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Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthday is a special occasion that is eagerly awaited by everyone. This special day is made more special by sending gifts to the birthday boy or girl. While cake is the most common and widely celebrated gift sent on birthdays, the gifts for her can also include flowers, chocolates, hampers, soft toys, dolls, personal care products and more. The articles assigned in this chapter have detailed about the different birthday gifts for her.

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  • happybdaywife

    5 Unique Gift Ideas for Wife on her Birthday

    Birthdays are special occasions specially when it is your wife’s birthday, you want to make it special with lots of surprises and gifts. By sending gifts to your wife make the day a memorable affair for her and convey all your love to her no matter how far you are from her. Any opportunity you get to make your wife happy should not be wasted and make the most of it. With this article we are discussing with you the best unique gifts to send to your wife on her birthday to India. 5 unique birthday gifts for wife Ice Cream Maker - A rare gift for your wife will be a ice cream maker machine, so whenever she feels like having a ice cream she can have it in her own house with her own recipe. And every person is a ice cream lover, if your wife receives it as a birthday gift it will truly an amazing experience for her. /> Onion Goggles - Another unique birthday gift idea for your wife is to send her no tear onion goggles so she can work in kitchen especially when chopping onion without any difficulty. A thoughtful gift for your wife’s lovely eyes. /> Romantic Getaway - Surprise your wife on her birthday with a romantic vacation to a new place where she has not been too and surprise her more by joining her in the vacation. It will be a perfect birthday gift for her as she will not only enjoy the vacation but also spend quality time with you. /> Flowers & Teddy Bear - If your wife is in her 30’s - 40’s you can pamper her and make her feel like a kid again by sending her beautiful flower arrangements and adorable teddy bear. A giant teddy bear will be a very good idea to go with a premium flower arrangements. Collection of Flowers & Collection of Teddies Cosmetic Box - Your wife uses a lot of personal care and makeup products then sending her a cosmetic box to let her keep all her essentials in an organised way. All her makeup and personal care belongings will be in one place, easily reachable and will look neat and organised as well. /> If you are planning to spend your wife’s birthday in an unique way we hope that our gifting suggestion will be of use for you.

  • birthdaysis

    Top 7 Birthday gifts for your sister in India

    Sisters are the most interesting sibling you could ever have as they become your best friend for life. You love them, fight them, go shopping with then and have a lot of fun. They understand you better and pampering them feels very satisfactory. On your sister’s birthday if you are not near them in India, you can send them heart winning gifts and wish them all your luck and love. To help you out in picking the best gifts for your sister, we have some cool and happening suggestions. Top 7 Birthday Gifts for Sister Pendants - On your sister’s birthday you can send her customised pendants that either has her initials or a line that you love your sister. This kind of pendants are very rare than usual and your sister will definitely love this gift of yours. There are a lot of websites where you can customized the pendant for your sister. See the entire range of Pendants Mobile Holder - If your sister has to use or uses her mobile a lot then sending her a mobile holder will be a perfect birthday gift idea. She will be able to use this mobile holder in her bed, in her car anywhere she goes in short. If you're sending this gift to your teenage sister she would surely love you for this. Books - If your sister loves reading then gifting her books of her favourite author will be an amazing birthday gift idea. You can send her a set of the books or you can also choose to send books of an author she hasn’t read yet but will have a good time reading them. Make up Set - For a makeup enthusiast sister of yours, you can send her favourite makeup palette set, brushes and brush cleansing mat. So she have all things by her side when she does her makeup or does a makeup tutorial for her youtube channel. She will be happy to flaunt her new makeup birthday gift. See the collection of Makeup for sister Hanging Lamps - For sending your sister something different gift on her birthday you can send her hanging lamps will also be a great idea. You can choose the height of the hanging lamp, the designs, keep it quirky as it will look more good. She will surely love to decor her house or room with your given gift. Personalised Passport Cover - If your sister an ardent travel you can send her a personalised passport cover on her birthday and wish her to fly like a bird. The passport cover can have interesting design and there you can customise her name on it. She will love to flaunt her personalised passport cover. Flowers & Chocolates - Another great gift idea for your sister’s birthday will be combo of flowers & chocolates. This combo will surely be loved by her, the fresh smell of the flowers and the delicious taste of the chocolates will make her feel special on her birthday. Click here to see the list of flower & chocolates The above mentioned gifts are suggestions to help you in selecting a gift for your sister’s birthday, you can add more gifts along with the above and make it a grand gift for your lovely sister.

  • birthdaymother

    Top 5 Birthday Gifts to send to your mother in India

    Mother’s are the most special person in every individuals life and to make them happy we can go to any extent. She is our birthgiver, our friend, our guide in every step of life and it's a blessing to have her around us. No matter you are near or far her love remains the same for you. And when it is the birthday of the person who gave life to us it should be celebrated in a grand way. This article will help you in selecting the best gift for your mother on her birthday and send the gifts to India. Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Mother Flowers - You can send amazing and beautiful flowers to your beloved mother on her birthday. Flowers are the best way to express your feelings and you can choose your mother’s favourite flowers to gift her on her birthday. The fresh flowers and the smell of them will truly make the occasion more special for your mother. See the entire range of flowers here Housie Game - For your mother’s kitty party or any other occasion at home, she can entertain her guests and herself with this housie games. It is very fun game as every player gets a ticket and with the numbers that are called they have to complete a house in the ticket to win a gift. A perfect game to have a wonderful time for your mother. Personalised Gifts - If you want to gift your mother something more personal and filled with emotions you can send her a personalised gift and surprise her. The personalised gift will have a picture that you like and also a message that you want to convey to her on her birthday. Click here to see complete personalised stock Fitness Tracker - Since you are not around all the time, with a fitness tracker gift your mother and also you can keep a track of her health. She has come of age and now it's your time to take care of your mother, so a fitness tracker will be a perfect gift for her on her brother. Wall Painting - You can also send her a beautiful wall painting so she could decorate her house with your gifted painting. You can choose different types of wall painting for mom and also gift her, her favourite paintings as well. She will be very happy to receive this gift from you. Celebrate your mother’s birthday in the most adorable way with the above mentioned gifts and let her know how much you love her.

  • happybirthdayher

    Top 5 Birthday gifts for her to send to India

    Special occasions like birthdays always deserves a celebration, specially if it is your wife or girlfriend’s birthday. You want to do your best in surprising her with a great gift and wish her all the best on her birthday. While choosing a perfect gift for her on her birthday can be a tough job, we are here with suggestions that can help you in deciding what gifts you can send to her. With the below mentioned gifts you can give in your input and truly make her birthday and the gift a memorable event for her. Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Her Foot Massager - Whether she is working outside or at home, after a tiring day she can get some relaxing time with this in house foot massager which she can use anytime she wants and get her foot relaxed. A very thoughtful gift for her on her birthday. Voice Controlled Speaker - Another great gift idea for your loved one on her birthday can be a voice controlled speaker which is an in trend and technologically advanced product. You can choose from different brands like Apple Homepod, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many more. Fuji Instax Camera - for your lady love who loves capturing every little moments of her life, sending her a instax camera will be a great birthday gift idea. With the instax camera she can easily click pictures and get the still photos in hand instantly. The only company that makes instax camera is Fujifilm''s. Essential Oil Diffuser - To give her an aromatic environment at home you can send your loved one a oil diffuser on her birthday as a gift. With this oil diffuser you can give her different fragrance of oil so she will feel stress free when she will be home and have an aromatic atmosphere. Gift Vouchers - If you are still confused or not able to make a decision as what you can gift her on her birthday, you should simply go for a Gift Voucher. With the voucher let your loved one choose a gift for herself and enjoy the birthday. You can send her shopping, dining, movie etc gift vouchers. Click here to see the complete list of gift vouchers Make her birthday special with the above mentioned gifts and also make it grand with more addition of gifts you want to add with the one’s given above.

  • Gifts

    Top 10 Gifts for Wife on her Birthday in India

    A Birthday is a special occasion to celebrate and gift your loved ones in order to express your love and appreciation for them. And if that person is as special as your wife, then the occasion becomes a super special opportunity to express your appreciation for her presence in your life. The gifts that you choose for your wife portray how special she is and how much she means to you. However, choosing the perfect gift for the most special person in your life is not easy. Given the wide array of gifting options available, it is confusing as to what would be the perfect gift for her. You need not go frantic at the last minute as here is a compiled list of top 10 birthday gift ideas in 2013 for your significant-other that she will love to receive. 1. Jewellery Jewellery is one of the top favourite gifts that women love to receive because they love jewellery. Women associate jewellery with her emotions and sentiments. One of the main reasons why women love to receive jewellery as gifts is that it makes her feel special and valued. Women love to wear jewellery that enhance their beauty, express their individuality and has a real story to share to the world.  Rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, bracelets, anklets are all prized possessions of women. Choose across extensive designs in fashion, sterling silver, gold plated, pearl, gold and diamond jewellery for your lady love’s birthday. Hence, make sure that the piece you choose for her is unique and reflects her personality; something that she can proudly flaunt along with the emotional pleasure. 2. Grooming Products and Cosmetics These gifts are a hit with the ladies. Women love anything that would enhance their beauty and appearance. A hair dryer, hair curler, hair straightener can win you her appreciation on her special day. Along with this, you can gift cosmetics, hair and body care products and add to her delight. Choose from the wide variety of latest beauty products and cosmetics and show your lady how much you care for her beauty too. 3. Apparel Every lady loves to dress up and as long as it is her style she would love your gift. So you just gear up to shop for her keeping strictly in mind her favorite fabric, color and what she loves to wear or may be what she has been searching for herself for long. Or just gift her a fab party dress to make her the eye candy in her birthday party. You can opt for traditional or western wear. Traditional Indian Wear If she has been searching for a traditional attire recently, then stun her by gifting her exactly what she had been looking for. If she is fond of sarees, then go with the trend. You can give her a lace sleeves saree, lehenga saree, a designer saree of her fav designer. You can also choose from a wide collection of fabulous ethnic wear like  Anarkali and Kalidar suits which are very much ‘in’ this year.  Lehengas can also be a good gift option. Western Wear If she is fond of western wear, then make her feel special by expressing your desire to get her everything of her choice. Checkerboard, Stripes, Bold Florals, Global prints are very ‘in’ now. Metallics and leather apparels are the ‘in’ thing in 2013. Peplum dresses are also currently a superhit in the fashion trends. 4. Shoes and Bags Most women have a fetish for shoes and bags. Go through the collection of your lady’s footwear and find out what she is lacking or what kind of footwear she is fond of. Women are very choosy about shoes because they want a pair that fits perfectly and also looks fabulous with any outfit. White pumps and gladiator heels are the latest trends in 2013. Put in use tricks to know about what she likes regarding shoes, well in advance of time. If you know about her likes and dislikes then get sure to give her a pleasant surprise on her birthday. For women, bags are not just to store the essentials but it is a part of her style statement. Most women like average sized bags with many inside pockets so that a lot of things can be organized and stored in the bag. However, while buying a bag do keep in mind what your lady likes in terms of brand, color, size and material. Your lady will be immensely delighted to receive a handy bag as a gift on her birthday. If you can choose the perfect one for her according to her choice and give her a surprise, she will be amazed to find out how well you know her. 5. Spa Vouchers This birthday give your lady an opportunity to pamper herself. Make her feel special by giving her a couple of hours for herself where she can rejuvenate. Go in for the best spa services so that she gets the best treatments that she likes. Settle for the best massage, detox treatments, hair spa and skin care treatments that she needs. This gift will especially show your concern to give her relaxation from all pressure. She will definitely appreciate and love this gift. 6. Digital Photo Frame Digital Photo Frames can be great birthday gift options because they are elegant and user friendly. Women love to relive their best moments and have their loved ones around. What could be a better way than having a digital photo frame with the best moments spent with you and her loved ones right in front of her eyes? With the slideshow format in these photo frames, you will give your lady a golden opportunity to relive her best moments on her birthday and make it a special day for her. 7. Electronics Gadgets are not just for men. If your lady is a gadget freak, then surprise her with a new technical device on her birthday. E-Readers If she loves to read books, then you can gift her an e-reader. E-readers are portable devices designed mainly for reading digital e-books. Around 1200 e-books can be stored in these devices and your lady will be able to store and read her favorite books whenever she likes. These devices are very easy and convenient to carry. They make reading more comfortable than on other electronic devices. Mobiles A woman can hardly live without her mobile because through it she stays connected with her family and pals. It is something that she will never part with even when going from one room to another. Gift your lady a recent technology packed smartphone and give her a cause to flaunt her possession in front of her folks on her birthday. Watches Women love watches. It is not just a device to keep time for her, but a must-have to complete her look and create a style statement. Women spend a lot of time to choose the right watch to compliment her dress. Popular brands have come up with their specially designed watches particularly for women focusing on their choices and tastes. Choose from the wide variety of designs that best suits the personality of your lady love and gift her on her birthday. 8. Chocolate Hampers Chocolate is a  common gift for birthday but this is an evergreen gift because women crave for chocolates at all times. Surprise her with a delicious chocolate treat that she is new to and she has never tasted before. She would love to receive her loving chocolates from the love of her life. Choose from the wide and the best variety of chocolates like Teuscher, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, Inc., Richart, Puccini Bomboni,  Ferrero Rocher, Ghirardelli and melt her on her special day with the rich taste of exclusive dark, milk and white chocolate. 9. Cakes and Roses A Birthday is incomplete without a sumptuous cake. A symbol of celebration, make your lady feel special by delighting her with a unique cake of her favorite flavour. Write a personal message with the birthday wishes on the cake. Choose a design that she will like. Add a bunch of edible flowers and make it even more special for the lady of your life. Flowers symbolize love and when it comes to wish your better-half, flowers are a must-have in the list of gifts. Focus on her likes and dislikes, the color and fragrance that she loves and choose accordingly. Allure your lady with fresh red roses or exotic flower bouquets. 10. Shopping Vouchers Women love shopping. Win her heart by gifting her shopping vouchers that she would be able to use as per her convenience. However, choose the right shop according to her taste and style and where she can get all her essentials under one roof like clothes, scarves, shoes, bags, jewellery, cosmetics, hats, glasses and all that she needs! If you are in India, you can give shopping vouchers of leading retail stores in India like:   Shoppers Stop Shoppers Stop retails products of domestic and international brands such as Louis Philippe, Pepe, Arrow, BIBA, Magppie, Austin Reed,etc. Pantaloons Pantaloons has over 75 exclusive stores across India and is one of the leading premium lifestyle apparel retail stores.It offers trendy fashion. Wills Lifestyle One of the most admired fashion brands in India, Wills Lifestyle is a chain of specialty stores that offer exclusive fashion wardrobe for all purpose.   Hence, get ready and take your preparations well in advance and make your wife feel special. On this birthday win over your lady once again with memorable gifts along with a promise of never ending love and loyalty!