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Flowers are the most popular gift items that are sent on any occasion or festival. Flowers convey love and emotions. What you can't express a beautiful flower arrangement will definitely convey it to your loved ones. The fresh and vibrant appeal of the flowers usually leave a positive impact on anyone's mind and soul. It has the magical power to cheer up anyone's mood. Popular flowers that are gifted on occasions are roses, lilies, gerberas, carnations and orchids. In, you will avail beautiful collection of flowers. You can send online flowers to your dear ones in Mumbai and enthrall them. Moreover, the articles assigned in this section, discusses about the significance of gifting flowers on occasions. They also highlight the different flower arrangements available in this online florist.

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    Pair Assorted Flowers and Flower Bouquets to send to Mumbai as gifts

    Indians have now settled throughout the world. They have been travelling all over the world due to their work commitments or other reasons, so it is not possible to keep in touch with their relatives and friends back in their homeland. When these people celebrate special occasions and events in India, the NRIs are not able to attend them personally. Even though they want to be with their family in their happy times they can't be. Keeping this in mind there has been the emergence of various online gifting portals. These are the best possible way through which one can send different types of gifts to their loved ones in India. is an online florist which delivers variety of flowers to different parts of Mumbai. The site displays a vast collection of  vibrant and fresh flowers to send to your dear ones in Mumbai. Flowers are possibly the best gift one can send. Their bright colors and tantalising fragrances can make up and heighten anyone’s mood. Moreover different flowers have different significance. So if you want to express your hidden feelings with the help of flowers you can do so by knowing their significances. Thus, besides sending online flowers to Mumbai we will also mention some of the significances of some popular flowers to help you out.  Like Carnations symbolizes pride and beauty. A red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration; a pink carnation symbolizes the love of a woman or a mother; a purple carnation symbolizes capriciousness; a yellow carnation symbolizes disdain, rejection or disappointment; while a white carnation symbolizes innocence and pure love. A striped carnation conveys refusal. You will find Carnations in this site. Gerbera specifically conveys cheerfulness. Lily signifies purity and refined beauty. White lily symbolizes modesty and virginity, orange lily symbolizes passion, yellow lily symbolizes gaiety. Orchids signify refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. It also symbolizes proud and glorious femininity. There are lot more to mention other than these. Flowers can gifted on special occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays etc. Gifting a flower or a bunch of flowers on these occasion implies, that we wish that the lives of our dear ones to be as beautiful and fresh like the flowers. The site mentioned above is considered to be the  best site to send flowers to India. There are diverse types of arrangements and species of flowers available in this site. The popular arrangements out of these are Assorted Flowers and Flower Bouquets. Let us know in brief about these special arrangements : Assorted Flowers -  Here’s presenting the best collection of different species of flowers in the section named Assorted Flowers. They are put together beautifully and skillfully with tact. Like the arrangement “Speak Thousands Words” is composed of 50 red roses and 50 carnations in a basket decorated beautifully with fillers.The beautiful red and white combination look quite serene and attractive. The “Ravishing Flower Bouquet” is comprised of ravishing combination of gorgeous Gerbera, carnations and 2 stem of elegant Lilies bunched together in a crystal vase. Similarly you can also select from a wide range of assorted flowers like Kalista, Parrots, Lilies and Carnations. Flower Bouquets - A bouquet is an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, decorated with fillers, satin ribbons etc. If you are thinking of sending flowers to Mumbai you must add one lovely bouquet of enchanting flowers. Here you will come across nicely arranged Flower Bouquets like “Romantic Roses” that is made up of 50 pink roses that are hand tied which further enhances the appeal. The “Cute Gerberas” are a bouquet that consists of Hand tied bunch of 24 Assorted Gerberas in vibrant colours like Yellow, Orange and Red with greens and matching ribbons. There are much more to choose from and send flowers to Mumbai. So to cheer your dear ones staying in Mumbai, gifts Assorted Flowers and Flower Bouquets from this site. They will be very surprised to receive such a lovely gift from you.

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    Gift fresh flowers to your loved ones in Mumbai

    Fresh flower arrangements can now be sent to Mumbai from anywhere in the world, via the very efficient online florist - The huge variety of flower arrangements available on this website are sure to impress anyone. You will be able to shop on this website 24x7, throughout the day. Sending flowers to Mumbai has been made very convenient and affordable by this online florist. There are various types of flowers available in India. Some have a scent, and some doesn't. But all of them look equally beautiful. Flowers in bouquets, bunches or baskets are a popular gift for special occasions like - Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, New Years, Christmas, Diwali, Rakhi etc. Flowers have played an essential role in both eastern and western culture. People in both the culture gift flowers to make the special occasions more bright and fun. In India gifting flower arrangements are very popular. On special occasions people also use flowers to decorate their homes. Young couples exchange flowers on occasions like Valentine’s Day. Women love flowers, and they are always delighted to receive flowers as gifts. Gifting of flowers is not a modern trend in India, but it has been practised since ancient times. Apart from gifting flowers, Indians also use flowers on festive occasions to worship Gods and Goddesses. Various flowers have played an important role in the Indian mythology, for example - Lord Vishnu and many other gods hold the sacred Lotus flower in their hands. It is also believed that the Parijat Flower was brought to earth by Lord Krishna. So, if it is a festive occasion in Mumbai like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi, you can always delight your loved ones, by sending online flowers to Mumbai via - Flowers are the best gift that you can gift to someone to express your love and care. With the advancement of e-commerce services, flowers can be sent to Mumbai from any part of the world. Amongst all the online florist that undertakes flower delivery in Mumbai. To send flowers to Mumbai via this website, you just need to choose your preffered flower arrangement from all the displayed products, and make your payment via  a cash card. All the charges are very reasonable, and the delivery service is of a very high quality. Most of the people doesn't have enough time to purchase gifts from regular stores, therefore online gift portals have become very popular nowadays. Here are some of the popular flower arrangements, that can be availed from Exclusive Bouquets - The flower bouquets available on our online store, are very creatively arranged. The proportion and ratio of the flower bouquets are very pleasing to the eyes. Your dear ones in Mumbai will be proud of you for sending such a gorgeous flower arrangement as a gift. Flower Basket - Flower basket is another wonderful option that you can choose when you wish to send flowers to someone. Flowers arranged in a decorative basket can be the ideal gift for special occasions like - Anniversaries and Birthdays. Roses - Roses has served as a symbol of love and affection since centuries. On our online store Roses are available in various arrangements, and these arrangements will surely melt your dear one’s heart in Mumbai. The brightness of flowers, make our lives more cheerful. So, gop ahead and delight your friends and family in Mumbai with gorgeous and unique flower arrangements available only on the best online florist -

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    Win your dear one’s heart with flowers to Mumbai

    If you have someone special living in Mumbai, you can always use an online gift store to send flowers to Mumbai, along with other fabulous gifts. These online stores, have made life very easy for people who resides far from their friends and family. If you have a friend, lover or family member residing in the city of Mumbai, you can always use the services of the very popular online florist -, to send beautiful flower arrangements to them. Flowers are a symbol of life and beauty, and since generations people have been gifting flowers to express love and affection. When people receive flowers as gift, they feel incredibly special. Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature, and they play an important role in our lives. Flowers are an important gift for special occasions like - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, etc. If you are not very sure about how to pick flowers for special occasions, then the following paragraph might come in handy. If the occasion is a birthday, then you need to go with a mixed flower bouquet. Usually the popular mixed flower bouquets contain roses, lilies, sunflowers etc. The flowers will be put together in such a way that they become very attractive. The mixed flower bouquet, will surely add an extra charm to your dear one’s birthday. If you are missing someone, and want to give a surprise to him or her, then you should choose a flower bunch. A white rose bunch would be the perfect option for such a situation. Sunflowers are best suited as get well gifts. The brightness of the Sunflowers will surely cheer up the ailing person. If the occasion is a Marriage Anniversary, then the best gift would be a huge bouquet of mixed color roses. Flowers are the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day,  and on this occasion you can never go wrong with a bunch of red roses. And all these flower arrangements are available on the online florist - When you plan to send flowers to Mumbai choose from the popular flower arrangements listed below. Flower Baskets - The wonderful flower baskets available on the online florist, will surely impress your dear ones in Mumbai. The gorgeous flower baskets will remind you of a miniature garden. The beauty of the charming flower baskets will definitely make the special occasion in Mumbai, even more special. Flower Bouquets - On our online store you will be able to find a wonderful collection of flower bouquets ranging from - Assorted Flowers, Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, Orchids etc. All the flower bouquets are reasonably priced, and they are no hidden charges applied. The price that you see on the website, is what you need to pay. So pick your favourite flower bouquet from, and give your dear one in Mumbai a wonderful surprise. Flowers in a Vase - Flowers along with a vase, is the most romantic gift that you can give to someone. All the flower arrangements are very unique and pleasing to the eyes. These flowers will surely convey your heartfelt emotions to your loved one in Mumbai. You can shop from, 24x7 and the wonderful customer care support team is also available 24x7, to help you with your queries. Use the services of this online florist, to send online flowers to Mumbai and win your dear ones’ hearts.

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    Best 5 flower arrangements to send to Mumbai

    “Flowers given by loving people will never fade” Illya Shevelyov Flowers are possibly the best creations on earth. One glance at these vibrant and beautiful flowers will immediately brighten a person’s mood. There are more than a thousand species of flowers in the world. Some of them are popularly known for their beauty and fragrance. It is one of the important items of decoration in any occasion or festival. However, it is believed that during the Victorian era, flowers were used not only as decoration, but also to convey a strong, and commonly understood meaning. Colour, shape, and scent were all used as part of the overall message that was conveyed. In addition, the art of growing, arranging, and preserving flowers was thought to refine a woman. Flowers have individual significance. It is important to realise the meanings of these flowers. Like Red Carnations symbolise a flame, White Lilies symbolise youth or beauty, Orchids mean love, beauty and refinement, Red Rose means love while Yellow Rose signify friendship. There are many other flowers too which have a special significance but these are the popular ones. is a much reputed online florist which delivers fresh and fragrant flowers to different places in Mumbai. NRIs who have friends and family residing in Mumbai can convey their messages and warm wishes by sending flowers to Mumbai through the help of this site. The online florists specializes in showcasing different types and arrangements of flowers from where you can select a perfect one for your near one and send it as online flowers to Mumbai. Some of the types are Carnations, Flowers Bouquets, Flowers in Baskets, Roses, Gerberas and many more. There are some arrangements which have been extremely popular and widely loved. Let us have a brief idea about Best 5 Flower arrangements present in this site: 1. 501 Wishes -  When 501 words fall short of expressing your emotions for your loved ones in Mumbai, this assortment of 501 roses embellished with ferns and gladiolus borders will do the magic. Its a wonderful arrangement with the special words " I LOVE U" written on it. These alluring red rose arrangement will be the most precious gift for your beloved on any special day or occasions. Go ahead and express your heartfelt love through these 501 roses. So next time when you send flowers to Mumbai, remember to this exclusive arrangement with them. 2. Beautiful Orchids - Bewilder your dear ones on a special occasion, as you send this collection of 100 Purple orchids to India. The arrangement is nicely decked with chiffon net. Purple orchids symbolise love and beauty which will definitely convey the message stored in your heart to the beloved. 3. 100 Red Rose Tall Basket - This is a wonderful tall arrangement of 100 fresh Red Roses with lots of green ferns and decorated with ribbon. The flowers look vibrant with the combination of red and green. Your dear ones in Mumbai will definitely be overwhelmed to receive this flower arrangement. As Red Roses are symbols of love, so your dear ones will truly understand the message you want to convey to them. 4. Exclusive Collection - Charm the senses of your loved ones in Mumbai by sending them this exclusive collection of flowers. The agglomeration of 50 yellow gerberas and 50 red carnations shall adorn your beloved’s face with a hearty smile.These are nicely arranged, the vibrant color of the flowers will give any a place a scenic abode. They will decorate the interiors of your dear one’s house and give them pure joy. You can also send this beautiful arrangement to your dear ones on the eve of any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries and so on. 5. Floral Exuberance - Spread the beauty of love with the collection of 25 multicolored Gerberas. The multi color Gerberas are sure to add an excellent hue. Arranged in a beautiful bouquet with lots of greenery and decorated with Ribbons, this collection will make your special one feel more special. Flowers have a special power to lift up anyone’s mood. Moreover they also convey your special messages to your loved ones. So take the help of to send flowers to Mumbai and enthrall your dear ones on any event or occasion.

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    Send Flower Baskets from

    Flower baskets are the best gift items that you can opt for your loved ones on any special occasion or festival. As the name suggests, a flower basket comes with different types of flowers decorated with ferns and leaves. The presence of a beautiful flower basket will definitely cheer up your dear one’s mood. You can even create flower basket by selecting your dear one’s favorite flowers. Your dear ones will definitely be enthralled. Nowadays, you will avail various online florists through which you can send flowers to your dear ones. is a proficient online florist through which you can send flowers to Mumbai. Along with flowers, the website also showcases diverse types of gifts for various occasions and festivals. Hence, you can avail the service of this online store and send gifts to your dear ones in Mumbai online. Flowers are the special attraction of this website. Beautiful Roses, Carnations and Gerberas are available in this online store. They come in various arrangements such as in basket, vase, bouquet, life size arrangement and so on. However, if you are thinking to send something special then flower basket will be the right choice. In the ‘Flower Baskets’ section, you will avail stunning flower arrangements that you can opt for your loved ones on any grand event. These flower arrangements will definitely bring a smile on your dear one’s face. Popular flower baskets that you can opt for your loved ones are as follows:- Fascinating Basket - You can convey love to your dear ones by sending this fascinating flower basket. This basket includes 200 stunning red roses. The beauty of the charming roses have been further enhanced with green leaves and ribbon. Send flowers to Mumbai and make your dear one feel special. Blissful Morning - This beautiful flower basket includes 4 Yellow Lilies, 8 Yellow Gerberas, 3 White Carnations and 5 Yellow Roses . Your loved ones will be delighted to receive this flower basket as gift. 24 Carnations in Basket - If your dear one loves Carnations, you can surprise her/him by sending this flower basket. The basket includes 24 multi colored Carnations decorated with fillers. The presence of this flower arrangement will definitely add special charm to the occasion. Multicolor Roses Basket - This attractive flower arrangement includes 200 stunning mixed roses. A colorful assortment of mixed roses will impart a vibrant hue and will brighten up the mood of your loved one. Make your dear one’s occasion even more special by sending this lovely rose basket. Colorful Basket - Flowers are always special gift. 4 red roses, 4 pink roses and 8 pink Carnations come in a basket with a handle. The basket is decorated with leaves and fillers & tied with ribbons. Ravishing Orchids - This basket of 6 stem orchids is unmatched for its elegance and sensuous charm. They look so natural yet so gorgeous, making it a fascinating bouquet for a special occasion or day. It has the magical power to change a dull morning to a beautiful day. Send this beautiful online flowers to India and charm your dear ones. Awesome Basket - A basket of 50 long stemmed orange roses has been introduced by are delivered fresh, budding and ready to bloom to impress your loved ones. Send this roses basket to Mumbai to those whom you love so much. Send flowers to Mumbai online and make any occasion delightful.