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Be it any occasion or festivals, kids sincerely wait for gifts and birthdays are no exception for them. The gifts for kids can include soft toys, dolls, school kit, board games, chocolates apart from cakes. The articles assigned in this chapter have detailed about the various birthday gifts that can be sent to kids.


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    Top 5 Birthday gifts for kids in India

    Kids have a special thing in their heart on birthdays. It is a very important day for a kid as he or she is most pampered, gets a lot of attention and gifts from friends and family on that day. In every household kids are the one who keep everyone on toes and are a constant source of happiness. To brighten them up on their birthday is the best thing you would like to do, specially if you are not present in India to celebrate their birthday you can still send them gifts and make them happy. And to choose amazing gifts for the kids we are here with suggestions to help you out. Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Kids Jenga - It is a classic old game of stacking and sometimes toppling wooden blocks. It is a famous game not only in the kids age group but also in adults group. It is a great game for kids as it improves physical skill and eye- hand coordination. You can send a Classic Jenga Game and surprise the kid in India on their birthday. School Backpack - Essential for every school going kid, school backpack will be a great birthday gift idea. Choose the school bag according to age of the kid as the bag should be age appropriate. You can also add school essential like pencil pouch, notebooks, tiffin box etc,. Click here to see range of school backpack Bicycle - For the kid on his or her birthday you can send a bicycle as a perfect gift. Here also you need to buy a bicycle according to age of the kid, so they do not have difficulty in riding the cycle. Choose from different colours and brands of bicycle and get the perfect one for them. Portable Study Table - Nowadays you can also find portable study table which can easily folded and kept and it does not take up much space in the house. A perfect gifting idea on a kids birthday as they can use the table for multi purposes, they can study, the can play board games, they can use it as a snacks table for their kids party. Soft Toys - Another great gift idea for the kid on their birthday is sending them soft toys. You can send them a big teddy bear or soft toys of their favourite cartoon character. The kid will surely enjoy the gift a lot and will always play around with it and show his or her friends. See the wide collection of soft toys The above mentioned gifts will surely help you in deciding what gift you want to send for the kid on his or her birthday and make it a memorable day for them.

  • Gifts for Toddlers introduces special Birthday gifts for Toddlers

    The meaning of the life gets redefined when a child is born. The most precious gift of God brings superabundant joy for the family. The little angel gradually learns the key skills of life. From the turbulent steps to the adorable babbling - every event is cherished and celebrated. The baby soon grows into a cute toddler. The age group between 2-5 years is known as the age of apprehension, learning and social development. They acquire the basic education, knowledge and develops a sense of individuality in this age. The birthday celebrations of these cute angels is always special. They can perceive and feel the importance of this day. The little one is showered with delightful gifts as he/she shares the occasion with family, relatives and friends. It nurtures the kid’s social and behavioral skills. As they have distinct tastes and prefences, have introduced a fresh line of birthday gifts for this age group. The enthralling gifts are precisely categorised into four sections. Gifts for Girls: Every girl has a deep inclination for soft toys and dolls. They find solace and companionship in these life like goodies. They are the integral part of their fantasy world with which she share her thoughts and feelings. After spending all the day together, she goes to sleep embracing one of these charming toys. On the joyous occasion of her birthday, surprise her with a cute teddy bear, bunny or a Barbie Doll, the style diva. You can also choose from the rich assortment of art and craft toys. These activity games enriches their creativity and develops their coordination and elementary skills. Gifts for Boys: Little boys are known for their playful mischiefs. Magnify the little one’s happiness with an endearing gift that fits his naughty world. The stylish racing cars and the toy weapons will match their imaginative world. A miniature figure of their favourite cartoon character or superhero will keep them cheerful throughout the day. You can also pamper your dear prince by presenting an exciting indoor activity game. The wide assemblage of blocks and building sets will improve his problem solving instincts playfully. Educational Toys and Games: Your dear toddler will start his/her school days very soon. As your adorable starts to memorise the first lessons of life, send a fun filled educational kit to the birthday kid. These educational games are designed to enhance emotional, intellectual and physical well being of the child. The enticing memory games, scrabble and numeric games will provide the tiny stars the necessary preschool training. Board Games: The young toddlers can be engaged into different interesting board games. These fun filled games creates a sense of positivism and comprehension among them. These activities involves puzzles, strategy making and innovativeness. Select from this wide variety and make your adorable little one enthralled. A child is like a blank canvas who are inculcated with rich moral values and behavioral skills by their parents. They are the priceless treasures whose innocent smile rekindles joy in our heart after the tiresome day. Elate your little youngster with your boundless love and affection with an expressive birthday present. Your gift will escalate the joy and ebullience of this special occasion.

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    Cute Birthday gifts for kids launched by

    Kids constitute the most loved and pampered family member in every household. They are the centre of attraction in an family. The activities they perform amuses elders and gives them them vigour and charm amidst their busy schedules. However, it is considered highly significant to bring up kids in such a fashion so that they nurture good manners and learn things in a wise pattern. In the advancing World of science and technology, it is considered highly important to rear children in such a way so that they are directed in the appropriate way right from childhood. Online gifts portal has launched a wide profusion of edifying kids gifts. If you reside in any corner of the World, and due to any personal or professional commitments won’t be able to wish your little angel in home Happy Birthday, send gifts to India through this site. The site that is operating in the market since 1999, has launched a wide variety of age-wise birthday gifts. If you want to wish the cute little infants in home, send them utility products like skin and hair care products pack from Johnson and Johnson or feeding bottles. A hearty soft teddy bear would also amuse your sweet darling in India. Kids have a huge fetish for soft teddy bears. They love cuddling them and comparing their life size figure with themselves. Soft toys and barbie make kids happier as toys are their perfect ally. There are not many moments that can really match the smile on the faces of kids when they play with their favourite toys. You can gift your loving kid a nice cute teddy along with other gifts like chocolates or cakes as gifts to India from US. The usefulness of toys is not just restricted to fun and entertainment for the kids. As if these two elements were not enough, toys can be educational in nature also. The benefits of toys are visible in almost every aspect of child’s life. Educational games help in development of child’s motor and social skills. The best way to pamper your loving kid this Birthday is by presenting him/her an educational game. They are largely informative besides being a source of fun and amusement. Kids’ toys instigate child’s problem solving skills.They also help in his creativity and language skills. Games like Krusade or Medical Kit Restage are mind challenging and informative games respectively. Toys make kids happier. There are not many moments that can really match the smile on the faces of kids when they play with their favourite toys. You can also amaze your naughty kid counterpart in India with a car racing game set. Hot-wheels car set is a hot favourite of playful male kids. However, chocolates, cookies, pencil box, back-pack or tiffin carriers constitute a good gift for other kids. A gift voucher also acts a favourable birthday gift  for kids. You can send a gift voucher as gifts to India in case you are unable to choose  a specific memento. Send a voucher from leading Indian or International brands like Reebok, Shoppers Stop or Cafe Coffee Day. The vouchers being a good value for money will allow your lovely kid to avail a gift of their choice. Make them feel extra special and pampered with such heart-felt gifts. With a motto to bring in sweet smiles, the site has been serving its customer since a decade. Besides assuring an cent percent guarantee to deliver gifts in a secure and speedy mode, the site also aims to serve its customers 24x7 through its efficient customer-care executives in place. So, every time you want to amaze your loved ones with extra-ordinary gifts, avail proficient services of