Send Diwali Gifts to IndiaDiwali is the festival of lights, it marks the victory of good and virtuous over evil in the society. It also marks the end of darkness along with the initialization of light in the human lives and thus the festival of lights is best celebrated by the lighting up of numerous Diwali lamps and Diwali diyas. Young and old unite in this festive spirit of Diwali, there is fun, enthusiasm and an essence of celebration in the air . Gifts also play a major role in the clebrationof Diwali across the world. People exchange colorful gifts with their loved ones, friends and family during Diwali. the articles in this section discusses the various aspects of Diwali, the various gift ideas in Diwali and the history that speaks of the age old rituals and festivities associated with the celebration of Diwali.


When is Diwali in 2010

Diwali is one of the most auspicious and holy festivals of India. Diwali in 2010falls on November, the 5th. The name Diwali is itself a contraction of the word 'Dipavali' that is generally celebrated during the no moon day in the Hindu month of Kartik. Among all Indian community, the festival of Diwali symbolises illuminating of every Indian household with earthen lamps filled with oil and filament. The festival promises great festivity among the Indians - a night of fireworks, with burning of sparklers and crackers. It is perhaps of this, that Diwali has an immense popularity among the Hindus all throughout the world. The l

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When is Diwali in 2009

In India, a festival is a set of celebrations in honour of Gods or Goddesses. Diwali in India is perhaps the only festival which turns into a 5 days long carnival here with its loads of grandeur and pageantry. Illuminating houses, lanes, roads and the whole city by lighting rows of earthen lamps and colorful light bulbs, bursting firecrackers, magnificent fireworks-all mark the carnivalesque way of Diwali celebration. The festival of lights has mythological significance with some popular legends associated with this. The most popular myths among all is the welcome ceremony for the return of Rama with Lakshman and Sita fr

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Unique Gift Ideas on Diwali

Diwali is an irrefutable symbol of festivity as well as the epiphany of expressing your reverence to the supreme power for showering you and your family with the blessing of wisdom, prosperity and fortune. It is the time to illuminate every soul on earth with the ray of true love and care. Let our near and dear ones get indulged in an unforgettable celebration marked with the beautiful traditional custom of this festival of lights, exchanging gifts as souvenir of love. Diwali will be celebrated on 26th October if you are wondering when is Diwali in 2011. If you are a non-residential Indian then make Diwali 2011 more joyful by

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Traditions and Significance of the festival of Diwali

India is a nation that binds multiple races, castes, creeds and ethnic groups in a common chord of mutual respect, love and harmony. Festivals form the most integral part of Indian society. Filling the air with vibrant colors, the colossal churches, temples and mosques, threshold of the houses illuminated with rows of lamps, traditional attires, folklore, singing and dances and unwavering jubilance mark the festival in India. The concept of 'unity in diversity' encompasses all the festivals, making India a land that upholds multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious harmony. Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of th

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Top Ten Diwali gifts to India

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is celebrated in India with full vim and brio. Commonly known as the ‘festival of lights’ it is celebrated on the last day of the last month of lunar calendar. If you are  wondering when is Diwali in 2011? Note that Diwali is on 26th October. During this time, the whole country is in a joyous mood as the festive spirit reigns on all. The festival commemorates the home coming of Lord Ram, after defeating the demon Ravana. Thus, the festival of Diwali is synonymous with the victory of the light over darkness or the defeat of evil over the good. During Diwali 2011, homes are nicely

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Top Five Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali, ‘the festival of lights’ brings superabundant joy in our lives. It commemorates the victory of virtue and righteousness over evil. Observed on the new moon night of the Indian month of Kartik, this auspicious occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour throughout the country. The day holds huge significance in all the religions making the festival comprehensive and a nationwide celebration. Every household is decorated with rangolis and diyas as young children remain engrossed in burning crackers. On this propitious occasion, people visit their relatives and friends to house to wish each oth

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Sending Diwali gifts to India

India is a land of varying culture and rich tradition. This multi-lingual and multi-religious nation revolves around the aura of festivities all round the year. The festivals in India, brings along boundless joy along with it and the jubilant celebration marks the essence of all the festivals. Festivals have always been the integral part of Indian people. Through different festivals, the rich heritage of the country is upheld. Among all, Diwali is one of the most significant festival that is celebrated every year, celebrated with loads of zeal and enthusiasm. Diwali surrounds around multiple legends and myths and the m

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Send Diwali Gifts to India through

Diwali - the festival of lights is knocking on the door. Just a few days left for the whole of India to gear up to engross into a full fledged fun, frolic, and festivity. In case if you are wondering that when is Diwali in 2011, then it is to let you know that in this year Diwali falls on Wednesday, 26th October. So, as you now know that when is Diwali this year, you ought to prepare yourself to gift your near and dear ones with nothing but the best. To enable you to select and send gifts to India on this festival of Diwali,, the premier e-gifting portal of India has ushered in. Since 1999, this very site

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How to send gifts to India on Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the premier festival for all Indians. Diwali is a National festival from every aspect be it the grandeur, merrymaking or be it the public participation. The chain of clay lamps symbolizes the launch of Hindu new year. Greeting the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, with illuminated doorways and colorful Rangolis and other traditional sketches, all mark the great and joyous way of Diwali spree. It is the time to conduct new commercial agreements and business deals. The five day long celebration of Diwali promises to sweep away all evils and negative vices from the mankind. So, if you know when is Diwa

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History of Diwali

India is the ‘land of festivals’. Here, all festivals has its own significance behind the celebration. And Diwali, 'the festival of lights' is a national festival celebrated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. Whole India participates candidly in this Festival though the way of celebrating Diwali differs state-wise according to the culture and traditions of that particular state. People of all age groups participate in this festival with gaiety and fervor. If you are wondering as to when is Diwali in 2011, note that Diwali 2011 is on 26th October, 2011. Diwali is the celebration of illuminating one’s own soul wi

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