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Bhai Dooj is a very popular Indian festival celebrated with lots of vigor and enthusiasm in the last day of the five-day-long Diwali festival. This day celebrates the doting bond of brothers and sister as the latter applies a tilak on the former’s forehead. Brother also vows to protect their sister from any future hardship. The sister pampers her brother by presenting a wide variety of gifts. Be it apparels, watches, electronics like mobile phone, i-pods etc., the brother jumps in wonder and amazement when presented such alluring gifts. The articles in this chapter discusses various types of gifts that can be presented to your brother.

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    Top 5 Gift ideas Which Can Delight Your Brother on Bhai Dooj

    Bhai Dooj is the celebration of the sacred bond between a brother and a sister. It marks the end of the sacred festival of Diwali which goes on for five days. Bhai Dooj is also known as Bhai Phota, Bhai Tika and Bhau Beej in different parts of the country. The celebration of Bhai Dooj is completed with the brother and sister exchanging gifts and spending the day together. But if you are staying in another country then celebrating Bhai Dooj with your brother becomes difficult. You can celebrate Bhai Dooj with your brother in India by sending online gifts to him. Our online gift store offers you many cheap gifts to India that are attractive and will also easily fit into your budget. Furthermore, we have also prepared a list of the top 5 Bhai Dooj gift ideas that will surprise your brother on Bhai Dooj. These gifts are easily available on our gifting site and will be sent to your brother before this auspicious day. 1. Bhai Dooj Hampers : Hampers containing goodies for your brother will be a perfect gift for the occasion of Bhai Dooj. Select a hamper that contains items which your brother loves and that will be useful to him. You will find 4 kinds of hampers here on our online gifting portal. The chocolate hampers mainly showcase chocolates along with sweets, namkeen, soft toys, dry fruits and mints that will be loved by your brother. You can also gift a dry fruits hamper to your brother which has dry fruits as well as sweets, vouchers, chocolates and sagun coins. If your brother has a sweet tooth then gifting him a sweets hamper is a good idea and the hampers available contain many such delicacies and also dry fruits, namkeen and chocolates. There is also a separate section of hampers for brothers. This part contains gifts that your brother can use in his day to day life. There are personal care items, clothes, cufflinks, vouchers, watches, pens, purses, belts, perfumes, dry fruits and sweets. The Park Avenue Style Kit hamper contains personal care items that will prove to be very useful to your brother. The hamper contains a shaving kit bag, Park Avenue Classic shaving cream, Gillette Vector Plus razor, Park Avenue Ace aftershave lotion and a shaving brush.   2. Chocolates : Chocolates are universally popular as gifts for any occasion and Bhai Dooj is no exception. Sending a gift of chocolates to your brother will make him very jubilant on this special occasion. The delectable chocolates available here are very popular with kids as well as adults. Brands like Cadbury, Nestle, Snickers, Belgian, Royal Dansk, Ferrero Rocher and Lotte will be loved by your brother. Homemade chocolates as well as personalised chocolates are available here for you to choose from. Hampers containing different kinds of chocolates will definitely delight your brother. The Mixed Chocolate Thali is a perfect gift for this occasion and your brother will enjoy this a lot. It contains a Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, a Dairy Milk Roast Almond, a Dairy Milk Crackle, Perks, a Gems Ball, handmade chocolates and packets of Gems. These yummy delicious chocolates will be a tasty treat for your brother.   3. Gadgets : Guys love new and popular gadgets and therefore this will be a good gift for your brother in India. Devices like phones, tablets, cameras and webcams are sure to make your brother feel elated on this special day. There are a number of gadgets available on this online gift store. The Bhai Dooj section has webcams, pendrives and TV boxes which will be very useful to your brother. He will be very delighted to receive the Logitech C170 which is a very sophisticated looking webcam. This webcam will help him to keep in touch with you as there is a big geographical distance between the two of you. The device has a 5 megapixel camera and a built-in microphone which will help him to spend time with his friends and family.   4. Accessories : Accessories are necessary for a person’s day to day life and gifting your brother an accessory on this coming Bhai Dooj is a great gift idea. These will be very useful to him and he will cherish them forever. Our gifting site has a number of stylish and attractive bags that will be very much appreciated by him. There are portfolio bags, executive bags, briefcases, professional bags and backpacks. They come in black, brown and grey colours and your brother will feel more confident when he uses them. The Attractive Executive Bag will make your dear brother’s Bhai Dooj extra special and memorable. The bag has many zippered sections that can hold documents and other office essentials. The main compartment is large enough for him to place laptops or other such items. He may also carry change of clothes in it if he’s going for an overnight trip.     5. Sweets : Sweets are an essential part of any festival and on Bhai Dooj it is especially so. It is customary to offer sweets to one’s brother after applying tika on his forehead. Many delectable sweets are available on our website for you to choose from for your brother in India. These include kesaria peda, mewa shankh, kaju suraj, kaju pista roll, kaju barfi, badam barfi, kesar barfi, chocolate peda, kaju roll, mewa pista barfi, mewa tikka, kesar surya, kaju pista phool, kheer kadam and a lot more. The Sweets Thali consists of 5 yummy sweets for your brother. Traditionally, 5 types of sweets are offered to the brother by the sister on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. Thus, this Bhai Dooj sweets hamper would be perfect for your brother. The delicacies it contains are chocolate peda, kheer kadam, kaju pista roll, kaju pista phool and kesar barfi.   Surprise your brother on this coming Bhai Dooj with these and many other delightful gifts to India. Gifts for other occasions are also available here that will be loved by your friends and family. If you are unable to attend important events in their lives then you can easily send wedding gifts to India and anniversary gifts to India to your dear ones.  

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    Send impressive gifts to your brother in Bhai Dooj 2012

    The fond relationship between brothers and sisters is celebrated with much splendour and glory in India. Bhai Dooj is one of the most significant day that marks the lives of the siblings.This Hindu festival, like ‘Raksha bandhan’ comes once a year, right after when the bright and divine festival of Diwali comes to an end. It falls on a new moon night and  is a  much anticipated event. It can be seen that every sister in an Indian house gets ready and starts to prepare for Bhai Dooj for her brother. The significant event that marks this day is when a sister puts vermillion or chandan mark on the forehead of her brother and seek good health and protection for him. The brothers on this day are then showered with gifts and love from their sisters. Legends has it that on this day, Yamaraj, the Lord of Death and the guardian of Hell ,visits his  sister Yami, who puts an auspicious mark on his forehead, prays for his fortune and well being. In Jainism, it is believed that when Lord Mahavira attained nirvana, his brother King Nandivardhan was distressed and was comforted by his sister Sudarshana. Obviously, hinting an indispensable relationship. So, it is considered that anyone who receives this ‘tilak’ from his sister on this day will always be guarded against evil and have a long and healthy life. In some parts of India, this festival is also referred to as ‘Bhai Phota’ or ‘Bhau Beej’, but no matter what the name is, it is commemorated with same integrity and devotion. Every brother eagerly looks forward to this occasion that rejuvenates and renews the loving bond between siblings. Like every other Indian festivities, Bhai Dooj also means the  reunion of families and sharing love. It is a good time for all. So when is Bhai Dooj in 2012 ? This year Bhai Dooj is on 15th November. Your brother is so special and important to you. And he deserves good wishes and blessings from you. So along with your affection send him Bhai Dooj gifts to India. The ritual of exchanging gifts is associated with every Indian festival. Hence gifts harbours a huge significance in this festival too. And you would definitely want to give something to your brother as well. So gives  you a great oppurtunity to show your brother how much you love him. Send gifts to India this Bhai Dooj 2012 and so that it becomes a memorable day for him. Apparels- Revamp your brother’s wardrobe and send him an exclusive range of outfits such as shirts, jeans, trousers from reputed brands.They are available in the 'Apparel for Brother' section. Your brother will be charmed and delighted. Watch -  Men love watches and so it will be an ideal gift this Bhai Dooj for your brother. Watches from brands like fast Track, Sonata, Titan and others will adorn your brother’s wrist and he’ll remember you every moment. Accessories- Accessories like bags, wallets and belts are an absolute favourite among men these days. They are useful & trendy and your brother will love to receive such an appalling gift. Gadgets- You can also send Gadgets for your brother in India. A digital camera or an electric shaver will surprise him. He can pursue his hobby or speed up his everyday activity. You can also gift him personal care items like shampoo and bath sets.These products will take care of him and he will be enthralled to receive this wonderful gift. Other gifts includes sweets, gift vouchers and puja thalis. Let your brother in India know how much you treasure him, send gifts to India along with your love & good wishes and reassure the bond all over again.  

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    Wonderful Gifts for Bhai Dooj 2012

    Bhai Dooj also known as Bhai Phota or Bhau-beej is an important festival of India. The festival falls on the last day of five days Diwali festival. The festival is similar to that of Raksha Bandhan celebrating the eternal bond of love shared between siblings. People celebrate this festival with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Every year the festival is celebrated on the Hindu month of Karthik. Hence, if you are thinking when is Bhai Dooj in 2012, it is on 15th November. On this auspicious day, sister invites her brother in her home. At early morning, she prepares the puja thali and performs the tilak ceremony. Brother in return, blesses her and promises to protect her from all hazards of life. The celebration reaches great heights with grand feasting. Sister prepares delicious dishes and sweets for her brother on Bhai Dooj. However, in Bhai Dooj 2012, if you are unable to be with your brother then you can delight him by sending gifts to India. Gifts are the best medium that will convey your warm wishes and affection to your brother. Since sending gifts online has become quite popular these days, you can take the help of the online stores in sending gifts to India. In this regard, has gained lots of popularity. This online store displays a wide variety of gifts for various renowned festivals and occasions. For the festival of Bhai Dooj you will avail attractive plethora of gifts. With one click of the mouse, wide array of gifts will be displayed in front of you. You can select the best one for your dear brother. Celebration of Indian festival remains incomplete without having sweets. You can give a delicious treat to your dear brother by sending mouth-watering Indian sweets. Various types of Indian sweets such as peda, motichoor laddu, mewa sweets, kaju barfi, etc, are available in the ‘Sweets’ section. Moreover, if you know your brother’s preference then you can send sweets accordingly. He will love to eat these tasty sweets. Sending new apparels as gifts on festival is practiced down the ages. Hence, you can charm your brother by sending exclusive apparels. If your brother prefers to wear formal outfits then you can opt for t-shirts and trousers from renowned brands such as Park Avenue, Van Heusen, Moustache and so on. You can make him look smart and trendy by sending branded jeans. Along with these apparels,  you can even couple a watch from renowned brands such as Titan, Sonata, Citizen and so on. This will definitely enhance your brother’s look and personality. If you want to send useful gift articles then you can opt for men’s accessories such as portfolios, wallets, belts, pen, pen stand and so on. Men’s Personal Care Hamper will also be an ideal gift for your brother. These hampers come with diverse types of gift items such as deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor, etc, from renowned brands like Gillette, Park Avenue, Garnier and many more. Your brother will be overwhelmed to receive these hampers. You can even bestow the blessing of God on him by sending auspicious spiritual gift items such as holy idols, silver coins and spiritual accessories. These Bhai Dooj gifts will amaze your brother on Bhai Dooj. Moreover, these gifts will definitely make him feel your presence and he will be overjoyed to receive  these wonderful gifts. Send these gifts to India and make the festival memorable.  

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    Send attractive Gifts to your Siblings on Bhai Dhuj 2011

    Diwali, the festival of light, is celebrated by the people of India with great vigour and devotion. It is a five day festival where each day is spent with lots of excitement and merriment. People, irrespective of age, look forward to celebrate Diwali as lightning their home with diyas and bursting crackers are all significant part of this glorious festival. Amongst the five day celebration, Bhai Dhooj is one which is celebrated widely be the people with great ardor and devotion. On this day, sisters perform Pujas for their brothers’ well being and happiness and shower them with gifts. Even if you are miles away, the numerous online gifting sites like, which have come up which will help you to send gifts to your brother on Bhai Dhooj. Since gifts are an integral part of this festival, we at have classified a separate Bhai Dhooj gifts collection. If you browse through this section, you will come across a wide variety of gifts which will definitely be appreciated by your dear brother. But, before you select items to send as gifts to India, please do keep your brother’s preference in mind. This is an imperative point to note if you want your gift to be appreciated by him. In the Bhai Dhooj section, you can avail watches, accessories, gadgets, apparels, sweets, perfumes and many more. Watches are popular gifts for any occasion. This is because watches no matter the design is always appreciated by the recipient. Furthermore, this is an accessory where having more than one gives a whole new look to your wardrobe. Keeping this in mind, brings you the same from numerous brands like Fastrack, Citizen, Titan, Timex, etc. If your brother is a teenager or a college goer then a watch from the latest Fastrack selection will be a good choice to opt for. This is because the watches in these section are trendy and stylish which will appeal to the younger generation. Along with these, we have also showcased a wide variety of Fastrack watches which will surely be an appropriate gift for your professional brother on Bhai Dhooj 2011. Apart from these, the watches from Titan, Timex, Citizen are also worth checking out as they are renowned brands in this arena. For your tech-savvy brother, you can choose gifts from the gadgets section. Computer peripherals, digital camera, mobiles, handy-cams, IPods are some items which you will find in this section. Since electronic items as gifts are also appreciated by men, you can be sure that your brother will be thrilled to receive these as gifts from you on this festival. Besides these, apparels and a bottle of perfume will also make wonderful gifts. In our men’s wear section, you can choose from formal shirts, trousers, jeans and neck-ties. Furthermore, these are from popular brands like Park Avenue, Peter England, Moustache and Denim, hence, you can rest assure about its quality and durability.  Besides these, you can also send delicious sweets, gift vouchers, personal care products, spiritual and silver gifts as gifts to India from US or any part of the world to your brother on Bhai Dooj through us. is a popular e-gifting site with the help of which you can send gifts to India on this glorious festival from any corner of the world. With our efficient delivery service, the gift will reach your brother in India on time and in good condition. Besides this, our 24 hours customer care service allows you to place your order as per your convenience. If you are wondering when is Bhai Dooj in 2011 then it is on 28th October. Thus, place your order with us and make this celebration really special for your dear brother.

  • Bhai Dooj Gifts

    Delight your brother with Exclusive gifts on Bhai Dooj 2011

    India is a secular country that commemorates every festivals and occasions with lots of grandeur and enthusiasm. Among various festivals, Bhai Dooj is a prominent one. Bhai Dooj is an important ritual during Diwali and mostly celebrates the pious relationship between brother and sister. If you are wondering as to when is Bhai Dooj in 2011, note that it is on October 28. On this day, you can pamper your dear brother with a wide variety of gifts. As gifts are loved by everyone, your brother will surely treasure your gifts. However, if you stay abroad and is unable to attend the festivities in home this year, send gifts to India through gifts portals. Online gifts portal that has been operating since a decade serves this purpose very well. The site has launched a wide plethora of gifts for brothers. On this day the sister affectionately applies tika to their brothers’ forehead and gratifies him with a wide variety of gifts. You can amaze your loving brother with stylish apparels. As apparels appreciate a person’s look and attire, send fashionable clothes to your loving bro and let him flaunt his personality. The site has a handsome variety of shirts, trousers or jeans. Along with that, watches as gifts would also constitute favourable gift items. Watches from leading brands like Titan, Timex, Angora, Citizen, Fastrack etc. are showcased in the site. Electronics are loved by all men. So you can select exclusive electronic products for your brother as Bhai Dooj gifts. The “Gadgets” section comes with wide array of electronic products. If your brother loves photography, exclusive digital cameras are best gifts for him. In the “Bhai Dooj Gadgets” section you will come across a  wide profusion of latest technology cameras from renowned brands such as Canon, Sony, Samsung etc. Each camera comes with special technical features. These technical specifications of the cameras will definitely help your dear ones to click classic photographs. Apart from camera, if your dear brother is technology savvy then you can present him web-cams, pen-drives, epilators, I-pods, MP3 Players, mobiles etc. You can also opt for personal grooming items such as electric shaver, hair styler etc. He will definitely be overwhelmed to receive these electronic items. Gift hampers will also be perfect gift that you can send to your dear sibling. The gift hampers come with variety of attractive gift articles such as flowers, cakes, sweets etc. The hampers come with formal men’s apparels, men’s accessories as well as gift vouchers. He will definitely be delighted to receive these attractive hampers. Besides hampers, gift vouchers which are mere gift certificate also acts as an exciting gifts. Gift vouchers from leading brands like Shoppers Stop, Reebok, Gili, Titan etc. are absolutely apt for this festival. Vouchers from leading eatery out-lets like Taj, Pizza Hut or Mainland China will surely help your dear brother enjoy the palatable food items. You can also send aromatic perfumes from leading national or international brands like Lacoste, Giorgio Armani, Dior etc. as gifts to India from US. Your brother  will definitely be overwhelmed to receive this dumbfounding gifts. In addition to that, sumptuous sweets which are considered favourable gifts for any season, would surely make this festival sweet. If your brother has a sweet tooth, bewilder him by sending a pack of mouth-watering sweets like Badam barfi, Kaju Suraj etc. He will surely enjoy the fresh palatable sweets. Thus, make this Bhai Dooj 2011 highly significant with amazing quality of gifts from the site that has been delivering sweet smiles in the form of astounding gifts for years. Thus every time you want to amaze your dear ones with gifts, send gifts to India from this site and make your loved ones in India feel extremely special.