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Recipes for Bihu

This chapter talks about the large variety of recipes that are made by the Assamese during their new year festival. It also talks about the different kinds of food items that can be found during Bihu.

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  • Bihu Food

    Make Bihu Celebration Grand With Traditional Assamese Food

    The brand new farming season, juvenile spring, the Assamese New Year, the sweet coconut pithas, Bihu folk songs and the amazing Bihu gift ideas for the season; all conjure the exact image of the biggest festival of Assam, the Bihu festival. Unlike other festivals, the splendid Bihu festival is celebrated three times a year, Bhogali Bihu in mid January, Rongali Bihu in April and Kati Bihu in the wintery month of October. Whether it is the time of winter or spring, the Bihu festival is always linked with farming and feasting. Not only that but also it specially draws attention to the exclusive Assamese food that adorns this occasion with taste and delight. A big wide grin is plastered on the faces of people whenever the typical traditional food is the point of discussion. Likewise, Bihu lacks a little lustre if we are not celebrating it with the authentic spices of Assam. The festival is sketchy without the ethnic touch of Pithas, Khar, Xaaks, Masoor Bor, Lao Alu Pitika, Lusi, Koldil Bhaji, Barehmaheli Xaak Bhaji, Guroor Payesh and Sanmaheli Chutney. As a part of Bihu gift ideas, people include some of these Assamese touch sweets while they send gifts to India to their relatives from abroad. With just a click and in no time, they can easily send gifts to India from USA, UK, or any other country.   Good yet healthy food is a tough task in most of the Indian recipes, but what makes the Assamese food more special is its healthy nature. If we talk about the prominent food of Bihu festival like xaak and pithas the idea of a healthy diet is not a far dream on this biggest festival of Assam. A health freak will be over the moon to know that the sole ingredients of Assamese cuisine are healthy. While the pithas are tasty rice pancakes, the xaak is a kind of green leafy vegetable. As compared to other Indian cuisines these are less oily and less spicy; not only that but the natural herbs, greens and vegetables also form a major part of this food. One is required to have a hundred varieties of Xaaks during Rongali Bihu, according to the customs. Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is not only the first day of the Hindu solar calendar but it also marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year. This celebration of colours and spring is marked with the start of fresh harvest season when people of Assam pray for good harvest in future as well. This spring Bihu is complemented with food, comprising of the rich flavours of sesame, jaggery, rice, milk products and a number of agricultural produce. Mass feasts are organised all across the states and the tasty olive jaggery chutney and pumpkin oambhal adorn the occasion.   So let us celebrate this prodigious festival of Assam with the ever prominent Assamese platter serving the tempting dishes. To add more sweetness to this memorable Indian festival, people can also send gifts to India from USA, UK, or other countries to their fellow Indians.  

  • Bihu Sweets

    Celebrate Bihu With Special Sweet Recipes

    The exquisite beauty of the Assam valley is on a whole new level during the magnificent Bihu festival. The excited crowds, Bihu Geet, youthful folk dance, creative Bihu gift ideas and yummy delicacies further add a mirthful value to the occasion. Bihu is derived from Bishu, which means ‘to ask for peace’, but according to the linguistic preferences it was changed to Bihu. This unique festival of honouring the farming culture is a winsome gift to India and its opulent heritage. The Magh Bihu of January is all about feasting, the Kaati Bihu of October reflects the season of short farming supply and the Rongali Bihu of April depicts the Assamese New Year. Sweet lovers definitely pray for the time to roll fast as they desperately wait for the famous Indian festivals. If we are talking about Bihu then the unique sweet recipes of this festival form a major part in the hearts of people. We know that the import and export of the festive sweets during Bihu is very prominent; people include a variety of sweets while they send gifts to India, to their hometown from a distant land. So, let us make this festival sweeter and get acquainted with some Bihu sweet dishes, that can never in a million years fail to bring water to your mouth.   If you are delimiting yourself to chocolates then don’t because the Coconut Laddus will give you a new food paradise. A soft touch, the lovely texture and the yummy flavour of coconut is the best choice of dessert on Bihu. These are the shredded coconut, milk and sugar balls that will no wonder please you and the guests. Til Pitha are the cylindrical delights of glutinous rice, jaggery and sesame seeds. Bhogali Bihu is totally incomplete without these desserts stuffed with Til or sesame seeds and people crave for it, for sure. Pithaguri is a common type of Jolpan in which rice is fried and served with hot milk, jaggery or sometimes ripe banana. Ghila pitha is another bundle of joy made with sieved rice flour and grated jaggery. These are the prominent sweets of Bihu which are deep fried. Paggi Meva is a mouth watering sugary coating or sugar syrup on makhanas in ghee. Koat Pitha is again a very popular dish among Assamese cuisine. It is made up of ripe bananas, jaggery and, of course, rice flour as it is a Pitha or rice cake. Popularly known as the Makar Sankranti sweets, Til Laddoo are the sweet balls of jaggery and til or sesame seeds. People also include these lovely sweet balls while sending giftstoIndia to their relatives, friends and beloved family members, along with some popular milk sweets like kaju katli, khopra pak and some chocolates with namkeens in a combo box. These make the people they love feel a tad bit more special on Bihu. Poda Pitha are a lip smacking dessert made up of cottage cheese, cardamom, sugar, ghee and kewra.   Make this coming Bihu a very special occasion with these wonderful sweet dishes that everyone will love. Sending a gift to India for this festival is also a good idea as such treats are sure to surprise. This online gift store deals with a variety of such gift ideas for this as well as other important events.

  • Bihu Namkeen

    Easy Yet Tasty Special Namkeen Bihu Recipes

    There are two categories of people in any Indian festival; one who crave for sweets and the other type who have a strange love of Namkeen and spicy dishes. India gifts the latter with a diverse set of cuisines from multiple cultures and religions. Similarly the subtle and salty taste of Assamese cuisine is much awaited by the people of India on Bihu festival. The festival is such that it is celebrated with much enthusiasm three times a year in the form of Kati Bihu, Bhogali Bihu and Rongali Bihu in the months of October, January and April respectively. This celebration of farming season is never complete without Bihu folk dance, Bihu Geet or folk songs, Assamese recipes and amazing Bihu gift ideas, when people from abroad send gifts to India from US, UK or other countries to their families. Apart from sending gifts to India, the main part of the occasion, especially Bhogali Bihu, lies in the tasty dishes of Assam. Let us take a quick tour of Assam with these easy yet tasty special Namkeen Bihu recipes that will adorn your dining table on this very day.   The balls of grams or lentils that are fried are referred to as Bor. Bor is made up of greens, vegetables, skins, roots and shoots of various flowers. It is often served with tamarind curry or dip known as teteli in Assam. In Hindi Bor can also be called as Vada and is made in many varieties. It can also contain Xaak that is another green leafy vegetable. The main ingredients of Posola are banana shoots, onions, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. The bark is peeled off and the tender inner part is added with the above ingredients, and then it is fried and put in hot water. The famous ghugni is described as a Kolkata trademark. In the Indian states of Orissa, Bengal, Bihar and Assam it is a common and affordable dish, especially in Kolkata. It is made up of yellow dried peas, black gram or dried white peas along with gravy, and served hot with luchi, bhajia or rice. Xaak is the easiest as well as most healthy dish of Assam prepared specially on Bihu festival. We all know that the environs of Assam are rich in green leafy vegetables and herbs. As the Bihu festival honours the three major seasons of farming, most of its cuisine comes downright from its agricultural and vegetable production. Some of them are farmed while others are grown wild, for example Dhekia Xaak. These are simply cooked in water and salt, lightly fried and seldom accompanied by lentils.   Nowadays, the Dhekia Xaak is modified and a variety of ingredients like split gram, potatoes, tomato, spinach, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mustard oil, etc are added to the recipe. According to the custom, one has to have hundred and one different xaaks during Rongali Bihu. Now, you can make this Bihu festival memorable by preparing these delicacies, wishing your loved ones and sending some heart warming India gifts.  

  • Bihu Cuisine

    Significance Of Assamese Cuisine On Bihu

    Assam, the most captivating state of India, with its beautiful and picturesque locations, honours the farming culture by the grand Bihu festival. Assamese celebrate this day with traditional folk dance, luscious pitha sweets, warm greetings, singing and exciting Bihu gift ideas. The most peculiar thing about this festival is it’s celebration in three different forms; Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu and the last but not the least Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu. All three Bihus show a different story; the Bohag Bihu is the Assamese New Year that announces the spring, the Kati Bihu shows the growing stage of paddy in the fields and the Magh Bihu is all about feasting and merriment. The rich and healthy flavour of Assamese cuisine is the one characteristic that sets all three Bihu celebrations apart from the rest of the country. Assamese cuisine holds a great significance in the celebration of the famous Bihu festival. Its subtle flavours and strong herbs make the traditional dishes of Bihu festival tempting and unique. The taste of Bihu food is less spicy, less oily but healthier as compared to the flavours of other states. What gives this cuisine a strong flavour is the use of natural herbs. Whereas rice is the staple diet for these people, you can also find vegetable based food as well as Jain food. Multiple varieties of rice are prepared, like you can see akhoi or parched paddy grain, sandoh guri or fried pound rice, chira or flattened rice, pithaguri or pound rice here.   The ever yummy traditional Assamese food fills the kitchen during Bihu, the pumpkin oambhal, pithas, olive jaggery chutney, khar, Jolpan and Larus are some of them. The mouth watering rice cakes are the most prominent dish for the sweet lovers. It is called by the name pitha and is made in a variety of ways. You can see the tasty sweet coconut flavoured balls called naarikolor laaru, black sesame filled moulded rice cake known as til pitha and finger-licking banana pancakes that are called kol pitha. The detoxifying appetizer khar is made by burning the stem of banana tree and sets the Assamese cuisine apart from any other culinary style.The subtle taste of Assam can be considered to be gifts to India in the form of diversification of food that adds a typical flavour to Bihu festival. Spring festival, rice, agriculture and food tell the story of Bihu festival. All three Bihu celebrations are interconnected by farming; Bohag is a sowing festival, Kati depicts the crop protection and Bhogali is during the harvest season. To honour the freshness and youth of Bihu, people in India celebrate it with yummy Assamese traditional cuisine. They make this occasion remarkable through folk music, traditional folk dance and luscious recipes. People from abroad send beautiful and hearty gifts to India from USA, UK or other countries to their dear ones.   As nothing is a farfetched dream in this generation, everyone can send greetings and presents to someone in their family in India. They can send gifts to India from USA or other abroad countries with just one click through our versatile online gift portal.  

  • Bihu Recipes

    Special Magh Bihu Recipes

    Bihu is the new year festival in the state of Assam and hence it is an extremely festive time for all. It is customary to send gift to India on this occasion when friends and family members meet with each other. Being an Indian festival, Bihu is also filled with a lot of traditional customs and rituals in its celebration. One of the main aspects of this occasion is the amazing food and the fantastic dishes for this day. You can try out a few of these flavoursome delicacies, apart from sending fantastic gifts to India. We will deal with a few of the special Magh Bihu recipes here that can make this event memorable. The dhekia xaak is a very popular dish for this day that is actually a preparation of the dhekia leaves. Ingredients like potatoes, spinach, green chillies, Bangal gram and turmeric are used to prepare this. Making pumpkin oambhal on this occasion is also a good idea and the recipe is quite an easy one. You can make this delicacy using pumpkin, jaggery, tamarind, mustard oil, bay leaf and whole chilli.   You can try out the tilor laddu which is a very welcome sweet dish that can be easily prepared at home. The recipe requires simple elements like sesame seeds as well as jaggery that are made into balls. Pitha is a very popular food item of this area that has also gained importance in the neighbouring Bengal. To make delicious pitha sweets, you need to make a sticky rice preparation that are rolled and filled with stuffings.   Being away from your loved ones, you can send exclusive Bihu gift ideas for them to make this day special. This online gift store focusses on many kinds of such fascinating Bihu gifts that can be sent to India. Sending chocolates during the festival of Bihu is a good idea as these treats are loved by everyone. The Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a part of the chocolates and cookies category of this online gifting portal. There are also sweets which are obviously a very important part of any Indian festival, especially Bihu. The Tasty Mawa Fruit Cake and Kaju Roll Hamper is a part of the mithai hampers that comes on a golden designer tray.   These special recipes for Bihu are a very important part of this wonderful festival and hence are very essential. You can also opt for sending gifts to India from USA and also other countries for your dear ones. There are also many other kinds of gifting options on this gifting site that can be sent on different events.