Gifts are the messengers of love. They express the heartfelt emotions of the sender to the recipient. It is a traditional custom to shower gifts on any occasion. Everyone loves to receive gifts from their dear ones. They are a small token of affection that show the sender’s concern and care for the person he/she is sending the gifts.


Similarly on Birthdays too, people present loads of gifts to the birthday boy or girl. Birthdays are special occasion on the day of which a person was born. So every year the birthday is celebrated with joy. The invitees of the Birthday party, present gifts to the concerned person. So people search for something exclusive and amazing to gift the one, whose birthday it is. They want the gift to be cherished by the recipient for his/her whole life.

Launch of Birthday Desk Calendar for your dear one in India

When you think of exceptional gifts, you may come upon the idea of giving Personalized Gifts. These are the newest launches in the much popular and esteemed online store of But under the section of Personalized Birthday gifts to India, the most impressive gift you can opt for is a Birthday Desk Calendar.

The most interesting aspect about this calendar is that, you can customise the calendar by featuring pictures from one’s personal collection. Each page of the desk calendar will show one month and one picture. So you will be able print 12 pictures altogether in the calendar. The words “Happy Birthday” will be written on the pages of the calendar. Your dear one will love this gift. They can keep it in any corner of their home and it will surely attract the attention of guests’.


Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of the company has stated, “Personalized Birthday Desk calendar is the latest launch at our site. It will bring an instant smile on the receiver’s face. In the calendar, you can add the best photos of your loved ones that brings back a lot of memories. So make your dear one’s birthday special by gifting a Personalized Birthday Desk Calendar.”

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