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Unique Gift Ideas

This chapter informs the readers about unique gift ideas which can cherish your dear ones.

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  • Online Gifting

    How & why online gifting becomes an emerging trend?

    Gifting your beloved ones is now no more troublesome and you no longer have to depend on specific shops to find out gifts because trends in gifting have taken a whole new direction. No more hassles of travelling to distant gift shops as internet shopping is the ‘in thing’ with shoppers who lack time and energy to hunt for gifts to India. Online gift platforms are gaining extreme popularity with passing years and there are some good reasons that are giving the flow a big push. Many factors work which has brought upon this change in the gifting trends and has brought upon this emerging trend. Let us try to understand the how’s and why’s of online gifting Why do you think has online gifting become so popular globally? The most important reason is that people have very less time in their lives now. From shuffling between hectic jobs to managing family life, keeping up with other important appointments and everything else going on in their lives, it really has become a herculean task to take out extra time to visit shops and search for the right gift for all those whom you want to send India gifts. Not that we do not have the intention of sending a gift to our loved ones or that we do not have the correct intentions, but sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that it becomes quite impossible to manually search for a gift and then send it. Also with globalisation people are living all over the world now and they rarely get the scope to visit each other often. There in comes online gift stores which play a huge role in bringing families together and help maintain many relationships. These factors have helped all the people find a common platform where to connect with their dear ones.   Now let us think as to how these online shopping portals have been helping to become a trend in online gifting. These gifting portals provide a common place where at the same time anyone can find a variety of products all together. Depending upon the occasion, the gifts may vary from chocolates, cakes, flowers, home decor, utilitarian items, fashion accessories, personalized gifts, apparels and many more. The best part of these online portals is not only that you get all these things together but also many a time you get them in subsidized rates due to the constant discounts which go on these portals. Also you can compare prices and choices of many portals and then decide on the best. Also these portals provide online payment facility which actually helps a lot and let you go cashless. And then there is a peace of mind that after you have ordered the gift, you sit back and relax. And let these portals to follow up. Almost all the portals have a proper customer support center in case you face any difficulties while shopping and will help you navigate smoothly through a website.   The only and main challenge is to identify the real portals from the fake ones where does this reliable and trustworthy portal comes into play. It provides you with the best options in birthday gift ideas and gifts for all occasions and every relation. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and start shopping and gifting!    

  • Special Hampers

    Get varied options for gift hamper at GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Gift hampers are always a wonderful way of conveying how much you love the person you are sending the India gifts to. They will be enthralled to receive big and little gifts all punched together to make a wonderful gift hamper. This reliable online gifting portal takes special care in making each and every hamper a special one so that when you look out for options in their hamper list you find not only many options but also a perfect gift hamper for the likings of everyone. Let us bring for you some examples of the perfect gift hamper options which you can avail from this proficient gifting portal. The Sweets and Nuts Hamper is perfect if you want to treat your dear one in India with a healthy and tasty treat. This hamper of dry fruits, sweets and chocolates contains almonds. The Cadbury Dairymilk Combo will definitely bring a smile on the face of your loved ones in India when you send them this delectable chocolate hamper. It consists of dairy milk fruit & nut, dairy milk crackle, dairy milk roast almond, dairy milk silk caramello, dairy milk silk bubbly, dairy milk silk orange peel, dairy milk silk roast almond, chocolairs. With the trustworthy online gifting portal you can easily send this delectable chocolate hamper. The Delectable Hamper for You is a mouth watering hamper perfect for any occasion and suitable for your friends, family and acquaintances in India as Gifts from this premier gifting portal. This hamper contains, tea bags, jams, sauce, bhujia, bread spread, olive oil and other delectables which you can easily send as gifts to entice your loved ones.   The Best Wishes For You is a heartwarming hamper for your dear and near ones in India and will melt the heart of your loved ones. This hamper consists of multi-coloured gerberas, Chocolate Cake and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.   The Sweets Thali will be the favourite gift in every occasion as this beautiful swastik tray is packed with gourmet mewa barfi and heavenly kaju barfi that you can send among your other gifts. Your parcel is sure to reach your friends and family in India, promptly within time when you send through this proficient gifting portal. Along with gift hampers you can also send gifts cards to your dear ones in India and let them choose their own gifts according to their own choices and likings. These gift hampers and many others will become the apple of their eye when you send them with your good wishes.  

  • Fitness Gifts

    What to gift your fitness freak friend?

    It''s not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle these days. But we always have that friend who is crazy about their fitness bordering on obsession. These friends should be send online gifts to India which are related to fitness and gymming and health related things. Throw the health nuts and fitness freaks a low-calorie bone gift that caters to a healthier lifestyle. And for anyone who’s making a health-positive resolution, the right gift can help them hit the ground running. Five Fingers Running Shoes : The ‘barefoot running’ revolution calls for a change in the traditional, restrictive running shoes.  Instead, the Five Fingers sports shoes allow the feet’s numerous muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments to be better stimulated and strengthened during every fitness activity.   Acupressure Mat : The acupressure mat stimulates the body’s production of endorphins which bring on a calming soothing all over effect. These mats can be used to treat stress fatigue, soreness, and pain in the joints, muscles, neck, feet and back. It''s an essential tool for all over fitness and wellness.   Yoga Monster Mats : The Yoga monster mats are made of a unique material that doesn’t contain many of the toxins and heavy metals found in your everyday yoga mat. And production of the Monster Mat is far better for workers and the environment, so you’ll be promoting more than just your own health when you do yoga.   Power Press Push Up : When you are someone when they are already loaded with almost every type of fitness tools can be a bit irksome. Here is the one thing they probably don’t have- the power press push up. It sculpts arms by targeting multiple muscles — simply move the portable handles around the board, and voilà!   Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle : This water bottle is everything a minimalistic fitness friend requires. Unclick the button in the middle to reveal a secret compartment that fits keys, cash, and credit cards. Simply walk out of the door with this BPA-free bottle and you’ll be set for the day.   Headphones : Headphones are one of the best gifts you can gift to someone who loves to work out. They can bring out the zeal and enthusiasm in a person to run hard and work out harder.   This reliable online portal provides you with the healthiest of fruits for the season and dry fruits which will be an ideal gifts to India from US. If you are not able to find the proper gifts for them then you can also send gift vouchers to them as well.    

  • Unusual hampers

    Discover Unusual Gift Hamper Options at GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Gift hampers in itself signifies that you are pampering the receiver of these India gifts. With many combinations and collection, hampers can become one of the most sought after gifting options for all special occasions and events. This proficient online gifting portal provides for you with unusual gift hampers which would make wonderful gifts to India. These hampers include all your favourite gift items and it goes on to show your love and appreciation for the person you are sending the gift to. Tea Hampers : The perfect gift to relax with. Lie back and get comfy with variou flavours of tea hampers. Add cookies and biscuits to the hamper and your gifting becomes perfect. These combinations of aromatic and flavoursome can become perfect for a mid-afternoon treat and great if you'd like to have plenty of choice when you open your tea cupboard. So send your loved ones  a fabulous box containing favourite infusions.   Exclusive Hampers : Exclusive gift hampers express many emotions at the same time. Consisting of multiple gifts together, these hampers are ideal to be sent as gifts to India on any occasion. This reliable online portal of India brings to you many attractive hampers for your loved ones in India. The hampers available with us offer a wide range of gifts- from cakes to flowers, from chocolates to cards, from perfumes to soft toys and many more. Send these gifts hampers to India and entice wish your dear ones all the love and regards.   Dry Fruits Hampers : These healthy treats are a must have gifts for every occasion and every season. They never fail to provide with oodles of nutrition and also the fact remains that they are delicious. Mix them them up with other goodies like sweets, chocolates etc. Send these Exclusive Dry Fruits Hamper to your near and dear ones in India. Make them feel really special on various occasions and special days like Birthday, Anniversary, etc.   Fruit Hampers : Fresh fruit baskets with ripe apple, oranges, pears, kiwis and mango are the perfect health friendly gift. Gourmet baskets are made with only the freshest hand-picked fruit from the finest orchards. Enjoy your own impromptu picnic with delicious gourmet goodies and fresh fruit. Fruit hamper can be chic and stylish as well. Choose these for your stylish friends and family to send your love and care. With all the fresh fruits and seasonal fruits, this is the healthiest option for your beloved one.   Hampers On Special Occasions : Hampers can be very good wedding gift ideas. Gifts which are exclusively meant to be enjoyed on special events like weddings, anniversaries, birthday include flowers, cakes, jewellery, gift vouchers etc.These gift hampers not only upholds your material value but also helps you convey your untold emotions.  Be part of any celebrations in India and make your presence felt through the gifts. This online shopping portal values your emotion and hence try to ensure that your gifts reach the recipient on time, as per your wish.   Send amazing gift hampers in the form of India gifts and make gifting a pleasurable experience for all your near and dear ones. Not only does these hampers increase the scope of gifting but they also make the receiver appreciate your true worth.  

  • Handy Gifts

    Top 5 Handy Gift Ideas

    Sending gifts for friends and family is a task that all of us enjoy doing and thus we give a lot of thought into this. There are different types of gifts available on this online gift store that can be used to send gift to India. However, while choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones we should also keep in mind the utility of such items. We should think about how such items can be used by our dear ones in their day to day lives and how easily they can be moved around. Thus, choosing handy gift ideas is the best way to go while selecting gifts for those who really matter to us. Many such gifts can be found on this reliable online gifting portal and we are now going to look into the best of them. 1. Perfumes : Sweet fragrances are much enjoyed by everyone and these come in small bottles that can be carried quite easily. Perfumes for both men and women can be found on this gifting site from various well known brands. The Adidas Intense Touch Edt Spray is for men and it has a very earthy as well as sports like scent.   2. Pens & Stationery : Giving a gift of stationery items is also a good idea as such gifts can be contained in small places and are also useful. There are two types of these gift ideas here that have been classified as desk organizer and pen sets. The Classy Men’s Combo Set is a pen set consisting of a pen and a pen holder in golden colour. 3. Jewellery : These gifts are very much useful to women who like to wear jewellery to every occasion and are very sleek and slender. You can find on this online gift store jewellery of different metals and precious stones as well as fashion jewellery. The Coral Bohemian Belt has a very unique style and it comes in an orange colour with coral designs.   4. Cosmetics : Cosmetics are very useful and they can be easily fitted into the purse or bag while going out. Skin care products from various renowned houses can be found on this online gifting portal. A Pair Of Lakme Makeup Kit contains a foundation as well as a complexion care cream.   5. Watches : A watch is a very essential item that every person needs in their day to day lives and thus such a gift will be appreciated. This gifting site holds watches from different famous companies for both adults and also kids. The Titan Zoop Girls watch is white in colour with various interesting designs for little girls.   These easily accessible gifts can be easily sent to India on any occasion or festival for your family and friends. Your loved ones will be delighted to receive these fantastic India gifts and you can celebrate any event with them like this. Many other kinds of gifting options can also be found on this gifting site to be sent to India apart from these.