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Gifts are sent to couples on wedding anniversaries for saluting them for being together always through thick and thin. Anniversary gifts for couples include a whole lot of gift items like pair of watch, flowers, cakes, electronics and more. Sending gifts jointly on wedding anniversary is a custom practised for ages. In the articles assigned in this chapter, details about the various gifts that are send on anniversary are mentioned.

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    Top 10 Anniversary Gifts for Couples in India

    Wedding Anniversary is special for every couple as it is a wonderful reminder of the day they became one. Congratulating them on their special day with anniversary gifts will surely make the day a memorable event for the couple. Even when you are not in India to celebrate their anniversary you can send them gifts and wish them well. Any if you have any confusion in choosing gifts for the couple, we have some great anniversary gift ideas to share with you. Top 10 anniversary gifts for couples Flowers & Cake - When it comes to a classic gift you can always go for Flowers and Cake combo gift for the couple whose anniversary you want to celebrate. You can send fresh flowers and cakes in India and let the couple enjoy their special day and wish them many more years of togetherness. Click here to see the range of Flowers & Cakes Personalised Gifts - If you are very close to the couple for whose anniversary you are sending them a gift, you can opt for a personalised gift, as this gift will let you give a personal message to them and also put up a pretty picture of the couple. See the complete list of Personalised Gifts Name A Star - For a more unique gift you can name a star for the couple and there are various website which will help you in naming a star. These gift will stay with them forever and when they check a constellation chart they would always find a star named after them. Home Decor - You can also send home decor products top the couple on their anniversary and decorate their beautiful house even more beautiful. Choose different home decor items like lamp shade, painting, creative showpieces etc., and give your good wishes to them. Home Decor gifts for couples Couple Watches - Another classic gift for a couple on their anniversary is a couple watch. You can go for analog watches but smartwatch for the couple will be a great gift idea as the gift will be technological and also thoughtful. Perfumes - A couple perfume can also be a great anniversary gift idea for the couple in India you want to send gift to. Choose a famous brand of perfume like Gucci, Burberry, Versace etc., and get their He & She perfume sets to send to the couple and wish them a Happy Anniversary. See the wide collection of perfumes Couple Spa Session - You can send a couple spa session voucher to the couple as their wedding anniversary gift as it will give the couple to pamper themselves and spend time with each other for a while. Choose a spa session which will truly rejuvenate the couple and make them feel fresh. Gift Vouchers - When you are not sure of the perfect gifts to send to a couple on their wedding anniversary you can send them Gift Vouchers and let them get a nice gift for themselves. You can choose different gift vouchers like movies, shopping, dining etc,. Complete list of Gift Vouchers Travel Journal - For an adventure loving or a travelling couple you can send them travel journal and let them fill the journal with their adventure and travel stories. It will be a perfect wedding anniversary gift idea for the couple. Gift Basket - For a couple’s anniversary celebration you can also send them a big gift basket filled with a lot of chocolates, personal care product, scented candles so the couple could enjoy a fabulous gift together. The basket will contain gifts that can be used by both of them. We hope that with our suggestions you will be able to celebrate the couples wedding anniversary in India in a grand way.

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    How to make an Anniversary Special with Secret Ingredient?

    An upcoming anniversary is a very important event for everyone, especially the lovely couple. There are many things that are essential for this celebration, but gifts to India are the most important. These can even be considered to be the secret ingredient that can make any anniversary special. This becomes even more important if you are being unable to attend this joyous occasion in India. You can send gifts online where you will get many exciting anniversary gift ideas for your dear ones. Different kinds of such gifts can be found on this reliable online gift store for making this celebration spectacular. Chocolates Sending a gift of chocolates is a good idea as such gifts are usually loved and enjoyed on such occasions. There are a large variety of chocolates available on this online gifting portal in various forms. The Amazing Bouquet of Chocolate and Roses is in the form of a chocolate bouquet that is apt for this event. Delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates along with bright red roses make up this chocolaty arrangement.   Home Decor Keeping the home well decorated makes it look even better and that is why home decor gifts can be sent. This gifting site showcases a number of such decorative items that can be sent on someone’s anniversary. The Beautiful Artificial Love Tree Showpiece comes as a show piece gift for the adorable couple. It is in the form of an artificial tree that has been shaped like a heart being green in colour and placed in a pot.   Anniversary Flowers The most popular gifts for anniversaries are flowers and hence such gifts will be loved by your dear ones. Flowers like roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, carnations and many others can be found here. The Beautiful Pink Bouquet has a total of twenty flowers, all of which are in a soft pink colour. The bouquet consists of flowers like roses and also gerberas decorated with fillers and green leaves.   Personalised Gifts You can send gifts featuring photos of the attractive couple to make their anniversary even more memorable. Different types of personalised gifts can be found on this online gift store that can be sent to India. The Wall Clock is actually a caricature personalised gift of a clock that can be fixed on the wall. The clock has a purple background with several images of red hearts on which the cartoon images will be placed.   Such exclusive India gifts are sure to make occasions like anniversaries a huge success for all. These gifts as well as others can be sent on different other events and festivals for your friends and family. You can also send a gift card so that your dear ones can choose gifts of their own liking and enjoy.  

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    Truly Romantic Milestone Anniversary Gift Ideas

    An anniversary is a very special occasion in a person’s life, as it is a reminder of their wedding day. Thus, it is important to make these annual events special for the lovely couple that reminds them of their love. What is even more important is the milestone anniversaries like the first, fifth, twenty fifth or fiftieth. These are benchmarks for the couple and sending gifts to India for them is a very good idea. If it is your or your loved ones’ anniversary, you need to do something special so that this important day becomes memorable. Milestone anniversaries can be made even more enigmatic and beautiful with these many gifting options. You can send the lovely couple off to a vacation to celebrate their very special day so that they can be together. If it your own anniversary, you can surprise your better half with such a gift that can be a relief from the everyday life. You can also make the day special by ordering food of your spouse’s choice and spend a quiet evening together. Making some easy recipes together is also a good idea as it can help you to bond with each other.   You can arrange a surprise party for your partner and arrange everything similar to your wedding. This can also be done for someone close to you and can be a great gifts to India from US. Another wonderful gift idea is to create a pretty collage of the couple’s happy moments together. You can also arrange an exciting date for the happy couple, like sending them for a deep sea walking experience.   You can choose something extra special for them as gifts that can make them feel mesmerised. Arranging to go for invigorating exercises is a good idea and you can gift the couple a trip of hiking or camping. It is also a good idea to go for a spa or a body massage with your better half on your milestone anniversary. This can help you both to relax and let go of all troubles in life which is actually good for your marriage.   Many anniversary gift ideas can be found on this online gift store that you can send on milestone anniversaries. Anniversary cakes are required for celebrating this awesome occasion to the fullest extent and thus they make great gifts. The Special Silver Anniversary Cake can be sent when the couple are celebrating twenty five years of their married life. A gift of anniversary flowers will be loved by the couple as these fragrant delights are the most popular gifts for this day. The Enchanting Fresh Roses has been arranged using the most delicate and fantastic rose flowers.   You can make the milestone anniversaries of your loved ones romantic with this sensational gifts. They can be sent as gifts to India online at any time of the year along with many other gift items. There are also many other gifting options on this gifting site that can be sent for different events and festivals.  

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    First Anniversary Gifts For Sister And Brother-in-law

    A couple’s first anniversary is definitely their most important one. This occasion also becomes a top priority for their near and dear ones, especially their siblings. Thus, if it is your sister and brother-in-law’s first anniversary then you will definitely be on top of the world. There are so many things to  organise and do. And all this becomes much more difficult if you are away from them on this special occasion. Instead of pondering about what to do, you can make this day extra special for them by sending unique anniversary gifts to India. You can send gifts to India online which will be safer and hassle free and the gifts will surely be delivered on time. Our online gifting portal is the best site to send gifts to India where you can choose from a number of gift ideas for this special occasion. We have compiled a few of the most popular gift ideas here. Anniversary Cakes Anniversary celebrations are incomplete without a yummy cake. There are a number of delectable cakes available on our website that your sister and brother-in-law will love. They come in flavours like black forest, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and vanilla. Their varied shapes also make them interesting and attractive. The 1st Anniversary Heart Shaped Cake is perfect for your sister’s first anniversary. This eggless chocolate cake comes in the shape of a heart.   Anniversary Flowers Flowers are an integral part of any celebration and they are essential to celebrate anniversaries. You get choices from exclusive roses, flower baskets, flower bouquets, gerbera arrangements, life size arrangements and orchids. You can choose the Lovely Roses and Gypsophila with Greens which will make the couple feel elated on the first important landmark of their married life. This vibrant bouquet of red roses is beautifully decorated with gypsophila and green leaves.   Anniversary Hampers Sending a gift hamper for your dear sis and her husband’s anniversary is a great idea. Different types of anniversary hampers are available on our online gifting portal. You can get gift hampers, hampers for men or hampers for women which contain a number of gift items. The gift hampers contain gifts like cakes, flowers, fruits, dry fruits, chocolates and a lot more. The hampers for men which you can gift to your brother-in-law have apparels, cufflinks, vouchers, watches, pen sets, personal care items, wallets, perfumes, dry fruits, sweets and bags. The hampers for women that you can gift to your sister have items like flowers, soft toys, chocolates, personal care items, vouchers and cakes.   Gifts For Couple You can also choose a combo gift that will be appreciated by both the people. These kinds of gifts are readily available on our website and will definitely be sent on time. The gift items available here include cakes, flowers, fruits, dry fruits, spiritual gifts, jewellery and many more attractive gift items. The Sweet Couple Hamper is a perfect gift for your loved ones’ first anniversary. The beautiful pearl watch for your sister will be a memorable gift for her that she will surely wear on the special day. There is also a gold-plated silver pen for your brother-in-law that he will cherish forever. Together these two gifts combine to make the best gift for this special occasion.   Perfumes           Perfumes are an essential commodity in today’s life. We use it for casual outings as well as for special occasions. Thus, gifting your didi and jiju with a nice perfume would be a great anniversary gift. There are separate sections for perfumes for men and women. The men’s collection includes perfumes from brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc, Burberry and many others. The women’s section has fragrant perfumes coming from renowned brands like CK, Bvlgari, Ulric, Fantasy, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Ferrari, Arden and a lot more.   Wrist Watches A set of trendy watches will make a useful and interesting gift for your sister and brother-in-law’s first anniversary. These watches can used by them for daily use as well as for special occasions and will always think of you when they wear it. Your brother-in-law will love a watch from Fastrack, Timex or Sonata. The section hosts sporty as well elegant watches that will be loved by any man. You can choose a Titan Raga watch for your sister on her very special day. There are also casual and ornamental watches from other brands like Fastrack, Timex and Sonata.   Your sister and brother-in-law’s first anniversary is the most important day for them. Even if you are not with them on this special occasion, you can easily make their day memorable and exciting by sending them these and other gifts from our website. This will show to them that you are always with them, especially on their achievement as a married couple.  

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    What to Gift a Couple on Their 1st Anniversary?

    Marriage brings together two loving souls who take vows to spend a lifetime in each other’s savouring company. 1st anniversary is always special for a newly wed couple. They have put diligent endeavour everyday to build the edifice of a happy marriage. Most of the couples throw a grand bash on the eve of their 1st wedding anniversary. They want to cherish and relive the priceless moments of their wedding day with relatives and bosom friends. As an invitee you must want to enthrall them with a tasteful gift. Bestow upon them your heartfelt wishes for future and congratulate them on completing the first year of their marriage. Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Couple on 1st Anniversary Gifts bespeak for one’s feelings. On a couple’s 1st anniversary, opt for the stuffs which are meant for the bride and groom both. Add more fun and joy to their celebration with your jovial presence and delightful presentation. Your gift should stand out in the milieu of other items. Be a little generous in zeroing on your budget as the occasion is very special to the couple.  1. Flowers & Cakes : Flowers and cakes are integral parts of any wedding anniversary celebration. The custom of cutting a cake on festivities related to marriage lies deep in the ancient western culture. Flowers are the most precious bounty of nature. They bring plentiful happiness with them. They add charm and cheerfulness to any amorous occasion. Delight the loving couple with a delicious cake and an exquisite arrangement of vibrant flowers on their 1st anniversary eve to recreate the magical moments of their wedding day. 2. Watches : Watches symbolize timeless bonding between a loving pair. Now-a-days timepieces are the most endearing presentations for 1st wedding anniversary. A couple watch set from a renowned chronograph brand is the most befitting gift for this romantic celebration. 3. Home Decor : A newly wed couple decorate their home with their own dreams. A beautiful home decor item will add grandeur to their nest of love. Enthrall the couple on their 1st anniversary with an elegant showpiece that conveys your sincere good wishes for them. From artistic statuettes to various utilitarian items you have plethora of options to pick from. 4. Silver Gifts : Silver symbolises prosperity. It is the most alluring confluence of effulgence and elegance. Wish the love birds affluence in years to come with a sparkling silver gift. This dignified presentation will surely garner the couple’s appreciation. 5. Perfumes : Pleasant and enchanting perfume delight our senses. A soothing fragrance induces amorous feelings. A bottle of cologne or perfume from a renowned brand will take the couple to the ethereal world of romance. 6. Gift Hampers : Gift hampers come with a bundle of happiness. From apparel to delectable delicacies, you can arrange a hamper with a gamut of delightful gifts. It is not merely a presentation. It is the ensemble of your good wishes put together with utmost love and affection. Delight the bride and groom with a hamper full of goodies on this amorous occasion. 7. Gift Vouchers : The 1st wedding anniversary is called “Paper Anniversary” as paper gifts are usually presented on this occasion. Gift vouchers are the most adored paper gifts in recent times. They can be exchanged for delightful stuffs and services. Get the couple a voucher of an esteemed restaurant, high-end lifestyle store or any premium services that can be enjoyed by them together. 8. Chocolates : Chocolates and romance go hand in hand. These mouthwatering eatables are widely presented as tokens of heartfelt wishes. Help them to get engrossed in the rich chocolaty glory and feel the divine bliss of love. 9. Personalized Gifts : As a bosom friend or a dear kin, you have been part of some of their unforgettable moments. Freeze those moments in delightful personalized stuffs to gift the couple on their 1st wedding anniversary. You can also embellish those personalized goodies with your endearing message. This presentation from you is bound to draw their special attention. 10. Sweets : If you want to go traditional, opt for a palatable assortment of Indian sweets as a gift on the couple’s 1st anniversary. The lingering sweetness of the delicacies in their mouth will strengthen your bonding with them. Wish them a prosperous future life with this delightful presentation. Wish the newly wed couple days filled with joy and essence of love. Their unwavering fondness for each other will pave the way for a wonderful future life together. Make your presence felt on the eve of the couple’s 1st anniversary with exquisite gift items which will convey your adoration for them.