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Bengali New Year Gift Ideas

Bengali New Year Gift Ideas

‘Bengali New Year’ also called ‘Poila Baishakh’ is a auspicious day for Bengalis. This day is highly significant for Bengalis in West Bengal, Bangladesh, Assam and Tripura, as this day marks the first day of the Bengali calendar. As exchange of gifts form a unique part of Indian culture and tradition, this new year’s day is no exception to it. Thus to facilitate this purpose, the site has launched a separate section that showcases a varied collection of Bengali New Year Gifts. As sweets are favourites among Bengalis, one may opt for mouth-watering sweets through this site. In addition to that, aromatic flowers, alluring gift hampers, crunchy dry-fruits etc. will surely make the occasion graceful. The articles assigned in this chapter gives a detailed insight on the gifts that you can send to your dear ones to make this occasion memorable.

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  • happybny

    Traditional Bengali Gifts for New Year

    Bengali New Year also known as Poila Boishakh is celebrated in the month of April to celebrate the new year according to the bengali calendar. On this day people celebrate by wishing each other a happy new year and also spending time with family ad friends for a nice feast, celebration, adda and lots of fun. For those you aren’t with their family and friends in India now you can send traditional Bengali Gifts and surprise them, and if you are having trouble in choosing we can help you in selecting. Bengali Sweets - This is the first and foremost gift that you should send to your family and friends in India and let them enjoy the taste of traditional bengali sweets. As this is a happy and auspicious occasion for bengali community it is definitely celebrated with lots of sweets to indulge in. the sweets you can send your loved ones on this day can be Malpua Sandesh Rasgulla Cham Cham Rajbhog Apparel - On bengali new year another popular gift to send to your family and friends in India is apparel. For men you can send t-shirts, shirts, jeans, formal pant and also traditional clothes like kurta pajama. For women you can send salwar, saree, jeans, tops and for kids you can send dresses for girls and top and pant for boys. The exchange of new clothes as gift is quiet a tradition on Bengali New Year and so it will be a great gifting idea for you as well. Chocolates - For your kids, niece or nephews you can send delicious chocolates on the occasion of Bengali New Year to India. They will definitely love this gift of chocolates and enjoy eating them. Choose the best brands of chocolates to be sure of their quality and also be sure there isn’t any ingredient which will cause any reaction to them. Click here to see chocolate collection Jewellery - On the occasion of Bengali New Year you can also send jewellery to your sister, wife or girlfriend and surprise them. You can send gold or diamond metal jewellery for them with great design which will complement their beauty. Make sure your loved one is not allergic to the metal of jewellery you are choosing for them. Click here to see jewellery catalogue Flowers - For the elders who you wish to send your regards on Bengali New Year you can send them Flowers and convey your regards. Choose flower arrangement which will be loved by them, fresh blooming flowers will truly make the occasion more enjoyable for them. Flowers are the best way to emote your emotions to your loved ones when they are not near you. Click here the list of flowers 6. Pastries - Since its Bengali New Years all your loved ones will enjoy the time together and so sending them delicious pastries will be a good idea to celebrate the occasion with them. Send different flavours of pastries so everyone can enjoy it and also feel your presence through your gift.

  • Bengali Gift Vouchers

    Give the Gift of Freedom on Bengali New Year with Gift Vouchers

    Bengali new Year is coming soon and you can celebrate this special day by giving the gift of freedom to your dear ones. Gift Vouchers form excellent Bengali New Year gift ideas and you can send these vouchers as gifts to India from USA which your loved ones in India are simply going to love. Because these vouchers provide them with the freedom of either shopping to their heart’s content or eating out a delicious meal of their desire. There are many categories of gift vouchers which you can give to your family. Accessories Vouchers : There are many Bengalis who consider it as auspicious to buy gold or diamonds on New Year. Give them the freedom to do so with Tanishq vouchers. Also other accessories which are regalia include watches as it signifies the heralding of a new time. Thus help someone buy a new gift for themselves with the Titan voucher. There are different price vouchers to suit your budget and needs. Choose one and enjoy in gifting.   Food Vouchers : We all know that bengalis are huge foodies and they love their maach-bhaat and mishti-doi to the core. So give them the freedom of eating their hearts out by giving them food vouchers from popular food joints like Oh! Calcutta, Sigree, Machaan, Taj Bengal restaurants etc. You will also get many options and offers as it is commonly given in these famous food joints on the occasion of Bengali New Year and to top it on, if they have food vouchers then their happiness will know no bounds.   Apparel Vouchers : New Year is the time when all Bengalis either shop or gift new apparels to their loved ones or for themselves. It is a tradition to wear new clothes on the New Year day and a sale goes on a month before New Year on all kinds of clothing. Let your dear ones enjoy the freedom of shopping for apparels with gift vouchers of popular apparel stores like Pantaloons, Fab India, Shoppers stop etc where you will get loads of well chosen clothes to suit your fashion needs. Send these as gifts to India and it will be as good as sending actual apparels.   Lifestyle Vouchers : Apart from food and apparels, there are many other products which are required to maintain our regular lifestyle and necessary to celebrate this event. This becomes even more necessary when we prepare all the food and other specialities associated with the festival at home. The materials required for our day to day survival is easily accessible from multi stores like Big Bazaar, Lifestyle etc where you can give these vouchers and surprise the ones in India.   Apart from these categories of vouchers, many more such vouchers are available for your perusal. Also the same category of vouchers are available in different price varieties to suit your budget and purpose. Send gifts to India from USA and give your friends and family the freedom to shop their hearts out on Bengali New Year.  

  • Gifts for Poila Boishak

    Popular Gift Ideas for Bengali New Year

    Bengali New Year or Poila Boishak or Noboborsho is the first day of the Bengali calendar celebrated on 14th April in Bangladesh and on 15th April in India and other countries by the Bengali Hindu community all over the world. This day is considered to be auspicious and all Bengali businesses - new and old are started or renewed on this day after morning puja. People buy new clothes, exchange gifts among loved ones, visit temples, cook and savour sumptuous meals and organize cultural shows to celebrate this day. So you must be wondering what gifts to send to your loved ones on this day. Let’s discuss some Bengali New Year gift ideas. Poila Boishak Mugs : These special Poila Boishak coffee mugs comes with Bengali New Year wishes and messages inscribed on them. Send these gifts to enliven the coffee drinking experience of your loved ones. The Heartfelt New Year Wishes mug is a beautifully designed apt Poila Boishak gift which will be treasured forever. Sweets : Any Bengali festival or occasion without sweets is unimaginable. Bengali cuisine is synonymous with sweets. So sending them sweets on this day is an apt gift. Gift your loved ones in India with the Tasty Mixed Sweets Hamper which contains an assorted tray of tempting sweets of weight 1 kg. You will easily get it from this reliable and reputed online gifting portal. Gift Vouchers : If you are unable to decide as to what gift to send, then send them gift vouchers of shopping outlets or food outlets. Bengalis love eating delicious food and thus gifting them with the Oh! Calcutta Dining Voucher worth Rs. 3000/- will make them go Bonkers! Oh! Calcutta specializes in bengali cuisine and a food trip down there will be worthwhile. You can also avail to various offers and discounts using the gifts to India coupon code for this exclusive online gifting shop. Gift Hampers : Gift hampers are one of a kind gifts as these help you send an assortment of many gifts together. Flower delivery to India has been made easier through this reputed gifting website with same day delivery option. Send the Delicious Goodies Hamper to your loved ones. It contains Karachi cashew biscuit, fox blackcurrant, davidoff rich aroma, davidoff sommeliers masterpiece, stute diabetic peach jam, kraft cheddar cheese, twinings earl grey tea, clear mint drop fox candy, peach jam. Home Decor : Bengali women love adorning their home with both spiritual and trendy things. But what they love doing best is preparing those lip smacking delicious foods. So gift the women in your life who love cooking the Passionate About Cooking kitchenware set which comes with apron, oven mittens, pot holder and kitchen napkins to aid them in the kitchen. You can choose among these and many other gifts for bengali New Year from this reputed online shopping portal. You can also send anniversary gifts to India and gifts for other events and occasions.  

  • New Tasty sweets

    New-aged sweets adds happiness to Bengali New Year Celebration

    The first thing which comes to mind on any bengali occasion is sweets. No festival or celebration is complete for Bengalis without sweets. The iconic “Rasgulla” or the “Mishti Doi” brings a smile and cheer across every Bengali’s face throughout the globe. But now with increasing globalization and with intermixing of cultures people are more open to experimenting with new flavours and types when it comes to sweets and other cuisine. People no longer want the same age old sweets only. They are in search of different varieties in sweets, and this has brought a radical change in the Sweets industry. Bengali New Year is coming soon and all bengalis are gearing up for ushering in the New Year. Exchanging gifts like apparels, food items and other gifts is a common tradition. Sweets is one of the best Bengali new year gift ideas. And when the sweetmeat shops have so different varieties to offer why not go for it? Some examples of new aged sweets are the Mango Sandesh - with mango fillings inside, Baked Rosogulla - which melts in your mouth, the kaccha aam sondesh - fillings of kaccha aam flavoured jelly in sandesh, Jolbhora in various flavours like orange, blackcurrant, pineapple, chocolate etc. Diabetic and health conscious people are also looking for healthier sweets options. Dadagiri sweet is a new invention of sweet in Kolkata which is a delight for the taste buds as well as low on calorie Also The Ice Cream Sandesh, the chocolate sweets like Chocolate Sandesh, Chocolate cheesecake etc. Then there is the Rose cream, Monohora, Abar Khabo sweets which are quintessentially traditional and delicious at the same time. Many kinds of Kaju sweets like Kaju Gujia, Kesar Barfi, Kaju Pista Barfi, Kaju Roll etc are a rage now. You can also send mother’s day gifts to India with these sweets. Also traditional sweets such as Ladykeni, Rajbhog, Chom Chom, nolen gurer sandesh etc make very good items For gifting. You can also send anniversary gifts to India with these traditional sweets. But for people living far away from their loved ones, sending gifts to India has been made very easy, convenient and hassle free with the help of this reputed and reliable online gifting portal. There is a huge collection of sweets available on this gifting website. You will get both  new aged and traditional Indian sweets, Mithai hamper as well as Mithai Thali. You will get various kinds of exotic sweets like chocolate barfi, mewa pista barfi etc. Tickle the taste buds of your dear ones by sending these various kinds of sweets to your loved ones. Upgrade to new age sweets to make this bengali new year even more wonderful.  

  • Poila Baisakh Gifts

    Celebrate Bengali New Year with Traditional Gifts

    A new year marks a new beginning and brings a lot of hope for the coming year. According to a popular saying, Bengalis always find reasons for celebration. This year, Bengali New Year will be observed on Wednesday, 15th April. This day not only gives an opportunity to start afresh, but also a chance to celebrate! The Bengali New Year or ‘Poila Baisakh’ is a festival of sweets, gifts, new clothes and a lot more. Bengali New Year Gift ideas A Bengali New Year is welcomed with a lot of celebration and gifts. Exchanging gifts between family, friends and relatives is an inseparable trait of this occasion. Sending gifts to India is one of the best ways to make your loved ones feel your presence around them and vice versa. To ease your task of choosing the right gift for the occasion, we bring you some gift ideas for Bengali New Year to suit all tastes and the spirit of the day. Sweets Bengalis are known for their love for sweets. A sweet box containing a broad range and variety of sweets completes the celebration of a festival like a new year, and Poila Baisakh is no exception. If you are staying abroad, you can be sure to charm your loved ones by sending delectable sweets. Opt for the favorite Rasgullas and Rajbhog or varieties of Kaju sweets, laddoos, Soan Papdi, assorted sweets or a selection of sweet hamper for a delicious treat to your dear ones. All you need to do is choose the sweets you like and click to send them to your adorables on Poila Baisakh. Dry Fruits Dry fruits are nutritious and have been a regal gift item since time immemorial. In case of making a person happy, there are a very few versatile things that can compete with a dry fruits pack. A beautifully decorated gift box of dry fruits containing crunchy almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio, raisins can bring a smile on anyone’s face. A versatile gift with a long shelf life and health value - dry fruits make a great gifting option for almost all occasions. Home Décor A home décor item is the best thing to be gifted to any family who are newly settled or are planning to redecorate their house. Bengali New Year observes cleaning of houses, redecoration or renovation as part of its customs. can be made happy gifting unique decorative things. Things like a metal Ganesha Wall Hanging, brass Buddha, exquisite show piece, or an artistic flower vase, a decorative mirror, photo frames, etc. can make anyone happy. Send gifts to India on this auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year and wish prosperity to your loved ones in India. Gift Hampers Gift hampers are assortments of multiple gift items packed together. While thinking of gift ideas, gift hampers can’t actually be afforded to miss as there would be something for everyone to love. Gift hampers are best ordered online since you can browse through hundreds of assorted products within a short time and get the perfect one for your dear ones. Hence, one can get the opportunity of reducing both time and labor while offering a gift of his/her dear one’s choice. For those who send online gifts to India, this can be one of the best options for the occasion. Gift Vouchers A gift voucher is the best gift option for those who are confused about the right gift for one’s dearies. A gift voucher of any shop as a gift on this day can make dear ones happy as they can shop anything of their choice at their own convenience. You can opt for dining vouchers to give them a fabulous treat, apparel vouchers from popular retail stores and brands, electronics vouchers for tech savvies, home decor vouchers, shopping vouchers, jewelry vouchers for the lovely ladies of your life and more. Choosing a gift in a traditional way is not always necessary, sometimes thinking out of the box can make your loved one happy. You can opt for a more fashionable gifting trend with Poila Baisakh Mugs that comes with a beautifully imprinted message in Bengali. You can also add chocolates from reputed international brands to your gifting list to make the celebration sweeter. Take time, make your choice from this list of gift ideas and make the Bengali New Year celebration special!