Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa Image Credit : indiatv

India is the land of vibrant festivals and rituals. The festival of Gudi Padwa” fall in the spring season when the nature basks in its youthful glory. These auspicious celebrations come immediately after Holi, the festival of colours and togetherness. According to “Saka”, the Indian national calendar, the Hindu new year commences from the month of Chaitra.

This pious occasion is observed in different parts of India to mark the fervorous beginning of a new year. In Maharashtra, it is known as “Gudi Padwa” which is the Marathi name for “Chaitra Shukla Pratipada”, the first day of Hindu Lunisolar Calendar. The state of Rajasthan gets engrossed in the celebration of “Thapna” (Rajasthani New Year) on the same day. In Tamil Nadu the same festival is known as “Puthandu” (Tamil New Year).

Delicacies of the Festivals

Any grand Indian festival is incomplete without mouthwatering delicacies. Similarly Gudi Padwa calls for several delectable dishes. “Babbatlu”, a traditional cardamom flavoured sweet made of wheat flour, pulses and jaggery is widely enjoyed by the people of Andhra Pradesh on this day. This delectable eatable is known as “Puran Poli” in Maharashtra and “Obbattu” in Karnataka.

Cultural Festivals on Gudi Padwa

Various cultural festivals are held during these festivals of gaiety. People participate in social community gatherings and spend the serene evening listening to “Bhajans” (devotional songs). “Kavi Sammelanam” (poetry recitation) is held across the deccan states. There budding and veteran poets come up with intriguing poems on a gamut of emotions, social and political affairs.

Delightful Gifts for the Festivals

The festival of Gudi Padwa is marked for religious fervour and social integration. People exchange pleasantries and endearing gifts and get engrossed in revelling. Get your friends and relatives in India adorable presentations on this joyous occasion to elevate the festive spirit.

1. Silver Gifts :

Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

The customs of Gudi Padwa consist of various religious rituals. On this day, people worship the Almighty for prosperity and good luck. Silver symbolises affluence and welfare. Thus silver gifts make a befitting presentation on this auspicious day to convey your heartfelt wishes to your dear ones. You can opt for silver coins, puja thalis or silver idols to gift them.

2. Sweets to India :

Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

Sweets accomplish the sprightly nature of any Indian festival. Indian sweets are known for their delectable taste and alluring appearance. Gudi Padwa symbolise a new and auspicious beginning. Present your loved ones back in India exquisite arrangements of mouthwatering sweets on this joyous day.

3. Spiritual Gifts :

Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

The festival of Gudi Padwa is deeply associated with religious prayers and offerings. Spiritual gifts are always considered to be propitious on any festive day. Ranging from holy idols to ‘Puja Hampers’ you have plethora of options to choose from. Your kith and kin in India will surely appreciate this auspicious presentation from you.

4. Jewellery :

On the day of Gudi Padwa, people adorn themselves in vibrant attires and fineries. Jewellery is also considered to be a favourable gift on any joyous occasion. Get your loved ones elegant accessories. If you are not sure of their choices and preferences you can go for jewellery gift vouchers.

5. Gift Hampers :

Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

Gift Hampers are beautiful assembles of delightful tits and bits. They are like Pandora’s box; full of pleasant surprises. Gudi Padwa is a festival of indulging in vigorous merriment. Enthrall your friends and relatives on this special day with an adorable ensemble of delightful gift items.

The festivals of Gudi Padwa teach us that our life span is full of happiness and sorrow. We have to face all the sweet and sour experiences in the due course. Indulge yourself and your near ones in these auspicious festivities exchanging adorable gifts and warm wishes.

Sibashree Published: Mar 27, 2014 | Last Updated: Apr 19, 2020
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