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Birthday Gifts For Him

Birthdays and gifts are synonymous. No matter whose birthday is being celebrated, be it a boy or a grown up, everyone looks forward for gifts. Over the time a wide variety of gifts have evolved that can be sent to him on birthdays. With cake, the gifts for him include watches, electronics, mobile phones, games and toys, depending up on the age of the birthday boy. The articles assigned in this chapter will discuss about the varied birthday gifts for him.

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    Top 5 Birthday Gifts online for Brother in India

    Birthday of brother is always a special day for the sibling as they can celebrate the day when their adorable and annoying brother was born. No matter you are near them or far from them you still want to celebrate the day and make your brother feel special. Sending them a wonderful gift to India will be great idea to celebrate their birthday, you have to go online and select the best gift for your brother. Though it is a tough job when selecting gifts for them as you want only the best for them, and so we are here with few suggestions as what all you can send to your brother in India on his birthday. Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Brother Trimmer or shaver - For your brother as a birthday gift you can send him a trimmer or shaver for his beard. This is a basic need of every guy nowadays and saves a lot of money and time they will spend in the salon. You can choose Philips, Sony, Gillette and many such brands of trimmers and send it to India. Sneakers - Another perfect birthday gift idea for your loving brother is sending him a pair of sneakers. He can use this gift and cool pair of sneakers will also add more style quotient to his personality. Keep in mind while choosing the sneaker, his foot size, the colour he like and type of designs he likes. Being Human Cycles - If you really want to surprise your brother with a special birthday gift you can send him a BH Cycle. It is an electric cycle that give three mode of riding it and also cycling is a good form of exercise to keep body fit. Also if your brother is a big Salman Khan fan he will love this cycle. Travel Hammock - For your brother you can send a travel hammock on his birthday as it will be a great gift if he is a traveller. This travel hammock’s can be put up anywhere and choose a lightweight hammock which they can carry around anywhere and enjoy the nature and their holiday in a relaxed way. Flowers & Cakes - Another great and simple gift idea on your brother’s birthday will be a combo of Flower and Cakes. It is a classic gift for your brother, you can choose his favourite flavoured cake and also the flowers he loves most and send it to India to celebrate his birthday. Click here to see the entire range of Flowers & Cake Combo We hope with our suggestions you will be able to choose the best birthday gift for your brother and send him all your good wishes.

  • Birthday Gifts For Brother-in-law

    Top 5 Birthday Gifts For Brother-in-Law

    Choosing the perfect birthday gift is a very hard job indeed. It takes a lot of time and energy to decide which gift will be liked best by your close one. This ordeal becomes especially difficult if the birthday gift is for one of your in-laws. If your dear brother-in-law’s birthday is near, you need not worry any longer. We have prepared a list of birthday gifts to India for him on his special day. You will find many cheap gifts to India on our website that are attractive and will easily fit into your budget. This list of 5 attractive birthday gifts will come in handy for you whenever you are planning to choose a birthday gift. 1. Birthday Cakes - You always need a pretty cake to celebrate a birthday as without it the birthday is incomplete. There are a lot of cake options available for you to choose from. These cakes are yummy and will definitely appeal to the taste buds of your brother-in-law and his family. Different flavours like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry are available so that you can choose the one your brother-in-law likes. The cakes also come in varied shapes and sizes. The cakes section on our website is in three categories, happy birthday, special birthday and kids. If you have a kid brother-in-law then he will definitely love the cakes in the kids section. But if he is not, then you can choose the Birthday Chocolate Truffle Cake which he will definitely love. This delectable chocolate cake has a taste of truffles and is in a round shape with delicious icings in the shapes of flowers and leaves.   2. Birthday Hampers - Hampers are a collection of goodies that can be sent as gifts on any occasion. So instead of choosing one gift you can choose a number of items to gift to your brother-in-law on your birthday. The various hampers that are available on our website will definitely live up to your expectations. They have been divided into four groups - birthday gift hampers, chocolate hampers, flower combos and sweets hampers. The birthday gift hampers contain gifts like flowers, cakes, chocolates, sweets and a lot more. The chocolate hampers mainly feature chocolates along with gifts like dry fruits, sweets and soft toys. The flower combos all contain flowers as well as cakes, fruits, dry fruits, birthday greetings cards, sweets and many more. The sweets hampers contain different kinds of sweets in combo packs. You can choose the Flavoured Barfi and Kaju Sweets Hamper from this section if your brother-in-law’s sweet tooth. It contains tasty sweets like chocolate barfi, mango barfi, kaju sev and kaju phool. These delectable sweets come in a beautiful round cane basket.  3. Chocolates - Everyone loves chocolates and therefore they make a good gift for any occasion. You can gift your brother-in-law with delectable chocolates that are found on our website. Chocolates are also available in four categories on our website which are chocolates & cookies, chocolate hampers, chocolate thalis and handmade chocolates. The cookies section contains a lot of delicious cookies and chocolates. The hampers collection is comprised of chocolates along with gifts like sweets, teddies, dry fruits and cookies. The thalis available here contain combos of different kinds of chocolates. There is a unique collection of handmade chocolates available on our website. The Classy Golden Metallic Tray full of Handmade Chocolates is a perfect example of this. A number of yummy chocolates are placed in a beautiful rectangular tray. The tray itself is a metallic one with four stone studded flowers along its two broad sides.   4. Personalised Gifts - Personalised gifts are the newest trend of gift giving nowadays. Such gifts send a personal message to the receiver and is always cherished and treasured by them. Our website hosts a number of personalised objects for you to choose from. From mugs and keychains to rock photos and mirrors, you will find a lot of items that you can turn into a personalised gift for your brother-in-law with only a picture of him. There is also a section of birthday special personalised items for you to choose from. The Personalised Rock Wall Hanging will make a perfect gift as you can place in it his picture or perhaps a photo of him along with his family. This rock photo is actually a wall hanging and therefore it can be very well used as a home decor item. It is made of wood which gives it a very authentic and natural look.   5. Zodiac Gifts - Gifts highlighting a person’s sun sign are perfect as birthday gifts. They are one of a kind and always highlight the special occasion in his or her life. Our website has specialised gifts for each and every zodiac sign. The gifts include items like clocks, T-shirts, mugs and photo frames. If your brother-in-law is a libran, then the Elegant Libra Zodiac Timepiece will be perfect for his coming birthday. The timepiece is a stylish table clock which obviously turns it into a home decor item as well. It is bronze coloured highlighting the zodiac sign of libra. The item is in the shape of a balance scale with a weighing pan on either side. There is a star in the middle and the clock is on the very top of the whole structure. This item is available for the other zodiac signs as well and thus you need not worry if your brother-in-law belongs to some other sun sign.   Even if you are away from your dear brother-in-law on his birthday, you can surprise him with these lovely gifts. You can also send gifts to India same day delivery through which you can send gifts like flowers and cakes on the very day of his birthday. He will always be grateful to you for these gifts and will always remember you because of them.  

  • Birthday Gifts For Husband

    Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

    Buying birthday gifts for your husband can be a challenging task, not because you would not find anything but because of the expectations attached to it. It is said that a husband and wife share the most beautiful and amazing bond between them. The attributes of attachment, understanding and care for each other constantly makes this bond strong. However, expressions and gestures of your affection are extremely important at regular intervals and on occasions. And what better occasion can you think of than his birthday? What can you gift your husband? You might see a lot of things which may appear to be the best birthday gifts for husband but when it comes to a final selection, getting confused is quite natural. To ease your way through the selection process, you would definitely want to have a look at the following options that are available on websites to send gifts to India. 1. Birthday Cakes: No matter what age your husband is of, a cake is never a bad idea. Not only that, a cake is also one of the best things that can be sent as gifts to India if you are away and your husband is in India. The best part is you can order your husband’s favourite cake online and get it delivered exactly at 12.   2. Electronic Gadgets: The best thing to surprise your husband on his birthday would be gifting him a Smartphone, a digital camera or other electronic gadgets. If he is a fan of online games, you should go for a Sony Play Station. Your gift will show him that you too appreciate his love for all things electronic.   3. Clothing:  If you know the taste of your husband, then gifting him formal shirts, trousers or ties is also a good idea. You can also gift him Kurta Pyjamas, and add extra essence to your gift. There is also a good collection of jeans on our website. This special gift will be cherished by him and he will definitely wear it on his special day.   4. Wristwatches: Since most men are very much fond of wristwatches, gifting your man a watch from Titan, Timex, Citizen, Fastrack or Sonata would make him feel quite excited. A watch is a very thoughtful gift as it is needed by everyone in their day to day lives as well as on special occasions.   5. Perfumes: The magic of aroma and fragrance always works and if he likes to wear perfumes then you may go for popular brands like LaCoste, Mont Blanc, Adidas, Hugo, Calvin Klein, Burberry etc. This gift will remind him of you whenever he uses it and he will obviously appreciate your choice.   6. Men’s Personal Care: You can also gift him personal care items like shaving kit, trimmers, personal care. Products from brands like Philips, Gillette, Wild Stone, Garnier, Park Avenue, Nivea, Aramusk and many others are available on our website for you to choose from. These items will be very useful for your husband and he will thank you profusely for them.   7. Gift Vouchers: Give him the voucher of a cool restaurant or a leading apparel store and ask him to go out with his male friends and colleagues. You will see that bright, big and extra smile on his face when he gets to enjoy himself to the fullest.   8. Fiction Books: A new book from cool Indian writers like Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh, Jhumpa Lahiri etc. will not only be a good birthday gift, but will also add the spice of romance to his life. He will love it if you give him a collection of books from his favourite author on his birthday.   9. Cufflink Sets: Attractive cufflinks are available on our website which you can gift to your husband on his coming birthday. He will wear it on special occasions and this will give him a sophisticated and elegant look. The silver and gold plated cufflinks come in different shapes and sizes.   10. Chocolates: This particular gift item never goes wrong. You may either add it with other gifts as mentioned above or just a box of his favorite chocolates. There are a lot of options available for you like delectable chocolates, cookies, chocolate hampers, chocolate thalis and handmade chocolates.   Make this birthday special for your husband in India with these and many other gifts available on our online gifting portal. These gift ideas are appropriate not only as birthday gifts to India but for other occasions like anniversary gifts to India as well. You can also send these and other items from our website as wedding gifts to India.  

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    Surprise Your Husband With Birthday Gifts Available at

    Is your husband’s birthday coming up in a few days or  weeks? Then you should look no further. This is because, we at,, will help you to make the birthday celebration you have been long looking for your dear husband. With our website, you will not need to hop on in the market for finding the gifts. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of awesome gifts that too from the comfort zone of your home and surprise your husband on his birthday. And if you are staying outside the country, away from your husband, will be your convenient option for sending gifts to India. With an expertise to assist the NRIs to send gifts on various occasions and festivals, has earned a worldwide reputation among its global customers. The website makes a stunning display of a wide assortment of gifts from where you can choose. For the benefit of the customers, we have categorised the gifts according to different occasions and festivals. This means that for finding the perfect gift for your husband, you can straightway go to the section of Birthday Gifts of our website. While exploring this exclusive section, you will come across various types of gifts that will help you make a perfect celebration of your husband’s birthday. Any birthday celebration is incomplete without cakes. So, the first thing that you will be looking for certainly are cakes. The category of cakes in our website is further classified into ‘Happy Birthday Cakes’ and ‘Special Birthday Cakes’. We offer you cakes of different mouthwatering flavors like chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, butterscotch and vanilla. In addition, you can also opt for the black forest cakes available in plenty in our site. Moreover, we also offer your tier cakes and cakes coming shapes of numeric. Chocolates on birthdays are a must and if your special man has a sweet tooth, then what can be a better birthday gifts for husband than chocolates? Similar to the cakes, our assortment of luscious and rich chocolates are also classified into Chocolate & Cookies, Chocolate Hamper, Chocolate Thali and Handmade Chocolate. You can send gift item to your husband from any of these categories and be sure that he will love it. Along with the cakes and chocolates, if you are looking to send other gifts, you can choose from Age Wise Birthday Gifts. As the name implies, here the different birthday gifts are arranged according to different ages. You can select gift from this category and also from other categories, like, Gift Vouchers and Gift Hampers. If you go for the Gift Vouchers, you will give your husband the opportunity to buy products of his choice from a particular brand. Our gift vouchers come from various world-famous brands like Pantaloons, Reebok, Shoppers Stop, Adidas, John Players and more. If you husband has preference for a particular brand then you can gift him the same. Other than shopping vouchers, you can also send food vouchers of Taj, Mainland China and Domino’s Pizza as birthday gifts to husband in India. Other than gift vouchers, you can send birthday gifts for husband to India in form of birthday hampers. You can choose the hamper for you husband from Birthday Gift Hamper, Chocolate Hamper, Flower Combo and Sweets Hamper. Whichever category you go for, you will be able to send more than one gift item as a single unit to your husband on his birthday. Gift items like flowers, cakes, apparels, bags, accessories and more can be sent through the hampers. is engaged in servicing the NRIs to send gifts to India. In addition to the exquisite variety of gifts, our site also has efficient customer care support and vast delivery network. So, if you want to send gift to India from US or from any other countries, you can always bank up on us for a timely and speedy delivery of gifts.