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Rakhi SetsRaksha Bandhan is a major Indian festival which signifies the bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. Tying a Rakhi thread around a brother’s wrist implies protection of a brother from evil influences and the brother promises to protect her sister from all troubles throughout life on this special day of Raksha Bandhan. You can cherish your dear brothers by sending an amazing Rakhi online from a wide range of Rakhi sets. This chapter includes articles that discuss about the beautiful online Rakhi sets which you can send to delight your brothers on this Rakhi.

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  • Lumba Rakhi Sets

    Cherish your Bhaiya Bhabhi with beautiful Lumba Rakhi sets

    Raksha Bandhan celebrations are about to commence and preparations for this day have already been started. Gifts and special Rakhi threads are already being arranged by sisters for their beloved brothers. It is also customary for sisters to tie a Lumba thread on their bhabhi’s wrists after tying a Rakhi on their bhaiya’s wrist. Sending online Rakhi is a new trend that is becoming popular very fast as sisters and brothers are moving to different geographical areas. If you want to send Rakhis to India for your bhaiya and bhabhi then you can opt for this online Rakhi store Rakhi.giftstoindia24x7.com. The bhaiya bhabhi Rakhis that are available here have been divided into three parts for your bhaiya and bhabhi. There are also exclusive bhaiya bhabhi sets here that have a matching appearance and they consist of a Rakhi and a Lumba. The Appealing Orange and Green Zardosi Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi is orange, blue and green in colour. The Rakhi has a green coloured centrepiece with orange beads and threads while the Lumba has a more elaborate peacock style design with orange and purple danglers. The Showy Leafy Floral Bhaiya Bhabhi Set has red, golden, yellow, blue and green colours. The Rakhi is composed of a zardosi design along with beads and other trinkets while the Lumba has various floral designs.   The Attractive Zardosi Rakhis for Bhaiya Bhabhi is blue in colour consisting of a Rakhi and a Lumba. The Rakhi has a very ornately designed centrepiece consisting of several trinkets while the Lumba has a bell like formation from which blue and green danglers are found hanging. The Elegant Meenakari Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi has bright golden, red, green and silver colours. The Rakhi is composed of sleek and elegant meenakari design while the Lumba has a more elaborate and grand design with one green and golden beads dangler.   The Wonderful Purple Bhaiya Bhabhi Set is purple, white, yellow, green and bronze in colour. The Rakhi has a purple stone centrepiece that has been studded with silver studded stones while the Lumba has a triangular bead studded base on which there are floral and paisley designs. The Green Kundan Bhaiya Bhabhi Set has green, white, red, golden and silver colours having a Rakhi and a Lumba. The Rakhi is composed of a round centrepiece that has excellent kundan work while the Lumba has a drop shaped design with similar kundan work.   The Stone studded Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi is very colourful and it consists of a Rakhi and a Lumba. The Rakhi has a circular centrepiece that studded with many colourful beads and stones while the Lumba has several floral images with danglers. The Impressive Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi has orange, green and red colours having a Rakhi and a Lumba. The Rakhi is composed of several zardosi designs with many beads and stones while the Lumba is in a similar style with golden and red danglers.   These beautiful sets of Rakhi and Lumba for bhaiya and bhabhi can make this Rakhi 2018 a very memorable occasion. There is a large collection of gifts for Raksha Bandhan available here as well that you can get for your siblings. They can also be used for the purpose of sending Rakhi to India along with the marvellous Rakhi threads.  

  • Rakhi & Lumba

    Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Sets under Rs. 300

    Raksha Bandhan is knocking at the door and many people have already started their preparations for it. It is not only the bhaiyas who are in the limelight on this auspicious occasion but also their wives. After tying the Rakhi on the brother’s wrist, the sister is required to tie a Lumba on her bhabhi’s wrist as well. You can send online Rakhis for your beloved bhaiya and bhabhi on this occasion if you are staying away from them. The Rakhis here on this online Rakhi store Rakhi.giftstoindia24x7.com are quite exclusive and you will find a large variety. You can look into the bhaiya bhabhi Rakhis if you are looking for something for both your bhaiya and bhabhi. It will be even better if you choose from the bhaiya bhabhi sets showcased here that will surely come within your budget. The Enchanting Green Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Pair is a bhaiya bhabhi set that is green in colour. The Rakhi has a round centrepiece studded with white beads and orange and blue stones while the Lumba is very similar in appearance. The Elegant Round Shaped Bhaiya Bhabhi Set is a set of Rakhi and Lumba which is red and green in colour. The Rakhi has as its centrepiece a round shape made out of white beads and a green stone with the Lumba having a similar but more elaborate design.   The Bright Orange Bhaiya Bhabhi Set consists of a Rakhi and a Lumba having an orange colour. The Rakhi has a silver stone and orange and white bead studded circular centrepiece while the Lumba also has a likewise design. The Sleek Blue Bhaiya Bhabhi Set has a Rakhi for your bhaiya and a Lumba for your bhabhi in blue colour. The Rakhi has a blue diamond shaped base on which there are designs in white and blue with the Lumba having a quite different look even though it is blue as well.   The Purple Diamond Shaped Bhaiya Bhabhi Set is a combo of Rakhi and Lumba having a bright purple colour. The Rakhi has a purple base on which there are diamond and circular shapes while the Lumba has a diamond and a half circular design. The Regal Golden Bhaiya Bhabhi Set is composed of a Rakhi and a Lumba in various colours. The Rakhi has zardosi work on it having blue, red and golden colours with the Lumba having a more ornate golden design.   The Red Pearl Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Pair is a bhaiya bhabhi set and it has a red and white colour. The Rakhi has a heart shaped centrepiece made out of white pearls and beads in a red base while the Lumba has a similar style. The Elegant Peacock Feather Bhaiya Bhabhi Set consists of a Rakhi for bhaiya and a Lumba for bhabhi that are in blue colour. The Rakhi has a peacock feather as its main attraction along with studded stones with the Lumba being of the same appearance.   These wonderful sets for bhaiya and bhabhi can be easily used for sending Rakhi to India from USA. Apart from the different types of Rakhis, there are also a variety of gifting options on this online Rakhi portal. These Rakhi gifts India along with the wonderful Raksha Bandhan threads can make this year’s Rakhi a memorable event.  

  • Gifts

    Send Fascinating Rakhi Sets for Your Brothers Through GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    To the outside world people grow old. But not to their brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters know each other as they always were. They know each other's hearts. They share private family jokes. They remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. They live outside the touch of time. Rakhi is another Indian festival that promotes love and prosperity and on this particular occasion the unique bond between brothers and sisters. So when this Rakhi, you can’t be near your beloved brothers, remember to send them online rakhis to celebrate this Rakhi 2018. Choose among these sets of multiple rakhis to suit your preference and send along with rakhi gifts to India. Set of Two: Match by colour, style or center piece: if you have two brothers send back home rakhis that are similar in look. Similar, not same- as they may both be your brother, you love them differently. Therefore set of two rakhis come with diverse and interesting combinations. Set of Three: When you need to choose Rakhis for all three brothers it will obviously be tough, tougher still if you are sending them all together. Let GiftstoIndia24x7.com provide you a solution in form of set of three rakhis. Choosing any one of these sets will ensure your sending exclusive rakhis to each of your brothers. Set of Four: The luckiest women are those who have more than one  doting brothers. You feel protected and safe, wherever you are in the world. It gives you a permanent sense of security and sustainability. Share that joy with your brothers by sendinging them a gorgeous set of four rakhis for each of your four brothers. Set of Five: As a child, your mother taught you never to discriminate between your brother and your cousins. Now Rakhi.GiftstoIndia24x7.com lets you relieve your childhood by sending set of five rakhis to all your brothers and cousins together without discrimination. Set of Six: Family doesn’t end in blood. Nor does caste love between brothers and sisters remain limited to relations. And when you need to send rakhis in a bulk, choose set of six rakhis and ensure joy for each and every one of your loved ones. When the next time you meet your brothers, you will know that their smile resonates the happiness and warmth you made them feel as you sent them Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan.