How to Send Gifts to India on Diwali?

Assorted Sweets on Diwali

We Indians wait eagerly throughout the year for late October-November, when our homes get decorated with twinkling lights, a train of lit lamps start giving off just enough heat to feel comfortable in the early winter days and the whole locality smells of delectable sweets being made in every household. The excitement of Diwali approaching is hard to contain. But what is harder, is staying away from home and not being able to breathe in the essence of this festival. To make your Diwali better, we at bring you the opportunity to send your loved ones a beautiful gift from anywhere in the world. The procedures to place and order and get them delivered are simple. They are listed below for your convenience:

  1. Search for your gift

    Our website has a colossal stock of varied gifting items that suit your requirements for every age, relations and purpose of gifting. We have a separate section for exclusive Diwali gifts from where you can choose your gift. Apart from these you can go through the website too for non-traditional gift items for this occasion.
  2. Select your gift

    Once you have found the right Diwali gift for your loved ones, you can click on it to reach the ADD TO CART button. Click on it and continue shopping for other gifts. There is an excellent collection of home decoration items like diyas, lamps, showpiece and idols that can fit perfectly in your Diwali goodie bag in our website. If you do not have anything more to choose you can proceed to finish your purchase.
  3. Checkout

    With every click on the ADD TO CART button a panel on the right side of your screen will open that contains the option to CHECKOUT. Clicking on this option will take you to the next stage of your purchase where you will have to enter the details of the recipient of your gifts for the auspicious festival of lights and finally move on to the payment option.
  4. Payment

    Our site gives you the opportunity to pay as you like with any of the given below options:
    1. Visa - It is a credit/debit card company that lets you utilise digital currency through global payment technology.
    2. MasterCard - It is also another debit/credit card company like Visa, that provides banks with their cards for distributing among their customers to use during online payment.
    3. PayPal - Paypal is an account based international digital service that lets you transact after registering your debit/credit card to this account.
    4. American Express - It is a reputed financial holding company, that has ownership of two banks and issues credit cards through them.
    5. Discover Network - Another American payment system, Discovery Network is similar to American Express as it gives various types of financial solutions that include issuing both credit and debit cards. The Discover Financial Services also has ownership and operating rights of the reputed Discover bank.
    6. Diners Club International - Diners Club International is a top payment network globally that also issues credit cards.
    7. Citibank - Citibank is a part of the Citigroup. It is the consumer department under the financial services that is offered by the parent company. It also provides credit/debit services through cards.
    8. Axis Bank - Just like CitiBank, Axis Bank also offers comprehensive financial services. It is the third largest bank in the private sector.
  5. Billing

    Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a bill on your registered email id that shall be containing the details of the purchase you made. Do go through your bill once to ensure that it matches with your ordered products.

Make this Diwali a special one for you and your loved ones by sending them the most thoughtful gifts. Let the festival of lights illuminate your friends’ and families’ life with happiness, joy and prosperity.

Pooja Published: Oct 12, 2009 | Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022