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Diwali gifts for Family

Diwali Gifts for Family

Festivals are the time to catch up with family and distant relatives whom we do not get to meet often due to our busy schedules. With the Diwali festival just around the corner, it is certainly a time to celebrate. Since exchanging gifts are an integral part of this joyous festival besides bursting crackers, we offer you a wide collection of gift items which you can send to your loved ones. From beautiful home decor items to decorate their home,attractive diyas, religious gifts and many more, you can avail from this e-gifting portal. The articles in this chapter gives an insight about the various types of Diwali gifts which you can send to your family on this joyous festival.

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  • Gifts for Mothers-in-Law

    What to gift your Mother-in-Law on Diwali?

    Your mother-in-law is one of the most important persons in your spouse’s life. This is the reason she holds a special place in your life, too. If there are momentary rough edges in the relationship between you and your mother-in-law, then it would be proper for you to smoothen things out by sending her online Diwali gifts this year. The word “mother-in-law” becomes very interesting by the placement of two words “Mother” and “law”. Mother equates to affection and law is almost “complicated” and therefore this is a relationship that is laced with complicated affection. However, there is no reason why this complication cannot be eased out by sending various amazing gifts to your mother-in-law. If She is Important to Your Spouse, She is Important to You Your mother-in-law is your spouse’s mother. This is the most beautiful reason to stick to when deciding what to gift her. Your mother-in-law is affectionate to your spouse just as much as your mother is affectionate to you. This simple form of relationship is outright special and this bond is made stronger by exchange of pleasantries, memories, moments and of course gifts. The gesture of giving is more likable than the gift itself, and this is a time tested tenet. You can apply this to your unique relationship with your mother-in-law. Your best friend here to help you chose the Diwali gifts to India is of course your spouse. For Those Exclusive Moments You and Your Mother-in-law Share It is a fact that you have taken part in various events and discussions with your spouse. We believe you have many discreet moments which you have shared with your mother-in-law. That first discussion before your marriage, her first visit to your home, her response to the beautiful baby which came into your world are those are precious moments, to which only you and she is privy. So, cherish those moments and choose Deepavali gifts that will strike a chord with her. For instance you can send her a yummy chocolate hamper consisting of chocolates from reputed brands. Sending her chocolates will increase the sweetness between you and your mother-in-law. You Know Her Tastes Well Enough Your mother-in-law is a part of your world and we believe you know her tastes well enough. They may or may not be in sync with that of yours, but you for sure must know what she likes and what she does not. To choose those items easily, online websites bring you well organized category of products to choose from. You can think of gifting her home décor items, stylish/elegant crockery or a magnificent wall hanging that suits her style and the touch she would like to give to her home this Diwali. Opt for Personalized Gifts Personalized Gifts have never failed to amaze anyone. You can think of sending her personal gift items, such as Diwali mugs, sling or tote bags. We urge you to be sure about the size and colour of bag she prefers and get useful tips from your spouse, if the need be, about her changing fashion statement off late. You can also delight her by gifting her personalized photo frames and personalized mobile covers. You Fragrances and cosmetics are too personal but then one can never go wrong with a Chambor or a Davidoff Cool Water. If you have apparels on your agenda, you can choose from the huge collection of Sarees and Kurtis but first you must make sure to get a full knowledge regarding her fashion statement. Sending online Diwali gifts will take her by surprise and she will acknowledge your choice of gifts. Spiritual Gifts Will Light Up Her Diwali Generally Mothers-in-Law get very busy on the occasion of Diwali, making gala preparations for the various pujas taking place in the house. You can help her by gifting her auspicious silver puja thalis coupled with a few shagun gifts to lighten up her Diwali celebrations. Silverwares and idols of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi are great alternatives too that you can look at and these would be perfect for the occasion of Diwali. So, on the occasion of Diwali you can make your mother-in-law know how much regards you have for her, by sending her Diwali gifts to India. On this auspicious occasion you can really make her feel special too and help her usher in the festivities of the Festival of Lights.

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    Send Gifts to India to Your Family in Diwali 2012

    Festivals are celebrated by Indians with great pomp and show but nothing is compared to the grand and majestic celebration of Diwali, the ‘Festival of Lights’. This is one of the most popular festivals of India where every Indian, irrespective of caste and creed, take an active part. Observed in the Hindu months of Ashwin and Kartika (between October and November), this year it has fallen on 13th November if you are wondering as to when is Diwali in 2012. On this day, people light up their homes with earthen diyas and also decorate their entire household with marigold flowers. Beside these, wearing new clothes, eating delicious food, bursting crackers, meeting up with family and friends along with exchanging gifts are all significant parts of this joyous festival. In current times, there are numerous aspiring individuals who have settled offshore for better career opportunities, thus, cannot be with their family on festivals and occasions. Hence, if due to some reason, you cannot be with your family in Diwali 2012, then send them a fabulous range of gifts through GiftstoIndia24x7.com and make their celebration even more special. This is an online gifting portal that has assisted people all over the world to send gifts to India on any occasion and festival. As Diwali is one of the main festivals of India, this portal showcases a wide collection of items for you to choose from. Earthen diyas, candles, wall and door hangings, spiritual items, Diwali hampers are some popular Diwali gifts displayed in this site. It goes without saying that choosing a gift for your dear ones which they will appreciate will surely take you for a ride. Hence, to make your search a little easier, this site has segregated all its items as per relation. Thus, if you searching for some exclusive gifts for your family back home then browse through the ‘Gifts for Family’ section of this site. Here, you will come across a wide selection of gifts which every member of your family can enjoy. There is no doubt about the fact that sweets play a vital role in all Indian festival. Keeping this in mind, this site showcases a delicious variety of such delicacies such as kaju suraj, kaju barfi, sohan papri, rasgulla, gulab jamun and many more that you can send as gifts to India. However, if some of your dear ones love sweets but others prefer chocolates then sending them a chocolate hamper will be a wonderful idea. This is because in the ‘Chocolate Hamper’ section of this site, there are also some hampers which consist of sweets and chocolates, presented in colorful and beautifully decorated handmade trays. But, if your dear ones are chocoholics then you can choose from a wide selection of hampers from this section which come with chocolates from well known brands like Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury and so on. Moreover, some of these chocolate hampers also come with cute soft toys and dry fruits, hence, make your pick accordingly. Apart from these, you can also check out the ‘Dryfruits Hamper’ section if you are planning to send your dear ones something traditional. Since Diwali is all about decorating our home, gifting your loved ones some attractive home decor items is also be a good idea. In the ‘showpieces’ and ‘Home Decor’ sections of this site, you will come across a beautiful range of home decoratives which your dear ones will be thrilled to receive on this festive season. Along with these, some attractive diyas or candles will be a perfect addition to your gifts. For more gift options, you can check out the gift hampers, gift vouchers, fashion accessories, flowers and cake sections as well. Since now you know when is Diwali this year, make your gift list today itself if you don’t want to be rushed at the end. GiftstoIndia24x7.com will make sure that your gifts will reach the recipient on time and in good condition.

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    Special gifts for Diwali 2012 available at GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Diwali, commonly known as ‘Festival of Lights’ is an important festival of India. People all around the world, celebrate this festival with lots of pomp and enthusiasm. Diwali is a five days festival. Each of these days are celebrated with an unique tradition. This grand festival usually begins from the Hindu month of Ashvin and ends in early Kartika. This year it falls on 13th November as per Gregorian calendar, if you are thinking when is Diwali in 2012. Every Indian households organize grand celebrations on Diwali. It is an ancient believe that on Diwali, Lord Rama returned home after his 14 years of exile. Thus people welcomed Him by lighting the whole kingdom with diyas and candles. This tradition still continues till date. On this auspicious day people decorate their homes with vibrant twinkly lights, diyas, candles. Everyone including the young and the old enjoy the festival by lighting crackers. People visit each others home and convey warm wishes by sharing sweets and Diwali gifts. Sending gifts on any occasion or festival is a very common trend. People send gifts to make their loved ones happy. Hence, you can delight your loved ones on Diwali by sending gifts to India. Shopping through Internet has become quite popular these days. The whole process right from selecting, payment to delivery of gifts does not require any hectic task. If you are searching a reliable store, you can take the help of GiftstoIndia24x7.com. This e-gifting portal has gained lots of popularity for its efficient service. Wonderful collection of gifts are arranged in this online store for the festival of Diwali 2012. If you are thinking to send something decorative on Diwali, you will get fabulous ones in this online store. Lighting of candles and diyas is a common custom on Diwali. You can send beautiful and colorful candles to your loved ones. The candles come in various shapes such as heart, flower, star and so on. Aromatic candles are also available in this site. Diwali diyas are the most attractive ones. They are beautifully decked with artistic paintings. Like candles, the diyas come in beautiful shapes such as flower, ‘OM’ etc. Along with candles and diyas, people decorate their homes with attractive door hangings and rangolis. You can opt for attractive door hangings as well as rangolis as Diwali gifts. Bursting cracker is the core custom of this festival. Hence, you can delight your loved ones by sending Diwali cracker hampers. The hampers come with soundless crackers such as ordinary Sparklers, Color Rockets, Charkis, Colour Sparklers and Flower Pots. Your dear ones will enjoy bursting crackers on Diwali eve. In many households, worship of Goddess Laxmi is practiced. Hence, Diwali puja thali will be an ideal gift. The thalis come with various spiritual items such as holy idols, diyas, shagun nariyal, kalash and so on. You can couple various other shagun as well as silver gifts such as holy idols, shagun coins to convey happiness and good luck. These gifts will definitely make the day even more auspicious. You can make the festival even more remarkable by sending mouth-watering sweets. People prepare delicious sweets such as barfi, laddu, badam barfi, rosogolla etc on this festival. You can give a delicious treat to your dear ones by sending a sweets thali. The thalis come with assorted Indian sweets. Along with sweets, you can even send a chocolate thali or a dry fruit thali to your loved ones. They will enjoy having these delectable food items on such a grand festival. These are the most popular gift items that you can opt for your loved ones in India. Send these gifts to India on Diwali and make the festival joyful and splendid.    

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    Give a delicious treats to your dear ones in Diwali 2012

    Diwali commonly known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ is one of the most important festivals of India. The festival is celebrated for five days with great pomp and grandeur by the people of India. It is usually observed between mid-October and mid-November. Every household lights up their homes with diyas, candles and twinkly lights. Children as well as elders enjoy the festival by lightning crackers and having mouth-watering sweets & chocolates. Hence, if you are not with your dear ones in Diwali 2012, you can convey your warm wishes by sending gifts to India online. There are numerous gifting stores available in the Internet through which you can send gifts to India. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a reliable online store where you will avail wide plethora of Diwali gifts such as thalis, crackers, home decoratives, diyas, candles and so on. Its prompt delivery service will surely help you in delivering gifts on time. Since grand feasting is a core part of Diwali celebration you can enthrall your dear ones on Diwali by giving a delicious treat. In this online store you will avail delectable food items that you can send to your loved ones on Diwali. The celebration of Indian festivals remains incomplete without having sweets. On any special occasion, Indians have as well as share sweets to convey good luck and happiness. Indian sweets are renowned worldwide for their rich taste and flavors. Some of the popular Indian sweets that are eaten by people on Diwali are Kaju Barfi, Kaju Suraj, Motichoor Laddu, Peda and so on. In this online store you will avail variety of tasty Indian sweets such as Kaju Suraj, Diamond Kaju, Kesari Peda, Kaju Hearts etc. Instead of sending one type of sweets you can opt for thalis that come with diverse type of sweets. Your dear ones will enjoy having these sweets on Diwali. For the kids, a chocolate hamper will be an ideal gift. Each hamper comes with variety of chocolates from renowned brands such as Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury and so on. If your little one is fond of Cadbury chocolates you can opt for a trayful or boxful of  Cadbury chocolates. You can also avail delicious handmade chocolates of Jus’ Truf. These chocolates will surely amaze them and brighten up their moods. They will gladly receive these chocolates as Diwali gifts with great joy. Now-a-days people along with sweets and chocolates also send a tray of dry fruits on any festival. Hence, you can even send a tray of dry fruits to wish your loved ones ‘Happy Diwali’. Your dear ones will be delighted to have crunchy dry fruits on Diwali. The Dry Fruits for Diwali include Raisin, Pista, Cashew,  Walnut, Almond and many more. Receiving these dry fruits on Diwali will definitely amaze your dear ones. Though people usually send cakes on occasion such as birthday, anniversary etc, this custom is also extended to various other festivals. Hence, on Diwali you can charm your loved ones by sending palatable cakes. Cakes of various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc are available in this online store. You can send a cake according to your dear one’s preference with Diwali greetings. This will surely make your loved one feel special. These delectable food items will surely bring a sweet smile on your loved one’s face. Moreover, along with these food items you can send other Diwali gifts only if you know when is Diwali in 2012. Your dear ones will enjoy grand feasting as well as merrymaking with these delicious food items and splendid gifts. Hence, send gifts on Diwali and add a special charm to the celebration.  

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    Delight your loved ones with crackers and Diwali Thalis as gifts to India

    Amongst various festivals of India, Diwali is a popular one. The term ‘Diwali’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’ which means "row of lamps". The festival commences with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. This five days festival is celebrated by every Indian with lots of joy and enthusiasm. As per Hindu calendar, the festival starts in late Ashvin month and finishes in early Kartika month. The festival signifies the return of Lord Rama with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana from 14 years of exile. Hence, on this grand day, people of Ayodhya gladly welcomed Him by illuminating the kingdom with earthen diyas as well as by bursting firecrackers. Thus the tradition of lighting diyas and bursting crackers on Diwali are observed till date. This year Diwali is on 13th November, if you are wondering when is Diwali in 2012. As the festival approaches, people get busy buying gifts. If you are away from your loved ones in Diwali 2012, then you can delight them by sending gifts online. Amongst numerous e-gifting portals, GiftstoIndia24x7.com is an efficient gifting store through which you can send gifts to India ontime. The site brings gifts for various occasions and festivals. Thus for the festival of Diwali you will avail wide variety of gifts for your loved ones. Right from diyas, candles, rangolis to sweet everything is available in the ‘Diwali gifts’ section. Since bursting crackers is the significant part of this festival you can delight your dear ones by sending crackers. People light crackers on Diwali as they believe that the sound of the crackers make the Gods feel that people living on earth are in a joyous state. Hence, you can send cracker hamper as Diwali gifts. Some of the popular cracker hampers that you will avail in ‘Diwali Crackers’ section are Family Crackers Dhamaka, Diwali Cracker Hamper and Kids Cracker Hamper. The crackers that are available in this hamper are mainly soundless. They are ordinary Colour Sparklers,  Sparklers, Charkis, Color Rockets, Flower Pots and so on. Your dear ones will be glad to receive these crackers. They will enjoy bursting the crackers on Diwali eve. Along with crackers, you can make the Diwali celebration memorable by sending Diwali thalis. On Diwali, along with merriment people also engage themselves in grand feasting. Delicious sweets are prepared in every household. Hence, you can wish good luck and happiness to your dear ones on Diwali by sending sweets thali. Mouth-watering sweets such as kaju barfi, kaju suraj, peda, motichoor laddu are available in the thali. Some of the thalis come with single type of sweets while other with diverse ones. For kids, chocolates are of special delight. You can give a tasty treat to your dear kids by sending chocolate thali. Chocolates of various brands such as Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Valor etc come in this thali. Your dear ones will enjoy having these delectable chocolates on such a grand festival. You can even opt for dry fruit thali for your loved ones. The thali comes with assorted dry fruits such as raisins, cashew, pista and so on. Some of the dry fruit thalis also include sweets and chocolates. Receiving these thalis as Diwali gift will definitely amaze your loved ones. On Diwali, in many households Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi poojas are organized for well being and prosperity. Hence, you can even opt for Puja thali for this festival. You will avail handmade, wooden as well as silver thalis. The thalis come with diyas and holy idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Receiving these thalis as Diwali gifts will definitely amaze your loved ones.