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surpirse your loved ones on easter with amazing gift items.

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    Story behind Easter Celebration only on Sunday

    Easter is actually a very joyous occasion that comes after the morose and sad festival of Good Friday. Hence, it is very natural that gifts are exchanged on this festival and hence many giftstoIndia are used. Easter is essentially a Christian festival and due to the spread of Christianity it is now celebrated all over the world. However, with the increase in secularism and religious tolerance in India, it is now celebrated by all. Therefore, gifts to India from US are sent for loved ones on this celebratory occasion, apart from other rituals. The festival of Easter is is always celebrated on a Sunday and hence it is also known as Easter Sunday. Celebration of Easter on Sunday Traditionally, Easter is celebrated on a Sunday and it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ was crucified and died on the Friday before this event and hence this day is known as Good Friday. He is said to have come back to life on the Sunday and thus this day is of immense significance. The occasion is celebrated after the equinox in the spring season and is preceded by the Holy Week. The Easter festival takes place after the full moon that falls after this equinox and hence it does not follow the traditional calendar. The is ritualistically the beginning of a new season and the end of the period of Lent and Easter Triduum.   Staying away in another country can be tough during festive seasons like Easter and you must be missing India. But you can still make this day a happy one for your loved ones by sending wonderful Easter gift ideas. There are many of these fantastic gifting options on this online gift store that can be sent to India. Easter Gifts Sending Easter gift hampers is a very good idea as such combos of gift items are simply the best. The True Bond hamper is comprised of a vase of exquisite flowers as well as a cute teddy bear. Easter eggs are an important part of the celebration of Easter and hence they can be sent as gifts. The Special Easter Egg Gift Box contains chocolate eggs made out of milk, white and dark chocolates.   Make this coming Easter a very memorable one by following its traditions and sending such classy gifts. You can send gifts to India from USA and other countries for the grand occasion of Easter. Gifts for other festivals and events can also be found on this online gifting portal that can make any day joyous.  

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    Celebrate Easter With Really Creative Ways

    Easter is the time to pray together with your family, make sumptuous meals together, remember the pain Jesus went through for the good of the mankind and also to ask forgiveness for our sins and ask for penance. It can be celebrated in many significant and creative ways to make this day more worthwhile. You can also send creative gift to India as this online gifting portal provides you with many Easter Gift ideas. While sending these India gifts keep in mind to choose those gifts which holds some special significance to this day. Let us look at some creative ways to spend this Easter. Miniature Family Lenten Garden : The beginning and our Mortal fall began in a garden. Christ's beginning to right that fall began in a garden, passion anguish dripping great drops of blood. And so our new beginning begins in a garden, a stone rolled away to that echoing tomb, shroud whispering in the wind.So make a miniature Easter garden, a miniature garden for Spring, remembering of the grief of our first Eden beginning and the wonder of our new Christ beginnings   Family Repentance Box : Create a quiet corner to come write out your confessions, scratch down our repentances, tuck them away in the dark of a tomb-box and come Easter morning, leave the box empty to burn all your sins away, and hope rises from our ashes. Writing down your repentances is one of the best ways that you can celebrate Easter in a meaningful way. For all is forgiven at the end of the day.   Make Orange Glazed Bunny Rolls : In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add the milk, shortening, eggs, sugar, orange juice, orange peel, salt and 3 cups flour; beat until smooth. Stir in enough remaining flour to form a soft dough. Turn onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes. Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease top. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour. Punch dough down; turn on a lightly floured surface. Divide into 13 pieces. Shape 12 pieces into 12-in. ropes. Fold each in half; twist top half of the open end twice to form ears. Place 2 in. apart on greased baking sheets. Shape remaining dough into 12 balls. Place one on the loop end of each roll to form a tail; press into dough. Cover and let rise until doubled, about 30 minutes.Bake at 375° for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on wire racks. In a small bowl, combine the glaze ingredients. Spread over rolls   Make Creative Breakfast For Kids : Children love creating bunnies and eggs for easter be it food, creative DIY ideas or any project work. Special made breakfasts for Easter mornings are amazing ideas to start your day and you could make the most of this day with your children by creating the breakfast together which may include Blueberry Bunny Bread, Fresh Fruit Cup, Scrambled Egg & Bacon Bunnies, Orange Juice, Chocolate Covered Marshmallow & Nutella Eggs and French Macarons.   Make Origami Easter Bunnies : Start with a square origami paper. If using a coloured paper then start with the colour side down. Fold in half in the vertical axis. Crease well and unfold. Fold both sides to meet at the center crease. Fold paper in half and pinch the middle point. Don’t crease all along the line. Fold the top half down to meet at the horizontal mid point. Now unfold the top half fold halfway. Then pry paper open. Crease the diagonals on the right and left side. Bring the top down and flatten paper to form a roof. Flip paper over, make a diagonal fold, from the top center crease to the tips. Also fold the bottom corners to meet the center. Flip paper and fold the paper in half. Make an inverse reverse fold so that the tail sticks up and make mountains for the ears so that it can sit. It's done and you can make them sit on little baskets so that you fill them with eggs.   Send gift to India with easter eggs, easter bunny chocolates, easter chocolates and many more with this reliable gift portal. These gifts will also make the children in your home very happy.    

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    Make Easter celebration grand with amazing Easter eggs

    Easter, also called as Resurrection Sunday, is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It occurred after the third day of his crucifixion and burial on Good Friday. Easter is a day of merriment and happiness. People celebrate it by exchanging gifts and having sumptuous meals together. Now you can send easter gifts with the help of this reliable shopping website where you can find amazing Easter gift ideas. Traditionally  Easter eggs are given as gifts which are filled with chocolates, sweets and decorated from outside. Enlisted are a few examples of Easter Eggs which you can gift to make Easter celebration grand. Easter Basket : It contains a cane basket, gaily decorated with yellow ribbons and flowers, contains two easter eggs, filled with marzipan and pure truffle. It also contains six small eggs in a mixture of dark, milk, orange and white chocolate. Also contains 8 chocolate eggs. Pure heavenly delight! Special Easter Egg Gift Box : Elegantly packed box of twelve, a combination of easter eggs; milk, dark, white and easter chickens made in our made special dark couverture. Its tasty and delectable. Eggciting Basket : Cane basket, decorated with yellow ribbons and flowers, contains six easter eggs, made out of our pure dark chocolate couverture, three marzipan filled and three filled with pure truffle. And six easter special lollipops, in different shapes, easter chickens and easter bunnies, lovingly created in our special milk chocolate couverture.   Easter Surprise For You : Elegantly packed box of twelve, a combination of easter eggs; milk, dark, white and easter chickens made in our made special dark couverture.You can add a special message along with it. Easter Treasure Basket : This beautiful hamper is decorated with festive flowers, contains one classy easter box with six easter eggs made out of our dark, milk, white and orange chocolate , one easter special box with a mix of our signature range chocolates and easter special lollipops, in different shapes, easter chickens and easter bunnies, lovingly created in our special milk and dark chocolate couverture.   Other than these, they are many other variety of Easter eggs and hamper gifts available on this online shopping portal. You can also send birthday gifts to India and Kids gifts to India very easily with the help of just a click. Now with the gifts to India same day delivery option, sending fresh flowers and cakes to your beloved ones in India, on the day you choose is very convenient and hassle free.