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Father's Day Recipes

Father's Day Recipes

Cooking special dishes for your father is the simple way of making Father's Day celebration unique and cheerful.India is known for its diverse cuisine, hence a number of dishes can be cooked on this special day. From starters to main course dishes, desserts and drinks can be prepared on Father’s Day. The articles assigned in this chapter give a vivid detail about the various tasty dishes that can be cooked especially for father on Father’s Day.

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  • Starters


    Known for its high quantity use of spices, Indian starters are both mouthwatering and delicious. Generally starters are either deep fried or tandoor baked and are considered the perfect way for starting Indian meals. The huge list of Indian starters include pakoras, tikkas and rolls. On the occasion of Father';s Day, starters can be a tasty gift for fathers. In the articles assigned to this chapter, recipes of different Indian veg starters have been detailed.

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  • Main Course Dishes

    Main Course Dishes

    India is known for its unique blend of dishes. The main  course dishes of India vary from region to region. The foods reflect the perfect blend of rich cultures of the country. The south Indian foods are marked for the use of coconut, tamarind, spices and rice. Rice dishes are prevalent in Eastern India cuisines. North India foods reflect the strong influence of Central Asia. On the other hand, Western Indian main course dishes include large variety of pulses and pickles. The articles mentioned below, discusses about lip-smacking main course dishes that can be prepared on Father's day.

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  • Desserts


    Whether it is the scorching heat of the summer or the spine-chilling winter, Indian desserts have always been irresistible. Known for their high-quality taste that linger in the mouth for a long time, a lavish lunch or dinner is incomplete without a plate of Indian dessert. For the occasion of Father';s Day, a mouthwatering and tempting dessert dish filled with gulab jamun, gajjar ka halwa or khulfi will surely be enjoyed by fathers. The articles assigned in this chapter discus about the different recipes of desserts that will tantalize the fathers.

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  • Drinks


    Known for its wide variety of spicy dishes, India cuisines also have their fair share of drinks, which appeal to the mass for their sweetness and spiciness. Indian drinks or non-alcoholic beverages that are mainly prepared for beating the summer heat have secured a decent place in the different Indian cuisines. From Aam Panaa to Thandai, Chhanch, Jal Jeera, Numbu Paani, Lassi and more form the huge bulk of Indian non-alcoholic drinks. For Father';s Day, a number of these drinks can be prepared for dads. The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the various refreshing drinks.

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