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About Durga Puja

About Durga Puja

Durga Puja also known as Durgotsava is a grand festival celebrated by the Hindus with lots of joy and fervour. People of all ages, genders, caste, creed etc participate in the celebration of this festival with lots of splendour and grandeur. The festival glorifies the strength and power of Goddess Durga. Each year, this festival is celebrated in the month of September-October. This festival is celebrated for 6 consecutive days - Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Bijoya Dashami. People enjoy this festival by wearing new apparels & jewellery, visiting pandals, having delicious foods and so on. Moreover, you will have some knowledge about Durga puja from the articles assigned in this chapter.

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    Customs and Traditions of Durga Puja

    If there is one festival with which the Bengalis are synonymous, then it has to be Durga Puja. The festival is celebrated with much pomp and zest throughout West Bengal and the state lights up like a newlywed bride. The customs and traditions of Durga Puja are worth knowing. So if you are ever headed to the land of Goddess Durga, you better be prepared to participate in her festival. Every Bengali all over the world is always geared up for the big celebration of the arrival of Goddess Durga as the festival is celebrated in the month of Ashwin which generally falls between September and October and the Lakshmi Puja is held on the next full moon. If you haven’t bought your gifts for your friends, then you can send gifts to India same day delivery using this very reliable online gifting portal. Durga Puja is celebrated for a span of 10 days and there are big pandals on every street of the city which makes them look even more beautiful. If you are an NRI or have recently shifted abroad, then you must be missing these celebrations a lot. Although it will not make up for your absence, you can send gifts to India and make your family and friends happy. You can search this online gift store for finding cheap gifts to India which are every bit appropriate for the celebration of Durga Puja. For those who don’t know much about the festival, read on to get yourself acquainted to the best festival in India. Customs and Traditions of Durga Puja The belief regarding this auspicious festival is that it is celebrated from the new moon of Ashwin month and continues for the next 10     days. The fifth day is observed by unveiling the face of Goddess Durga who has descended from heaven with her children. The zeal of the festival keeps reaching a notch higher with every day and the celebration becomes more fun filled. There are many dance performances held at the pandals or makeshift tents where Goddess Durga has been placed. The commencement day of the festival is called Maha Shashti which marks the beginning of the celebration of the arrival of Goddess Durga. Maha Saptami is the seventh day of the festival and the rituals of this day includes dressing a tree in a yellow silk saree with a red border. This is done to commemorate the importance of Goddess Durga who is believed to reside in the tree from the seventh day onwards. Rest of the celebrations involves around this tree as well. Coming to the eighth day of the festival, that is Maha Ashtami, there are recitals of the sanskrit hymns and anjali is offered to Goddess Durga. Kumari puja, which is the worship of young girls, takes place on this day in the morning and it is the main highlight of the day. Sandhi Puja is held in the evening which is believed to serve as a link to the Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami which is the next day of the festival. Maha Navami is the ninth day of the festival and it is believed to be a day of merriment as there is only fun and frolic in the form of dance and music held throughout the day. The last day of the festival is marked with the farewell of Goddess Durga as she is immersed in the water until she returns to her devotees next year.   Durga Puja Gifts Chocolates are a good gifting option and here you will find three different categories. There are chocolates and cookies, chocolate hampers and handmade chocolates and they represent three different fields in the world of chocolates while of them are delectable. A gift of dry fruits is also a very welcome gift in such occasions. Crispy crunchy dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, raisins, cashew nuts, walnuts and mango candies are available here for the delight of your loved ones. Durga Puja is simply unimaginable without a gift of delicious sweets. Sumptuous sweets like mawa shankh, kaju suraj, kaju pista roll, kaju barfi, kesar peda and many more such tasty treats.   You can also choose a Durga Puja gift hamper for your friends and family in India. These hampers contain many interesting items like cakes, flowers, fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, cookies and a lot more. These wonderful gifts found collectively in a hamper will definitely elate your loved ones in India. A Durga Puja thali will also make a wonderful gift in this occasion for your dear ones in India. The thalis available on our gifting site have been sub divided into three separate categories. There are chocolates thalis containing yummy chocolates, dry fruits thalis which have sweet and salty dry fruits and sweets thalis having finger licking sweets.   You can easily send these items as gifts to India on the occasion of Durga Puja.Also, if you are far away and you have someone who has birthday at this time of the year, you can send birthday gifts to India using the cheap and reliable services of this online portal. Unique gifts for other occasions are also available here.  

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    Customs and Rituals of Durga Puja

    Durga Puja or Bengalis' Durgotsav, is the greatest annual festival in the eastern region of India, mainly in West Bengal. Starting from Mahalaya or Debipokkho (Fortnight of the Goddess) this amazing festivity continues until the immersion of the Durga idol i.e. on Vijaya Dashami. Though this eminent festival is five day long feast, the zeal associated with the festival takes a flying start months before. Mahalaya, the no-moon day (Amavyasa) of the month of Ashwin, marks the beginning of the Durga puja festivities. Then after six days, the Durgotsav starts with Panchami (fifth day) and ends with Dashami (tenth day). Though the main rituals starts from the seventh day from Mahalaya, that is from Saptami, for the mass, the festivity begins from the fifth day (Maha Shasti). For these six consecutive days, Bengal and Bengalis engross themselves in a week-long gala festival marked by unbound fun, frolic and feasting. As exchanging gifts are significant to this festival, you can send gifts to India. The following paragraphs discuss about the customs and rituals of a traditional Durga Puja. In case if you are wondering when is Durga Puja 2011, then kindly note that Durga Puja starts from 2nd October, 2011 and ends on 6th October, 2011. Durga Puja 2011 is expected to be celebrated with this enthusiasm and vigor as described. Maha Shashti ~ According to the Hindu mythology, on this day, Goddess Durga from her ethereal adobe comes to the earth, accompanied by her four children. Devotees on this earth welcomes the Divine Mother with the dhak beats and great pomp. On this day the ritual of unveiling the face of the idol is performed which is considered as the most significant ritual of the day. This face unveiling ritual is followed by some other meaningful rituals like Bodhon, Amontron and Adhibas. Finally the main Durga puja commences. Maha Saptami ~ Traditionally Saptami is considered as the first day of Durga Puja. Nabapatrika or Kola-Bou, is given a holy bath when the first rays of the sun kiss the surface of the earth. Then the tree-goddess is dressed in a yellow silk sari it is placed beside Lord Ganesha. Subsequently, the ritual of worshipping of nine types of plants is performed. These nine types of plants are worshipped as nine different avatars of Durga. After this Kalparambha and Mahasnan, Maha Saptami puja begins. Maha Ashtami ~ The next day is Maha Ashtami which starts with reciting holy hymns from Sanskrit scriptures. Thousands of people take part in this recital and offer Anjali to the Goddesses and Gods. This is a very popular part of the whole puja. Kumari Puja or worshipping little girls as Devi Maa is probably the most significant part of the rituals performed on this day. Another main part of Durga puja i.e. Sandhi Puja is performed in the evening of Maha Ashtami. Thousands of diyas are illuminated, hom-yajna is perfomed as it marks the sacrifice of the buffalo demon king, Mahishasura. Maha Navami ~ The ninth day of Durga Puja is Maha Navami. The end of Sandhi Puja marks the beginning of Maha Navami. By performing Maha Arti the priest brings a formal end of the religious customs of Durga Puja. The rest of the day observes a grand celebration and merrymaking among the common people. Bhog is offered to the Gods and Goddesses. Afterwards, this bhog is partaken by all as Maha Prasad. Vijaya Dashami ~ The last and final day of Durga Puja, Dashami is a day when everybody bids adieu to the Mother Goddess with a heavy heart. Dashami paints the city in a morose shade of crimson red of sindur where amidst the melancholic beats of dhaak and thick smoke of dhuno, Devi Durga returns to her heavenly adobe. The tearful farewell is known as Visarjan. In this grand send-off, the idols of Durga and her children are brought to a riverside to immerse it in the water. After this immersion ceremony people greet each other hearty Bijaya wishes. This festival is largely famous in India and festival preparations begin a month or two in advance. Extravagantly decorated pandals with festive illumination of lights in every corner of the streets in Kolkata makes the affair even more grand. As exchange of exotic gifts is quite common, a wide profusion of Durga puja gifts are arranged in the ‘Durga Puja gifts’ category of site GiftstoIndia24x7.com. You can amaze your loving mom, caring wife, sweet sister or gracious girlfriends with amazing gifts from ‘Gifts for her’ section. In the same way, Gifts for Him, Kids are also arranged to suit their preferences. However, the most exciting variety of gifts for this occasion is gift hamper or gift voucher. You can only send adorable variety of gifts to India from US only when you remember when is Durga Puja? So, bewilder your loved ones in India with heartfelt gifts on 2nd October, 2011, when the festival starts. So, every time you want to surprise your loved ones with amazing gifts send gifts to India, through this site that has been delivering sweet smiles since a decade in the form of gifts.