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A very important day in the lives of the wedded couples, anniversary celebration is incomplete without sending gifts. Though gifts on an occasion like this are generally sent jointly to the couple, gifts can also be sent individually. The gifts for him ranges from electronics to apparels, watches, personal care products, mobile phones and more. The articles assigned in this chapter will provide an insight about the different gifts that can be sent to him on anniversary.

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    1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

    Your marriage must have been like a grand fairy tale full of splendour and pomp. You have taken vows on that day to be with each other in all the ups and downs. Marriage has brought immense joy in your life by bringing two soulmates together. It might be merely a year but it seems that you have lived countless unforgettable moments in this brief span of time. Your first anniversary is the day to relive and cherish those precious hours. Elevate the spirit of this romantic celebration by getting something exquisite for your husband. Your warm and heartfelt wish is all he wants. But a delightful gift from you will bring a priceless smile on his face. Top 10 Gift Ideas for your Husband on 1st Anniversary It is difficult to pick one particular gift item for your husband. Your heart is bubbling to express an ocean of feelings for him. You surely want to enthrall him with gifts those embody your love, affection and respect for him. You are no longer two separate selves. It has been a year since you tied the nuptial knot and by the time you are well aware of his choices and preferences. choose something to give him a pleasant surprise and recreate the magic of your wedding day. 1. Watches : For a loving couple every moment is eternity. Timepieces are the most popular gift items on the amorous occasion of 1st anniversary. A watch symbolises timeless love between you two. An aristocratic timepiece will enhance his personality and appeal. Gift your husband a designer chronograph on this romantic eve to make him the happiest person on earth. 2. Gift Vouchers : 1st anniversary is also called “ Paper Anniversary” as it is equated with the delicate nature of paper. A gift voucher is a piece of paper which can be exchanged for goods, services or discounts. You can gift your beloved husband a gift voucher of a lifestyle store, restaurant or health services. Elate him on this special eve with this unique paper gift. 3. Perfumes : Perfume is the quintessential gift of love. The fragrance a man wears, resonates his sophistication. A sweet and masculine fragrance for him can surely uplift his mood and please your senses too. Your first anniversary is the celebration of the most romantic phase of your life. Make it magical by gifting your husband a delightful perfume. 4. Men’s Jewellery : Men also love to adorn themselves with resplendent jewelleries. 5. Electronics : Men have fascination for electronic gadgets and accessories. From personal grooming gadgets to computer peripherals they usher their utmost care and protection on those. Indulge your husband on your 1st wedding anniversary with precisely designed electronic gadgets from high-end brands. This sweet gesture from you will surely make him ecstatic. 6. Men’s Hamper : You can enchant your husband with a lovely assortment of delightful items. An eclectic ensemble of various tits and bits arranged in an orderly manner is sure to win his heart. From gourmet chocolates to elegant apparels, gift hampers come with a bag full of happiness. Usher plentiful love on your husband on completing the first year of your marriage with an enthralling hamper. 7. Personal care : Now-a-days men also pay detailed attention to makeup. They love to wear perfumes, colognes and other goodies to enhance their appeal. Charm your dear husband with an exquisite arrangement of personal care stuffs to say that he is handsome and you are concerned about his well being. 8. Cake : Any festivity is incomplete without delicious cakes. A fondant cake on your 1st anniversary eve brings jubilance to the celebration. Gift your man a delectable cake to take him on a voyage down memory lane. You can get him a cake of the same flavour as your wedding day. You can also opt for personalized cakes which come with your photograph. 9. Chocolate : People have been in love with this delectable delicacy since time immemorial. Pamper your husband with alluring assortments of chocolates to induce romance. Manifest your profound fondness for him with these magic beans. 10. Personalized Gift Items : Personalized gift items give you an opportunity to frame the photographs of your special moments and express your feelings through endearing messages. Be mushy and Get some elating personalized stuffs for him on your first wedding anniversary to make your love eternal. Do not ponder much over your budget. Use a little imagination to make your first anniversary an affair to remember. The little endeavours you put to nurture your relationship will pave the way for lifelong marital bliss. 

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    Anniversary Gifts for Him

    Anniversaries mark an event for by-gone happy occasions such as wedding, beginning of a new relationship, etc. Anniversaries recall those sweet moments that you will cherish forever.  Anniversaries gives you an occasion to celebrate the moments that you have spend with your beloved and the ones close to you in this phase. Looking for perfect anniversary gifts for him can be a tough task to indulge in. Most of the women opt for branded gents perfumes, specially cooked dinners or a digital camera. These gifts make the occasion memorable. Gifts are those special tokens of love that can unite hearts when they are far apart. When residing away from your beloved on this special occasion, gifts can be the medium to convey your heartfelt wishes and love. The anniversary gifts are dynamic and can be the best means to show your happiness and appreciation towards the happy couple. So, you can preserve the special date that comes once in a year with meaning and importance. brings to you anniversary gifts that are meant to enlighten the ceremony and make it memorable throughout the life. Cakes - Cakes are special treats for your favorite man on his Anniversary. These delightful confectioneries can brighten up the special day of Anniversary. There are special tier cakes, Celebration cakes and cakes baked at 5 star bakeries. The cakes come in varied flavours like Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate cakes. So you can send the cake as gift to India. One of the best things with cakes is that you can inscribe his name or write your message with icing on it. Perfumes - The sweet yet masculine fragrance can truly spread the message of love and togetherness on your behalf. There are several perfumes available for men . Perfumes form an indispensable part of a man’s good dressing. So you can choose from any of the leading brands and send them to your man in India. Flowers - Flower arrangements are always special on Anniversaries. Red roses, colourful gerberas or multi coloured carnations can be a good way to greet happy Anniversary.  Flowers can convey what your heart feels for your loved ones. Flowers symbolize a much bigger feeling than what we can express in words. So, send gifts to India along with enchanting flower bouquets. Apparels - You would surely like your man to be at his best on the Anniversary day. So sending him some branded clothing can be a great idea. There can be formal and informal shirts, trousers or a pair of denim jeans and T-shirts. If you know his favorite color then it is all the more good. These gifts will surely make him feel loved and appreciated. Personalized Gifts - As the very name suggests, personalized gifts provide a personal touch to your gifts. They can be a combination of cards and flowers or cakes and some champagne.  There are personalized cards which can be attached to the gift that you send. Personalized gifts are the best messengers of your love and feeling you hold for that man. Electronics - Men are in love with gizmos and gadgets. You can gift him with electronic items like electric head shavers, Steam iron or an i-pod and mobile phones. These gifts are not only special but at the same time they can make your loved one’s life more comfortable. So the next time your mind is hovering over the idea of a perfect Anniversary gift Gift Hampers - Gift hampers can also be considered as a good Anniversary gift for your husband. Hampers are a consortium of many gifts as per the liking of the man. Hampers can be made out of cards, cakes, flowers, gift vouchers. Hampers are a good way to make him feel happy and delighted on his anniversary Hence, send this amazing gifts to India from US on Anniversary and make the occasion memorable.