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Flowers are the most popular gift items that are sent on any occasion or festival. Flowers convey love and emotions. What you can't express a beautiful flower arrangement will definitely convey it to your loved ones. The fresh and vibrant appeal of the flowers usually leave a positive impact on anyone's mind and soul. It has the magical power to cheer up anyone's mood. Popular flowers that are gifted on occasions are roses, lilies, gerberas, carnations and orchids. In, you will avail beautiful collection of flowers. You can send online flowers to your dear ones in India and enthrall them. Moreover, the articles assigned in this section, discusses about the significance of gifting flowers on occasions. They also highlight the different flower arrangements available in this online florist.

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    Send flowers to India according to personalities

    If you want to send flowers to India, sitting in the comforts of your home, then you need to send flowers through an online florist. Presently online florists has become very popular, because via such services you will be able to send fresh flowers to your loved ones. Apart from delivering fresh flowers, the online florists also provides you with a wide variety of options. There are many online florists available nowadays and amongst them the most popular one is On this website you will find flower arrangements for every occasion. The website is very user friendly and is also very easy to navigate, therefore you will be able to find the flower arrangement of your choice very easily. When you send online flowers to India, for your dear ones you can also send them flowers according to their personalities. People have associated flowers and personalities since ages. Listed below are some of the common beliefs. The Iris Flower - This flower is usually associated with people who are introvert and as a spiritual side to their personality. The Daisy - You can gift an arrangement of Daisy to a person who is always cheerful and is very optimistic. Send a beautiful bunch of Daisy to the most beautiful and innocent person that you know in India, and make his or her day. Tulips - Tulips are usually associated with grace and elegance, so if you think that your dear one is the most elegant person you have met in the world, then you can send him or her a beautiful bunch of Tulips, and it will surely delight the person. Roses - Rose has served as a symbol of romance since ages. Sending a rose bunch to someone is a very old fashioned way of conveying love, and it will never go out of fashion. So is the occasion is Valentine’s Day, your lover’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, you must send your loved one a beautiful arrangement of rose, along with other gifts. Orchids - Orchids are very delicate and exotically beautiful. This very graceful flower is associated with beauty and luxury. When you see a Orchid flower it fills you with a sense of refinement. If you want to attract the attention of someone, then you need to gift that person aa arrangement of Orchid. Finding unique flower arrangements to send as a gift is no more a difficult task. If your dear one resides in India, then you just have to visit the website of, and here you will find a fabulous collection of flower arrangements. On our website you will be able to find a fabulous collection of - Assorted Flowers, Carnations, Fruits - Flowers Baskets, Life Size Arrangements and many more. All these arrangements will be delivered fresh to your dear ones in India. This gift portal has become very popular amongst Indians all around the globe because the online store has an excellent delivery network in India, and a customer can always get in touch with the website directly, as the customer care support of this store is available all throughout the day. also offers popular services like Midnight Delivery - which allows you to send flowers to India for your dear one at the midnight hour.  

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    Flowers as gift for every occasion in India

    Every special occasion in India can be made even more special with gorgeous flower arrangements. To find wonderful flower arrangements you just need to visit the website of, and here you will be able to find a variety of flower arrangements that can be sent as a gift to India for special occasions, from any part of the world. In India flower arrangements are very popular, and they are also considered to be very auspicious. Sending flowers to India via an online store is beneficial in many ways, firstly it saves you a lot of time, as you don’t have to travel to a store physically. Secondly, an online store like, offers you with many more options compared to your local florist, as display space is not a limitation for an online store. Sitting at any corner of the world, you can log on to the website of, and select your prefered flower arrangement and send it to your dear one in India. Flowers have almost a magical effect on people, flowers can instantly cheer up anybody. India is rich in many natural resources, and greenery is one of them. In India you can find a variety of flowers, and Indians love flowers. Flowers are loved by everyone, especially the ladies. In India flowers are used as gifts, as home decors, and are offered to Gods during festive occasions. Flowers are extensively used during Indian festivals, take for example the popular festival of South India - Onam. During the festival of Onam, people decorate their homes with various flowers. In Indian weddings too, one can find a variety of floral displays. If you want to convey your heartfelt warm wishes to someone in India, then you need to send flowers to India, via a trustworthy online florist like - Listed below are some of the flower arrangements available on this online florist. Carnations - Carnations are considered as the flower of hope. Since centuries carnations have been used for medical purposes. The heavenly smell of Carnations are loved by everyone. The petals of Carnation usually overlap each other, which gives them a fullness in their appearance. Red Carnation also happens to be the national flower of Spain. It is a very common belief that Carnation also helps to reduce stress. On the website of the online florist -, you will be able to find a fabulous collection of arrangements made with Carnations. Gerberas - Gerbera is the most popular flower used in flower arrangements, as Gerberas have a very long vase life. The fabulous Gerbera arrangements available on our store, will surely charm your loved one in India. Gerberas symbolize  Innocence and Purity. So if you think your dear one in India, has these qualities then you can always send him or her a beautiful Gerbera arrangement from - Fruits & Flower Baskets - On our online gift store that specialises in sending flowers to India, you will be able to find a wonderful collection of fruit and flower hampers, each of these hampers include various seasonal fruits and flower bouquets. It is the perfect gift that you can send to your dear one in India, in the summer season. So, send online flowers to India and make festive occasions memorable for your loved ones.

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    Send flowers and fruit combos to your dear ones in India

    Flowers are the best gift items that you can opt for your dear ones on any special occasion or festival. There are hardly any person who is not fond of flowers. The fresh and bright appeal of the flowers bring smile on anyone’s face. Hence, if you are thinking to send something special to your dear one then you can opt for flowers to India from is a reliable online florist. In this online store, you will avail lovely flowers such as roses, lilies, gerberas, carnations and so on. These lovely flowers come in attractive arrangements such as in basket, vase, bouquet and so on. The presence of beautiful flower arrangements will definitely add joy to the occasion. Along with flowers, you can send fresh fruits and make the gift even more attractive. Hence, send online flowers to India and make your dear one feel special. In the ‘Fruit -Flowers Basket’ section, you will avail attractive flower and fruit arrangements. Delight your dear ones by sending these attractive flower and fruit baskets as gifts. Some of the popular flower and fruit baskets that you can opt for your loved ones are as follows:- Fruits and Orchid Tray - This beautiful basket includes 2 kg fresh seasonal fruits (Apple, Grapes, Pomigranate, Sweet Lime) and  4 stems purple orchids and greenery. Send flowers to India and enthrall your loved ones. Juice and Fruits -  This basket includes 500 grams grapes, 500 grams apples and three Oranges. The basket also includes a bottle of Fruit Juice (1Ltr). The basket is decorated with Pink lilies and orange gerberas. Send these flowers online to India along with fruits and charm your dear ones. Blooming Flowers and Fresh Fruits - Make any occasion joyful by sending this stunning basket. The basket includes beautiful flowers such as red roses and white lilies & fresh seasonal fruits - 2 Kg. The basket is further decorated with ribbons that enhance its beauty. Send flowers online to India and overwhelm your dear ones. Exotic Basket - If your dear one is fond of oranges, pineapple and grapes you can delight her by sending this basket. It includes 3 kg fresh seasonal fruits with four stems of Red Anthuriums, 10 Red Carnations and green foliage. This lovely basket will definitely bring joy on your dear one’s face. Blooming Floras with Fruits - Presenting a delightful basket as gift will definitely enthrall your dear ones. This basket comes with 2 kgs of fresh seasonal fruits - grapes, apples, chikus, oranges or sweet lime. The basket is beautified with six yellow gerberas, four stems of white glads and green foliages. Entice your dear ones by sending this fruit and flower basket to India. Beautiful Basket of Fruits and Flowers - This is the most attractive basket that comes with 6 Yellow Gerberas and seasonal fruits - 1/2 Kg. Pears, 1/2 Kg. Apples, 4 Pcs Kiwis, 6 Pcs. Oranges or sweet limes. Your dear one will be pleased to receive this basket. Send fruits and flowers to India online and amaze your loved ones. The beautiful flowers will definitely brighten up your dear one’s day and the fresh fruits will definitely be a healthy treat to your loved ones in India. Thus, surprise your dear ones on any occasion by sending these flower and fruit combos.  

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    Gift Flowers and Cakes to enthrall one in India is a much reputed and popular site that delivers fresh and enchanting flowers to India online. You might have dear ones who are based in India with their family. So to stay in touch with them, flowers happen to be a good option. The above mentioned site have earned fame and recognition particularly in performing this task of sending flowers to India to near ones inhabiting there, successfully. The site showcases a myriad of flower and flower arrangements to choose from. Though this site mainly specialises in sending flowers, it also showcases a huge array of gifts to send to your loved ones in India. So you may also try to add some more gifts besides sending online Flowers to India. Cakes are also a popular gift item nowadays, which add a special charm to any occasion. So if you are planning to send some exclusive gifts to your near one then you can opt for Flowers and Cakes. Now let us discuss in brief about these two gifts : Flowers: Nothing can be more beautiful than magnificent Carnations to send as gifts to someone special. You can avail graceful arrangements of these Carnations from the site. There are pink carnations decorated with green leaves and white fillers in a lovely basket. Moreover you will also find Scarlet red colored carnations arranged in the shape of heart. Sometimes these carnations also come in pretty vases. The receiver of these flowers will be overwhelmed to get them. You can also opt for Roses, the ideal flower of love. They come in unique heart shape, the entire arrangement looks vibrant in the combination of red with white or green leaves. Roses also come in beautiful cane baskets or vases. Even combinations of different colored roses can be found. There is a section where there are different types of flowers innovatively arranged in vases. There may be one type of Flower in a Vase like only roses or there can also be different types of flowers like carnations, rose and lilies in a single vase. The vases are beautiful and elegant. It can be glass or colorful vases. Orchids are god’s wonder on earth. They look gracious and amazing in different colors like blue, pink, purple or yellow. So these orchids are arranged vivaciously to make them ideal gifts. Besides all these you can also choose from a wonderful range of Flower Bouquets, Life Size Arrangements etc. Cakes : Cakes are mainly an influence of Western culture. In Western countries cakes become a part of any joyous occasion. But nowadays in India too cakes are a delicious gift item. Special cakes are cut on any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or for celebrating special achievements like after succeeding an examination, making a business deal or any other. has a wide collection of different types of cakes. There are cakes from Five Star Bakery. These are delicious in taste. Some of the cakes found here are Black Forest cakes, Chocolate cakes, Strawberry and Pineapple flavored cakes. Besides you will also find special Kid’s cake that are very cute in shape. These cakes come in wonderful designs, like that of Tweety, Mickey Mouse, Barbie or Harry Potter. Kids will love them. Other types of cakes that one can avail are, Special cakes that come in different innovative shapes like piano or tunnel train etc. Taj cakes and Normal cakes are also available. Your dear one will get lost in the amazing taste of these cakes. To have a complete online shopping experience, visit Its an one stop shop to send Flowers to India online and surprise your near ones.

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    Send Exotic Flower Arrangements to India through

    There are numerous gifts available in the market. However, the most common and simple gift is flower. Flowers have the magical powers to lighten up anyone’s mood on any event. The fresh and bright appeal of flowers usually leave a positive impact on any one’s mind. Flowers speaks thousands of words. For example, if you want to congratulate your dear one you can send him/her a lovely rose bouquet. A beautiful flower arrangement will definitely delight anyone, irrespective of age. Even if you don’t have time to select gifts for your dear one on any occasion, you can opt for a lovely flower arrangement as gift. He/she will be pleased to receive a flower arrangement as gift. Thus, for any upcoming occasions if you want to send something simple, yet beautiful to your dear one in India then flowers will be the perfect choice. You can avail the service of in sending flowers to India. In this online store, you will avail lovely flowers such as Roses, Carnations, Gerberas and so on. The flowers come in various arrangements. If you want to send attractive flower arrangements then you can opt for exotic flower arrangements from ‘Exotic Arrangements’ section. These presence of these beautiful flowers will definitely brighten up your dear one’s day. Some of the popular ‘Exotic Arrangements’ that you can opt for your loved ones are as follows:- 501 Wishes - When 501 words fall short of expressing your madness for your loved one, this assortment of 501 roses will do the magic. A wonderful arrangement with the special words " I LOVE U" written on it. These red roses will be the most precious gift for your dear one. Go ahead and express your love through these 501 roses. Beautiful Orchids - Bewilder your dear ones on the special occasion as you send this collection of 100 Purple orchids to India. The arrangement is nicely decked with chiffon net. The height of the bouquet is 3.5 to 4 feet. Send this to your loved one on any occasion. Your dear one will be overwhelmed to receive this huge Orchid arrangement.   Most Favorable - Flowers resemble happiness. Convey love by sending this wonderful and colourful bunch of 15 Lilies (5 stem) tied with ribbon to your loved ones in India. Send Flowers to India and let this gift rightly uphold the spirit of any celebration. Soft Feelings - A special bunch of flowers comprising of White Lilies, Mixed White Carnation and Roses with White Ribbon. Send these flowers to India online and enthrall your loved ones. They will be overwhelmed to receive this flower arrangement as gift. Mixed Emotions - This beautiful basket can add special charm to your loved one’s day. This is an enchanting flower basket which you can send to your dear ones. The freshness of 5 Pink Anthuriums,1 Stem Pink  Lilies, 12 Carnations arranged beautifully with fillers in a cane basket, will make even a simple day a special one. Send this Mixed Emotions exotic flower basket to your near and dear ones and make the day for them. 4 Dozen Roses- Flowers enchant everyone.  Hence, send this beautiful online flowers to India and let the floral beauty add charm to the occasion. This round flowing arrangement comes with 48 Assorted Roses, 12 Carnations and other seasonal flowers. These are some of attractive flower arrangements that you can avail in ‘Exotic Arrangements’ section. These flowers will definitely delight your loved ones in India.