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When is Akshaya Tritiya

When is Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Trithiya is one of the most auspicious days for Hindus,  falls on the third lunar day from Amavayasya (new moon), during the suklapaksha month of vaishaka. The reason for this day to be auspicious is the position of Sun and Moon on that particular day. Every year, Akshaya tritiya falls between April 14th and May 16th.  In Sanskrit, the meaning of Akshaya is never diminishing.  As the meaning says, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya people never feel the scarcity of happiness or bliss. As per the Hindu traditions and culture, this festival is considered as the most significant day to perform sacred deeds and start new ventures. Wish good health and prosperity to your friends and relatives with precious gifts available in the site. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about when is Akshaya Trithiya and the gifts which you can send to your dear ones in India on this festival.

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    When is Akshay Tritiya in 2019

    Akshay Tritiya is a day of worship, celebration, giving back, good luck and prosperity. The Hindus and Jains both observe this day as an extremely auspicious one. It is considered to be a good day to start a new endeavour. Akshay Tritiya is held on the 3rd tithi of the waxing moon in the month of Baisakh. The Jains consider this day holy as their first Tirthankara ended his year long abstinence from all sensual pleasures on this day by drinking sugarcane juice. For the Hindus it is a special day as the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, Parashuram was born on this day. It is also believed that on this day Lord Ganesha started writing the legendary epic of Mahabharata as Ved Vyasa narrated it for him. The diversity of this festival is not only religious, but also regional. While believers of both these religions indulge in charity work on this day for their spiritual upliftment and growth, there are various customs and traditions that are followed in different parts of the country. The North Indians take a dip in the holy waters of the river Ganga to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Sage Parashurama, The Rajasthanis indulge in kite flying competitions, the Bengalis start there new Halkhatas (audit books), the Odiyas begin the construction of the chariot for Rathayatra and the South Indians perform the Maha Vishnu Puja. The day of Akshay Tritiya varies from year to year. But it is a day that makes people’s hearts yearn to come home to the fun frolic and celebration. This auspicious day is being observed on the 7th of May, 2019. Those staying away from home can indulge in the festive spree by sending gifts to their loved ones. This day is considered to be a very good day for purchasing jewellery, so jewellery gift vouchers will be an extremely thoughtful gift for anyone. Sweets, cakes and flowers are a part and parcel of every celebration. Such boxes and bouquets will never go out of fashion on such religiously significant days.

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    When is Akshaya Tritiya in 2017 - The Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Baisakh

    Akshaya Tritiya Calendar 2017 28th April 2017 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30             Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated by people all over India, especially by the followers of Hinduism and Jainism. There are various rituals and customs related to this day which surely include sending gifts to India. The date of the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya is decided by lunisolar calendar that is followed by the Indians. Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be a very opportune time for starting new businesses and other projects. The event takes place on the Tritiya or third day of the Shukla Paksha or bright half in the month of Baisakh. Hence, if you are wondering when is Akshaya Tritiya in 2017 then we would like to inform you that it is on the 28th of April that is a Friday. Akshaya Tritiya Celebration Apart from its popular name, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is also known by other names like Akti and Akha Teej. This day is filled with a lot of religious as well as cultural significance, like being the birthday of Lord Vishnu’s reincarnation Parshurama. It is also believed that the epic tale of Mahabharata was begun on this very day by the learned scholar Ved Vyas. The Jain Tirthankara Rishabhanatha also ended his fast on this day by drinking the juice of sugarcane. Hence, a popular food item for this day is the sugarcane and its juice is highly sought after for this particular event. The worship of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi is also performed and it is considered auspicious to buy gold or other precious metals on this day.   Being away from your dear ones is tough all through the year and this becomes especially true during events like Akshaya Tritiya. In such a situation, you can still surprise them by sending Akshaya Tritiya gift ideas for them. There are many such interesting gift items available on this online gift store that can make this festival grand. Akshaya Tritiya Gifts A combo of flowers and cakes can be a good gifting option for Akshaya Tritiya as such treats are loved by all. The Gerbera and Pineapple Combo contains a bouquet of gerbera flowers and a pineapple flavoured cake. There are also exclusive gift hampers showcased on this online gifting portal where there are many options. The Tasty Mawa Fruit Cake and Kaju Roll Hamper is a sweets hamper comprised of two kinds of sweets.   These gifts to India online are sure to make your friends and family members happy on Akshaya Tritiya. You can also find a number of other gifting options for this festival on the gifting site, apart from the ones mentioned. You can also send gifts to India from US for various other occasions like Bihu and Easter.  

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    When is Akshaya Tritiya in 2016 - The Day of Prosperity

    Akshaya Tritiya Calendar 2016 9th May 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31         Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is a holy day for Hindus and Jains. It falls on the third Tithi of the Bright Half of the pan-Indian month of Vaishakha and one of the the four most important days of Hindus. If you are wondering when is Akshaya Tritiya in 2016, then let us tell you that it falls on 9th of May, which is a Monday. The word "Akshaya" means the never diminishing in Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. It is believed that if you do charity on this day you will be blessed. This day is also auspicious for starting new ventures and is believed to bring prosperity. Akshaya Tritiya Celebration can be made even better by sending gifts to India with the help of this reliable online shopping portal.   Religious Significance : Hinduism : This day is symbolized by God Vishnu - Preserver God of Hindu Trinity. It is said his sixth incarnation Lord Parashuram was born on this day. Also on this day Veda Vyasa and Lord Ganesha started writing the epic Mahabharata. The Treta Yuga is believed to start on this day. Also the River Ganges descended to Earth from heaven on this auspicious day. Goddess Annapoorna Devi was born on this day. It is considered that Lord Kubera received his wealth and position as custodian of wealth and property with Goddess Lakshmi on this day. So on this day people worship the Mudrika and buy gold and silver coins.     Jainism : Followers of Jainism consider Akshaya Tritiya to be a holy and auspicious day. It is associated with Lord Adinatha, also known as Rishabhadeva, first of the twenty-four Tirthankaras. On this day people who observe the year-long alternative day fasting known as Varshi-tap, finish their Tapasya by drinking sugarcane juice. This day is said to have established the very first "ahara charya”, a methodology to prepare and serve food to Jain monks. Lord Rishabhadeva denounced the worldly pleasures after dividing his vast kingdom amongst his 101 sons, prominent of whom are Gomateshwara Bahubali.     Akshaya Tritiya Gift Ideas : It is traditional to buy and exchange gifts on Akshaya Tritiya especially gold and silver. You can send online gifts to India with the help of this reliable online shopping and gifting portal. For women you can send jewellery. For men apparels and grooming items. Also if you intend to send general gifts then you can opt for silver gifts or sweets. For hassle free services and timely delivery choose this prompt and proficient online gifting service to India.    

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    When is Akshaya Tritiya in 2015: Celebration of Prosperity

    Akshaya Tritiya Calendar 2015 21st April, 2015 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat       1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30     Akshaya Tritiya is a very auspicious day for the Hindus and Jains which is also known as Akha Teej in some parts of India. It is celebrated three days after the new moon day in the Indian month of Vaishakha. In 2015, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on April 21st, Tuesday. To find out when is Akshaya Tritiya each year, you can check the Hindu Panchang. Akshaya Tritiya holds huge religious significance for both Hindus and Jains. According to the Hindu mythology, this was the day when Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation, Lord Parasurama was born. It is also said that on this auspicious day, Lord Ganesha and Maharishi Ved Vyas started writing the epic, Mahabharata. Akshaya Tritiya is also considered to be an important day for the people who follow Jainism. Lord Rishabha deva, the first of the twenty four Tirthankaras, ended his year long fast by having sugar cane juice. People belonging to Jainism faith commemorate this day with sincere reverence.  Celebration of Akshaya Tritiya The rituals for Akshaya Tritiya celebrations are different in different parts of India. 1. North India – In northern India, this day is mainly celebrated as the birthday of Lord Parasurama when people visit holy places and make charities to appease the gods. This day is also considered to be auspicious to start a pilgrimage and many people visit various holy places like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Amarnath, Mansarovar etc. The day is also considered to be favourable for marriages and house warming.    2. South India – In South India, Akshaya Tritiya is related to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. Thus, on this day special poojas are conducted for them and people make charities as well. On this day, people visit the holy places in South like Meenakshi temple, Tirupati etc. 3. Rajasthan – In Bikaner, people engage in kite flying to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya. Also many marriages take place on this day throughout the state.     4. West Bengal – Small and big enterprises arrange pujas for Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and open new audit books on this propitious day. They hope to succeed in their business venture and think that this day is perfect for a new beginning. Customs followed on Akshaya Tritiya As this day is said to be very auspicious, it is said that whatever one invests in on this day will grow and bring prosperity. Thus the most famous custom that is followed by all the people in India is to invest in gold. People believe that investing in gold on Akshaya Tritiya will bring them prosperity. Akshaya Tritiya Gift Ideas Being an auspicious day, it is also a good day to send gifts to the people you love. If you stay abroad and want to send gifts to India, you can do this through GiftstoIndia24x7.com, the proficient online gifting portal. Here are a few gift ideas for Akshaya Tritiya: 1. Silver Gifts: As Akshaya Tritiya is the day when it is believed that investing in precious metals would bring you prosperity, the best gifting idea is to present your loved one with a variety of silver gifts. 2. Jewelry: Presenting your loved ones with magnificent jewelries on Akshaya Tritiya is also a very good idea. Available in enticing designs, you can choose necklace, bangles, earrings and many more. 3. Gift Hampers: On Akshaya Tritiya, you can also present your friends and business associates with a gift hamper. There are many kinds of gift hampers that are now available like hampers of Indian sweets, hampers of chocolates or even combination hampers like flowers and sweets etc. 4. Sweets: It is a great idea to go the traditional way with sweets packs as gifts. Procured from the eminent confectioneries, these sweets have enthralling taste. Send these Indian sweets to convey your warm wishes of the occasion. 5. Dry Fruits: If you want to gift something that is both healthy as well as traditional, dry fruits and nuts are a great option. You can go for a pack of raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts or even pine nuts. These delectable come in attractive packages that makes their look truly magnificent. Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya to bring in happiness and prosperity into your lives and also spread happiness among your loved ones. Choose the right gift for your family and friends and enjoy the festival to the fullest!  

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    When is Akshaya Tritiya in 2014?

    Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days for the Hindu and the Jain community. Celebrated on the third lunar day of the month of Vaisakha (April- May), Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth is worshipped throughout the country. Jains commemorate the ending of the one year long fast by Lord Rushabha Deva on this day. In sanskrit the word ‘akshaya’ means something which never diminishes making the day extremely pious and favourable to start a new venture, project or work. In the year 2014, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 2nd May. The day falls on Friday.   The diverse approaches in observing this festival in various parts of the country make its importance prominent. Besides the usual customs, the birth anniversaries of Lord Parasurama and Lord Buddha is also celebrated in this occasion. This propitious day is observed with purchasing and gifting of new items specially gold, jewellery and ornaments. It is believed that buying gold on this day brings prosperity and success to the family. People also select this date to make new investments or begin new projects. As most of the people are engrossed in buying expensive items, retailers utilize this occasion to increase their individual sales through different promotional schemes and offers. Every ornamental store witnesses heavy rush as they stock in new models including diamond jewellery, golden dollars and especially the gold coins with the inscription of Goddess Lakshmi. These gold coins are purchased not only for self but it also makes the perfect gifting option for the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. Recent Trends:- In the recent years, Akshaya Tritiya too has gained commercial importance as every other festival. A vigorous campaign is conducted by banks, jewellery shops and financial institutions accompanied by complementary advertisements few weeks prior to the day making it a complete marketing season. Almost all the prominent Jewellery stores remain open throughout the whole day. The various offers introduced during this period are specially designed to allure customers. They not only target the creamy layer of the society but it also gives equal importance to the potential customers from the upper middle and middle class people. Market researchers advise people to invest in Gold ETFs which is the most reliable option in this fluctuating market. Many families wait for this auspicious day to purchase property. This period witnesses high booking of flats in various residential complexes. People choose this date to observe Housewarming in their new homes to move into it. Industrialists purchase land and celebrate the ceremony of groundbreaking.They also announce new projects or ventures on the illustrious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. The emotional and the religious values associated with it intensify this robust business of real estate. Though this sector is experiencing a recession from the last few years still this date always registers record sales which are much higher with respect to other instances.Akshaya Tritiya always corroborates an unprecedented increase in the number of marriages throughout the country.The piousness of the day signifies eternal bonding and success for the relationship. According to a data by Bangalore Municipality, almost all the marriage halls of the city were booked in the year 2010. Definitely, it is one of the most lucrative period for decorators, florists and caterers associated with wedding. Akshaya Tritiya 2012:- The propitious festival was celebrated on 24th April.   Market situation: Gold is considered a secure investment which generates safe returns. The price of gold increased about 32% in 2012 with respect to the market price of the previous year. The rise in prices resulted in a sharp decline in the sales. It was estimated that the trading of gold was 15% less than the last year. Though parts of Mumbai and New Delhi experienced notable absorption in housing during Akshaya Tritiya, but overall the year 2012 is considered to be the most sluggish year in this real estate sector. Special Events: In this year, World Gold Council introduced special gold coins through Reliance Money. In this auspicious occasion, it is a usual convention to buy and gift these yellow metal coins. The religious and the sentimental significance associated with it made these lustrous metal specie popular instantly. All the Lifestyle Malls in Pune offered a special discount of 25% on every jewellery purchase from any store. This exclusive offer created interest among the people which resulted in the rise of sales. Similar offers were also provided by the Bhima jewellers of the South which has its prominence in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Tanishq, which is the most eminent and preferred brand of jewellers in India also announced an exciting proposition of gifting every customer with a gold coin which is combined with other alluring rebates. Vicky Donor, a romantic comedy film released during this time became one of the major hits of 2012. Akshaya Tritiya 2013:- The propitious festival was celebrated on 13th May. Market situation: The precarious condition of the market improved significantly in this year.The cost of the yellow metal declined internationally reducing the domestic price by 7%. This fall elevated the sales by 12%. The real estate market revived considerably from the ongoing recession. Different housing projects choose this date to initiate their activity. The prices of flats stabilised making this sector to grow between 10 to 15 per cent from previous year. Major real estate developers increased their investments which makes the immediate future of this market segment safe.     Special Events: The Annakshetra Foundation of Jaipur took a noble initiative to observe this reverent festival of Akshaya Tritiya, the traditional date of marriages. The Foundation collected the leftover food from over 200 wedding parties to re-distribute it to the under privileged communities and children. Their attempt received praise from every corner of the country. P.C Chandra Jewellers, the renowned ornament designers from Kolkata announced a special discount of 10% on every jewellery purchase. This enchanting offer was available in their every store. MMTC organised an unique Gold Festival which aimed to educate people to purchase only hallmarked jewellery, as well as it exhibited the contemporary and trendy jewellery designs for sale. Jewellers' Association of Bangalore organised a mega Jewellery exhibition with the Leading Kannada star Ragini Dwivedi as its brand ambassador. Known as, Best of India Jewellery Show (BIJS), it showcased exquisite designs from all the eminent retailers of India.  Indian film industry completed 100 glorious years in 2013 which was celebrated with an unique and outstanding film called “Bombay Talkies”, made by the noted filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar and Karan Johar. The film released during this gracious occasion.   The auspicious ceremony of Akshaya Tritiya is associated with seeking blessing from the Almighty for own and for the world. The celebrations of this festival have transformed rapidly in the last decade diluting the usual and conventional approach. Still people do observe and honour the day with their belief and faithfulness.