Dussehra Gift Ideas

With the festival of Dussehra just a few weeks away, it is certainly a time to celebrate. This festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. Thus, eating delicious food, wearing new clothes and exchanging gifts are all part of this glorious festival. Thus, if you are a little unsure about what gifts to present your dear ones then here are some gift ideas which will surely help you to choose a perfect gift. The articles assigned in this chapter discusses various gift ideas for Dussehra.


Top 10 Dussehra Gifts for Wife in India

Dussehra, the last day of Shardiya Navratri is a day of merriment. Families come together and exchange gifts on this day. You can make this wonderful day a special and memorable one for your wife with a nice and thoughtful gift. Here is a list of 10 best gift ideas that shall be perfect for the occasion. Salon Voucher Dussehra is that time of the year when everyone loves to look good. To ensure your wife has the right amount of pampering and care you could get her a voucher to a number of services in a nice and reputed salon. This shall help her get groomed and ready for the coming day of festivity.

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Celebrate Dussehra 2012 with wonderful gifts to India

Since India is a land of many religions and cultures, people of this country celebrate various occasions and festivals throughout the year. Amongst all, Dussehra is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus celebrated in the month of Ashwin and Kartik. They observe a 10 day ceremony of fast, rituals and celebrations to honor the triumph of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana. Dussehra also symbolizes the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura. Thus, it is a celebration of victory of good over evil. The celebration starts on Navratri and ends on the 10th day known as Dussehra. Now-a-days people irrespective of any religi

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Send Flowers, Sweets and Silver Gifts on Dussehra as Gifts to India

India, being the homeland of people belonging to different religious communities, festivals are celebrated here throughout the year.The festive seasons are awaited eagerly by all as it is the time to have lots of fun and merriment. However, nothing brings more joy than the upcoming months of October and November as in these, numerous festivals are celebrated. Beginning from Navaratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra in the month of October and ending with the five day festival of Diwali, it is the time to spend with our loved ones. Legends are associated with each of these festivals. For instance, Dussehra marks the victory of Goddess Dur

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Celebrate Dussehra 2011 with fascinating gifts

Dussehra is one of the most important festivals of India. According to Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on Ashvin month of the last day of Navratri which falls on the 10th day of the crescent moon. Dussehra manifests the victory of Goddess Durga over demon God, Mahishasura. The festival also glorifies the victory of Lord Rama over demon king of Lanka, Ravana. People celebrates this festival with lots of verve, enthusiasm and devotion. They visits fairs as well as enjoy watching, burning effigies of Ravana. On this special festival,  people usually send gifts to convey warm wishes and good luck. If you want to

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Send gift hampers, sweets and flowers on Dussehra

Festivals are an integral part of India’s rich cultural heritage. In the months of Ashwin and Kartik, Hindus observe a ten day ceremony of fast, rituals, celebrations, feasts to honor the mother Goddess Durga and also to commemorate the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon King Ravana. This annual carousal popularly known as Dussehra, symbolizes the triumph of good over the evil forces of nature. It also seeks to restore peace and contentment in the lives of people in general. If you are wondering as When is Dussehra in 2011 then note that it has fallen on 6th October. As in this season, a variety of festival takes place, the

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Gift For GF Dussehra

Top FIve Gifts for Girlfriend On Dussehra

Dussehra marks the end of Navratri or Durga Puja to celebrate the win of Good over Evil. In Eastern India, it is celebrated as Vijayadashmi. On Dussehra - being abroad and away from loved ones in India, you can still celebrate the occasion by sending gifts to your beloved person. If your girlfriend stays in India and you are planning to surprise her with some Dussehra Gifts, we have the perfect suggestion for you.   Top 5 Gifts for Girlfriend on Dussehra   Apparel - You can send your girlfriend a beautiful saree or a nice salwar suit on the occasion. Or if you are feeling at little more experimental th

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