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Recipes for Bengali New Year

The chapter talks about the different recipes and food habits of the Bengalis during their new year festival. Many exciting food items make their place on the platter during this time.

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    New Aged Sweets On Bengali New Year Can Make You Happy

    Besides 1st January there’s again a grand celebration of New Year by the Bengali folks. On 14th April the Bengali New Year gift ideas, Charak Mela, traditional songs, Jalebi food stalls and the spicy aloor dum makes the day epic. It is the day of new beginnings for all the business people in Bengal as they close the earlier accounts. Not only in India, but this Bengali New Year or Poila Baisakh is celebrated in countries like Australia, Bangladesh and England while people also send gifts to India from USA to their Bong friends. In Bangladesh it is a national holiday while in Australia fairs are organised in Sydney and Canberra; and here the Austrians enjoy Bengali art, music and dance fairs. No celebration is ever wrapped up without the most delicious eatables being served on the traditional platter. This is also the case of Bengali culture, and if we are talking about a Bengali New Year than loads of dishes are to be expected for sure. A New Year should definitely be accompanied with a diversity of tempting sweets. You can showcase a Rasgulla in front of your guests and they would be delighted but that was definitely a traditional case. In today’s era, there are innovative developments in the fields of science, art, commerce and off-course food because, let’s face it, food is definitely an important criteria. The region of Bengal is so developed in the fields of art that you would be amazed to know how food is on a new higher level. Here is the list of some lovely new- aged dishes that would definitely satisfy your craving for sweets, thereon bringing a happy smile to your faces. The Malpua Cheesecake is quite surprising. This shows what happens when the two most fantabulous dishes blend together to give rise to the most fantabulous creation among sweets. The city of Kolkata gives you such an extraordinary dish of Malpua Cheesecake. The ethnic Malpuas or we can say the chena pancakes are set in a layer with the yummy Cheesecakes. For all the chocolate lovers Chocolate Sandesh is the best development of the traditional Bengali dish Sandesh. You can also include a Chocolate Sandesh while sending gifts to India on 14th April.   Jolbhora Sandesh is a Sandesh that is stuffed with dry fruits. The soft Coconut Mousse comes together with the signature Mustard of Bengali cuisine to form an experimental Mustard and Coconut Mousse. Nolen Gurer truffle is a truffle consisting of jaggery. Nolen Gurer Madeleine is again a fusion of western and Bengali food culture for the foodies who want something new to be served on their table. Let’s celebrate this Bengali New year with this combination of tasty, buttery and spongy cake with jaggery that is a common trademark of Bengali Cuisine. The Italian herb Rosemary added to the traditional milk based recipes of Bengal creates a delicious Rosemary Sandesh. Dilkhush is a sweet that has a pleasant kesar flavour for the Bengali people. Imagine a Bengali Sandesh with a regal taste of ripe mangoes on a new year day, that is the new aged Alphonso Sandesh. This natural sweet dish is like a cultural gift to India and its rich heritage from Bengal.   These wonderful sweets are sure to make this Bengali New Year even more fun and entertaining. But if you are staying away from your family members and friends then you must be missing out on these. Sending a gift to India from this online gift store can help you to stay close with loved ones during such times.  

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    200 Year Old Bengali New Year Recipes

    The eastern part of the Indian sub-continent which is now divided into Bangladesh and West Bengal celebrates its new year on 14th April. If we speak of the Bangaliana or the Bengali tradition, the Bengalis send gifts to India, greet each other, visit the special fairs and prepare delicious cuisines. Everyone is pumped up about the festivities of this first day of Poila Baisakh; they prepare a variety of dishes to add spicy and sweet flavours to this special day. The aroma of luchi, aloor dom, sandesh, mishti doi, cholar dal and rasgullas fills every Bengali kitchen during mid April. Some of these dishes are inspired straight from the Era of British, Mughals or Chinese which were several ages ago. Some traditional dishes can be upto 150 to 200 years old. Let us know about these age-old yet ever yummy Bengali New year recipes. A paneer like smooth cheese or chhana is used to make the most amazing sweets of Bengali New Year from over a decade like Chhanar Murki. You will     be surprised to know how this chhana was from the Dutch influence in the 1790s . However, this "schmierkase" or Dutch Cheese lacked the binding capacity needed for making the famous Bengali Mishtis or Rasgullas. It was only in 18th century that the technology was brought up. The Portuguese and the Dutch people in 18th century brought the lactic acid technology which created fine chhana with high binding capacity. The creative Bengali New Year gift ideas can always include a decorative pack of Rasgullas for the fellow Bong friends.   The nolen gur or what we can call as the fresh winter jaggery is the essence of food paradise in Bengal, creating dishes like Jal Bhora Shaada Tal Shaash. It is the rose scented sugar syrup that is filled in a palm shaped chhana sandesh. The Portuguese Bandel is the ultimate source of inspiration behind this popular sweet of New Year. The town’s moiras or the sweet makers of Burdwan during olden times would always prefer the most delicious sweet rice recipe, the Sita bhog. It is a sweet and fragrant pulao with grains of chhana eaten in Bengal during the auspicious occasions like Poila Baisakh. Interestingly, the cylindrical shaped Pantua known as Langcha were first made in the honor of  Countess Charlotte Canning and it is associated with the town of Shaktigarh. Unlike Rasgullas, these lovely sweets are deeply fried golden or brown before being immersed in the sugary syrup. Monohora is the best dish of chhana. It is a very soft chhana ball shot through green coconut, infused with the heat of cloves and cardamom, and covered with a veil of fondant. Raskora, a small bundle of joy, is a coconut flavoured ball of chhana, infused with black pepper, camphor and cardamom.   As you have the efficient knowledge of the yummiest traditional dishes of Bengali New Year, you can refer to these fantastic age old sweets while you are going to send gift to India to your family, friends and beloved. It is easier and more convenient in this online generation when you can also send gifts to India from USA, UK or wherever you are with just a simple click on this online gift store.  

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    Significance Of Bengali Cuisine On Bengali New Year

    The white spongy rasgullas, the appetizing aloor dom and the ever yummy dudh puli, all of these dishes awakes one’s memories of traditional Bengal. Being a Bong, if you are outside your hometown, you need not worry about 14th April. You can easily take part in the festivities and send gifts to India from USA with some exclusive Bengali New Year gift ideas. Every Bengali is very pumped up about the mid April festivities. It is the special New Year day for them or shall we say the auspicious festival of Poila baisakh for them. In Bangladesh this day is one step ahead as it has been declared as a national holiday. The most pre-eminent feature of this magnificent festival is its one in a million cuisine. The finger-licking dishes which are served on a Bengali New Year day show the multi-heritage culture of India. What we term as Bengali cuisine is a culinary style originating in the eastern part of India. With its subtle flavours, the traditional food of Bengal has evolved through its history and the trade links. The Turkish, Mughal, European as well as Chinese influence are major behind its evolution. While the bakeries of Bengal were inspired by the Turkish people from the ancient 13th century, the dishes like Kati Roll were inspired by the British rule.   You would be deeply surprised to know how the roots of this Bengali cuisine lies in the 19th Century widow reform movements of Bengal. The practices which once prevailed were stretched for a small time, but they contributed to the modification of Bengali food. The leftover cuts of vegetables like spinach ends or vegetable peels, the use of ginger and other vegetarian diet can be referred to as the inspiration sources from the basic practices of widows. Moreover, agriculture and hunting further influenced the Bengali food. Small children, youth or adults, everyone waits for this Bengali New Year and craves for the luscious dishes meant to be served especially for this day. People from a distant country send gifts to India from US, UK or wherever they are, to their fellow bongs on 14th April. Wherever they are, the Bongs never fail to greet each other and prepare traditional food items on Poila Baisakh. The most prominent items that you can taste on the authentic Bengali platter are being mentioned here.   The yellow split pea cakes soaked known as Dhokar Dalna is a Bengali style curry that is the most common dish of Bengalis. Aloor Dom is a dish made up of fried potatoes, ginger paste and other spices and is accompanied by puffed bread known as luchi. Lobongo Lotika is a sweet stuffed parcel, secured by cloves and immersed in thick sugar syrup. Dudh Puli are the crescent shaped dumplings made up of rice, milk, cardamom and cinnamon. Shukto helps as an appetizer and has the bitter taste of bitter gourd. For the many tasty dishes, it helps to cleanse your taste buds and is quite healthy. So let us have a delightful new year with the mouth-watering Bengali cuisine. Send lovely giftstoIndia with brilliant Bengali New Year gift ideas from this online gift store and greet each other from whichever part of the world you are in. The day of 14th April is the onset of a new year and the dawn of new light.  

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    Celebrate Bengali New Year With Bengali Cuisine

    The mid April extends a warm fáilte towards all the Bengalis in a far out way as they celebrate the Poila Baisakh or Bengali New year. Bengali New Year gift ideas never fail to amaze the relatives on 14th April every year. They remit sweets and other beautiful tokens of love to their fellow mates and prepare useful handmade or customized items. The Bengali day of New Year is marked with such rare fervency and vim that you hardly have ever witnessed. People from Assam, Jharkhand, Odisha and other Indian states make this day exclusively special by enjoying classical jatra, fairs, singing and traditional cuisine. Cuisines are the most paramount element of any Indian festival and the basic necessity for any traditional day. If it is the Bengali New Year then no one can possibly forget the mouth-watering foodstuff. As soon as the month of April is showcased on the daily calendar, the Bengali people start rolling up their sleeves. We cannot blame them, as it is the day of bright new beginnings and the best moment to have a whale of a time. Even the people who reside outside India are never far away from the spirits of this delightful occasion. Sending gifts to India for their fellow Bengalis on Poila Baisakh is yet again a lovely tradition in this gen-next world. Relatives and friends are deeply overwhelmed by this special affection that they receive in India gifts of their choice. Whether they receive a Ferrero Rocher box or a customized show piece to adorn their home, everything touches them. What a Bengali waits for is to prepare the best cuisines to serve their beloved and to add some flavours to this New Year.   Whether you are a hardcore fan of fast food, Mexican dishes or Italian food, your taste buds would forever savour the taste of Bengali food. Especially on a new year’s day, the traditional cuisines are something to be cherished for a lifetime. Plenty of food on 14th April is what a typical Bengali dreams of on this day. After all it is an Indian festival and Indian cultures are so dynamic that no single individual can possibly deny the variety of food served in various parts of the country. The way to the heart goes straight from the delicious food offered and if it is time for Bengali New Year then the traditional cuisine becomes the top most priority. Some of the fascinating features of this food will make you crave for it much before 14th April. Kasundi is a pungent mustard paste that is prominently used in Bengali eatables as a type of a dipping sauce. You can always see the fluffy and tasty luchi or kochuri on a Bengali table; these can be stuffed with peas, pulses, etc. Like South Indians, Bengalis are also rice eaters. Pantha Bhat and Pulao are the best examples.   The most significant part of their desserts are the sweets made of milk and chhana. Different seasons are made special with different dishes, for instance, pitha and payesh are prepared in winter. The Bengali cuisine depicts a reflection of its seasoning that includes the panch phoron or the five tempering. This surely means that a Bengali food is never complete without mustard, cumin, nigella, fenugreek and fennel. The tempting and yummy Bengali cuisine is downright from the influence of Chinese, Jewish, Mughal and European culture. The Jews brought the bakeries to the ever prospering cuisine of Bengal and you will be surprised to know that the families of Tipu Sultan added the flavour of Mughlai Cuisine. So let us greet our friends by saying Shubho Noboborsho, preparing Aloor Dom, Bhaja, Khir, Luchi, Dudh Puli, Fuluri, Bhapa, Aloo Bhate and Rasgullas and sending hearty giftstoIndia if you are away from your country.  

  • Bengali Menu

    Make The Bongs Smile With Bengali New Year Special Menu

    The radiant round faces of every Bong would beam with a beatific smile on a Bengali New Year, usually celebrated on 14th April. The Bengali New Year gift ideas, the piquant meals, the probhat pheri processions in the morning, the Chaitra sale and the extraordinary fairs; all of these adds a specific beauty to the Poila Baisakh festival. Distance can never sunder the fellow Bengalis from each other as from whichever country one resides they can easily send gifts to India. Through this online gifting portal it is as simple as a child’s play to send gifts to India from USA or from UK in this modern generation. The most thrilling attribute of this Bengali New Year is it’s authentic food platter for which every member of the family awaits. It is the exclusiveness of the Bengali cuisine that adds a spicy flavour to the first day of their new year. Let us get acquainted with this Bengali New Year special menu, try these out at home and make the Bongs smile wider. Here we bring before you, the best picks from the menu. For breakfast it is customary to have Alu Dhonepata Tarkari which is the luscious fried potato dish which can be prepared with gravy or as dry both. It’s subtle, plain but yummy flavour can be made accompanied by coriander leaves, onion and green chilli. Radhaballavi is the most prominent Bengali food and tastier as well. It is like a puffed bread stuffed with urad dal and can be served with aloor dum or cholar dal.   For lunch you can have Doi Fulkopi which is again a unique and mouth-watering Bengali recipe of cauliflower and curd. Mochar Ghonto is another fantastic dish on the Bengali menu which involves the efficient utilisation of vegetables like banana flower. The ingredients are banana flower, pea nut, bay leaves and other spices. For dinner there is Mishti Pulao that is a sweet saffron rice preparation immersed in ghee, cashew, raisin, pistachio. The Mishti Pulao is quintessential for a Durga Puja or a Bengali New Year celebration. Chholar Dal and Luchi is very close to the hearts of every Bong. It is a special gram dal prepared for ceremonial purposes. It is served with puri or the fried puffed bread. Delicious desserts like Mishti Doi or the sweet curd are prepared to cool down your senses. The yogurt, milk and sugar are the basic ingredients of this dish. One sure has to think about mango lovers especially on the day of New Year. Surprise your guests with the yummy and fresh Mango Mousse made up of ripe mangoes, coconut cream and sugar. The milk cream cakes are baked and then immersed in sugar syrup to create the ultimate magic called Shor Bhaja. Komola Bhog is a slight variation of our most favourite Rasgullas. It is of orange colour which is made up of chhana and is stuffed with kesar and dry fruits. You can also include a box of sweet Komola Bhog while sending gifts to India, to give this day a Bong touch.   These as well as other special Bengali New Year dishes are sure to make this Poila Baisakh grand. Sending gifts for your family members and friends from this online gift store can prove to be the icing on the cake. Make these tasty dishes and send surprises for your loved ones to make the coming Nababarsha memorable.