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This chapter informs the readers about various ways of celebrating Dirga Puja.

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  • Durga Puja

    Durga Puja Celebration In 5 Cities

    Durga Puja is one of the greatest and most celebrated festivals of India. It''s popularity is widespread as much as that it is even celebrated overseas outside of India with great aplomb and grandeur. India is a land of great diversity and the customs and traditions of different occasions are different in different parts of India. Durga Puja is the worship of goddess Durga Or Shakti at some regions and it basically signifies the rise of good over evil. Durga Puja Celebration is spanned over a time a five days and where Navaratri or Dussehra are celebrated for 10 days. Exchanging gifts and goodies over this time is an important part of all the celebrations and thus with the help of this online shopping portal you can send online gifts to India to your beloved ones very easily. Durga Puja is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. Mentioned below are examples of 5 such cities in India where Durga Puja is celebrated with extravaganza. 1. Kolkata, West Bengal : Durga Puja is synonymous to the bengali community. This festival is predominant in entire West Bengal, Assam and other Bengali inhabited areas. For the Bengalis, this annual event is all they wait for the year round. The city is decked up like a newly wedded bride. Pandals of beautiful designs are made which are abode to the Goddess. Lights and sound make the city live. From pandal hopping to putting on new clothes, sindoor khela to sandhya arati and to the immersion of the goddess in the Ganges, the city does it all in style.   2. Delhi : New Delhi being the ‘Mini-India’, witnesses a blend of Durga Puja celebrated all over the nation. There are around 1200 places in the city where Ramlila is held over the ten days and is definitely worth a watch. Ramlila is a play based on the epic ‘Ramayana’, which is performed by artists over the ten day period. In many places of Delhi, pandals are created and the usual form of Durga Puja festivities are also held with much fervour.   3. Ahmedabad, Gujarat : In Ahmedabad Dandiya and Garba are two famous dance form which is symbolical of the fight between demon Mahishasur and Mother Goddess Durga in which the Goddess Durga gained victory. The Durga Puja celebrations in Ahmedabad revolves much around the Navratri festivities and playing Dandiya, dancing Garba and staging various plays.   4. Mumbai, Maharashtra : The main form of Durga which is worshipped in Maharashtra is the Jagadamba or Sherowali, where the cohort of Durga Maa is a tiger instead of the usual lion. But apart from that, the Bengali Goldsmiths who settled there a long time ago, celebrate the festival with great fervour. They make pandals and celebrate it just like the usual way.   5. Katra, Jammu & Kashmir : Katra is known as the ‘Navratri capital of India’, with devotees chanting ‘Jai Mata di’ and proceeding to visit the holy cave of Mata Vaishno Devi. The atmosphere at Katra is beyond description and will give you goosebumps when you visit it. The religious fervour in Katra is contagious and the celebrations are magnificent.   And while you are celebrating Durga Puja, from any part of the country or even from outside India, this time is an emotional one. This time is for home calling and it makes you miss home and friends. To not make them feel too much left out, send gifts of love and appreciation to your loved ones. The reliable online shopping portal provides you with lots Durga Puja gift ideas to choose from and make the festival a happy one.    

  • Durga Puja In Delhi

    Durga Puja Celebration In Delhi

    Meandering through multi-hued pandals, binging on spicy food, and strolling out with friends - the Durga Puja festive season is almost here and Delhi turns into mini Kolkata when it comes to Durga Puja celebrations. The famous Chittaranjan Park of Delhi hosts a number of gorgeous and themed Puja Pandals. Their overall splendour are in no way less grand  to its artistic counterparts of Kolkata. Durga Puja and Dussehra are celebrated with much fervour and grandeur in the capital city. Let us check out some of the highlights of these celebration in the city.   Preparations of Durga Puja start well ahead, with various Puja committees across the capital finalizing on sponsors, negotiating on stalls, setting up huge food products stalls and trying to rope in celebrity performers for entertainment value. The pandals are bedecked in all finery and the designs are finalized and worked upon well before time. Many cultural shows are held at different pandals stooped into tradition.   The streets are all lit up and people throng around the streets visiting pandals, looking for food, showing off themselves in their finest of clothes. From sandhya arati to Dhunuchi naach nothing goes amiss in the Durga Puja celebrations of Delhi. Women smear vermilion on each other’s faces on the day of Vijaya Dashami and all sadness and happiness mix together to make this moment a memorable one. People also exchange gifts amongst themselves and also send gifts to India to their various friends and relatives.   Another special event conducted by Arambagh Durga Puja Park Samiti is that they host widows from Vrindavan who attend all the celebration and festivities. The samiti has collaborated with the Sulabh group known to work with widows of Vrindavan to help them reach the capital and immerse into the five day madness and craze of Durga Puja.   The festival of Dussehra is celebrated with much fervor and gusto in Delhi. It falls approximately twenty days before the festival of Diwali. Vijay Dashmi celebrations in New Delhi, India are incomplete without the famous Ramlila (enactment of the great epic Ramayana). Ramlilas start a few days before Dussehra and culminate on the day of the festival. After the final act of the Ramlila gets over, huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath are burnt as mark of the destruction of evil. Lots of fireworks are visible as the effigies are burnt, signifying the festival of Dussehra.     The festival of Durga Puja is the harbinger of joy and harmony. It is this time of the year which keeps our faith in good every time. That the rise of evil shall be vanquished and perished by the Almighty is restored every year at this time of the year. So to keep good faith amongst your friends and relatives, send them gifts to India. This online reliable portable helps you with various Durga Puja gifts ideas which will be absolutely loved by your dear ones.    

  • Mumbai Durga Puja

    Durga Puja Celebration In Mumbai

    The festival of Durga Puja is coloured with devotional zeal, mythological legends, detailed rituals, extravagant pandals, and magnificent tableaus of Goddess Durga and her children. Durga Puja festivities continues over a period of 10 days which provides one and all with the opportunity to spread festive cheer as well as send gifts to India to their loved ones along with best wishes of prosperity. Mumbai is a place of mixed culture. People of various caste, creed and religion live there. But during the festivals, all come together and participate in the celebrations with full devotion and enthusiasm. The spell of festival night''s reach it''s zenith with the added flavour of musical shows, dance programmes and the melodious folk songs. In a similar kind of way, the Durga Puja, Navratri festivities are celebrated in Mumbai. The history of Durga Puja in Mumbai dates back to just a little over 90 years ago, when a local Bengali goldsmith from Kalbadevi in south Mumbai established the first Durga Pandal of the city. Since then Durga Puja celebrations have grown very popular with Mumbai celebrating in it''s own style and flavour. Sure, the celebrations may not be as grand as those in Kolkata and Delhi but still the Pandals of famous places such as Lokhandwala, North Bombay Sarbojanin, Shivaji Park, Khar Ramkrishna Mission, Powai Sharadotsav are very famous and comes close to it''s contemporaries. Every day the people worship Durga and finally these murtis or images are immersed in sea or near by lake.   Few famous Bengali celebrities who are associated with Mumbai film world and other big names celebrate and arrange Durga Puja in their own homes. This particular event is a huge crowd puller as many celebrities come and pay a visit to the Puja rituals. The whole event of four five days are covered by media persons completely and we get to see these celebrities in a completely different, de-glam, person next door avatar.   Not only Durga Puja, but Navratri is also celebrated in Mumbai with great pomp and grandeur. The Gujarati community of the city in various areas organise various set ups to perform Dandiya and Raas Garba which is intrinsic to the Navratri festivities. People visit the Maa Ambe temples around various part of the city, the most famous temples being Mahalaxmi Mata’s, Mumbadevi and Marubai Gaondevi Temple.   Also at some places larger than life effigies of Ravana are burnt down to symbolise the win of all good over supreme evil. This custom was at a time restricted to only the north-western part of the country at the time of Dusshera. But now-a-days Mumbai also engages itself into the famous Ram leela dance dramas which culminates into the burning of the Effigy of Ravana. That event is always spectacular.   Thus as Mumbai also divulges itself into the 10 day grandeur and hype and craze of the Durga Puja festivities, be a part of all the celebrations and gift your loved ones in India with crazy gifts. This online shopping portal will help you choose the best gifts on this festive season with it''s Durga Puja gift ideas. So go ahead Mumbaikars, gear up for the Durga Puja extravaganza.    

  • Vaishno Devi Temple

    Durga Puja Celebration In Katra

    Durga Puja celebration in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir is synonymous to the celebration of Navratri in the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. Although the yatra to the shrine is a year-round event, the one undertaken during Navratri is considered to be the most auspicious one. Vaishno Devi is nestled in the mighty Trikuta mountain 61 kilometers north of Jammu at a height of 5,200 feet above the sea level in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The shrine is visited all through the year, but the path is difficult during the winters due to snowfall. Navratri is the worship of the femininity and female power of the Goddess Durga. It is conducted through nine nights, hence the name. In Navratri celebration of Vaishno Devi, during the first three days, the goddess is invoked as a spiritual force called Durga also known as kali in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects. During the second three days, the Mother Goddess is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees inexhaustible wealth. She is the goddess of wealth. And the third set of three days is spent in worshipping the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati.   During this period, Vaishno Devi shrine experiences a huge throng of believers and tourists both from India and abroad. The yatra begins at Katra, and pilgrims have to cover 13kms terrain on foot to reach the Darbar. The whole place is decorated with flowers, lights etc. People adorn themselves in traditional wear of Jammu & kashmir. Children get decked up with red and golden churni, dressing up like the Goddess herself. Many people who are not able to visit the shrine during that time or are living outside India, send gifts to India from USA to pay their respects to Mata Vaishno Devi.                  Many ministers come to inaugurate the Shobha Yatra  to the Darbar. The journey amidst snow capped mountains and sprawling forests arise from within the holy shrine of Maa Vaishno Devi. There is a common faith among the folk that Goddess-Vaishno sends a ''Call'' to her devotees and that once a person receives it, wherever he or she is, marches towards the holy shrine of the great Goddess. A supernatural power seems to draw them through the mountain and they climb up those great heights step by step, chanting ''Prem se bolo, Jai Mata Di''. There are images of three deities - The Mahakali, Maa Saraswati and Maha Lakshmi.   As you immerse into the excitement, divinity and happiness of the forthcoming festivals, send gifts to India to your beloved ones in India. They are sure looking forward to receive exciting gifts from you as much as you are excited to send and this trusted online portal will help you do just that with their Durga Puja gift ideas where you can send various delicacies and gifts on this festive season.    

  • Durga Puja In Ahmedabad

    Durga Puja Celebration In Ahmedabad

    Durga Puja celebrations are underway and as it finds it's way into the heart of every Bengali, the festive season and spirit becomes infectious into the heart of every citizen in India. Ahmedabad is one such city which celebrates both Durga Puja and Navratri with equal fervour and aplomb. Apart from nine nights of Raas Garba and Dandiya Durga Puja is celebrated with much enthusiasm by the Bengali Community of Ahmedabad. Mandaps are set up at various places. Various cultural programmes ranging from dance dramas, bengali songs and many other are scheduled during the entire period of festivities.   Navratri is the most awaited and celebrated festival in Gujarat and India. It is a 9 days festival of worshipping Maa Durga and enjoying Garba and Dandiya. Gujarati people of every village, city and town go crazy during the celebrations. During the 9 days of Navratri festival every people of Ahmedabad is playing Garba Dandiya wearing colourful Chaniya Choli.   Gujarat is the only state which erupts into a 9-day dance festival, perhaps the longest in the world. Each night, in Ahmedabad and all over the state, people gather in open spaces to celebrate feminine divinity, referred to as Shakti. The dance form known as ras garba, comes from Lord Krishna's worship rather than Goddess worship, from the Gopi culture of Saurashtra and Kutchh. Stories of relationships between Krishna and the Gopis, and their emotions, also often make their way into the ras garba music.   Each night the village or urban neighborhood gathers to perform a puja to one of the nine forms of Goddess. The nine nights are also broken up into sections of three; the first is for Durga, the goddess who destroyed an evil force represented by the demon Mahishasura, and who destroys human impurities; the second is for Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity; the third is for Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom and art. It is a time to celebrate fertility and the monsoon harvest, represented by a mound of fresh soil in which grains are sown. Also people send various gifts to India to their loved ones with the help of this reliable online shopping portal.   Nevertheless, the focal point of every garba circle is the small Goddess shrine erected by each community to mark the beginning of the festival. The shrine includes a garbo, an earthenware pot, in which a betel nut, coconut and silver coin are placed. The traditional dance steps are simple, though over the years people have experimented with the dance forms and have fused it with modern dance steps. Alongwith Garba, Dandiya is also a very popular dance form amongst Gujaratis. It is danced in a gyrating form with wooden sticks.     Religion and tradition aside, a Garba circle can take a surprising spiritual power. Women often give up certain eatables during these nights, which can be quite a purifying experience, if done right. Many of the songs begin slow and gradually speed up, sending the dancers into a trance, especially when the music and dance is in its rawest form. When you come to a garba, wherever in Ahmedabad you may find yourself for Navratri, imagine this: A circle, or concentric circles, moving around the central representation of a universal creative force, the Mother Goddess unleashed.   So this Durga Puja indulge and pamper your loved ones  and send online gifts to India to them. Include chocolates, dry fruits, sweets and other goodies as your gifts. With the help of this trusted online shopping portal you can choose as many wonderful gifts as you like and rest be assured that they get delivered on time.