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Express Delivery For Diwali

Express Delivery For Diwali

Diwali is one of the important festival celebrated by the people of the Hindu community with great enthusiasm. Presenting our loved ones with gifts are an integral part of this joyous celebration. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced Express Delivery Service for Diwali in our site which helps you to send gifts to your dear ones in India within 24 hours. Thus, due to your busy schedule, if you forget to place your order for Diwali then you can place your order through this service. You can be sure that your gift will reach the recipient within 24 hours of placing your order. The articles in this chapter gives an insight about the various types of Diwali gifts which you can send to your loved ones on this joyous festival through Express Delivery service.

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    How to Get Diwali Gifts Delivered Same Day?

    Diwali is the festival of light. With every lamp lit, people of india carries forward their fight against darkness during this festival. It is also a time for families to come together to celebrate this joy. But when you are away from your family and can’t please them with your presence, you want to pour your heart out in the gift you choose for them. Therefore, it is always a tough decision and you draw it out to the very last minute to choose the perfect online Diwali gifts to India. But then, it is generally too late to send online Diwali gifts to India. Now don’t despair because has brought to you the exclusive service of express delivery of Diwali gifts India. Through express delivery your gifts will reach the desired recipient within 24 hours of placing the order. So, even when you are very late in choosing your gifts for your loved ones, you do not need to worry. Just select from the Diwali express delivery section and make Diwali celebration this year grand for your relatives and friends. The express delivery section in GiftstoIndia24x7.Com is offer an abundance of a choice: dry fruits, sweets, flowers, cakes and chocolates in all kinds of alluring mixed assortment can be obtained in this section. Like any other Indian festival, Diwali also is a perfect opportunity to send mouthwatering sweets and delectable dry fruits. You can send them individually in decorated trays or as a unique combo in a beautifully designed hamper. And if you feel you are still not satisfied with the cater you can obviously improvise. Add to your choicest combo an alluring a selection of fragrant flowers or a box of chocolates to make it more endearing. Fresh flowers can in itself be an adorable gift for the loved ones. Imagine when you are miles away and the aromatic effect of the fresh flowers will make your dear ones feel your presence in their joyous Diwali celebration. You can send flowers in a bouquet decorated with lace or ribbons or with glorious wrapping paper. Otherwise you can opt for a vase with throng of carnations or go for an exotic arrangement of flower in baskets. You can choose from gerberas, orchids, roses, carnation and many more. Apart from all these there are items that you can mix and match according to your choice. How about sending a bunch of flowers with a choice of soft toys? May be you can choose to send a chocolate cake along with the dry fruit hamper that you have chosen. Even go healthy with a basket of sweet-smelling fresh seasonal fruits that will go well with a tray of remarkable dessert treats. Go crazy, don’t worry about budget, show a grand gesture this Diwali, even when you are doing it the last minute. Your gift will carry your warmth and heartfelt wishes that will make Diwali celebrations more memorable for the people who are important to you. Therefore utilise this exclusive festive offer to usher a sweet delight to the ones you matter.

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    Send Gifts Overnight through Diwali Express Delivery Service

    The celebration of Diwali gives us the opportunity to unite with our family and friends. People celebrate the day with great fervour and jollity. During Diwali, we find each and every house is decorated with candles, diyas and electric lights. People in their gorgeous ethnic wears visit their relatives and exchange heartwarming gifts. If due to professional obligations you are unable to reach out to your dear ones, you can send delightful Diwali Gifts to convey your warm wishes., the most proficient online gifting portal arranges one of the largest collection of Diwali Gifts. Along with this profuse assemblage of conventional gifts, it also offers the exclusive service of Express Delivery. This special service ensures that the selected gifts will reach the doorstep of the recipient within 24 hours. So, even if you are late in placing your orders, you need not to worry. Just select your gift from the Diwali Express Delivery section and make the celebration grand for your relatives and friends.  The express delivery section is filled with some wonderful gifting combos. The assortment includes dry fruits, sweets, flowers, cakes and chocolates in different alluring combinations. Sweets and Dry fruits are the most obvious gifting options of any indian festival. You can send delectable dry fruits and mouth watering sweets which are teamed to make magnificent hampers. Some of the items come with effervescent flowers while some are packed with chocolates. Select the most endearing combo and send it to your dear one in India. The section also offers a wide range of yummilicious cakes, chocolates and fresh flowers. The cakes are made by the best bakeries of the city which are available in different mouth watering flavours. Let your dear one cherish your thoughtful gift as you present a lovely eggless cake on the celebrated occasion of Diwali. You can also choose chocolates on the ‘festival of lights’ which has an ageless charm. Made by the esteemed brands of India and the world, these chocolates are teamed with teddies, cold drinks, cookies and many more. You can also choose fresh flowers and send to your beloved on Diwali. Arranged in different gorgeous dispositions, these fresh blossoms will convey your profound love and affection to the recipient. Each combination available in express delivery section do carry a set of Diyas with it. This special addition complements the gift which also provides the festive essence. Avail this exclusive festive offer to bring a sweet smile on your dear one’s face. Your gift will convey your warm wishes and endearment to make the Diwali celebrations memorable.  

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    Avail Express Delivery to send Diwali gifts

    As the month of October and November approach, people start preparing for the grand festival of Deepavali. Deepavali popularly known as Diwali, is an important festival of India. According to Hindu calendar the festival is celebrated on the month of Kartik. People enjoy this grand festival by lighting candles & diyas, bursting crackers, visiting dear one’s home and sharing delectable sweets. Like other festival, exchanging gifts is also prevalent in Diwali. Hence, if you know when is Diwali in 2012 then you can send gifts to India to your dear ones. Your warm gifts will definitely please your dear ones as well as make the celebration joyful. Selecting gifts and sending them through courier service is a hectic process. Instead of that you can take the help of online stores to send gifts. There are various online stores that help the online shoppers in sending gifts. If you are thinking of a reliable e-gifting portal  then will be the right choice. This online store has efficient delivery service that helps in delivering of gifts on time. So, send Diwali gifts to India and enthrall your loved ones. The site also has an exclusive express delivery service. This service come to use for those who usually forget the date of the festival. Hence, if by chance you have forgotten the festival and suddenly the date comes in your mind, you can easily access express delivery service in sending gifts to India online. In the ‘Express Delivery’ section you will avail diverse types of gift items. You can select the best one for your loved ones. Sweets hold a special significance on any Indian festival and Diwali is not left behind. People eat as well as share sweets to convey love and happiness. Hence, you can wish good health and prosperity to your loved ones by sending mouth-watering sweets. Diverse types of Indian sweets are available in ‘Express Diwali Sweets’ section. Popular Diwali sweets that you can opt for are Motichoor laddu, kaju barfi, Kesar barfi etc. Some sweets also come with assorted dry fruits like cashew nut, pista, almond and raisins. If your dear ones love to eat sweet with syrup then you can opt for tinful of ‘Rosogolla’ or ‘Gulab Jamun’ of K.C.Das. These sweets will surely bring a big smile on your dear one’s face. Along with sweets, you can surprise your loved ones by sending scrumptious chocolates. Chocolates are usually loved by everyone. Chocolates from renowned brands like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury etc are available in this site. You can even opt for Danish Cookie box as Diwali gift for your close ones. Moreover, you must send chocolates according to the recipient’s preference. If he/she loves Cadbury Temptation then you can send a Temptation chocolate hamper. He/she will be delighted to receive these chocolates on such grand festival. Sending dry fruits as gift has become quite popular these days. Hence, you can opt for dry fruits such as kaju, raisins, pista for your dear ones on Diwali. These dry fruits will definitely be a healthy treat for your loved ones on Deepavali. Gift hamper will also be an ideal Diwali gift for your dear ones in India. Since the hampers come with various gift items, your dear ones will be enthralled to receive such wide range of gifts. Send these wonderful gifts on Diwali through Express Delivery service. With the help of this service, Diwali gifts will be delivered within 24 hours on this grand event. These gifts will make the festival momentous.  

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    Send Diwali Gifts to India through Express Delivery

    Diwali also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ is celebrated with great fun and devotion by Indians all over the world. This is marked by lightening up their homes with earthen diyas and colorful twinkly lights along with decorating their entire household with marigold flowers and colourful rangolis. Alongside these, bursting crackers and exchanging gifts among family and friends further add joy to this festivity. Thus, if you are wondering as to when is Diwali in 2012 then kindly note that it has fallen on 13th November this year. Hence, with this festive season just a few months away, showcases fabulous collection of gifts which you can send to your dear ones in India. is an online gifting portal that has assisted people all over the world to send gifts to India on any occasion or festival. Hence, if due to some reason you cannot be with your dear ones on this festive season then you can brighten up their day by sending wonderful gifts through this site. As Diwali is one of the main festivals celebrated by Indians, brings you a splendid range of gifts which your loved ones will be estatic to receive from you. Beautifully decorated earthen diyas and rangolis, variety of delicious sweets, attractive home decors, playful crackers are some items which you can send as gifts in Diwali 2012. Furthermore, this site also offers the perfect solution for those individuals who always rush at the last moment to purchase gifts for their loved ones. It goes without saying that in current times, we are so busy with our professional work that we often do not know which day of the week it is. Hence, if due to any reason you have forgotten to place your order beforehand for Diwali then don’t worry. You can always get your gifts delivered within 24 hours by placing your order through the Express Delivery service. Diwali is an Indian festival and any Indian festival without sweets is unheard of. Keeping this in mind, displays a variety of such treats which you can send as gifts to India. You can take your pick from kaju barfi, motichoor ladoo, gulab jamun, rasgulla, sohan papri and so on. Moreover, some of the sweets here are also coupled with crunchy dry fruits as well. Besides these, if your dear ones prefer chocolates to sweets then you can check out the ‘Diwali Chocolates’ section which offers a decent selection of the same from well known brands like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, etc. Since these brands are popular for their tasty chocolates, it will be a perfect gift for your family and dear ones on this festive occasion. Along with sweets, gifting dry fruits on festivals is also an age old tradition which is followed till date. Thus, if you are planning to uphold this beautiful tradition then send your dear ones these crunchy dry fruits from the ‘Diwali Dryfruits’ section and make their day even more special. Raisins, cashews, almonds, walnuts, dates are some variety of dry fruits you can choose from. Some of these treats are also presented in beautifully decorated trays which gives it a festive look. Since you know when is Diwali this year, choose any of these to send as gifts. Furthermore, for more gift ideas, you can browse through the ‘Express Diwali Hampers’ section which is filled with a beautiful range of gift hampers. You can take your pick from flowers, sweets and dry fruits; flowers and sweets; dryfruits and sweets; chocolates, sweets and flowers; variety of crackers; fruits and dry fruits, crackers and sweets; and many more. Send these Diwali gifts to your dear ones in India and let their day filled with more happiness and joy.

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    How to send gifts to India on Diwali

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is the premier festival for all Indians. Diwali is a National festival from every aspect be it the grandeur, merrymaking or be it the public participation. The chain of clay lamps symbolizes the launch of Hindu new year. Greeting the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, with illuminated doorways and colorful Rangolis and other traditional sketches, all mark the great and joyous way of Diwali spree. It is the time to conduct new commercial agreements and business deals. The five day long celebration of Diwali promises to sweep away all evils and negative vices from the mankind. So, if you know when is Diwali in 2011 then you can send gifts to India. Diwali proffers a break to breathe and be appreciative for all the good happenings in our life. It also bestows a chance to reunite with all those persons who we truly adore and articulate your emotions through exquisite gifts. Exchanging gifts on Diwali is a well known age old tradition which is still maintained wholeheartedly. Plethora of  Diwali gifts is overflowing the markets and bazars. The amazed look after receiving the gift followed by the thousand watt smile on that precious face lessens all your fatigue of choosing and buying a gift within a second. But what happens when you are far away from your near and dear ones ? May be your leave application to reach India in Diwali has not been granted. But your family and friends are dying to see you on Diwali and you do not want to imagine those faces gloomy throughout this whole festive season when others will be enjoying to the fullest. So no matter what you need to send Diwali gifts to India which will compensate your physical absence over there. Gifts sometimes act as a symbol of the feeling or emotions that how much you miss them and also the vehemence of your willingness to meet those special hearts personally. Your gift to India will speak your heart out to your closed ones. Send gifts to India in any occasion is not at all a difficult task, thanks to the flourishing of online gifting companies. For Indians residing outside India, these companies appear like angels who with their magic wands solve all problems of sending gifts to India from US smoothly and quickly. They are here to connect every global Indians to their root in India. The unique way of sending online gifts has significantly reshaped our idea of sending gifts. Now through these online gift portals many Indians, living abroad, can take part in this grand festival with their friends and families. is such an online gift portal with a vast range of gift items suitable for your every relationship of all ages. Its service is a name to reckon with. This site ensures wide variety of gifts with efficient, safe and timely gift delivery system, both in affordable prices. If you want to surprise your loved ones, we have midnight delivery offer for you. Everything is just a click away. This time presents a huge range of exclusive Diwali gifts comprising of Diwali diyas, Candles, door hangings, wall hangings, rangoli and special Diwali sweets. Apart from these gifts, categorized gift sections are also there for you like gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids etc. keeping in mind your each and every special relationships. Now anyone can easily send Diwali gifts to India through these online gift portals. So if you known when is Diwali then you can convey your warm feelings to your families and friends by sending gifts. Celebrate the magnificent festival with all the valuable sentiments you deeply cherish in your heart.