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Independence Day Gifts

15th August is celebrated throughout India as this is the day when in the year 1947, Indian gained her independence from the British rule. Indeed a day of grand celebration, Independence Day is marked by honoring the martyrs who laid their lives for gaining freedom. This is also the day of showing how much one loves his or her motherland, India. This special day of celebration can be made more special by exchanging gifts among one another. The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the different gifts that can be sent to India on Independence Day.

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    Movies That Can Be Watched On Independence Day

    Independence Day, celebrated every year on 15th August, is a very special day for us Indians. It is one this day in the year 1947, our motherland earned her Independence from the British, who had ruled our country for over 200 years. Indeed a great day of celebration, this is a national festival which Indians living not only in the country but also across the world participate in its grand celebration. A day of glory and pride, throughout this day, the martyrs are paid tribute for their self-less sacrifices that they made for gaining Independence. While flag hoisting is the most common event of this occasion that is followed in almost each and every part of the country, a number of other things are can also be done for making a special kind of celebration. For example, if you are staying outside the country, you can send patriotic gifts to India with the help of online portals, like This online store helps to send gifts to India on different festivals and occasions. With the help of this site, NRIs can send not only send gift to India from US but also from various other parts. On Independence Day, you can certainly send from our huge stock of patriotic gifts back India. However, if you are with your family and friends, you can catch up movies that are worth watching on this special day. In this case, it must be mentioned, there is an unending list of movies that are worth watching on Independence Day. For your benefit, we have sorted out a small list of movies that you, your family and friends will surely feel a rush of patriotism while watching on this day. Gandhi This biopic, directed by Richard Attenborough, is based on Mahatma Gandhi,  who is the father of the nation. Chronicling the life of Gandhi, who was the forerunner of the nonviolent resistance movement against the British Raj, this movie is a must watch on Independence Day. Though the film is a biopic, it does not portray everything, for example, the early life of Gandhi. The film begins with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and traces back to the year 1893 in South Africa, where he was ill-treated for being an Indian. The movie also shows the partition of India and the consequent violence, riots and deaths. Swades Starring Shahrukh Khan, Swades, when released, earned overwhelming reviews from critics, will be a very good watch on Independence Day. The film brings out a poignant picture of the poverty of India in a very sublime way. The protagonist, Mohan Vargav, played by Shahrukh Khan, is an NRI who comes back to India only to take with him to US his nanny. However, as the film progresses, Mohan rediscovers his roots by encountering various incidents that have been shown in a very touching way. A must watch for every Indian, Swades effortlessly reminds the responsibilities that one should take for making a difference The Legend of Bhagat Singh This Ajay Devgan starrer will surely give you goosebumps. Based on the freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh, who sacrificed his life for the independece of India, the film depicts his freedom struggle. A captivating tale of the remarkable life of Bhagat Singh, watch out this movie to know how the revolutionaries fought against all odds for the freedom of the country and also the numbing torture meted out to them by the British. Rang De Basanti A more recent film, in Rang De Basanti patriotism has a new face. The story of this blockbuster movie is told by an English woman who has come to India to make a documentary about the writings of her grandfather’s diary who was in India in pre-independence era. She meets with five young and extremely energetic men, whom they cast for the roles for playing in her documentary. However, their lives are soon changed when their Indian Air Force pilot friend dies of plane crash and the government says that the crash occurred of pilot error only to stop further investigation. The rest of the story shows how the friends fight for their dead pilot whom they consider a martyr. The interweaving of history with the contemporary themes is the high point of this movie. A must watch since it tells a fiery tale of  how power corrupts everyone. Watching these movies will surely grow an interest in you to catch up more movies that can be seen on Independence Day. You can make your pick from Mother India, Border, Lakshya, Chak De India, Sarfarosh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero, Haqeeqat and many more.