Best way to send rakhi to India

When you are abroad and want to celebrate the occasion of Raksha Bandhan with your siblings in India, you can send rakhi threads to your brother and enjoy the occasion, even being far from him in abroad.portal There are many different ways in which you can send rakhi to your brother in India, each of these ways has their own share of pros & cons.

Firstly you can send rakhi thread for your brother through a relatives hand to India from abroad. The relative is of course your own and you know it is in safe hands so it will properly reach your brother and you can celebrate rakhi. But there are some cons as well

  • The problem of sending off a gift with your relative is first you have to see is any of your relative going to India on the occasion of Rakhi.
  • Will they be able to deliver your gift on time or not.
  • If they face any problem delivering it to your brother on Rakhi then the occasion will not be enjoyable anymore.

Secondly, you can send rakhi to India by asking any friends of yours to deliver it to your brother in India. But with your friend as well you will have to face a few problems for eg -

  • You have to first wait till you can be sure whether any friend of yours is going to India or not.
  • No matter how close friends you are, you feel hesitant to tell them to deliver the rakhi on time.
  • Also if things do not go as planned they might have problems delivering it by the time rakhi comes due to their personal work.

Thirdly, you can buy a rakhi thread on your own and get it delivered through a courier to your brother in India.

  • Most of the courier places takes extra charge for international shipping from abroad to India.
  • Also it is not necessary they will deliver it right on time so you and your brother can celebrate the occasion of rakhi.
  • Courier companies never take proper care of the gift that you send and might be in a distraught condition.
  • It is very difficult to contact them when needed and do not respond properly to the queries.

The final and the most efficient one to send rakhi to your brother in India is online gifting portal. Through online gifting portal you can choose from wide range of rakhi threads and the gifting portal will surely get it delivered right on time so that despite being far from your brother you will be able to celebrate the occasion, and for this you can completely trust There is no extra shipping charge added to your order and we take proper care when delivering the gift to your brother as we understand your emotions and we want you and your brother to celebrate the occasion in its true form.

There are a few simple things that you have to do to place an order with us :

  1. Open a web browser and type and click enter. It will bring to our homepage, from there you have to click on the Rakhi banner and you will be directed to the rakhi page.
  2. From the Rakhi page select the rakhi threads for your brother from our wide collection of rakhi threads. Select it and it will land in the shopping cart.
  3. Click on the shopping cart and proceed to the payment page and complete your payment.
  4. With the information given and payment done your order will be placed with us and we will deliver the rakhi to your brother in India.

From all the above mentioned ways of sending rakhi to India from abroad, online gifting portal is the best way to do it. Now being abroad and sending rakhi to India is as easy as ordering food for yourself. Our team works very hard to make the occasion a memorable experience for you and your loved ones, our customer support team is 24x7 available so if you have any queries at any time you can contact them. You can send rakhi threads and other rakhi gifts as well from our online portal and be assured that they will reach on time to them, as we have a delivery network over 1076 cities no matter where you want us to deliver the rakhi and gifts we will deliver it.

Arpita Published: Apr 03, 2019 | Last Updated: Apr 03, 2019

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