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Gifts for Infants


The likings and needs of your little one change with every passing day. You often lose sleep over getting some delightful toys and baby care products to see the charming toothless smile on those innocent faces. Their slightest of discomfort makes you worried like anything. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about the range of exciting gift items brought to you by for your dear little ones. From thrilling First Toys to utilitarian Baby Care Products, all these adorable stuffs are now only a mouse click away.


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    What to gift a New Born Baby or a Toddler

    Babies are in themselves very precious gifts and hence gifts for them must be chosen very carefully. When they grow up to be toddlers then the range of gifts for them opens up even further than before. You may be missing a huge part of their childhood if you live in some other place and this might make you miss them a lot. However, you can still cherish them and make them feel special through cute and wonderful gifts. There are a variety of gifts for infant available online that you can send for them on various occasions. This online gift store showcases many such innovative gifts that the little ones will surely love to have. These gifts to India can be surely sent easily and in a very hassle free manner for your or your dear ones’ kids. Baby Care Products Babies and toddlers have very delicate skin which is why they need to be taken care of with special products. This online gifting portal hosts many such items that can be used to take care of the cute little ones. The items here include skin care products from Johnson & Johnson and Himalaya as well as other baby essentials like feeding bowls and combs. Fisher Price Fisher Price is a very renowned brand in the field of toys for babies and toddlers due to its innovative ideas. There are several products from this brand available on this gifting site that you can send for the kids. Toy driving cars, animated dolls and rubber ducks are only some of the toys available in this section here. Hampers for Infants Hampers as collections of gifts may contain many such items that can be used or enjoyed by the little one. You can get many different gift hampers for infants here that you can choose from by putting in some thought. The gifts that these hampers contain are skin care products, combs, hair brushes, toothbrushes, soft toys and toys. My First Toys The first toys that babies get must be very attractive and innovative because these usually become indispensable for them. Such toys are available abundantly on this online gift store that your kids will surely love and enjoy a lot. Different types of pull along, stacking and press & go toys have been showcased for babies and toddlers. Soft Pillows The little ones love to cuddle as this makes them feel more secure and this is why a soft pillow can be a good gift for them. There are many such pillows available on this online gifting portal which your beloved kids in India will just love to sleep in or with. These soft pillows are very innovative as they come in shapes of balls or as storybooks containing popular stories. Soft Toys Cute and cuddly soft toys are loved by little ones as they can play with these without getting hurt. This gifting site hosts a number of such delightful soft toys that these little ones will just love to have. The toys available here include puppies, teddies and many others that infants will have a wonderful time playing with. Send gifts to India for babies and toddlers and make them feel extremely loved through this online gift store. There are also many other gifting options that you can use to send gifts for others on different events and festivals. Such a gift to India will be cherished by the receiver and you will always be remembered during important occasions.  

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    A new baby in the family is a blessing and a grand reason for celebration. Be it welcoming the baby’s arrival on this world, his/her first birthday or any occasion to celebrate their presence in your life, it is always very special not just to the child but for the new parents as well. After all, the celebration marks the successful trails of the hard trials of parenthood! With time, the baby learns to crawl and sit up, stand up and walk, grasp tit bits of language and identify his/her closed ones. Each of the steps of his/her growth and development calls for a celebration for it is a divine feeling to see that little bundle of joy grow into the biggest reason of happiness and contentment for the entire family. Showering gifts on infants beholds the gesture of your love, care, blessings and good wishes for the baby. Therefore, the gifts should enthusiastically reflect your gesture and this is what has dedicatedly focused on. The range of gifts is wide and diverse and the selection has been done carefully with the thought of stocking up the best gifts for babies. has been particular that the gifts be best in terms of quality, functionality, comfort and safety. Baby Care Hampers : Babies are delicate and one of the best gifts for them, hence, would be baby care products that take care of their delicate skin. The online store brings you a varied collection of handpicked baby care hampers that include the best brands like Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya, Advance Baby, Nuby, Little’s and more. From infant wear sets, body care essentials to medical sets recommended by pediatricians - you can find a wide variety of baby care products for your baby. Advance Baby 6 Pieces Gift Set Johnson's Baby Care Collection Little's New Born Giftset Bedding : A little baby sleeping peacefully provides one of such blessed sights that initiates a gamut of happiness in one’s soul. When the cries of the baby quietly falls into silence with the humming of lullaby, the parents are concerned most with the fact that the baby gets to sleep well. So, a cozy bedding set would be a great gift for the newborn baby. The online store offers diverse bedding sets from reputed and trusted brands worldwide. Love Baby Carrier Kangaroo Belt Bag Sleeping Bag Ollington St. Collection Teddy Print Mosquito Net Feeding Sets : Feeding a baby calls for a lot of love, care and responsibility. It takes quite a patience to teach the baby to get used to sipping bottles and to eat solids from bowls. To see the baby at ease while sipping adequate milk or eating food is a bliss in itself. brings you a collection of feeding sets and grip bowls designed for the baby’s specific needs from trusted brands that you can send as gifts to the new baby in your family, friends and relatives. Nuby Vented Milk Bottle Sure Grip Bowl Nuby Non Spill Spout Sipper 270 ml Easy Grip Bowl Baby Strollers and Activity Gears : The first day when the baby is able to stand up on his/her legs and tries to walk with his/her unsteady little steps on their own, is indeed, very special for the parents and the family. It definitely instigates a grand moment of celebration and happiness. Be a part of this blissful celebration with gifts that would help the baby take firm steps and stay playfully busy being safe all day long. The proficient online store of offers a thoughtful selection of baby strollers and activity gears for newborn and one year old babies. Lion Walker Baby Toys : Babies love to stay occupied with things that they can play with. They love to play with things that are fun to them and they gradually learn while playing. However, the toys they play with should strictly be safe for them. There are various types of toys that are suitable for target age groups. The toys that a 3 year old child will play with should be different from that of a newborn or a 1 year old baby. You will find a functional collection of baby toys in our site suitable for newborn and 1 year old babies that aim at stimulating the motor and sensory skills of the infants. They will learn through these fun, playful toys that are absolutely safe for them.       Rock-a-Stack Snack 'N Play brings you the opportunity to access the best infant gifts that you can send to India at the click of a mouse. The premiere online gift store ensures that your gifts are delivered to your recipients in India safely within the stipulated time thereby adding your presence at all the celebrations of your dear ones’ lives. Enliven the joy and join the celebrations with the warm, adorable gifts from