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This chapter informs the readers bout the most amazing ways to celebrate Bhai Dooj.

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    Ways to make Bhai Dooj celebration Grand

    The festival of Bhai Dooj comes only once a year and thus it is very important to make this celebration worth remembering. This occasion takes place on the dwitiya of the shukla paksha in the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartik. The Bhai Dooj celebration is a very auspicious one that is observed mainly by the sister putting a tika on the brother’s forehead. Gifts giving is a very important aspect of this festival that makes this awesome festival a grand one. Staying away from your siblings can be tough but these fantastic Bhai Dooj gift ideas can surely make them feel cherished. A variety of such gifting options are available on this reliable online gift store to be sent to India. Dry Fruits These tasty and healthy treats are loved by most people and hence they can make a good gift for your sibling. This online gifting portal has a large number of exquisite dry fruits that can be found in hampers as well. The Chocolate & Dry Fruit Thali comes in an ornately carved pink box with delectable raisins and other gifts.   Silver Gifts Silver is believed to be very auspicious and therefore it is considered to be the perfect gift idea for this occasion. Different types of utensils and other puja items made out of silver have been showcased on this gifting site. The Classic Puja Diya from Jpearls has several beautiful carvings on its base and it can be used during any festive occasion.   Chocolates These sweet delights are enjoyed by everyone because of their delectable taste and smooth texture. You can get a variety of branded and handmade chocolates here that have been made into hampers. The Square Thali of Chocolate is made up of a wooden thali filled with different types of branded chocolates.   Bhai Dooj Hampers A hamper of lovely gifts will be loved by your siblings and hence you can easily send such exciting gifts for them. The hampers on this online gift store have been subdivided into four different sections based on the items they hold. There are chocolate hampers, dry fruit hampers, sweet hampers as well as hampers for brother.   Sweets for Brother It is customary to give a platter of sweets to the brother during this festival and as such sweets form an important part. Many varieties of delectable sweets are present on this online gifting portal that your brother will truly cherish. The Sweets Thali is in a designer thali having three types of mawa and kaju sweets.   Bhaiya Puja Thali The rituals of the Bhai Dooj puja are performed using a puja thali and thus a puja thali can be a good gift for your sister. This gifting site holds a number of such thalis along with various other puja accessories that can be used as well. The Pure Silver Thali is from Sri Jagdamba Pearls and it consists of a round thali, two dabbis and a spoon made out of silver.   Enjoy this coming Bhai Dooj to the fullest extent by sending sending these and other gifts to your siblings. You can send gift to India through us in a very easy process and your gift will surely reach in time. There are also various other kinds of gifts here for many events and occasions like Durga Puja.  

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    Easy yet Tempting Sweet Dishes for Bhai Dooj

    The festival of Bhai Dooj remains incomplete without delicious and toothsome sweet dishes being prepared. They can also be easily sent as gifts to India for the brothers by their sisters on this occasion. Bhai Dooj takes place just a day after Diwali and as such it is another chance of rejoicing and celebrating everything grand. It is customary to feed the brother sweets on this festival apart from exchanging exclusive gifts. Due to the widespread advent and popularity of online gifting, sending gifts to India on this as well as other occasions is quite hassle free. There are a variety of special sweet dishes for this festival that are easy to make and also quite traditional. Kaju barfi is an Indian sweet that is loved by most and it has cashew nuts as its main ingredient. The other items necessary for this process are powdered sugar, water, ghee or coconut oil and a few strands of saffron. After powdering the cashew nuts, they are to be put in the pan of sugar syrup where they will thicken and after adding the ghee a proper mithai can be created. Another favourite among most Indians is gajar ka halwa or halwa that is made out of fresh carrots. For making this, you will need milk, cardamom seeds, water, ghee, raisins, almonds, pistachios and sugar. The grated carrots are to be boiled and added to milk after which the other ingredients are to be added in due course.   There is also fruit kheer which is a delicacy made out of fresh fruits and curd and loved by everyone. Ingredients required for this delicacy are fruits like banana and orange, saffron, sugar and plain curd. After making a mixture out of all the other ingredients, the cut, peeled and segmented segmented fruits are added and allowed to soak in the other flavours. A treat of badam ka halwa that is made out of almonds can also win a number of hearts for you. The recipe also requires a few drops of saffron colour, powdered sugar, ghee as well as fresh milk. Milk is added to the soaked almonds and then made into a paste which is added to a sugar syrup and thickened with the saffron colour and ghee.   You can try your hand at making a platter of khoya barfi that is made totally out of milk and is quite tasty. This dish also requires powdered sugar, chopped pistachios, cardamom powder as well as a silver sheet. Sugar is added into the thickened milk after which the rest of the ingredients are added to create a paste on which the silver sheet is placed. The festival of Bhai Dooj becomes more cherished with a platter of malpua that is a must have delicacy. You will only require milk, maida, suji, ghee and also water for making this awesome treat at home. The roasted suji is added to the reduced milk along with the maida and made into a batter which is fried in ghee in the shape of pancakes and then dipped in sugar syrup.   Apart from a variety of wonderful sweet delicacies, this online gift store also deals with a myriad of exciting Bhai Dooj gift ideas. The fantastic gifts for this occasion that have been showcased here includes hampers, cufflinks, gadgets and much more. Here you can get a number of men’s accessories that you can send as a gift for your dear brother. The Watch Box is made out of wood and it contains six compartmentalised sections for keeping watches. There are also charming spiritual gifts on this online gifting portal where you can get many options. The Auspicious Ganesha on Peacock Chowki is a gift of spiritual idol that features Lord Ganesha sitting on a decorated chowki.   These gifts along with wonderful sweet dishes can make this coming Bhai Dooj a very awesome one. Such wonderful delicacies are very easy to make and the end result is very tempting and worthwhile. You can also look for gifts for other occasions, events and festivals on this gifting site that can be sent to India.