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Character RakhisRaksha Bandhan is celebrated in India and all across the globe with great gusto. Brothers promise to protect their sisters from all troubles and harms whereas the sisters pray for the well being of their brothers by tying a Rakhi thread around their brother’s wrist. Exclusive character Rakhis can be sent online to delight your adorable kid brother on this auspicious occasion. This chapter includes articles that discuss about various types of character Rakhis.

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  • Chota Bheem Rakhi

    Chhota Bheem Rakhi can Cherish your cute little Brother

    Rakhi celebrations have already begun with the preparations of the sisters for their brothers. If your brother is a sweet little kid, then he must love watching cartoon shows like Chhota Bheem. Thus, getting them a Rakhi featuring this cute character and his friends is a good idea for sending Rakhi to India. There are a variety of Rakhis available on this online Rakhi store that you can send for your brothers in India. You can easily choose a Chhota Bheem Rakhi for your kid brother from the many kids Rakhis showcased here. Such cartoon Rakhis will be loved by your young siblings in India and many such items are present here. The Adorable Sweet Brother Rakhi features Chhota Bheem in a standing position wearing his usual garb. The image has been placed on an orange coloured cylindrical band with the words ‘Sweet Brother’ having green threads. The Pretty Blue 3D Rakhi For Kids is a 3D Rakhi that has images of both Chhota Bheem and Doraemon on a blue background. The images change on tilting the Rakhi and the Rakhi has red threads with other colourful decoratives.   The Delightful Chhota Bheem Rakhi shows Chhota Bheem riding a bike that is blue and yellow in colour. The image has been etched on a transparent background having red coloured threads and other trinkets. The Lovely Chhota Bheem Chutki Rakhi has images of Chhota Bheem wearing a Rakhi and Chutki who is his friend. The images have been decorated with other colourful decorations and the Rakhi has orange satin threads.   The Lovely Orange Chota Bheem Button Rakhi displays Chhota Bheem and Raju riding a red car. Other images of Chhota Bheem can be seen on the rest of the Rakhi band with an orange band that can be tied with a button. The Amazing Chota Bheem Button Rakhi shows the whole gang of Chhota Bheem in Dholakpur. The Rakhi also features images of Motu Patlu and it comes as a silver band that can be tied as a button.   The Marvellous Chhota Bheem Rakhi depicts Chhota Bheem in a standing posture waving his hands delightfully. The words ‘Happy Rakhi’ are written under the image and the Rakhi has various decorative elements in red, green and orange along with orange satin ribbon threads. The Fantastic Chhota Bheem Rakhi displays a cool image of Chhota Bheem who can be seen here playing the guitar. The Rakhi has beads in red and orange colours and red, white, orange and yellow coloured trinkets with brown threads.   Cherish your kid brother in India with these exclusive Rakhis if you are planning on celebrating online Rakhi India with him. There are also many other varieties for Rakhi threads available here that you can send for your brothers and sisters-in-law. You can couple these Rakhis with the unique gifting options that have been showcased on this online Rakhi portal that can be used to send Rakhi to India from USA as well as all the other countries around the whole world.  

  • Zip Rakhi

    Surprise your Kid Brothers with attractive Zip Rakhis

    Kids have a really great time during Raksha Bandhan due to its loving and sweet rituals and other fun activities which encompass the day. They also look forward to the attractive gifts and the unique Rakhi threads that their siblings give them as gifts on this day. However, if you have to stay away from your little siblings in India then you must choose the perfect gift and the best Rakhi thread for them. These Rakhi gifts to India will be loved by the little ones and they can celebrate a fantastic Rakhi with you. Thus it is very important to choose very cute and adorable Rakhis for your kid siblings. There are different types of zip Rakhis available on this online Rakhi store in the kids Rakhis section that are quite unique. Such Rakhis have a zipper material in the place of the usual Rakhi threads and hence the kids are very much attracted towards these. The Pink And Yellow Chain Kids Rakhi has a light yellow and baby pink coloured zipper thread. The centrepiece of this Rakhi is in the form of a cute little white bunny rabbit wearing a blue and yellow bow. The image has been placed on a net background that is blue in colour in the shape of a flower. The Cute Bunny Chain Kids Rakhi is composed of a blue and white coloured zip instead of a Rakhi thread. The Rakhi has as its main attraction an adorable brown bunny who is wearing an orange floral T-shirt, a white and green striped pants and green shoes on a circular brown background.   The Red Angry Birds Chain Rakhi is comprised of a blue and white coloured zipper thread. The Rakhi has an image of an Angry Bird that is red in colour with yellow coloured beaks and two tufts of hair. The bird has been placed on a floral base that is white in colour and has been made out of net material. The Blue Zipper Sun Rakhi contains red and blue coloured zip instead of a Raksha Bandhan thread. The Rakhi consists of an animated image of the sun which is yellow in colour with orange rays. The motif has been placed on a beige base that is in the shape of a flower made out of net material.   Various kinds of gifts for kids can be sent on this occasion for the little ones and you can look into the bountiful supply on this online Rakhi portal. Children love watches which are decorated and stylish and various digital and analog ones are available here. The Titan Zoop Girls watch is an analog watch that comes in a beautiful white colour with pretty designs and studded stones. There are also various types of school accessories here in the forms of lunch boxes, water bottles and much more. The Sweet Teddy Back Pack is a school accessory for carrying the child’s essentials to school which is in an off white colour.   These attractive zip material Rakhi threads can be easily used to send Rakhi to India through this Rakhi site. A variety of Rakhis and gifts are also available for sending to your adult brothers and sisters as well as bhaiya bhabhi. They can be used for sending Rakhi to India for your loved ones in India on this auspicious festival.  

  • Bahubali Rakhi

    Delight your Kid Brother with Bahubali Rakhi

    The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is a very festive time in India and its influences are spreading all over the world. The tying of the sacred Rakhi thread on the wrist of the brother by the sister is the main event of the day. This is especially a very happy time for the kids as they can spend the whole day playing games with siblings, cousins and friends. The coming Rakhi 2018 will also take place in this similar and you should start getting your gifts and Rakhi threads ready. This becomes an even greater obligation if you cannot be with your kid brother during this event and need to send the gifts for him to India. Only the best kids Rakhi will do for your beloved brother and hence you must be sifting through a lot of options. Most of the children today grow up watching kids movies and cartoon shows and hence a Rakhi featuring a famous kids character like Bahubali will be loved by your brother. The character Bahubali belongs to the feature film of the same name that released last year amidst much adulation. But the character still remains a great favourite with kids due to his display of superhuman strength and unyielding courage. Thus, it is without doubt that Rakhis featuring this powerful kids character will win the heart of any child. Such Rakhi threads are available in the market and you can easily get online Rakhis featuring Bahubali for your kid brother. These Bahubali Rakhis come in various colourful threads and other decorations and they usually feature the robust character in battle gear.   This online Rakhi store features many such attractive Rakhis which your kid brothers as well as the adult ones will cherish. You can find Bahubali Rakhis and also other cute and exciting Rakhis in the kids Rakhis section. These Rakhis come in wonderful colour combinations and exclusive designs that makes them an instant hit with kids. The Exciting Purple Bahubali Rakhi features Bahubali in the battle field wearing a breastplate and a helm made out of iron. He can be seen here riding a roaring lion that is golden in colour while holding an iron spear. The Rakhi comes with satin ribbon like threads that are purple in colour along with multi coloured trinkets.   You can also send wonderful Rakhi gifts for kids in India through this online Rakhi portal. These gifts along with a charming Bahubali Rakhi can make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable one for them. Various types of thalis are showcased for kids on this Rakhi site that you can look into for your loving brother. The Golden Basket of Choclairs with Rakhi consists of a golden coloured basket consisting of a number of yummy Choclairs chocolates from Dairy Milk. There are also different types of personalised gifts for the little ones here that they will love. The Blue Best Wishes Kids Mug is a personalised white mug with an inner light blue wall and handle that can be personalised.   The Bahubali Rakhis will surely delight your kid brother in India and you can also look into the other Rakhis available on this online Rakhi store. These Rakhis can easily be used to send Rakhi to India for your kid brothers, brothers and bhaiya bhabhi. Various kinds of gifts for kids, brothers, sisters and bhaiya bhabhi have been showcased on this online Rakhi portal.  

  • Kids Rakhi

    Angry Bird Rakhi for Kids

    The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with a lot of fun and merriment, especially by kids. They spend the day with their siblings and have a gala time all through the day, enjoying themselves to the fullest. Apart from the usual rituals of this day, kids are more interested in the yummy delicacies, the attractive Rakhi gifts India and also the exclusive Rakhi threads. But if you cannot be with them on this occasion then they are going to miss you throughout the day. Thus, to make up for your absence, you must choose the perfect kids for these little ones in India. You need to select an awesome Rakhi thread for them and these Rakhis for kids feature popular kids characters. The Angry Bird Rakhis are a great favourite with kids who wait for the whole year in the hope of getting such Rakhis. The Angry Birds are very popular characters from the video game of the same name that are loved by kids and adults alike. Hence, it was only a matter of time before Rakhis featuring these delightful birds came into being. You can easily get a variety of such online Rakhi for this coming grand Raksha Bandhan festival. Such Rakhis feature the different Angry Birds which can be distinguished mainly by their vibrant colours.   This online Rakhi store deals with many exquisite Rakhis for brothers of different age groups. Here you can get a number of Rakhi threads for your kid siblings in the kids Rakhis category. These threads have been divided into different sections based on design elements, materials and recipients. You can also get a variety of Rakhis featuring Angry Birds here that you can send for the little ones in India.   The Blue And Pink Angry Birds Rakhi features a blue coloured Angry Bird with orange beaks. This centrepiece has a blue floral base and it comes with pink ribbon threads having white designs. The Red Angry Birds Chain Rakhi has a red coloured Angry Bird having yellow beaks as its main attraction. The image of the bird has been placed on a white net floral background containing a blue zipper thread. The Yellow Angry Bird Rakhi showcases a yellow coloured Angry Bird which has orange beaks. The bird is on a background of a blue flower and it has yellow ribbon threads with multi coloured stripes.   The Sweet Angry Bird Rakhi has yellow coloured knotted threads with the words ‘Sweet Brother’ on a red band. The Rakhi features a red coloured Angry bird which has black coloured eyes and yellow beaks. The Cute Angry Bird Rakhi contains a silver coloured band as its thread having a white button. The Rakhi displays five Angry Birds of different colours, namely, red, blue, yellow, green and white on a silver base.   Your little brother in India will love to receive a charming Angry Bird Rakhi on this coming Raksha Bandhan. You can use any of these or other Rakhis to send Rakhi to India for him along with attractive gifts. Various gifts as well as Rakhi threads for your brothers and also your bhaiya bhabhi are available here.  

  • Doraemon Rakhi

    Doraemon Kids Rakhi

    The changing preferences for cute, fancy and character kid rakhis has resulted in several designer rakhi designs that you can send to your brother. Cherish your childhood with your brother and delight him by sending Doraemon Kids rakhi on this Rakhi. He is sure to flaunt them on his wrist even after the day of celebrations. The Doraemon rakhis showcase the characters of the famous cartoon series Doraemon. These rakhis are very trendy and quite the in-thing this season, they are more colourful and vibrant, matching the festive mood. Send this rakhis as gifts to your kid brother to delight them. Doraemon Rakhi : Send this fantastic rakhi to delight your cute little brother in India. This amazing doremon rakhi will make your little brother happy on this special day. This rakhi has many characters of the Doraemon cartoon series in the centerpiece. They are Doraemon himself, Nobita, Shizuka, Goda Takeshi and Suneo Honekawa. It has a yellow ribbon to tie on the wrist of your brother. Beads are attached at the either sides of the centerpiece to make it more attractive. This rakhi will surely delight your kid brother.   Magical Blue Doraemon Rakhi : Your kid brother in India will love this magical blue doraemon rakhi available on this trusted and reliable portal of online gifting which you can send as gifts. The rakhi showcases Doraemon, the robocat, who is very well known and loved among kids and we can see him here laughing while playing a red guitar. The rakhi  has a Blue ribbon to tie on the wrist of your brother. Beads are attached at the either sides of the centerpiece to make it more attractive.   Wonderful Doraemon Nobita Rakhi : Cherish your kid brother in India with this wonderful Doraemon Nobita rakhi that you can send on this rakhi of this year. The rakhi showcases images of Doraemon and Nobita who are very popular among the little ones and they can be seen here wearing cowboy costume complete with orange hats. The rakhi has two orange ribbons to tie on the wrist of your brother. Beads are attached at the either sides of the centerpiece to make it more attractive.   Cute Blue Doraemon Rakhi : Delight your kid brother in India with this wonderful Doraemon rakhi that you can send on  rakhi of this year. The rakhi has as its main attraction an image of the popular kids cartoon character doraemon who is riding one of his gadget cars. The rakhi has two sky blue threads to tie on the wrist of your brother. Beads are attached at the either sides of the centerpiece to make it more attractive. This kids rakhi will be loved by your kiddie brother.   Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by sending trendy glass and mirror worked rakhis as online rakhi to India to add more zing and festivity. You can choose from a wide range of vibrant and subtle ones and send them as rakhi to India from USA.