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    Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

    Holi - the most colorful and joyful celebration event in India that brings a vibe that is full of happiness and positivity; an event where you must send colorful and positive gifts to your loved ones and friends in India. This is an event where you can send cakes to India, as sending sweets on this day is very important for this particular event. Also, you need to consider sending gifts to India same day delivery as time also matters. You can also send Mother’s Day gifts to India from this reliable online gift store. In this article, we will present you with the best gift packs that form a part of Holi gift ideas and you can send to your friends and loved ones in India to make them happy. Holi Combo Gift Hampers Holi combo gift hampers are the best gift packs you can send to your friends and loved ones in India. This way you can enhance their experience on this colorful festival and show them that you respect them by strengthening your relationships with them and offering them this great gift. Holi combo gift packs may include colorful gulal and water colour, which is very important during this festival, as this is a day where color is dominant. Also, they may include a basket that is filled with colorful balloons and sweets, which may include candies and cakes. Other important things that are included in this pack are large packs of gujiya and Haldiram namkeens. Make your loved ones and friends in India happy by impressing them with great and colorful packs like these. Other packs may only include a set of colors and sweets, so it depends on the pack you buy, but as colors are the most important thing you can get for this event, don’t forget to include them. The Gillette and Park Avenue Hamper hamper consists of personal care products for men . The Pampering Holi Treat has personal care products from Himalaya along with a teddy bear and two gulal packs. The Marvellous Holi Gift Hamper contains Chat Patta and Nimki snacks from Haldiram and kaju gujiya in a decorative tray along with a pack of multi coloured gulal.   Colorful Thalis As mentioned above, for this event, color is all that matters. This way, you always know that the present your loved ones and friends in India will appreciate the most during Holi are colors and paint. For this reason, it is a great idea to buy colorful thali packs. These packs will include gulal or colorful sprays. A lot of paint for your friends and loved ones to paint their faces is available here. In packs like these, there is a lot of paint in a wide range of colors and your friends and loved ones will be fascinated by your gift. As mentioned earlier, same day delivery is crucial, as the gifts are mostly paint and colors and there is no point delivering these gifts to your friends and loved ones later than that day. Also, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the colors, as the paint itself does not contain chemical compounds that can be allergenic or bad for your loved ones’ skins. The Badhai Ho hamper consists of a pen set from Parker, an apple shaped box containing cashew nuts and almonds and two packs of gulal. The Have A Treat hamper comes in a heart shaped designer tray containing cashew nuts and heart shaped handmade chocolates along with two packs of gulal. The Yummy Snacks with Colours  contains a pack of multi coloured gulal, a pack of Mini Samosas from Haldiram and an ornamental tray filled with balushahi sweets.   The best gift hampers and gift packs to delight your loved ones on Holi are of course colors and color packs, as Holi is all about them. You must consider sending gifts to India same day delivery as it is always important for your loved ones and friends to receive it the same day that they are taking part in this joyful and colorful event.  

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    Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Delectable Sweets

    The festival of colors in India, or else Holi, is a festival of joy and happiness. Many of you know that colors are very important, especially when offering them as Holi gift ideas to your loved ones and friends in India, but another thing that matters a lot are sweets. You can definitely use sweets to send anniversary gifts to India or use them to send birthday gifts to India as this is a period where you can and must send gifts to show your loved ones and friends in India that you appreciate them. Sweets are an excellent gift, especially for children, so you can send to India any sweets you want. Nonetheless, you must bear in mind that there are some traditional sweets, which are very important on this day for your friends and loved ones in India; these traditional sweets are called gujiyas and laddoos. Gujiya is a sweet dumpling made of flour that is formed into a dough and stuffed with dry fruit, khoya and coconuts. This is a traditional sweet that your friends and loved ones in India will adore, especially if they are from North India as it is very popular there. You can make it on your own if you want, but usually they are for sale in various stores. If you can’t find them in local stores in your country, which is usual for, let’s say, European countries, you can always order them from the internet and send them to your loved ones and friends in India.   Laddoo is a ball shaped sweet that are made out of flour which is formed into dough, milk and coconut. Although not as popular, they are still the traditional choice for Hindu people, and your loved ones and friends in India will adore them. As with the Gujiya, they can be found on the internet and ordered, or sent to your loved ones and friends in India. Besides traditional Indian sweets, you can buy your friends and loved ones in India regular sweets from where you are, like chocolates and dry fruit; they will love and appreciate that as well, as it is the giving that matters the most. Be polite enough to add flowers and colors to your gift pack. There are many packs sold online that are specially made for Holi, which contain a lot of colors and sweets. The best thing is to buy a pack like that and your loved ones and friends in India will be amazed by your great gift.   Celebrate the festival of colors with delectable sweets; a great way to amaze your loved ones and friends in India. You can buy them regular sweets, but if you want to amaze them even more, offer them traditional Hindu sweets like ladoo and gujiya along with colors and colorful flowers in a great gift pack. They will be thrilled and also, as in any other celebration event, you can send flowers to India as they will be muchappreciated.  

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    Top 3 Holi Gift Items for your Loved Ones

    Holi is an event of joy, happiness and colors which is celebrated each year in India. During this period of time, the most appreciated gifts you can send to your loved ones are colors and sweets. That is why a great idea would be to send cakes to India for your loved ones or friends. If you are totally out of ideas, or want to send something extra to your loved ones and friends in India, flower delivery to India is also a great idea. This article is for those people who want to impress and offer happiness to their friends and loved ones in India on Holi; we will be talking about the 3 best Holi gift ideas you can offer your loved ones and friends in India. You can also send birthday gifts to India if your friends and loved ones happen to have their birthday on the same day, which will make them happier. Colors Without a doubt, colors are the best gift you can offer your friends and loved ones in India during this event. As this is a colorful festival, colors will be the most appreciated gift for them. Make sure that your packs have a lot of paint and are very rich in colors, and don’t worry about your friends and loved ones’ health; the colors for this event are not allergenic and won’t do any harm to them. Impress your friends and loved ones in India with various color packs, as you have a wide variety of packs to choose from. Pichkaris Pichkaris or colour guns are the perfect gifts for this occasion as they are very necessary for celebrating Holi. A number of interesting pichkaris are available on this online gift store that will be loved by your friends and family in India. These guns are made from environment friendly materials and will be extremely popular with kids. They are lightweight and easy to carry and hence the little ones in your family can easily play with these. Interesting and unique designs of pichkaris with single and double guns are also available here. Gift Hampers Gift hampers are collections of small gifts that contains at least one item for each and every member of your family and friends group. The primary ingredient for any Holi hamper is colours and hence these must be sent to India. Other than gulal and water colours, there are also a number of other items available in the Holi packs of this reliable online gifting portal. They include flowers, dry fruits, fruits, chocolates, sweets, namkeen, pen sets, personal care items and soft toys. Another traditional asset of this celebration event is sweets. As this is a joyful event and everybody loves sweets, they are an excellent gift that your friends and loved ones will appreciate a lot. Dry fruit is also a great alternative to sweets. You can use dry fruits both as an alternative or an addition to sweets, by combining dry fruit and candy in packs. This gift will also be appreciated very much by your friends and loved ones on this joyful day, as this is the day where things like that matter a lot. The best idea is to combine all of that in big hamper packs and stack them in present boxes. Now you know the top 3 gifts that will amaze your loved ones and you also know that colors, pichkaris and gift hampers are the most important of all gifts you can get on Holi. These can be easily sent as gifts to your friends and relatives in India through this best gifting site. Gifts for other occasions, festivals and events are available here and you can easily choose from them.  

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    Cherish Your Dear Ones on Holi with Pichkaris

    Celebrating Holi is a colorful and happy time for people in India. This celebration is very important for people that live in India and if you have friends, relatives or loved ones there, this day is one on which you can show them how much you appreciate them. This festival is extremely popular amongst kids, so it is the perfect time for you to send kids gifts to India and make them very happy. As this is a festival of joy, it is the right time to send your loved ones and friends in India all kinds of gifts and what better way to do it if you are also to send birthday gifts to India, that is, if someone has, or had their birthday and also send Mother’s Day gifts to India. All of that will always be relevant and boost up the happiness and excitement of your loved ones and friends in India. In this article, we will mostly talk about a great gift that your loved ones and friends in India will love, especially the kids. To be more accurate, we will discuss pichkari. Pichkari, or water-gun, is a very important element of the Holi celebration and is very popular amongst children. Pichkari is not your usual water-gun; to be more accurate it is a color sprinkler. During Holi, people in India fill the pichkari with colored water and sprinkle it on one another as part of their tradition during this festival. Also, bear in mind that pichkaris have a specific long shape, which is traditional for people in India, so you must always be aware of buying the right things for your friends and relatives in India.   If you are worried about where to get the pichkari, note that it is sold in almost every toy store wherever you are, as color festivals take place in many countries but looking for such gifts can be very exhausting. The price for the pichkari is not too high, as it is not an expensive product to make or distribute, so don’t worry about the expenses. If you have any trouble buying pichkari and colors, or pichkari and color packs, for example, due to the fact that they are not sold where you live , then don’t worry; you can find a lot of colourful pichkaris on this online gift store which sells pichkari, colors for Holi and pichkari plus color packs. This is even better, as you can order where to send them along with making an online purchase, which will save you money compared to traditional purchases.   Cherish your loved ones on Holi with pichkari, as these traditional items will be appreciated a lot by them, especially when they are combined with colors. If you are buying your loved ones and friends in India a pichkari as Holi gift ideas, don’t forget to include colors in the present pack. Colors are very important and the more colors there are, the better. If you look hard enough, you can buy special packs that include both colors and pichkari inside them; these are great kids gifts to India, but they are perfect for adults as well and this kind of gifts will bring a lot of joy and happiness to your friends and relatives in India and you will show them that you appreciate them a lot.