for Him in India in the Holi Gifts section of GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Holi is the festival of colors that is celebrated in India. The significance of this festival is that on this day people all over India play with colored waters made with colored powder known as “gulal” and this is sprayed over others with water guns popularly called Pichkaris. According to legends Sri Krishna and Radha played Holi in Vrindavan that introduced the festival in India. The reason behind this story was that, as a child Krishna was very jealous of Radha’s flawless fair complexion, as he himself was very dark. So a mischievous Krishna applied colors on Radha’s face. Years after when they grew old they maintained this tradition and thus the Holi festival gained much popularity. Even today Holi is celebrated with great zest and fervour in places associated with Radha and Krishna like Vrindavan and Mathura. On the eve of Holi there is also the custom of burning of Holika. This is more commonly known as Holika Utsav, the act of burning of the effigy of Holika demoness depicts the victory of good over evil. These customs are followed even now. Another funny custom is breaking of the pot which takes place in places like Gujarat, Maharashtra. Here a pot filled with buttermilk is tied high on the ropes of the street. Someone climbs high over other shoulders and has break the pot. Even foreigners come to India to witness this festival of holi. But nowadays Holi is celebrated in a modern fashion. Holi parties are arranged at home lawns or farmhouses. Pools of colored water are kept and invitees splash or drench each other in those colored waters. The delicious beverage of these Holi parties are thandai. Excessive consumption of these makes people addicted and they lose their common sense. Basically Holi gifts can be nothing better than Pichkaris, but you may like to gift your special Man some nice presents on this occasion too. It is well known that gifts are associated with any occasions nowadays. They heighten the spirit of the festival and also strengthens the bond with the recipient. In the Holi section too, there has been the launch of Gifts for him from where one can gift a lovely presentation to the dear man. Some of the gifts that one can opt for are : Personal Care - Men are active throughout the day, so they need to be fresh wherever they go and whatever they attend. It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So Personal Care items can be the best preference amongst all the gifts to maintain the impression. Here he will get the best items relating to personal care from the leading brands. They come in hamper where there is combination of various items in one. There are shaving kits or products like Gillette Shaving Foam, Fructis Shampoo, Vector Plus Razor, Park Avenue After Shave, Hair Gel, Emami Fair & Handsome Cream, Park Avenue Body Spray or Loreal Kits containing shaving gel, Anti-dandruff shampoo, Deo Sprays and lots more to add on. Insulated Lunch Packs - As Men are always busy so you should be concerned about their health. Thus you can avail Insulated Lunch Packs and gift them to the beloved Man. These lunchpacks keep food fresh for a long span of time and being airtight, the suspended impurities in the air cannot get inside and thus the food remains healthy for a long time. There are combination of tiffin boxes, boxes or lunch box sets from Tupperware. The packs also contain spill proof water bottle. These can be carried to office or college campus.   Men’s Wear - You would always like to see your beloved man looking smart and handsome in trendy apparels. So while you send gifts to India to him you can add beautiful collections of apparels like Formal shirts or trousers or casual Jeans. Men’s Wear mainly brings to our mind the picture of a well dressed man in formals. Formals are basically needed by Men as they go to office or business. Even they wear formals in office parties. Casuals are worn by them on day offs, or in house parties. At GiftstoIndia24x7.com you will find shirts from brands like Louis Phillipe, Allen Solly or John Miller. You can also gift Trousers from Park Avenue and pair it with an exclusive necktie to make a complete set of formals. He will be delighted to get this on Holi. Men’s Accessories - Accessories are utmost essential items. Men also require different accessories like Bags, belt, pen and many more. There is a collection of Men’s Accessories in the above mentioned site too. They have different kinds of Executive bags, Backpacks, Pens, Towel set, Gold Coated cigarette lighter, Cigarette case made of gold or silver coats and many other items in store. Among these backpack bags and executive bags are indispensable. They are tough in quality, made of leather and most importantly spacious. Gift one of these to win his heart this Holi. Holi is a festival of joy and color, so spread the zeal among everyone. Gifts to India especially for him would be loved and he will be impressed by the choice of gifts made by you. Drench your near ones in the colors of Holi and shower gifts to make the festival complete.