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When is Bihu

When is Bihu

Bihu, a festival which is celebrated thrice in a year, is one of the most important festival celebrated by the people of Assam with great pomp and show. It is celebrated in the months of Baisakh, the middle of April (Bohaag), the middle of January (Maagh ) and Kartik, the middle of October (Kaati). This festival diminishes all religious and class barriers and brings people together in a free and uninhabited manner. Besides, meeting with family and friends, exchanging gifts is also a significant part of this festival. Thus, the articles assigned in this chapter discuss about when is Bihu and also some fabulous gifts which you can send to your loved ones in India on this glorious festival.

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  • Bihu 2017

    When is Bihu in 2017 : The Beginning of Bohag

    Bihu Calendar 2017 14th April 2017 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30             The state of Assam celebrates Bihu to its fullest extent with a lot of festivities and also good wishes. Various gifts to India from USA as well as other countries are sent on this occasion, as is the custom. The festival of Bihu is celebrated in three different forms in the state of Assam in different times of the year. These three celebrations even have different names like Bohag Bihu, Kongali Bihu and also Bhogali Bihu. Among these, the Bohag Bihu is the most important and it is this festival that is referred to when we talk about Bihu. The occasion takes place during the middle of April and is actually the Hindu new year celebration. So if you are wondering when is Bihu in 2017 then we would like to inform you that it is on the 14th of April that falls on a Friday this year. Bihu Celebrations This form of Bihu is known by different names like Bohag Bihu, Rongali Bihu and also Haat Bihu. The festival is a very extensive one and it takes place for a period of seven days and nights. It spans over two months, and even two years, as it begins during the last days of Cheitra which is the last month of the year. It continues upto the first few days of the month of Bohag or Baisakh which is the first month of the year. The Bihu dance is the most spectacular aspect of this whole event and is accompanied by Bihu Geet. The celebration mainly has an agrarian basis and can be associated with the cultivation of paddy.   Staying in another country away from your friends and family members in India can be hard during Bihu. Bihu gift ideas are a wonderful way of commemorating this occasion even if you are at a great distance. This online gift store focusses on a variety of such exciting and interesting gifting options for this day. Bihu Gifts You can choose to send gift hampers on this festival and many such innovative combos are available. The Perfect Combination gift hamper is composed of a bouquet of red and yellow roses along with a platter of sweets. Chocolates can also become quite exclusive gift ideas on this occasion and many such delicacies can be found here. The Good Morning Mug with Handmade Chocolates is a collection of handmade chocolates paired with a mug.   Make this coming Bihu a memorable occasion with these fascinating gifts to India for your loved ones. These mind blowing gift items are sure to make your dear ones in India feel happy and also loved. There are also other online gifts to India showcased for many other events and festivals like Baisakhi.  

  • Bihu 2016

    When is Bihu in 2016 - The Assamese New Year

    Bihu Calendar 2016 14th April 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Bihu is a very auspicious festival for the people of Assam as it constitutes the celebration of a new year for them. However, it must be mentioned here that Bihu is a harvest festival and is actually celebrated thrice a year with the one commencing the new year being the most important one. The Kongali Bihu is celebrated in the middle of October also known as Kati Bihu and is celebrated very solemnly. The Bhogali Bihu celebration occurs around the middle of January and it is also called Magh Bihu. The Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu is celebrated in the middle of April and it is the main Bihu that celebrates the new year. If you are curious about when is Bihu in 2016 then we would like to inform you that it falls on the 14th of April which falls on a Thursday this year. Bihu Celebrations Bihu celebrations are mainly agricultural in nature and there are a lot of delicacies prepared for this occasion. These include treats like pitha and larus and there are also jolpan served on this day which include a number of snacks that are generally served for breakfast. The farmers spend the by preparing their fields for the farming of paddy and they also pray for a good harvest season. This celebration of Bihu continues further upto seven days and it is thus known as Xaat Bihu. Each of these days are known by different names and they are hence known as Chot Bihu, Goru Bihu, Manuh Bihu, Kutum Bihu, Senehi Bihu, Mela Bihu and Chera Bihu. These days of festivity are spent by singing Bihu geets and performing Bihu dances that are the best way of celebrating this auspicious occasion.   If you are away from your friends and family on this year’s Bihu then you can send unique gifts for them. You will find interesting and attractive Bihu gift ideas here on this premier online gift store. These gifts will be loved by your dear ones in India and they will be the perfect gifts for this occasion. Bihu Gift Ideas Chocolates There are a number of these treats available here online and they have been classified into three. The chocolates and cookies represent a number of branded items like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury and Hershey’s. The chocolate hampers showcase a number of delectable chocolates along with dry fruits and soft toys. The handmade chocolates come in beautiful wrappings and there are also personalised chocolates as well as chocolate roses here. The Tasty Mixed Chocolate Hamper has a box of Nutties, a Gems ball, Perks and handmade chocolates in a designer box.   Sweets You can also find a number of delicious sweets here that are very essential for Indian festivals. The Indian sweets include kaju watermelon, sohan papri, badam barfi, kaju pista roll, kaju gujiya and many more. The mithai hampers have many such treats and also gifts like dry fruits, chocolates and namkeen. The mithai thalis consisting of sumptuous sweets that come in beautiful designer and handmade thalis and trays. The Attractive Mixed Sweets Hamper contains kaju rolls, chocolate barfis, mixed dry fruits barfis, mawa pista barfis and kaju baskets.   Bihu Gift Hampers The Bihu gift hampers that are available here on this gifting site have been categorised into four sections. The dry fruits hampers along with dry fruits contain sweets, chocolates, gift vouchers, shagun gifts and silver gifts. The exclusive hampers are compiled with different types of items like candies, tea packs, coffee packs, jams, cheese and a lot more. The fruit hampers apart from containing fresh and juicy fruits have flowers, dry fruits and sweets. The gift hampers consist of flowers, cakes, fruits, chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, cookies, home decor items and such other gifts. The Basket of Tea and Drops has a pack of Darjeeling tea from Twinings and two boxes of candy drops from Cavendish and Harvey.   These and also a variety of other gifts available here will make the most cherished gifts to India for your loved ones. You can also send online gifts to India through this premier online gift store on various occasions and events. May this year’s Bihu prove to be a very happy and prosperous one for you and your family and friends.  

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    When is Bihu in 2015-The Main Festival of Assam

    Bihu is one of the most famous and highly auspicious festival for the people of Assam, and they celebrate this festival with great joy and excitement. The most interesting fact about this Indian festival is that it is celebrated three times in a year. January,  April, October or November are the three celebrating months of Bihu festival. However, out of all the forms of Bihu, Bohag Bihu which is popularly known as Rongali Bihu is the most famous and auspicious one. Now, in the calendar of 2015, you might be searching the date of Bihu festival. If you are still unaware of the actual date of Bihu celebration and When is Bihu in 2015? This year Bihu will be celebrated on 15th April, Wednesday.  What You Should Know About Bihu: It is believed that the Bihu festival originated around the 3500 century BC mainly during the days of pre-Aryan. The term ‘Bihu’ has been derived from the language of an ancient agrarian tribe, Dimasa Kacharis. Bihu is celebrated for seven continuous days by the people of Assam. It is true that festivals for different tribes are celebrated in Assam with great joy, excitement and enthusiasm. The most important festival of Assam, Bihu is celebrated uniquely by participating in cultural events. The customs and celebration of Bihu is expressed through graceful Bihu dance moves and melodious Bihu songs. Bihu, the main festival of Assam symbolises the change of season. In fact, it represents a huge celebration of farming and is also known as harvest festival of Assam. Bihu festival is celebrated thrice a year. Rongali Bihu, the most popular one among three symbolises the beginning of Assamese New Year. In fact, it welcomes the spring season with joy and abundance. Rongali Bihu is usually observed in the middle of April. Seeds are sown during the Rongali or Bohag Bihu. In the month of October comes Kongali Bihu, the second of Bihu festival. It represents the fulfilment of sowing of seeds and finally comes the harvesting time that is Magh Bihu. It is true that among these three Bihu festivals, Rongali Bihu is the most pivotal one because it symbolises the first day of the Hindu solar calendar. The celebration mainly begins on 14th April, which is a day to worship cow. People welcomes 1st day of Baishak month or Assamese New Year by cleaning up places, wearing new clothes and preparing a special dish like Pitha Larus, which is usually made up of rice and coconut. They celebrate this festival by participating in cultural activities by singing folk songs which is also called Bihu geets and also by performing traditional Bihu dance. Gifts for Bihu Festival:   Bring smile on the face on your loved ones with some amazing Bihu gift ideas. No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Therefore, gifting delicious sweets to your friends and family members can add joy to the celebration. Chocolates are perfect Bihu gifts. Wish Bihu to your near and dear ones by gifting them tasty chocolates on this festival. Wish your friends and family members Happy Bihu by sending them wonderful gift hampers as gifts to India. Gift hampers includes combo of dry fruits, flowers,cakes and soft toys. Now, after getting the answers to the questions like When is Bihu in 2015 and where to look for gifts ideas for Bihu, it’s time for you to order online to make your loved ones smile on this auspicious festival.  

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    When is Bihu in 2014?

    The Assamese diaspora around the world celebrate the festival of Bihu with abundant fun and ecstasy. Bihu has been the lifeline of Assamese culture since ancient times.The people of Assam get engrossed in Bihu observation three times a year. “Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu” (in the middle of April), “Bhogali or Magh Bihu” (in January), “Kongali or Kaati Bihu” (in the middle of October) are enjoyed as festivals of merriment and togetherness. According to Gregorian calendar, the Bohag Bihu falls on 14th April, Monday this year. Bhogali Bihu has been observed on 14th January. Kaati Bihu will be celebrated on 18th October. Bihu brings humanity, solidarity and peace among people of various cast and region.This festival is celebrated with graceful dance moves and melodious songs or “Bihugeets”.    History The history of Bihu is rooted deeply in ancient rites and practices prior to the days of settled agriculture, gathering and hunting.The traditional agrarian Assamese society celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. The word “Bihu” is derived from the term “Bishu” which means to seek (bi) for prosperity and happiness (shu) in the dialect of the Dimasha people. Their supreme God is Brai Shibrai or Father Shibrai. The first crops of the season is offered to Brai. “Kalaguru” Bishnu Prasad Rabha interpreted the word Bihu as to ask (bi) and to give (hu). This fervorous festival draws from many traditions like Austro-Asiatic, Sino-Burmese, Indo-Aryan.   Uniqueness Bihu, a festival of youth and vitality is marked for its secularism and it has become the inspiration of social life with passing years. People of multi-ethnic and poly-cultural region take part in this nationalistic ecstasy manifesting a distinct oneness of the Assamese nation or sub-nation. Unlike other grand Indian festivals this has little religious inclination with no sectarian bias. This festival truly celebrates the spirit of “Unity in diversity”, the core essence of Indian culture and heritage. Commercialisation Like other major festivals in India, Bihu has been commercialised by big corporate houses with an eye on marketing their products. They put up banners and hoardings in Bihutolis (a platform to promote Assamese culture). Organisers are using this tool of sponsorship to propagate Assamese culture and heritage. The rising prices of commodities, hike in the remuneration of performing artists have facilitated the process of commercialisation. Keeping aside the emerging debate about the impact of commercialisation on Bihu, the changes should be welcomed with the passage of time. Suitable Gift Options Grand feasting and exchange of gifts are integral parts of any major Indian festival. Gifts convey a person’s love and affection to his/her dear ones to elevate the spirit of celebration.   Sweets : Bihu, the festival of prosperity is incomplete without traditional, mouthwatering sweets and “pithas” (sweet cakes). Make the occasion joyous and convey your good wishes by gifting assortments of delicious sweets.   Dry fruits : Bihu celebration is incomplete without exchanging wishes for a healthy life in future. Dry fruits are favourite among people of all age groups.They are the most sought after option for healthy snacking. Pamper the taste buds of your loved ones with dry fruit boxes of your choice.   Flowers : Enhance the charm of Bihu, the festival of youth with the fragrance of flowers. Enthrall your dear ones with beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers. Flowers, the best gifts of nature can be the most charming presentation to manifest the purity of your heart.  Chocolates : Everyone’s spirit is uplifted with chocolates melting in his/her mouth. Delight your relatives and friends with a chocolaty treat and make the occasion momentous. This Bihu, spread happiness with hampers of palatable chocolates. Holy Idols  : In accordance with the spirit of Bihu, spread happiness and solidarity among your loved ones by gifting auspicious holy idols and statuettes. This token of divinity  will surely facilitate their spiritual elevation.       Bihu, the festival of oneness stands for social integration transcending the boundaries of different faiths and races. Strengthen your bondings and make the occasion endearing by exchanging gifts and greetings.              

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    When is Bihu in 2013?

    Bihu 2013, 14th April, 2013 Bihu calender 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30         Bihu is an important cultural festival of Assam. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm by the people of Assam. This new year festival is usually celebrated in the month of April. The blend of ancient rites with urban rituals has made the festival popular. The word ‘Bihu’ is taken from the name of Dimasa people’s supreme God, Father Shibrai or Brai Shibrai. They used to offer their first season crop to their supreme God and pray for peace, happiness and prosperity. So, ‘Bi’ means ‘to ask’ and ‘Shu’ means ‘peace and prosperity’. There are others who suggested that ‘Bi’ means ‘to ask’ and ‘Hu’ means ‘to give’ and so the festival is known as Bihu. When is Bihu in 2013? This year Bihu will be celebrated on 14th April. Three types of Bihus are celebrated in Assam. Kongali Bihu celebrated in the month of October, Bhogali Bihu celebrated in month of January and Rangoli Bihu is celebrated in the month of April. On this grand festival, men and women adorn themselves in traditional apparels - golden silk Muga. They even perform famous Bihu dance as well as sing Bihu songs. Along with these cultural programs, people enjoy the festival by having lavish dishes. Hence, you can make the festival joyful by sending gifts to India to your loved ones. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a renowned e-gifting store that showcases wonderful collection of gifts for the festival of Bihu. Some of the popular gifts that you can opt for your loved ones on Bihu 2013 are as follows:- Flowers - Flowers are the most beautiful gift item that can be sent on this special occasion. Lovely flowers such as gerberas, lilies, carnations etc are available in this online store. You can send these beautiful flowers and add a charm to the occasion. The flowers come in various arrangements such as flower bouquet, flower basket, flower in vase, life size arrangements and so on. The presence of these fresh flowers will definitely bring a sweet smile on your dear one’s face. Chocolates - Everyone loves to eat chocolates on any grand event. Hence, you can amaze your dear ones on Bihu by sending mouth-watering chocolate hampers. The ‘Chocolate’ section comes with chocolates from popular brands like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Valor, Cadbury and so on. The chocolates taste awesome and your loved ones will enjoy having these scrumptious chocolates. Sweets - According to Indian tradition, people share sweets on any grand occasion or festival to spread joy and happiness. You can convey happiness and prosperity by sending a box or hamper of Indian sweets. Assorted sweets such as peda, kaju barfi, motichoor laddu, kaju suraj etc come in the hampers and boxes. The mouth-watering taste of the sweets will surely impress your loved ones. Apparels - On this special occasion, people usually adorn themselves in new apparels. Then sending apparels as Bihu gifts to your dear ones will be a good idea. For your mom, sister or wife you can opt for beautiful sarees such as chiffon, zardosi, matka, net etc from the ‘Saree’ section. The site also offers apparels for men. If your dad or husband loves to wear formal outfits then you can select exclusive t-shirts and trousers of Louis Philippe, Allen Solly, Park Avenue, Moustache etc. You can opt for branded  jeans for your brother or other dear ones. Gift Hampers - If you are thinking to give wide variety of gifts to your loved ones on Bihu then you can opt for attractive gift hampers. Diverse types of gifts such as flower, cakes, vouchers, soft toys etc come in these hampers. Your loved ones will be charmed to receive such wonderful array of gifts. Besides these, you will also avail gifts such as soft toys, personalized gifts, perfumes, watches, jewellery etc. Send gifts to India and make the festival memorable. These gifts will surely delight your loved ones and make them feel special.